Olivia Wilde’s Fate On ‘House’ Finally Revealed

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olivia wilde house thirteen Olivia Wildes Fate On House Finally Revealed

After it was reported that Olivia Wilde has returned to work on House, rumors began to circulate that because of Wilde’s theatrical commitments, her character, Thirteen, will succumb to Huntington’s disease in this season’s final episodes.

Considering Wilde’s growing popularity in the world of film, a storyline that would result in Thirteen being written off the series is not much of a stretch. Despite Wilde’s character being a fan favorite, her potential scheduling conflicts and future availability could put House producers in a position where continuing Thirteen’s storyline would hurt the overall series.

Fortunately, the speculative future of Thirteen can now stop, as House creator David Shore revealed that his plans for both Olivia Wilde and her character extend well beyond season 7.

While nothing has been set in stone, Shore firmly believes that Wilde will be returning to House for its eighth season:

“We’ll have to continue to work around her schedule a little bit. But it would be a crying shame for us to let her get away at this point. We’ve been very good to her and we’d like a little bit of it back.”

Continuing, Shore laughs that Wilde’s popularity was planned all along – to better help the series:

“That was kind of [our] plan: let her go away, become a giant movie star, and then she would come back and bring [all her new fans] with her.”

As for what fans can expect to see when Thirteen finally returns from her trip (not to) Rome? Shore isn’t talk about that just yet. Although, he did confirm that nothing has been ruled out:

“We have something very cool in mind. We’re writing an episode built largely around her return. I know [fans] are speculating about what happened to her during her absence, and I don’t want to rule anything out.”

While no official date as been revealed for Thirteen’s triumphant return, we do know that Olivia Wilde is currently back to work on the series and that Amber Tamblyn’s roll as the loveable Martha Masters will be ending in the coming months.

olivia wilde lori petty house Olivia Wildes Fate On House Finally Revealed

After figuring in production schedules, post-production schedules and Fox hoping to make her return a must-see event, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing Olivia Wilde return to House just in time for May sweeps.

House airs Monday @8pm, on Fox

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  1. Lame… Always hated her character and not a fan of the actress I had hoped shed be written off and her character would finally die.

    • WHAT???????? YOU ARE SOOO NOT SEING THAT :/. she is the best in the sirens and I don’t think anyone wants Thirteen to die so you lose 😛 :/ HA.

      • series*

  2. It strange because this woman is popping up everywhere. 2 to 3 years time no one is going to want to see her anymore.. So I guess she should make her money now. You can only ride on your looks for so long…

    • She’s a princess in real life so I don’t imagine wealth is an issue for her. Just a hunch, anyways.

    • HEHE yeah that is true but she is good and I like Olivia Wilde :D, yeah she is AWESOME but I look up to her wary mush 😀 <3

    • what was I going to say we use Administrated the LAW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thirteen FTW!!

  4. She is the best, yeh. She is very interesting character, and without her show has lost it’s charm

      • You can’t be serious?? How about a rational reason next time.

        • Whats not rational about my comment? It’s just as rational as your. Disagreeing with you makes me irrational? I explained why I didn’t like her in actual detail.

          You just said you like her and the show loses charm with out her. Despite the show being around for years before she came along and doing fine and despite that it’s lost rating since she joined up. Not saying it’s her fault but plenty of people liked it before she came along at less watch it as of season 6. My reason is far more detailed than yours and I would say far more rational.

          • The irrational part of your argument was, according to your first comment, thinking that 13 was the reason House had a ratings drop.

            You did well to backtrack from that statement.

            • Ezee WTONG!!

              My first post made no mention of ratings you can’t say may argument isn’t rational because of something I didn’t say. My response to you calling me irrational is the one that mentions the ratings. You calling me irrational was in response to a post from me that never mentions ratings.

              Also it wasn’t back tracking. Back tracking is saying something and realizing you should of said it so you try to explain it away.

              What I said about the ratings was just proving that not everyone loves her and her addition hasn’t made people like the show in general. She hasn’t boosted the ratings or even kept them steady.

              Error Please try again.

    • OMG I was thinking the same. You are sooo right 😀 <3. I Love here character :).

    • I TOTALLY agree with you!
      On everything, literally, except that I wasn’t born yet when the first Tron came out. In Belgium, we’re a bit late with the episodes. Tonight they broadcast episode 3 from season 7 and I can’t WAIT till Thirteen gets back, I feel like something’s missing now that she won’t be in the following episodes!
      I LOVE Olivia, she’s so beautiful and sweet. And not to forget, she’s an amazing actress!

      • 😀 SOO right :D. I like here back :) <3

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t like 13 and I haven’t missed her at all.

  6. A favourite?? Is this sarcasm? As far as I know, only a handful of people are fond of Mary Sues…

  7. Fan favorite? I don’t think so. I like Olivia just fine, but her character on HOUSE was BORING and I was hoping she wouldn’t come back.
    That would also save Fox/NBC Universal money right?! Problem partly solved!

  8. Are you kiddin ? she’z such a great character nd woman! Shame on you ppl

    • Its funny because all of these supporters of her who say she is so great. If she didnt look the way she did. Most of you wouldnt waste time trying to defend her… FACT of tha matter is she is Average at BEST. Nothing special about her. Get any doll off the streeet give them proper training, put them through that machine and they can do exactly what she is doing. Talent is called Talent for a reason; because it is hard to find. Time is the truest judge and she will not stand the test of time. FACT

      • i actually really disagree i mean sure that might be why some people like her. i think thirteen as a character is endlessly interesting. its Taub that i think is boring. its like we get it he’s a cheater. whilst i have no problem with the actors i find foreman/chase and taub all really dull.
        And anyway i genuinely do think she’s pretty but thats not why i like her. audiences these days have impossibly high standards. I agree appearance never equals talent in any case. but you cannot put itthe other way by disregarding Olivia Wilde because she is pretty.
        I dont know all i know is House sticks to the same format every episode. which is fine but 8 seasons down the line..? its getting a little tiresome no matter how much i love hugh laurie

  9. Ok people, chill out already. Fact: there are 13 lovers and there are 13 haters. The one shouldn’t bash the other for their personal reasons for watching this series or why they aren’t watching. Please respect eachothers views.
    Now, I for one started watching House from the beginning (before Olivia was part of the show) and I loved it. But I loved it even more after 13 made her entrance. I think the character is interesting and I for one believe Olivia is doing a great job portraying her. I have caught myself stopping watching the show during her absence. I will probably catch up with it again from where I left off once she has returned, but gotta admit, I’m less not that eager to watch it weekly anymore without 13.
    Again it’s a personal view. I love the fact that she is returning and hope she will be on the show for many more years to come.

    • Thanks for this response. And, no, it was not a sarcastic thanks. I meant it.

  10. I get that there will be people who love Thirteen and hate Thirteen but you can’t bash an actress because she happens to have talent and also be beautiful. They are allowed to have both. Olivia Wilde has talent and she does a great job portraying Thirteen. House was great before she appeared and even greater with her. I’m looking forward to seeing her again. I’d much rather watch Thirteen than Masters. Not only is she less persuading as an actress, her character is also weak and not nearly as enoying to watch.

    • Plus, Olivia is much more beautiful to watch!

  11. they better not pull a “kutner” and kill her off just because she has other jobs, because then i will stop watching

    • Nathan I actually hope that is what they do. I’d love to see her gone from the show for good.

      However, if they did it with her it wouldn’t be pulling a Kutner because it wouldn’t be some massive random shock it actually makes sense for her character to die and it’s the natural progression of her character given her situation. I think 13 is a crappy character and I think Olivia isn’t a very good actress, but if they are going to keep her around before the show ends they have to kill her. If she doesn’t die by the end of the series it will be a massive failure on the part of the writers because of the build up and evolution of her character. Thematically it simply has to be that way. The character would be a massive waste of time if she never dies it would make everything that’s happened to her and everything she is pointless and trivial.

      • i dont see why a character has to die to make their role worthwhile. why do you want everything wrapped up nice and neat. her condition was supposed to kill her in like 10 years. it would be more relistic to just leave it hanging. Thirteen isnt her illness, the pint House was trying to make is that it doesnt have to define you. You say she’s boring and hey ho youre entitled to you opinion of course, i just dont see the other characters as having anything interesting or special about them at all! with the exception of house of course. im not necessarily saying it’ll be bad that they kill her off but they dont have to

  12. Not a fan. I think the med student is great. I’d like to see them continue down this path and drop Wilde from the show. It has been great this season.

  13. thank god, im getting tired of looking at the ugly chick who replaced her. i dont care if thirteen comes back and she cant control her own drool just put that beautiful sexy olivia wilde back on television

    • AGREE!

  14. I think it’s great that 13 is coming back I think she is interesting and I missed her,however, I also like masters so it will be interesting to see what her fate will be when 13 returns.

  15. Lol I only watch the show because she is on it. I can’t wait for her to return!! =D

  16. when will the new house with olivia wilde air? I think it’s tonght. Someone please help i really want to see it!!

  17. i love thirteen! i hope she comes sooner than later :)

  18. I am really excited about that news. love her so much! Always wanted her to stay in the series!!! <3

    • I’ve always been a fan of House MD but ever since Olivia’s come on, it’s been a breath of fresh. She’s the only one with gumption to stand up to House and they seem so have a connection – he knows what her deal is an vice versa. And the episode in which he picks Thirteen up from prison, sees her so vulnerable w/o her knowing, and actually makes a human gesture by offering to kill her if no one else does when she becomes sick. The one thing I couldn’t stand was the relationship between her and Foreman. There just wasn’t any chemisty. I would have liked to see her meet her match romance-wise and date a strong woman character for a little while. I’m not here to comment on viewers’ rating or what seasons went up and which went down since she joined the show. I just know Seasons 4 and most definitely 5 were my favorite because Olivia Wilde made it a pleasure to watch. It will be a truly beartbreaking episode to watch if they do indeed show her succumbing to Huntington’s.

      • well all of that is interesting :/ :).

    • Me to :). I could not wait when I looked at imdb that she was coming back 😀 <3 in episode 18 😛 😀

      • I don’t like that she take so long time to come back in season 8. and I don’t like that House fired :/ :@

  19. Olivia Wilde was the main reason I started watching House.
    Whether you like her or not, you can’t argue that she has mass appeal. The only cast member on House to have Multiple (significant & recent) movie roles.

  20. For a woman who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, she gets far too much work. Oh, to be beautiful and talentless.

    • yes she can act and she is beautiful 😀 <3. can you act?