Lisa Edelstein Quits ‘House’ Season 8 [Updated]

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house lisa edelstein cuddy Lisa Edelstein Quits House Season 8 [Updated]

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This past season of House has already been tough on the series’ many fans. With a general shift in direction, “unique” storylines and an uncertain future, fans of the series have barely had a chance to catch their breath.

While it was previously announced that House will return to Fox for season 8, it appears that they will be one (wo)man down, as Lisa Edelstein has decided not to return for what many are calling House’s final season.

According to TVLine, an inside source is reporting that Edelstein had “opted not to return,” but no additional information was provided. With Fox and NBC Universal declining to comment, and Edelstein’s camp staying mum, one has to wonder what’s behind her decision to leave the series.

Whatever it was, it must have happened recently, because Edelstein had nothing but high hopes for House season 8:

“Nobody at work seems to think it won’t [return]. Everybody wants to come to a deal, and I certainly am looking forward to a Season 8.”

Even though it appears that Edelstein is the sole House cast member not to return for season 8, she was far from the first one to discuss not returning to the show. With a new gig on Broadway, everyone’s favorite Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) was waxing poetic about how great life would be if he didn’t have to film the series and was allowed to pursue other interests (like spending time with his family).

house the dig thirteen house review Lisa Edelstein Quits House Season 8 [Updated]

Since everyone involved with this situation is staying quiet, one must believe that negotiations are ongoing. Since House was forced to cut its budget to receive an eighth season, it’s very possible that Edelstein is holding out for more money – especially if everyone believes that this will be the final season of House.

Although, another reason for everyone to decline commenting is that there’s a reason why Edelstein won’t be reprising her role as Cuddy…. because she’s dead. While it does seem to be a bit farfetched, this past season has certainly proven that anything could happen – and if Cuddy dies, Edelstein obviously wouldn’t be able to return for next season.


Lisa Edelstein released a statement:

“After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

With this announcement it appears that Edelstein’s disappointment may be in reference to the budget cuts required to produce House season 8. Since the House season 7 finale has already been filmed, and Edelstein referenced that she’s going to be “leaving behind a character,” it looks as if Lisa Cuddy is safe from television’s proverbial grim reaper… for now.

This story is still breaking…. We will update you as more information is released.

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Source: TVLine

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  1. This show went totally downhill in season 7 anyway. House and Cuddy getting together was the biggest mistake they could’ve made, whether people wanted it to happen or not. It was horribly written: with her first telling House not to change, then expecting him to change, then dumping him for not changing. What’s funny is, he changed quite a bit, not for Cuddy, but just because the writers thought it would be fun to make him dumber. For instance, how does House not know US coins aren’t magnetic? This man is supposed to be an observational genius! Or not knowing Lysterine, which contains alcohol, being a bad idea for a bubble bath? Not to mention all the sliding he did in the relationship: he first decided he would compromise himself for Cuddy, then suddenly decided not to compromise, then compromising anyway! Back and forth the whole time without rhyme or reason. It was really irritating.

    And no, I am not one of those weirdoes holding out for “Hilson.” We already have one uninteresting bisexual on the show, we don’t need any more.

  2. it’d be pretty lame watching only the differentials, without cuddy or wilson there’d be no pranks, no intrestin bets, odd dates and we are so adjusted in seeing from a house point of view from season .if he ends up with no friends even a drugs bust could send him to jail and lose his medical license where he’d have no one to go to

  3. Personally, I think Hugh Laurie is the core of this show and every other character is highly disposable. From this point of view, season 8 is offering a fresh start for the writers to not only recycle the other seasons but to bring on completely new material (e.g. flush the damn Vicodin story already) Granted some of the present characters should be kept in the show and choices may vary as to who it should be. But all in all the show is named House not House&Cuddy or House&Wilson, just House…For that I find some of House’s team members to be much more interesting than Wilson or Cuddy. Maybe Cuddy dies or maybe she just leaves the hospital…or…now bear with me… House changes hospitals (are we not tired of Plainsboro ?), maybe he brings along some people (13,Chase,Taub ?) and maybe he makes other (even only an additional one would suffice) friends. This is not a catastrophe people, a show is supposed to be imaginative and not stuck upon the same gold-striking story that eventually gets old. It’s either this show has balls or it doesn’t.

  4. Houdley maybe?

  5. my choice: house goes on the run. cuddy leaves plainsboro. foreman takes on house’s job and keeps going with the team (chase 13 and taub). each episode we see a case for the team as well as a case for house while on the run. he contacts them over phone as usual for ideas and backwards. wilson goes out searching after house following his trail of rumours after each case solved and the “good” left behind. he’s off vicodyn and wilson gets closer and closer. house realizes there’s other people and stuff to live for and when wilson finds him hes a different man. a couple of years have pass and wilson gets to him just in time to tell him that 13 needs him to comply with his promise of ending her diminished life. he comes back and the hole team meets up with cuddy for the last episode. she’s moved on and sees a different house. they make peace and remain together as friends….maybe too much of a “happy ending” but im sure writers can figure out how to overcome that with lots of drama from 13 diying, taubs fatherhood, wilsons out as detective, etc etc etc.

    • I’d go for the ‘on the run’ story because it could be actually exciting, we’d get to see House interract in all sorts of new environements where he would have to prove himself to be the genius he’s supposed to be. The Foreman taking over the team would however be a big dissapointment. The way you described it (with the case solving) the show would basically retain the same dynamic as before. Still, you have described what could be an expected last season faithfull to the genre of the show. But, if ever House’s writers do decide to show their balls and go with the show where they’ve never been before thus spiking the ratings maybe we’ll all be happy to find out that season 8 is not the final one. I’m just saying, it’s all about ratings, if the show prooves its weight in gold Fox would be insane to let it go. At least, this is what I hope…

  6. Hmm.. To watch Season 8 that is the question.
    It’s like running a marathon, or reading War and Peace. Your 7/8ths of the way to the finish and your are wondering why you shoulf continue.. But if you finish then you can triumphantly declare

    “I Survived HOUSE!!!”

  7. You got to make a great season I think the season 7 finally was a little over the top and since cuddy and house started dating it wasn’t as fun as before

    • Perhaps the ‘Cuddy’ death, will transform a series of new and interesting way.

  8. No TV series should go past a season 7. Thats just my opinion. Season 7 ended perfectly and should be left at that – with House walking off into the sunset. No need for any more seasons. The show is not going to work without Edelstein.
    Her character is the second most important character in the show after House.

    Just leave it. Season 8 should not happen.

    • Seriously? No TV series should go past season 7? No way! I followed ER for 15 seasons, and while the last couple weren’t as great as the first couple, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of them. As for Dr. Cuddy, I say farewell and good luck in the future – but I definitely won’t miss her. She was WAY too neurotic to be believable as the director of a hospital. The writers did Lisa Edelstein a great disservice to make her such a weak character rather than the strong and independent physician she would have to be to be an administrator.

      • I agree that shows can go beyond season 7 just fine, but I think ER is a bad example since IMO it wasn’t even good in season 1 let alone season 7.

        As far as Cuddy goes I couldn’t disagree more. She wasn’t really much of a neurotic character. Maybe you just accidentally used the wrong word, but cuddy is hardly neurotic. I also don’t find her to be weak in any way. There are many times where she shows tremendous strength. She appeared weaker than normal in season 7, but it jsut goes to show how short sighted and forgetful tv audiences are. Easy to forget the past when the present is so closer to mind.

        IMO her sometimes weak moments and character flaws actually make her far more believable. An always and all the time strong character with out any unique character traits is not only unrealistic but boring. God forbid they make their character interesting.

        • She was a pivotal character in the show. It just wont be the same without her.
          Shows fall apart after a season 7, I can give many examples. ER? When main characters like George Clooney leaves the show its a good indication that it should end.
          Want another one? X Files.

          Usually a very popular show boosts the main actor’s career and then he or she ends up not needing the show anymore and either moves on to movies or starts demanding crazy high pay cheques. With season 8′s budget cuts its pretty obvious that she left because she wanted more money.

          But luckily some producers know when to end the show when its time. The Sopranos and Lost are good examples.

          Now The Mentalist is entering its high point. Simon Barker is thus demanding a super high pay cheque. It cannot be sustained for too much longer. It will go into season 4 now, usually a season 4 and 5 are the peak of a series. He already found Red John, so what is left now anyway? They better be very creative with the show going forward.

  9. hugh lorie will make season 8 great. he’s dat good an actor. i do agree that season 7 wasnt that good having faithfully watched it since season 1 i do think it needs one more season. just to rap everything up. One thing i always loved in house was his abillity to never change who he is as everyone else changed around him, his stuborn f the world im not changing u change to suite me attitude. and that is why i think season 7 didnt work because he was finally forced to change. starting with kicking the vicodin and then getting with cuddy. but now he’s back on the vicodin and not with her he can go back to the way he was.

    • It seems you don’t really understand House at all.

      He didn’t have an F the world attitude. House wanted to change he’s always wanted to change he just tries not to let everyone else know. House has been Unhappy and desperately seeks happiness. He is constantly torturing him self seeking ways to end his pain and finally be happy. It’s not that house refuses to change it’s that no matter how hard he tries he can’t.

  10. House and Cuddy and Wilson share a relationship like what Jordan and Pippen had… Neither wud be who they r without the othr… sigh…

  11. Why don’t the yjus trecast the part and keep Cuddy going. l and l’m sure many other fans would still keep watching. The show got really interesting for the last few seasons because we just couldn’t handle the same story telling over and over for 7 years.
    They can eaither handle cuddy’s leave really well (like for example she was traumatized by Greg parking in her living room) or chose the easyer oprion-recasting.
    Though they’ll need a good actress

  12. im upset only 8 seasons of house? but i guess all good things have to come to an end. idk how they are going to continue after the s7 finale but thats he beauty of it! another plot twist.

    • Hi,

      I love House! A great program there is no chapter Mshmamm for 7 seasons and it is really rare – because the formula is always the same formula and still not boring! I think that the direction of the House and Dr. Cuddy together is a deadly combination – they are so fit together – Bowman special!! Now it will be strange to see the Series exclusive! I think that the direction was superb season 6 was amazing – it was wonderful to see the changes that pass the House – I think it is wrong Lisa Edelstein left the house – no more sandwich this series season 8!! And season 8 they have to somehow maintain them together and make us viewers to see how it finally with the love of his life – he has the calm look – she is treated the date of his way – but the House remains House!! See how they will leave the series Blashiib? Must say that she quit and left no details ….. I really liked them together and see what he may be without Dr. Cuddy!! Expect to see them again in other roles!! House and all the unnecessary extra word!

  13. It’ll be sad to see Lisa leave house as Cuddy is a great character but it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I wish Lisa all the success for whatever she decieds to do next but I’m hoping she does some more work with Hugh Laurie, the two of them together are brilliant.

  14. If lisa is out,then it means there’s no more falling in love for, i’m not too sad.i’m just glad it isn’t wilson who’s leaving coz then,no more house for me.but i love dr.cuddy and together.

    • hey man am with you because willson could have made a great change in house s life than cuddy because he is his best friend since season one and he knows house better than cuddy and when they are there house works better and thinks clearly

  15. This show is going to fail without Lisa. Season 7 was a disaster. I hoped that season 7 would become good but as soon as Cuddy and House broke up I knew the Season was going to fail for the rest of the time.

    I don’t understand how anyone can think this show can still be good. House has gone on and off drugs multiple times now, his character simply never changes and his situation never changes. He fixes things, then it screws up, and it happens over and over again. The problem with this formula of rinse and repeat is that
    A. People will either not know that house has really changed, because they might believe he’ll just go back to being normal again. Or the only reason House will finally change is because this is the last season, but that makes the change seem unnatural.
    B. It makes the final change not seem significant because he has already changed multiple times. What will make his final change so special and unique compared to his other times he changed?

    In my opinion they should have ended the season at season 6. It would have been a perfect ending. House finally got off of drugs, and he was about to take the drug at the end of the season, he had a choice between choosing Cuddy or choosing drugs. He chose Cuddy, that would have been a perfect ending to the show. House changed and he got the love of his life.

    I think they really screwed up the entire show making a season 7, they should have just ended it at season 6 because the ending of season 6 would have been perfect for the ending of the entire show.

    • hey am sorry but your wish for house to end in season six would have hurt the fans like me because though house had chsnged for cuddy he could not do without his vicodin which made him work better

    • Ending season 6 would NOT have been a good idea. Season 7 was one of the best. Things can go very nicely (and more realistically, wardrobe-wise, if Edelstein found a new kind of soapish venue.

    • Jordon, I completely agree with you. Last season was a total disaster. I know so many people who won’t watch because they are sick of House being so mean and so “un” doctor like and like us – sick and tired of him constantly on drugs.

  16. with me following house from season one it is a shock that this might be the season finle but i guess everything that has a begining has an end and lisa edelestain living might come as a shock because she seemed to be the one who could put up with house.

  17. final season??? n0……………………………….. pLzZ,, n0…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Any info about the new season start date? We are waiting and waiting. If it’s about replacing Cuddy, just do it…she definitely doesn’t carry the show, by a long shot. As long as the series begins soon, and Wilson and House are kept, many of us will be happy. Maybe a replacement from Edelstein to Sela Ward?

  19. House is the best show on Tv! No matter what. Loved Cuddy, but the show will go on and be great. I do wish someone would vote for the show, and for House and Wilson next time they nominated for ANY adwards!!!

  20. I don´t think i´ll watch House without Cuddy. It won´t be the same. She brought his human side up. No one else can do that not even if writers try to force it with a new character. There was something natural between House and Cuddy that made them unique.ç

  21. I honestly thought the House and Cuddy relationship was awkward. They don’t belong together to me. I understand whole-heartedly their love and history. In some ways they mesh, but just not as an actual couple. So, it makes sense to me that they didn’t work out. And honestly, if she leaves it would be reasonable in the context of ridding House from her life. I can sympathize with the real life difficulty of recovering from such a dysfunctional relationship, finally realizing that after you have given it an honest shot at being normal and letting it grow into something healthy, that things can only go down from where they landed (hence, the finale of this last season). So, with a real life perspective, this idea would make total sense, as would her leaving, despite the heartbreak of many fans expecting a t.v. drama and not a real life documentary. I would be more forgiving. =]

  22. That’s how it goes:

    – After a couple years a show becomes a hit
    – After a few more years the actors make more money than they know what to do with
    – The writers get to the “Jump the Shark” moment
    – All the actors get lazy, since they are no longer motivated by money, so they want to “stay home with the wife and kids” [yeah, wouldn't that be nice for all the rest of us?], or “go on Broadway” [i.e. "volunteer, not make money"--"I'm an ACTOR after all! I do it for the ART!" (only said by those who have plenty of $)]
    – A few jump out, a few stay on
    – That’s a wrap. They have our money, they no longer need us. Everyone goes on their way. Kind of like when a circus comes to town.

    And nobody really cares that we (those who watched the stupid commercials that made them money) still wish we could watch the show. Although it’s all a facade anyway, they never really cared. Sure, they liked the awards. They like the popularity, and everyone gushing over them. But as for actually GIVING something, providing something people enjoy, hummmffff, nobody cares.

    I am a professional who actually suffers crippling, non-stop agonizing pain. So I can relate with House. I actually enjoy watching the show. It’s one of the few distractions from an otherwise agonizing existence. But do they care? Not a chance.

  23. I will be very disappointed if cuddy leaves the show, but with that said I will still watch house because it was of Hugh Laurie that I started watching house in the first place so I hope they continue the series.

  24. House was lost when they tried to go backwards. It was nice to see House becomming a nicer person and it was nicer yet to see him not tossing back the vicodin. Bad advertizing in today’s world. A part time “nice” house, not on drugs had the makings of a good show. When they took that step backwards, it was easy to see this show was doomed.

  25. This show is so good. I don’t want to see it canceled anytime soon! Too many terrible shows carry on for 10 years, why should a show as good as this get canceled after 8 seasons! It’s not often that a show comes out that can grab your attention EVERY episode and keep you guessing. It is perfect from the writing to the acting. If shows such as; Lost can last for 3 seasons..and CSI can have 40 different “branches”..I think something as amazing as House should be able to stand the test of time.

  26. Ending the show at season 6 would have been a huge mistake. While I agree it would have been very cathartic and fun for us happy-end-lovers, it would have been a complete betrayal to the integrity of the show and House’s character.
    I think season 7 was excellent. So much that I can’t imagine what they could do in season 8. I was also disappointed that the House-Cuddy relationship failed, but wouldn’t it have been too kitchy if he would have been completely reformed and normal at the end?
    As much as I would love another season, I think the way season 7 ended could be a good end for the show. House is irremediable, and that’s all there is to it. He cannot have relationships with people, so please stop trying to fix him. The lesson here should be that sometimes people can’t change. Very unromantic and disappointing, but so is life sometimes. House has burnt all bridges in NJ, and is now going to conquer the West Coast. Let him be.

  27. I am also disappointed that Lisa left the show. I hop they find someone soon to take her place so we can get on to watch season 8. Would be kinda nice if they can find someone very attractive for house to drool over, and the woman playing hard to get. That is entertainment to me.

  28. I think if they do it right, it will be a great season. Cuddy leaving isn’t so bad. That direction of the story is at the end of its rope. I hope that either Sam or Foreman is the new Dean. He needs Wilson as his bf and everyone else is too unlikely to say no. But someone new is likely to fire him it. has to be someone that is used to his craziness and understands how he works.

  29. that doesn’t make sense. she must be dead. that’s the only reason her character would leave the position she has worked so hard for and is so dedicated to.