Lisa Edelstein Quits ‘House’ Season 8 [Updated]

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house lisa edelstein cuddy Lisa Edelstein Quits House Season 8 [Updated]

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This past season of House has already been tough on the series’ many fans. With a general shift in direction, “unique” storylines and an uncertain future, fans of the series have barely had a chance to catch their breath.

While it was previously announced that House will return to Fox for season 8, it appears that they will be one (wo)man down, as Lisa Edelstein has decided not to return for what many are calling House’s final season.

According to TVLine, an inside source is reporting that Edelstein had “opted not to return,” but no additional information was provided. With Fox and NBC Universal declining to comment, and Edelstein’s camp staying mum, one has to wonder what’s behind her decision to leave the series.

Whatever it was, it must have happened recently, because Edelstein had nothing but high hopes for House season 8:

“Nobody at work seems to think it won’t [return]. Everybody wants to come to a deal, and I certainly am looking forward to a Season 8.”

Even though it appears that Edelstein is the sole House cast member not to return for season 8, she was far from the first one to discuss not returning to the show. With a new gig on Broadway, everyone’s favorite Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) was waxing poetic about how great life would be if he didn’t have to film the series and was allowed to pursue other interests (like spending time with his family).

house the dig thirteen house review Lisa Edelstein Quits House Season 8 [Updated]

Since everyone involved with this situation is staying quiet, one must believe that negotiations are ongoing. Since House was forced to cut its budget to receive an eighth season, it’s very possible that Edelstein is holding out for more money – especially if everyone believes that this will be the final season of House.

Although, another reason for everyone to decline commenting is that there’s a reason why Edelstein won’t be reprising her role as Cuddy…. because she’s dead. While it does seem to be a bit farfetched, this past season has certainly proven that anything could happen – and if Cuddy dies, Edelstein obviously wouldn’t be able to return for next season.


Lisa Edelstein released a statement:

“After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

With this announcement it appears that Edelstein’s disappointment may be in reference to the budget cuts required to produce House season 8. Since the House season 7 finale has already been filmed, and Edelstein referenced that she’s going to be “leaving behind a character,” it looks as if Lisa Cuddy is safe from television’s proverbial grim reaper… for now.

This story is still breaking…. We will update you as more information is released.

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Source: TVLine

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  1. .. wtf

  2. Wow! Without Edelstein this will be the final season of House for sure!

    I can’t even imagine how they’ll keep the series going for one more season without her! She is House’s yang! Come on!

    • *headdesk* Season 8 will be the final season – LE in it or not – because Hugh Laurie already said so a couple of weeks ago. He doesn’t want to sign for another season because he wants to focus on music. And LE is not necessary for this show. On the contrary, after the whole Huddy mess she’s not needed at all anymore, not even as House’s “boss”.

  3. Personally, I never much cared for her character.
    I thought the Cuddy/House ‘romance’ had zero credibility
    and as actor and actress Laurie and Edelstein had zero chemistry.

    I think this makes it easier to breathe new life into the show
    and makes it easier to not repeat themselves going forward.

  4. As a show it could work… I just wonder how long House is going to be able to keep his job without Cuddy there to cut him miles of slack when he does something crazy and borderline illegal.

  5. Hurrah! I hate Cuddy! Although, I knew this would happen.

  6. I never liked the whole Huddy mess–I never bought into those two as a couple. So I am hopefully this will lead to a better storyline.

  7. This is devastating. The show just lost an absolutely crucial character and actress. I really don’t see how it can be even half as interesting without the House/Cuddy dynamic. It was unique, and so fascinating and beautiful. It’s what hooked me to the show.
    This absolutely breaks my heart. God, I can’t believe we’re losing such an amazing female character on TV just like that. And just one year before the series’ end. Can’t she just stay one more season? :-(
    And I really, really, don’t understand it. She was SO enthusiastic and positive just weeks ago. What happened to make her change her mind so suddenly and completely? :-(

    I definetely won’t be watching without her. Especially with the decline in quality of the writing lately….. it’s just not nearly as interesting without her. :-(

  8. Sigh…

    Well, at least “House” will be able to claim it succeeded through eight seasons before coming to an end (I’m being optimistic, of course, about next season).

  9. Sad news. I was still holding out for House and Cuddy to get back together. This news has me pondering if i should even bother tuning in next year. House without Cuddy is hardly House. The two characters other than House himself that are necessary to the story are Wilson and Cuddy with out one of them IMO it all falls apart. Anyone and everyone on his team could vanish but Wilson and cuddy are far to important. Sucks to lose her and be stuck with the annoying 13 character who has no place on television.

  10. Wait.. Can someone explain to me WHY there were budget cuts for House, Season 8? Isn’t House one of the biggest shows FOX has? I hate FOX.

    • ur sooo right

      • why?

  11. And with this I firmly believe the end of House (when it does come) will be a couple hookers wake up in bed, look to their side, and see House OD’d. Cut to his funeral, sad music playing as it rains, and then life goes on. No happy endings in sight.

  12. Well…?
    This show went so downhill already that it doesn’t really matter. I never cared much for Cuddy, but lisa leaving definately cuts all possibilites of continunig her full-of-neverending-drama relationshp crap with House, so maybe it’s for show’s best that she’ll be gone.
    High time for writers to move on & finally find an intresting storyline.

  13. I liked her character but I never saw House treat her with respect. Granted, I think that treating any boss with respect would be anathema to his character. But that just made it all the more improbable that they could ever have a healthy relationship.
    Honestly I wish that Lucas could have been less of a tool in Season 6 and that Cuddy could have married him and had the family that she wanted, and that House and Wilson could have remained living together. I was horrified by both of Cuddy’s speeches in “Help Me,” especially given how hard House had been trying all year to be a better person, and I hated almost every moment of the House/Cuddy relationship – not just only because of the way in which it was written, but because I thought it was such a huge mistake to begin with.
    I would have been sorry to see the old Cuddy go, but not so much the Cuddy of Seasons 5-7.

    btw i don`t think the show will suffer from her exit. The show is about House and not Cuddy or Huddy. It never was.

    Anyway, i wish Lisa edelstein all the best for her future.

  14. i’m really bummed but i’ll still watch the show cause i wanna see how house will deal with the loss of cuddy and also how she would be written off if that story isn’t told in the s7 finale. She better not die. Really hoping she would make guess appearances cause that has happened with other shows.

    • house killed cuddy

  15. Thirteen will have to do then…….

    • 13 doesn’t do anything IMO except suck the energy out of the show. She is more annoying than Cameron was. Houses Ex, Cut Throat B*tch and Cuddy IMO are the only interesting or watchable female characters to ever appear on the show. 13 is the worst IMO and I don’t even find her attractive so I don’t even have that to lean on.

      • Come on now, you don’t find Olivia Wilde attractive? Your opinion……. The best moment of the entire season was the scenes between 13 and House after she finished her prison stint. And if we’re honest, the best piece of acting, for me, was was the scene depicted in that last picture. Olivia Wilde won me over right then and there.

        • I have to disagree with all of that. I wouldn’t rank any scene she has ever been in this season in the top ten even and I think she is by far the worst actor on the show. Her performances not only in house but everything she has been is is plain and completely void of personality. She seems so wooden in her acting and honestly her character is well suited for her lack of ability because the character has no personality as well. They keep trying to throw all these crazy things at her character to make her seem interesting but the problem isn’t lack of interesting things happening to her it’s lack of a likable character with personality. How many stupid/crazy things have to happen to her before they catch the hint that the reason it doesn’t look well is that the character is almost soulless. Every other character on the show has a complex / likable personality to some extent but she doesn’t. She is a complete bore.

  16. Cuddy out of the picture make me want to tune in even more! Can’t stand her anyway (anymore, I used to like her in the first seasons). Glad she’s gone!!!!

    • Same here, lame character, inconsistent personality. Better she’s gone

  17. whever Edelstein is back for season 8 or not hos will just be as good so i hope there is more than eaght seasons the only time it wont be good is if house and wilson left cuz they make the show what it is today

  18. Any feelings I had for Cuddy died the last minute of BOMBSHELLS when she
    broke up with House. I didn’t like House and Cuddy together either.
    So for me I don’t care if she doesn’t come back. All I REALLY want is

  19. For the first time in years I’m looking forward to the new season of House. The Cuddy character has done nothing but push the show into soap opera territory. It’s funny though, how much people (huddies) tried to insist that Cuddy was as vital to the show as Wilson was. Is that why the fantastic (but hilariously unethusiastic) RSL is still on the show and Lisa E is out? Just what I thought.
    Season 8 will be the best season since 2.

    • It’s amazing how one person can be so wrong in so many ways

      • It’s amazing how one person can consider their own opinion more valid than another’s.
        Here’s a wee tip for you: Your opinion is not a fact. It is something you’ve formed according to various personal biases. Hope that helps champ!

        • It’s amazing how one person can chastise another for stating his opinion as fact when he did exactly the same thing in his post above.

          News flash your opinion is not fact either. I’m do apologize for not saying IMO. Then again neither did you. You stated Cuddy having a negative push on the show as if it were an absolute fact and not just your opinion. I do apologize for doing the same as you.

  20. It’s like a middle finger Lisa Edelstein is sticking at her supporters. She wants to do something else, of course, like you’ve been that important in HouseMD -.- Now that her character was given space, now that Huddy fans, after 7 YEARS of waiting had their dream finally coming true, SHE LEAVES. Cause she’s had enough of her character?!

    I’m so MAD for the time I wasted watching this season, honestly. And let me tell you, Hugh Laurie is a hack of an actor, he shows RESPECT for his viewers who he owes his success to, and won’t let them down for the next season.

    I hope Mrs. Edelstein not to work anymore a single day of her life as an actress, cause honestly, you can’t leave your viewers down now that they finally got to the plot they hoped for so many years.

    Epic fail, Lisa.

  21. Nice poll. Not at all slanted. You SO need a 4th choice:

    Which fans — who were rabid fans of the show and Hugh Laurie from the very, very beginning and have not been watching the show for the last couple of seasons — will watch the final season without LE? Answer: A ton of us who got fed up with the ridiculous storyline TPTB kept pushing on us that we hated so much that we couldn’t watch any more. In other words, the huge fan base who were Hamersons. Plus the Hilsons — which many would prefer if it came down to a choice between “Huddy” and “Hilson.”

    • You are highly over exagerating the support for that. Huge number? Really? Oh Ouch the ratings are really feeling the sting of your huge numbers not watching the show.

      Hilson? That makes no sense and would ruin the show. It’s horribly out of character for both men.

    • Yes I agree. If there was this huge Huddy fan base, the ratings would have remained the same or gone up. I did not watch S7 because of the Huddy. Just couldn’t stand it. I’m still trying to figure out how intelligent thinking women can relate to Cuddy or Huddy. It just doesn’t make any sense. Cuddy is a well educated woman, in a position of authority with a child, who we are supposed to believe has been harboring a love jones for a childish cruel drug addict since she ran into him in college. Not only that, this love jones made her commit perjury to save his butt from drug charges, allows House to have free rein of the hospital, destroy hospital equipment, perform painful procedures on his patients, and abuse and belittle his staff.

      • There have been many Smart woman involved with childish, selfish men. Who are every bit as bad for them as house is for her. I think they are trying to show people dont always make the best choices no matter how smart they are. Although I do agree that in real world settings there is no way house would get away with all the crap he does on the show.

        • Heh! l can name about five off the top of my head. and what the devil is a huddy? XD but yeah house and cuddy in a relationship was really likely. l don’t know who’d be against that

  22. Sincerely… if the series ended the way the season 7 did… I’d be okay with it. It’s the kind of things House does.. but X10 it seems… He’s away, and planning on just living elsewhere and starting anew, with his old attitude… just my take on it.

  23. God, if it’s the last season, couldn’t she just remain with us for a little while?! :(( Hate this news!

  24. Personally I don’t see how they can keep going after season 7 finale, but if they find a way I agree it would have to be without Cuddy. I’ve been a House fan from the beginning and I’m sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end.

  25. I’m really sad to hear that Robert Sean Leonard was debating on not coming back :'( I’m glad he changed his mind. :) I’m a serious House fan, but I’d be really depressed if Wilson didn’t come back. </3

  26. of course house fans will watch whatever, i should think it very rare that anyone leaves a series after watching 7 series – whatever the reason. However, I think there’s another reaosn a poll is daft and against the spirit of things – my guess is that 7 is the magic number as far as the contracts went. Most of the actors are optioned for a set number of series so when a series gets to 8 it’s very likely that most if not all of the actors are free to bargain for a new contract. Remember sex and the city – it was notorious for one star getting more money than the rest which is why the other actors held out for so long against a movie.
    So, Ms Edelstein, good luck, if anyone votes please consider voting “I wouldn’t watch house without her” at the end of the day the lady is a working actress and deserves all the support fans can provide. SO please vote “no”

  27. I have been watching House religiously since day 1! I love House and Cuddy. I honestly dont see a reason for season 8 since House cant go back to the hospital and Cuddy scared for her life now, yet, I NEED to see what happens to my dear friend, Gregory House. Please get really creative and dont let House suicide or end up crazy PLEASE. Thank u and really really cant wait to see how you guys pull it off!!!!!

  28. This seems like a good move, House is obviously hurt and has become somewhat deranged by his anger. With Cuddy’s death, it’s a good way for him to reflect on himself and for him to realise there are good in his life other than just the emotional and physical pain he is to bear everyday.

  29. I own 6 series of DVD and I watch reruns on sleuth I would love to see a season 8. Dont kill Cuddy she should elope to Europe with a secret lover