Lisa Edelstein Quits ‘House’ Season 8 [Updated]

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house lisa edelstein cuddy Lisa Edelstein Quits House Season 8 [Updated]

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This past season of House has already been tough on the series’ many fans. With a general shift in direction, “unique” storylines and an uncertain future, fans of the series have barely had a chance to catch their breath.

While it was previously announced that House will return to Fox for season 8, it appears that they will be one (wo)man down, as Lisa Edelstein has decided not to return for what many are calling House’s final season.

According to TVLine, an inside source is reporting that Edelstein had “opted not to return,” but no additional information was provided. With Fox and NBC Universal declining to comment, and Edelstein’s camp staying mum, one has to wonder what’s behind her decision to leave the series.

Whatever it was, it must have happened recently, because Edelstein had nothing but high hopes for House season 8:

“Nobody at work seems to think it won’t [return]. Everybody wants to come to a deal, and I certainly am looking forward to a Season 8.”

Even though it appears that Edelstein is the sole House cast member not to return for season 8, she was far from the first one to discuss not returning to the show. With a new gig on Broadway, everyone’s favorite Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) was waxing poetic about how great life would be if he didn’t have to film the series and was allowed to pursue other interests (like spending time with his family).

house the dig thirteen house review Lisa Edelstein Quits House Season 8 [Updated]

Since everyone involved with this situation is staying quiet, one must believe that negotiations are ongoing. Since House was forced to cut its budget to receive an eighth season, it’s very possible that Edelstein is holding out for more money – especially if everyone believes that this will be the final season of House.

Although, another reason for everyone to decline commenting is that there’s a reason why Edelstein won’t be reprising her role as Cuddy…. because she’s dead. While it does seem to be a bit farfetched, this past season has certainly proven that anything could happen – and if Cuddy dies, Edelstein obviously wouldn’t be able to return for next season.


Lisa Edelstein released a statement:

“After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

With this announcement it appears that Edelstein’s disappointment may be in reference to the budget cuts required to produce House season 8. Since the House season 7 finale has already been filmed, and Edelstein referenced that she’s going to be “leaving behind a character,” it looks as if Lisa Cuddy is safe from television’s proverbial grim reaper… for now.

This story is still breaking…. We will update you as more information is released.

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  1. This upcoming season looks awesome. I am looking very forward to seeing Olivia Wilde inject some of that amazing talent of hers back into the show and return to her role full-time for the remainder of the series. Thirteen and House are the most intriguing characters, so the appeal of the show for me remains unchanged, with or without Cuddy.

    Down to one regular female character, Odette Yustman takes over as a doctor who House falls for while in prison. It’s a necessary move to provide that gender balance within the cast. Between her and Wilde, this show might just become the ‘hottest’ thing on network television.

    House in prison, when it was Thirteen the previous season, is spellbinding enough to make me watch the season premiere and get hooked on the show again. And Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) as House’s cell mate makes for an amusing season opener.

    On more of a sour note, the problem I have with the show is Taub, who is as annoying as ever. To me his problems don’t have any entertainment value and that alone might offset everything that’s good about the show and turn people away altogether. His dilemma at the end of the last season pushed it to the extreme, and I hope they don’t venture down that path in a side story, at least not for the first couple episodes.

    Either way, House is an addiction. I’ve been off of it since May and I’m ready to relapse. October 3rd it is!

  2. Ok, almost a year ago I saw my first House episode on a plane coming back from Mexico. Since then I have got DVD’s from Netflix and I’m on disk two of season 7 when I found out about the end of season 7.
    Im not stupid. I know the writers jerk us around with emotions so we continue watching the show but from what I read this is like “jumping the shark” If House can’t help himself by finally getting the love of his life then why watch the show? If this wouldn’t help him what would? Writers again trying to drive up ratings by always giving you, the viewer, the outcome wanted then pulling it away again in reverse. As I watched the show, there was always in the back of my mind, hope and rooting for House that he would win Cuddy. It’s what drove the show. He finally won her. Now he lost her for good in a insane type of way. In some ways the whole premise of the show is gone.
    In fact, I don’t care as much even watching the rest of the episodes now since I know the relationship will fail and I can’t help but think the writers played with us again.
    Unless they redeem House in some way in season 8 big time with out yanking our chain again, it would just be an exercise in dragging the show out to make it’s network money without putting effort into working for the viewers.

  3. House go off the air – NOOOOOO! It is the best show on TV. House and Cuddy were cute but she does not make the show, House does. As long as Hugh Laurie is on the show I will watch it. He is the star on the show. Please do not end the show. It makes my week complete.

    • In season seven the team House and Cuddy was fantastic, and i love the ending with House running in the living room of Cuddy’s house. No way she could have change House on the way he was and his way of doing business. Lisa Edelstein did a fabulous job at selling her caractor. I just wish that in the finale season it would have ended with a battle between Cuddy wanted to go back with House, and his original wife (Sela Ward)who wou;d have return for him to regain her man and love. Now, that would have been a season ending. The battle between two fabulous actors with both great skill. (P.S) sorry about my english, I am French :)

  4. Sorry….But the tension between House and Cuddy absolutely makes the show….the show cannot survive without that dynamic!

  5. I think the series can go on for a while without Cuddy. She’s a beautiful character and the House/Cuddy professional relationship was one I loved to see no matter what season, but she is not what held the show together. To be honest, I think the House/Wilson relationship is the central one to the show. Anyway, as long as they can find someone to replace Cuddy as D.O.Md. that House can’t push around easy and learns that P.P.T.H. runs because of House’s law-breaking, unethical ways the show will go for at least (and this is a rough estimate) two seasons.

  6. House is something I look forward to each week. I am disappointed that Cuddy will no longer be in the series. I liked her and House together. I want Wilson and 13 to stay in the program. I didn’t like how season 7 seemed over the top with some crazy stunts by House. It wasn’t too realistic. I don’t know if they changed writers or what. I am hopeful that this season will be more believeable.

  7. This isn’t breaking news. She’s already playing a new character on The Good Wife. I liked her fine on House but she gives me the creeps on The Good Wife. She’s not meant to play the role of a total pyshopath, but she certainly comes across as one on there. The Good Wife may lose me as a viewer simply because they have added her. It was just fine with Julianna Marguilles (SP)? (still there) and did not need the new character. I have an ex family member and the smile on Lisa’s face throughout the last show I watched gave me a chill. It was like looking across the table at the psychopathic ex family member and as stated, she is not playing the role of a pyscho, but she sure looks it.

  8. Unfortunately this is seemingly what happens when you have main characters that are over the top to begin with. The writers have come up with even crazier ideas, or more of the same. In the case of “House” you can’t separate the two. House is always outdoing himself in the “crazy” department and that’s the appeal of the show. Most people get bored with sameness, though, and I think most people would’t buy into House somehow becoming a “normal” guy. The only way to shake it up is to change the situation and explore what his character would do in each one. To that effect I think the writers have done an excellent job and I will continue to watch it regardless.

    • This is…sooooo bad…house is my favorite and ill still watching house in 8 season..but House without Cuddy this is so sad and disapoyment liza edelstein!In season seven the team House and Cuddy was fantastic, and i love the ending with House running in the living room of Cuddy’s house.
      (P.S) sorry about my english…I m not english..

  9. I’ve watched Lisa Edelstein on “The Good Wife” and her character ruined the show. She has not been on for the last two episodes with no mention of her. I thought maybe they were old shows but I checked and got the words “New 2011″ so I’m hoping they were not re-runs and that she is gone. I’ll watch the next The Good Wife and see if she’s still there. If she is – it will be my last viewing of The Good Wife. Her character on that show is horrible. I could handle her as Cuddy but House is just fine without her. Robert Sean Leonard is a whole different matter. Because he apparently says that he would love to spend more time with his family rather than taping the show – doesn’t mean he wants to leave. He doesn’t want to spend more time with their family but – the bread and butter must go home to hold the family together. If he leaves – the show would end because that is where the story comes together.

  10. I cant believe this, house and cuddys relationship was the highlight of the entire show. Their scenes together was what i was looking forward to in each episode. She must come back! We need a little bit of romance in season 8

  11. House is 100% better without Cuddy. I’m glad she’s gone. The show has taken a different direction entirely and it’s great. I can actually see it going to another season which has taken me by surprize. Keep up the good work Hugh Laurie. The disagreements with Cuddy were becoming boring and predictable. The new “girls” are also a great addition. Don’t and I highly stress – don’t bring Cuddy back. Your new story line will be gone. She is not missed. I am not alone in my thoughts.

  12. i would still love to watch Dr. House even without Dr. Cuddy :)

  13. The season 7 finale made sense. House did show his anger and let out the hurt he’s been hiding.

    I love the show and I’ll still watch it even w/o Cuddy. I also love Cuddy’s character, but her not being in the show would open more interesting and new story line esp House’s.

  14. First 6 years I was a huge fan of the show, but last year was tough. Season 8 episode 1 is on and I’m typing letters only ~1/2 paying attention. In the beginning it was chiefly focused on unique medical ailments, which as an M.D. I found intriguing. From Season 4 or so on, it seemed the focus was more and more ‘just how crazy, is House?’

    I hope we get back to more medicine, with interesting underlings.


  15. House has been great until the last show this past Monday. He changed the character a little and shifted a few other things and it was all going great. Last Monday the show was “showing” signs of the old House which was becoming repetitious and back to boring. He was on a roll and should have kept it that way. Lisa (Cuddy) doesn’t seem to have made the cast of The Good Wife thank goodness and I fear by the way House is changing that Cuddy may be on the way back. That would be a disaster even though while she was there, I did like her. It was his role with her that made it boring and I never even realized it until she was gone.

  16. Ill watch house thick and thin. But especially if this will he the last season ( which I doubt) cuddy has to at least make a guest appearence!

  17. I think the only woman who can “handle” House is Stacey – (Sela Ward) and would absolutely LOVE to see her come back into the picture in the end to get back together with House.

    • I am thinking the same way. What a ending with a battle between Stacey and Lisa for the love of that man (House) with Stacey winning at the end

      • No, why Stacey

  18. House needs Cuddy. The hospital needs a Cuddy.

    • Because Stacey was house’ first wife, who loved him know matter what. She try to save him again his own wish during his leg problem. She even came back to house, and ask him, for some help to save her new love (the man in the wheel chair) and declare her love to him after all these years. Cuddy on the other hand, wanted House, but also wanted him to change to suited her personnel need, and become a father figure for her new child. If you love someone, you do not ask that person to change for your personnel need. (sorry about my english, i am french)

  19. House is a self-sufficient character, he is great, with or without Cuddy. BTW, I always disliked Stacey, she looked old and mean, but it turns out it was her who really loved House, now matter how sad to accept this. Although we have to always bear in mind that Cuddy’s character and quirks are just a compound or actors’ needs and plot writers’ fantasy and mood…Things could have ended differently – Cuddy wouldn’t have tolerated him at the hospital all these years and let him suck her blood without sincere love.

    • Her love was real, but with conditions!!!!!! What a shame.

  20. Please please continue with house I watch it every Monday and I can’t see house ending with season 8 please take that into consideration thanks sincerely Jason Martin

  21. House is over. It’s really too bad because this last season was the best season ever. Cuddy never changed and her leaving actually made the show better. One of those things I never thought of until she was gone. They should have kept the show. Have seen K.Sutherland’s new show only once and I’ve heard the station thinks it’s a good replacement. The one time I watched was boring enough.It won’t be on my list of shows to watch. Not very popular because no one I know, knows about it. Really really sick and tired of paying for so many re-runs. Why can’t actors recognize that they need to take a little less pay and run their show from Sept – the end of May, like the way things were. 3 months off is enough for anyone. Cheap reality shows suck.

  22. Thanks for another informative site. The place else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect method? I have a challenge that I’m simply now working on, and I have been at the glance out for such information.

  23. Well, we’ve seen the end of “House”. Weak finish. I guess there just wasn’t much else to be done. A very boring first hour for words from the current and previous actors. I noted that Cuddy was not given a live farewell and there was only about one shot of her past performances that I saw but – given the fact that I found that part soooo boring, I fast forwarded it to the final hour. I am glad that they didn’t kill anyone off in the final season. I still believe that the last year was the best year and it was because Cuddy wasn’t part of the show. I don’t know what happened to her story line on “The Good Wife”. It disappeared like it never happened thank goodness. She would have destroyed the show. The odd thing is – I liked her on House until I realized it was actually better without her. Found her character just plain evil on The Good Wife.

  24. I’ve never liked Lisa E. Put in someone who can act. And stop the repetitive storylines.

  25. I like Lisa very much.

  26. How in the world am I just now finding HOUSE… I am so so in love with this tv series. I hated seeing the final episode not at all knowing it was final. I have never ever been this excited, in love, could not wait to sit on couch from my busy day to find house on tivo…. .PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! I love DR. HOUSE N THE WHOLE CAST

  27. It’s HORRIBLE that Cuddy is leaving. Obviously it wasn’t really planned and it’s all about money. I think that is really unfair to the fans because it is obvious that House and Cuddy play cat and mouse but deep down love each other and were meant to end up together if Lisa wasn’t leaving due to contract/money issues. She really should have found a way for the fans to stay for the final season or at least guest star for a few episodes to tie up the series. Her departure makes the show incredibly dark. I think it just really sucks and makes the show completely depressing. It ruins the only thing fans were hoping for — that Cuddy could eventually save House because no one else can. I guess her leaving really shows how dark the show is. No one really ended up how we thought. Cameron and Chase divorce, 13 has Huntington’s and never can really be happy, Taub is a crazy mess and will never be in a healthy marriage, and Foreman is most boring, pointless character there is. You can’t even tell if he still has any feelings for 13 or not — I don’t think his character is as developed as the rest. And Wilson never wins at love either. So I guess, Cuddy and House not making it a couple reflects the dark theme of the show, but their happiness together was the only thing fans were really waiting on. When they were together, the show was less dark and seemed more positive. Cuddy has issues since she never finds love either. Maybe the point of the show is that when you are a doctor, your love has to be your job and that’s it. I really love House’s character and will watch Season 8 but the show will really depress me :( I don’t agree with Lisa’s decision to leave in the final season — she’s doing her fans a HUGE dis-service. But the show should have fought harder to keep her too — she’s a main character who has been around since the beginning! They should have worked something out for the fans. This is pretty rediculous.I really think that the final episode of Season 7 could have been the finale but we’ll see what they end doing in Season 8 without Cuddy. People say the relationship between Wilson and House is the focual point of the show. I never really thought that, I was just glad House had a close friend. But we’ll see. No matter what happens, my heart really breaks that House and Cuddy didn’t end up together. They really, really should have and I think the writers would have had that happen if Lisa didn’t leave. It’s hard to watch something that you know would have had a different ending under different circumstances.

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