You Ask, We Answer: ‘House’ Season 7 ‘Office Politics’ & ‘A Pox On Our House’

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Q: Any clinic scenes? Funny stuff?
No clinic scenes.

Q: How did Cuddy find out about House’s decision?
She’s Cuddy. She always finds out, but not always on purpose.

Q: Also wondering, what else can you tell us about the patients or the cases for either of these episodes? It seems the Huddy drama for each episode is related…are the cases/what House does with the patients related at all too?
In some sense, you can draw a line between certain aspects of the cases and their relationship, but you can also draw they line to Amber Tamblyn’s character. Both patients are extremely strong and provide some of the best medical mystery that we’ve seen all season.

Q: So, House lies to Cuddy and she eventually finds out but it is not addressed? Am I warm?
In a sense you’re warm, but in a sense you’re completely cold.

Q: Hmmm… tougher? Does it mean that something happens to Chase while he’s in jail? (Also, smelly? After only one night? xD)
I thought staying in jail makes everyone tougher, just by osmosis. icon wink You Ask, We Answer: House Season 7 Office Politics & A Pox On Our House Jails smell, what can I say.

Q: Let me preface as being a Huddy and wanting to vomit right now… Do the writers have a “vision” of the Huddy evolution for the season, or are they approaching it episode by episode?
Yes, very much show. In these next two episode, Huddy because a very realized relationship and crosses the barrier of some kind of fantastical coupling into something that everyone can relate two. It’s really great.

Q: How will Chase react to Amber T.’s character? (Since comes across a lot like Cameron from the promos…)
Amber T’s character doesn’t have time for men… except House.

Q: You get advanced screenings of multiple TV show episodes…what do you do with them all? Destroy them? Lock them up? Give them away?
This was a digital screener, so no hard copy… but I do have many physical screeners. I store them in boxes based on the season and what not because most are digitally marked and can be traced back to me.

Q: If the critical decision House makes is work related, how can this affect his relationship with Cuddy when they have tried so hard to separate their personal and professional lives?
Certain things transcend everything else.

Q: Most of my friends watch for House and Wilson – any good scenes with them to look forward to, other than Wilson’s advice about House’s relationship with Cuddy?
There’s somewhat of a good scene in episode 6, but none in episode 7.

Q: Is ep 7×7 like season 5 episode Last resort?
No, not at all.

Q: Will Wilson find out that House is in danger in ep.7?
I don’t believe so. The entire hospital is on lockdown.

Q: Is there an episode from previous season where House makes a similar decision as the one that is detrimental? Which episode?
There have been many episodes. I’m too lazy to search. Sorry. icon wink You Ask, We Answer: House Season 7 Office Politics & A Pox On Our House

Q: Does it look like Wilson and Sam are growing closer? Do they talk about having children of their own?
Yes and No.

Q: Does House realize that he is putting his relationship with Cuddy in danger? Does it matter to him?
His relationship with Cuddy is extremely important to him, but there are just some things you have to do… because you know it’s the right thing to do.

Q: House and Wilson have seemed distant, despite “Unplanned Parenthood”. Is that all Wilson does now is give relationship advice to House about Cuddy? And could you please elaborate more on the situation with Wilson/Sam?
In episode 6 it would seem so. Wilson and Sam are very much in a tough place together, but with the hospital in lockdown, they are forced together and are forced to deal with the one thing she’s not comfortable with, children.

Q: Is Cuddy’s health at risk in either of these episodes? Is the hospital’s “health” at risk (loss of accreditation, etc.) because of House’s decision?
Cuddy is healthy as a horse… and extremely attractive horse and doesn’t have to worry about getting sick.

Q: Which episode do the fellows wind up in jail?
Episode 6

Q: Does Rachel get sick in either of the episodes? Does she become a patient at the hospital?
Rachel isn’t present or discussed in either episode 6 or 7

Q: Are house and cuddy going to get engaged?
There’s no hints at it during episodes 6 or 7.

Q: Yaitanes said “ep6 will keep ALL the #Huddy peeps talking.” Will we talk about the possibility of a break up or is there something more behind this?
You will be talking about everything. Trust me, there is no simple explanation and no one person is in the right/wrong.

Q: Any hope for those of us who remember the show is called ‘House’ and not ‘Huddy’? Jack Coleman is pretty much the only enticing thing about these spoilers.
Haha… Yes! Like I said above, the best medical stories of this season.

Q: But OMG do Huddy adopt a kitten and call it Huddy?!
Haha… I’m going to say yes, but know that I am lying. icon wink You Ask, We Answer: House Season 7 Office Politics & A Pox On Our House

Q: Does Chase have any good ideas in these episodes?
His best idea is “sleeping in.”

Q: Not even one small peck between House/Cuddy on the episodes?
Nope, sorry. But there is some intense emotion present.

Q: Are there any well-written passionate arguments between House and Cuddy?
All of the scenes between House and Cuddy are extremely well written. I’d say that it’s passionate, but not overtly and not with the volume of their voice.

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  1. All above questions have been answered.

  2. House and Cuddy dance in one of the episode, do you know the song? Can you tell us?

  3. You said Cuddy loves Martha. Is there any indication that Cuddy knows Martha on a personal level?

  4. How Martha interacts with Cuddy?? she sees her as role model?

  5. I really enjoy the this show and have found that putting House and Cuddy together has made House interesting again. Several of my friends who had stopped watching are starting to get into the show again because he actually seems to be growing. So my question is, in episode six and seven do we see some good character growth or new insights into House? How about insights or growth in Cuddy or Wilson?

    Also, I am very intrigued about the new character played by Amber Tamblyn and wonder if watching her and House interact brings anything new to his character as well? Or is it simply an amusing interplay between two different personalities?

  6. so, am i getting your hints right, that House and Cuddy’s relationship still has hope and that their relationship is not failing at the end of these episodes? They are still together right. Also is the thing that house does that hurts Cuddy so damaging that its almost unrepairable?

    Thanks for answering all these questions, it helps me with my tv nerves.

  7. Thanks so much for doing this. It wa a cool thing for you to do.
    Glad to hear Lisa had some scenes to show her talent.
    Loaded question and you don’t even have to say who says it:

    What was the most touching line? You can even reword it to hide identities. Please??

  8. Did House lie to Cuddy in Episode 6~?
    Is that the decision House made involve this lie??

  9. thanks a lot… I’ve an other question to ask: is everything happens in the episode 6 or that an impression ? is the episode 7 better than the 6th ?

  10. Interesting. Do you think they’ll keep Amber Tamblyn’s character around for a while?

  11. Any clue of what House is doing that may put his life on risk? Please

  12. Does Cuddy have to do anything that requires her to protect House?

  13. By “Lisa Edelstein is the one who shines” you mean that we’re gonna see this one dramatic face of hers she does in every serious scene again? Can’t wait.

  14. Just a quick question to finally stop all this negative speculations about Huddy.. By the end of Epi 7, they are still together, right? That’s all I need to know for me to be relieved.. hehe, SALAMAT [THANKS]..

    • not all speculations can/have to be good ones, especially of the outcome looks sketchy. but Huddy is still together after 7×7, so relax and just enjoy the show.

  15. Does Taub know Martha because she’s an ex-mistress (hug!), because she’s an ex-patient of his surgical practice, (it would be fun to learn that she used to be a dude or something) or is she his long-lost daughter (god please no !) ?
    Those are the only possibilities I can think of.

    • He interviewed her for Hopkins.

  16. Did Robert Sean Leonard’s daughter played Cuddy’s daughter in some of the earlier episodes – “Known Unknows” and “5 to 9″.

    The little girl looks quite like him? Will be interesting to know!



  17. PLEASE do you know if House will have a run in with Lucas in the near future? House stayed Lucas’s (sort of) friend when he was dating Cuddy… do you know if House and Lucas’s relationship will have any major swan song, or continuation?

  18. Will there be some new House merchandise available soon? (i.e. shirts, magnets, cups, etc…) If so when and where can I get it at? or if I missed the boat and they are already available where can I go to see them?

  19. I just watched tonight episode with house and cuddy and I see what I mean about their possible relationship problem. I was wondering do you think this means that Cuddy will no longer be all in or that she now she questions the possibility of her really being together with house? or does it bother her more that her hopes of his changing (his core) is who he really is so she is unsure if she really wants to be with him? Do youthink that she was disilluisioned tonight about their future together? Do you intend to keep them together?

  20. Does the look that Masters gives while cuddy and house are arguing about Masters staying and Cuddy refuses to let Maters quit. Is that laugh a manipulating one or something else. For example, just her smiling at the two characters interaction or appreciating cuddys siding with her, or is she just trying to see how far she can push both characters or what she can get away with?

  21. What does Taub says to Masters at the end of there discussion in the locker room, I just can’t pick iti up

    • He asks if it ‘Is this Grandmas tea cozy?’ in reference to House asking Masters if her Grandma gave her a cruddy tea cozy for x-mas would she lie and tell her Grandma she liked it. Taub is asking if Masters is lying to him to be nice and spare his feelings.

    • Next time you cannot make out what is being said, try turning on CC (closed captioning), this assuming you can rewind the video to the spot you are attempting to decipher…

  22. what does Taub say to Masters at the end of the locker room conversation where Masters reveals to Taub that she remembers him from the Hopkins interview?

    I can’t make out what Taub is saying!!

  23. “is this grandma’s tea cozy?” referencing house/masters conversation about lying earlier in episode

    • Could someone explain what “Is this Grandma’s tea cozy ?” means to a non native English speaker ?

      • Taub asks Masters ‘Is this Grandmas tea cozy?’ because House asked Masters earlier in the episode if her Grandma gave her a cruddy tea cozy for Christmas would she lie and tell her Grandma she liked it. Taub is asking Masters if she is lying to him in order to be nice and spare his feelings.

        • Thanks spark chick! for your answer.

    • Yes. Taub is essentially asking Masters if she is lying to him in order to spare his feelings.

  24. Do you know who wrote the episode Office Politics? The new character is named Martha M. Masters. Many years ago I taught with an English teacher named Martha M. Master. Perhaps the author of the episode is a former student. This is too coincidental.

  25. queria saber sobre as fotos que eles esta na praia se vc sabe se vai aconteceu aquilo mesmo , e quando

  26. I curious about the new character, “Masters”. The first 2 episodes worked for me, but she is already pretty predictable in her on-screen mannerisms etc., such as body-language, or head/eye movements when depicting moods, etc..
    Does anyone else feel that her “shelf-life” might be limited?

    Also, with House and Cuddy together, the episodes have started to “Feel” forced and have lost the tension that made the show interesting.

    I think it’s safe to say that in most Television Shows, where there is a chemistry between the main characters, that the masses want them to get together. In every case I can think of, it is never better television when it does happen.

  27. In “Office Politics”…are there any “REAL LIFE” cases where that treatment of using “A” actually wiped “C” out? Is there ANY such possibility??? I haven’t seen 1 person in this thread even comment or question the validity of this and I am extremely shocked, ESPECIALLY since people being diagnosed with it today are still told it’s a death sentence!
    PLEASE LMK if there’s ANY truth to this, or if it’s purely fiction?!? I’m dying to know ;)

  28. What’s the song at the end of “office politics?”

  29. What is the name of the piano song that is playing in the end of episode 6 season 7?

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