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At the behest of the boisterous fans of Fox’s hit medical drama House, we are trying out a new feature for the site, entitled “You Ask, We Answer.” In it, we will be answering questions that fans of popular television series have regarding upcoming episodes – episodes that we have been able to screen in advance.

For the inaugural installment, we will be taking questions regarding the Nov. 8 and Nov. 15 episode of House, “Office Politics” and “A Pox On Our House.” In both episodes, Amber Tamblyn guest stars as Thirteen’s replacement and, as usual, provides House with a new proverbial toy to play with.


If you have a question, please leave it in the comments below and I will answer it to the best of my ability. While I’m unable to reveal any “major” spoilers, I know (from experience) that House fans are interested in more than just the major elements that may or may not be contained within each episode. (“Office Politics” may have some of those elements). Eitherway, I will try my best and perhaps even use a little innuendo to get around any “big” questions.

To better help you understand what each episode is about, we have included the episodic descriptions below.

Preview: “Office Politics”

In the midst of a Senate re-election race, the incumbent’s campaign manager mysteriously falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis. When Cuddy pushes House to hire brilliant medical student Martha Masters (guest star Amber Tamblyn) in Thirteen’s absence, House and the team become wary of the young doctor’s lack of experience and medical perspective but are forced to give their new by-the-book teammate a chance to prove herself. After a surprising campaign announcement is made by the incumbent, House and the team look to the candidate to find clues about the patient’s condition. Meanwhile, Foreman learns that Taub has a past connection to Masters, and in an effort to save his patient’s life, House must make a critical decision that may compromise his relationship with Cuddy.

Preview: “A Pox On Our House”

After a 200-year-old medicine jar found on an off-shore shipwreck shatters in a teenage girl’s palm, she is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro for symptoms closely linked to smallpox, prompting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to take action to isolate the virus. After Dr. Dave Broda (guest star Dylan Baker) from the CDC institutes a lockdown on the hospital and suspends the team’s ability to confirm a diagnosis, Masters grows suspicious of Broda’s motives and is convinced the patient is suffering from a different disease and must prove that she belongs on House’s team and earn his trust. When the patient’s father experiences similar symptoms, House is forced to make a precarious decision that puts his own life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and Sam (guest star Cynthia Watros) comfort a 6-year-old chemotherapy patient who prompts them to examine their own relationship.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Anything good going on with Cuddy? Or is it just mainly focusing on Amber Tamblyn?
A: With Amber Tamblyn joining the team, the episode is very much about her initial interactions with House and the team, but make no mistake, Cuddy is very much a part of that.

Q: All I wanna know is whether the POTW & case is interesting or not and if there are some great Huddy moments in it.
A: I really enjoyed the case of the week, I thought it was really well crafted and with Jack Coleman (HRG from Heroes) as the POTW, he really delivered. In regards to Huddy, there are some really great moments.

Q: Is Amber Tamblyn’s character more like a Cuddy than a Cameron or 13?
A: Tamblyn plays Martha Masters, who is literally a genius. She’s also very “by-the-book,” but that doesn’t mean she’s not able to adapt. She’s a mixture of the best elements of Cuddy, Cameron and 13 – with a little sass thrown in for good measure.

Q: Some bed scenes with grandpa and grandma?
Both episodes have House and Cuddy in the hospital throughout.

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Q: Someone told us Huddy has a fallout from a decision. Does this mean they have an argument?
I’d say that’s an incorrect representation of what happens. It’s far more important (read: detrimental) than that. There is no argument.

Q: More tension, more dramas than the previous eps?
A: Yes, very much so. With Huddy, the POTW, the team and Amber Tamblyn’s character. Three members of House’s team understand how jail changes people, from personal experience. Plus. House uses an live sex website to help with his diagnosis.

Q: Any sign of house taking drugs? He doesn’t seem to be limping as much these days.
A: Nope, no signs of House relapsing. Although, after his new invention of “pork apple cider,” he just might. ;-)

Q: What is going on with Wilson and Sam?
A: In “A Pox On Our House,” Wilson and Sam are forced to spend more time together than what was originally planned and Sam becomes Wilson’s new (albeit temporary) assistant.

Q: What can you tell us about Huddy?
A: In “Office Politics,” House is forced to make a decision that impacts his relationship with Cuddy. Luckily, Wilson is there to provide advice to House.

Q:I want to ask about the case and if it relates to any Huddy development in the 2 episodes. Do we get any romantic scenes? Like kissing???
A: Yes, both cases result in some Huddy development. One good, one very bad. No romantic scenes

Q:How is Martha Masters connected to Taub?
Martha is medical student and Taub wasn’t always in the current occupation that we see him in, or a plastic surgeon. He has a certain academic background.

Q: As a huddy fan…Will I be happy, sad, or confused after ep6?
A: Hmm… indifferent. It’s very complicated, but it doesn’t end happy.

Q: How does Amber Tamblyn fit in the team? I´ve been told she is pretty awesome.
A: She is very awesome. She works well with everyone and has no problem fighting with House or backing him up.

Q: Does House do something to really do something to compromise the relationship with Cuddy?
A: Yes, in both episodes… in very different ways.

Is there anything with Chase in these episodes?
A: Indeed. Chase becomes a little tougher (and smelly) after a night in lock-up

Q: Do you think Huddy will be ok after these episodes?
A: Hmm… I’m not sure. Perhaps.

Q: More House/Rachel interaction in upcoming eps?
A: Sadly, no.

Q: Since Martha Masters is only a med student, does the show have a good explanation for Cuddy’s decision to put her on House’s team besides the fact that she’s a genius?
A: As with House, Cuddy knows potential when she sees it.

Q: Any Amber/Cuddy scenes?
A: Yes, two great scenes in episode 6.

Q: Do you see the begining of the end of Huddy in this episodes?
A: Possibly, but I don’t really think so.

Q: Is Martha a doppelganger of Cameron in terms of her ethical values and challenging House?
A: In some ways, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know when an idea is good – ethical or not.

Q: Which songs (if any) are featured in those two episodes?
No songs particularly stood out. These were also rough cuts, so the songs will probably be changes (as they were for the season premiere, sadly)

Q: Any fallout from the Rachel ate a dime thing from the previous episode to the Huddy relationship?
A: No

Q: Any hint about the critical decision House has to make in “Office Politics”?
A: It’s a decision that we’ve seen House make many times before, but this time the consequences are much greater.

Q: Is the Huddy fallout from these episodes work-related or something else?
Yes and Yes.

Q: Will be House in danger (I mean physically)?
A: Yes, very much so.

Q: Is the “Huddy fallout” related to House’s decision to put his own life in jeopardy in order to cure the patient?
A: No

Q: Does Lisa have any scenes that let her shine as an actress?
A: Yes, the last scene of episode 6 and many scenes in episode 7

Q: Any Cuddy/Wilson scenes?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: What do you mean detrimental? Is this something that can break House and Cuddy up or is it detrimental to the hospital and their work relationship?
A: Both

Q: Please tell me that Martha is not as annoying as Cameron because the characters look pretty similar.
A: Martha is not annoying at all. She’s great and amazing.

Q: What is the difference between these two episodes from the first five?
A: I’d say that episodes 1 and 2 where leading in a certain direction, but then episodes 3, 4 & 5 were kind of stand still. Episodes 6 & 7 really move in a specific direction that’s both interesting and refreshing.

Q: Detrimental? This sounds serious (read: sad). Tell me it isn’t all bad…
A: Ok, I will tell you that it it’s all bad…. Just don’t always believe what you read on the internet. ;-)

Q: Is House’s relationship with Cuddy put in jeopardy in “Office Politics”? If so, does it remain in jeopardy at the end of “Office Politics”? If so, is it still in jeopardy at the end of “A Pox On Our House”? Or, is there some positive (for the relationship) resolution of the detrimental event in either of the episodes?
A: Phew… a long one.;-) Yes to 3 of those questions, maybe to 1.

Q: Do House and Cuddy end the episodes on good terms, or are they still fighting?
A: They don’t fight in either episode.

Q: Are non-Huddies gonna enjoy those eps too?
A: Yes, very much so. While there are elements of Huddy, these are both two major POTW episodes that are really wonderful to watch unfold.

Q: Is Huddy still going strong after these two episodes? Anything squee-worthy going on for fans of that pairing?
There are moments where you might squee. They are still going after these two episodes.

Q: Huddy fans have to be worried after these 2 episodes?
A: Depends on how much you worried. I’m less worried and more curious to see what happens next.

Q: Please, who is in the last scene of ep?
A: Cuddy and a nurse in one, Cuddy and House in another.

Q: Please tell me if the decision that House has to make and can hurt huddy is about the job or if there is somebody else involved (i mean a potential love interest *vomits*)?
A: House is a one woman man. It’s not about that.

Q: Will we finally see a passionate kiss between House and Cuddy?
A: Didn’t you watch the season premiere? You don’t think that was passionate? Hospitals aren’t really the best places to kiss.

Q: Any Cuddy tears?
No tears… Well, kind of… but not what you think.

Q: Are Chase, Taub and Foreman the ones who end up in jail?
Almost everyone in episode 6 has the possibility of going to jail for doing something that shouldn’t. You’ll have to wait and see.

Q: I want to see some loving, emotional scenes between House and Cuddy. Any chance to get that?

Q: Any mention of 13 and whether House knows where she is and what she is doing? If so, does it tie in to the detrimental Huddy situation?
All quiet on the Thirteen front.

Q: Why do the three team members end up in jail and how do they get out?
House does many things that aren’t exactly “legal.” This time, the police serve as a useful reminder.

Q: Huddy will end the 2 eps together and still in love?
I believe they are still in love.

Q: Is House going to show any affection for Cuddy in these episodes?
Yes, but it depends on what you consider affection.

Q: Please tell me House won´t follow Wilsons relationship advice? That guy is divorced how many times?! Or maybe it´s one that doesn´t suck (for Huddy)?
Wilson has the ability to give good advice. I think people will be split on whether it was good or not.

Q: House’s “decision” prob made big impact on his relationship. Question is was it a negative or positive?

Q: How is the team gonna react to the new girl?
They react like they usually do with new members – with certain members being more vocal. Although, they warm up to her very quickly.

Q: Are Wilson and Sam arguing over if they want children or not?
No, but she does have some great moments with a child in episode 7.

Q: Does this detrimental decision get resolved or do you think this is something that will come back at a later episode to affect House and Cuddy’s relationship?
I think it will come back later.

Q: Will the Huddy fans be cursing at the TV, at House, at the writers, etc.?
Well, I’m not sure how much you like to curse, but I wouldn’t. Episodes 6 and 7 are really quite amazing.

Q: Do you see this problem between Huddy something that can be solved, or…?
If I was in their situation, I think it could be resolved.

Q: As you said about the “fallout from desicion”, is that a private life decision or a work decision?
The episode description implies that it’s work-related… and I’d believe them if I were you. ;-)

Q: Is there a chance Cuddy may lose her job because of House’s decision and is it still unresolved at the end of “a pox on our house”?
C’mon… you and I both know that Cuddy is “untouchable.”

Q: Is House’s life really in danger in 7×07 ? And how Cuddy is gonna react?
Yes. If someone you love is in danger, how would you react? Some very emotional scenes.

Q: Is the decision detrimental because the patient is a high ranking political officer or does the decision cause Cuddy to rethink her decision and the ramifications of being involved with House?
The patient isn’t a high-ranking political official, nor does Cuddy rethink anything. I’d say she’s hurt.

Q: How is it that House and Cuddy does not argue or fight, but it does not end up happy for them? Can you explain further?
Sorry, but I can’t really. Not just because it’s hard to explain and I’m lazy. It’s complicated and something that almost every relationship has gone through. Think of a time when things don’t end happy, but there was no fighting.

Q: Are Wilson fans going to enjoy these episodes? Or is there even reasons for Wilson fans to even watch? Is there finally more to Wilson in these eps than just being Huddy counselor and go between?
Very much in episode 7 – very, very cute scenes. Episode 6 is more counselor Wilson.

Q: Are the scenes at least passionate between House and Cuddy? (not necessarily sexy passionate, but yelling? engaging? angry? desperate?)
There are some emotional scenes between House and Cuddy. Very engaging, nothing too overt, but very heavy, emotionally.

Q: How would you describe Cuddy’s emotion to House’s decision? Disappointed? Angry? Sad?

Q: This detrimental decision that House makes…is Cuddy in the dark about this?
C’mon… is Cuddy ever in the dark? She knows everything.

Q: Are Wilson and Sam fighting?
I wouldn’t say fighting.

Q: Are Wilson and Sam going to break up? :(
I don’t think so, some great things happens between these two in episodes 7.

Q: Does the end of the 7th episode end on an optimistic note (regarding Huddy at least)?
I’d say it ends in an optimistic note in that we know where things are going, but you’ll definitely wish that you had episode 8 to watch right after.

Q: Do all the house and cuddy scenes  occur in the hospital? And is the sixth episode will “classic house “episode (strong medical mystery)?
Yes and yes. Episodes 6 and 7 are very strong medical mysteries – the best this season.

Q: If the police are involved in 6, has H put C again in a position where she has to defend him at her risk? If so, does she?
Cuddy has no idea that anyone is in jail.

Q: Is H aware that he’s risking his relationship with C with his bad decision? Is he concerned or only focused on the patient?
House is a man that always knows what he’s doing.

Q: In 7, is C supremely pissed at H for putting himself in danger, supportive or vacillating between the two?
When someone is danger, you really don’t think about who’s to blame.

Q: Are you expecting to get a screener for 7.08 or is Fox keeping us all in the dark about that one?
I wasn’t expecting to get episodes 6 or 7, it’s all up to Fox.

Q: Is it your impression that House is purposefully testing/sabotaging his relationship with Cuddy (as she accused him of in 7.04)in these two eps or do the conflicts spring from the two of them just being who they are?
No, there is on sabotage. House loves Cuddy, there’s no doubt about that.

Q: Any chance that these events will end the awful Huddy relationship soon?
Haha… It depends on the person whether or not you consider their relationship awful. I will say that while their relationship is included in both episodes, it’s used to perfectly supplement the story and is not front & center.

Q: Any mentions of Cameron? I miss her :-(
No, sorry. I miss her too.

Q: Since we know for sure that the Huddy recipe was not accepted by most of the fandom (ratings are sad, really), will House be having any other romantic interest this season?(Im still voting for Wilson, but that’s been a bromance since day one)
Haha… No other love interest for House. Once you Cuddy… I can’t think of anything that rhymes with Cuddy, but you know what I mean. ;-)

Q: Is Cuudy doing something wrong?
No, not at all.

Q: Do we get any sweet or emotional scenes between House & Cuddy when House is locked in quarantine? Is she worried?
Very emotional.

Q: Just for fun, how are Cuddy’s outfits?
Cuddy knows how to dress. She’s classy like that. ;-)

Q: Any clinic scenes? Funny stuff?
No clinic scenes.

Q: How did Cuddy find out about House’s decision?
She’s Cuddy. She always finds out, but not always on purpose.

Q: Also wondering, what else can you tell us about the patients or the cases for either of these episodes? It seems the Huddy drama for each episode is related…are the cases/what House does with the patients related at all too?
In some sense, you can draw a line between certain aspects of the cases and their relationship, but you can also draw they line to Amber Tamblyn’s character. Both patients are extremely strong and provide some of the best medical mystery that we’ve seen all season.

Q: So, House lies to Cuddy and she eventually finds out but it is not addressed? Am I warm?
In a sense you’re warm, but in a sense you’re completely cold.

Q: Hmmm… tougher? Does it mean that something happens to Chase while he’s in jail? (Also, smelly? After only one night? xD)
I thought staying in jail makes everyone tougher, just by osmosis. ;-) Jails smell, what can I say.

Q: Let me preface as being a Huddy and wanting to vomit right now… Do the writers have a “vision” of the Huddy evolution for the season, or are they approaching it episode by episode?
Yes, very much show. In these next two episode, Huddy because a very realized relationship and crosses the barrier of some kind of fantastical coupling into something that everyone can relate two. It’s really great.

Q: How will Chase react to Amber T.’s character? (Since comes across a lot like Cameron from the promos…)
Amber T’s character doesn’t have time for men… except House.

Q: You get advanced screenings of multiple TV show episodes…what do you do with them all? Destroy them? Lock them up? Give them away?
This was a digital screener, so no hard copy… but I do have many physical screeners. I store them in boxes based on the season and what not because most are digitally marked and can be traced back to me.

Q: If the critical decision House makes is work related, how can this affect his relationship with Cuddy when they have tried so hard to separate their personal and professional lives?
Certain things transcend everything else.

Q: Most of my friends watch for House and Wilson – any good scenes with them to look forward to, other than Wilson’s advice about House’s relationship with Cuddy?
There’s somewhat of a good scene in episode 6, but none in episode 7.

Q: Is ep 7×7 like season 5 episode Last resort?
No, not at all.

Q: Will Wilson find out that House is in danger in ep.7?
I don’t believe so. The entire hospital is on lockdown.

Q: Is there an episode from previous season where House makes a similar decision as the one that is detrimental? Which episode?
There have been many episodes. I’m too lazy to search. Sorry. ;-)

Q: Does it look like Wilson and Sam are growing closer? Do they talk about having children of their own?
Yes and No.

Q: Does House realize that he is putting his relationship with Cuddy in danger? Does it matter to him?
His relationship with Cuddy is extremely important to him, but there are just some things you have to do… because you know it’s the right thing to do.

Q: House and Wilson have seemed distant, despite “Unplanned Parenthood”. Is that all Wilson does now is give relationship advice to House about Cuddy? And could you please elaborate more on the situation with Wilson/Sam?
In episode 6 it would seem so. Wilson and Sam are very much in a tough place together, but with the hospital in lockdown, they are forced together and are forced to deal with the one thing she’s not comfortable with, children.

Q: Is Cuddy’s health at risk in either of these episodes? Is the hospital’s “health” at risk (loss of accreditation, etc.) because of House’s decision?
Cuddy is healthy as a horse… and extremely attractive horse and doesn’t have to worry about getting sick.

Q: Which episode do the fellows wind up in jail?
Episode 6

Q: Does Rachel get sick in either of the episodes? Does she become a patient at the hospital?
Rachel isn’t present or discussed in either episode 6 or 7

Q: Are house and cuddy going to get engaged?
There’s no hints at it during episodes 6 or 7.

Q: Yaitanes said “ep6 will keep ALL the #Huddy peeps talking.” Will we talk about the possibility of a break up or is there something more behind this?
You will be talking about everything. Trust me, there is no simple explanation and no one person is in the right/wrong.

Q: Any hope for those of us who remember the show is called ‘House’ and not ‘Huddy’? Jack Coleman is pretty much the only enticing thing about these spoilers.
Haha… Yes! Like I said above, the best medical stories of this season.

Q: But OMG do Huddy adopt a kitten and call it Huddy?!
Haha… I’m going to say yes, but know that I am lying. ;-)

Q: Does Chase have any good ideas in these episodes?
His best idea is “sleeping in.”

Q: Not even one small peck between House/Cuddy on the episodes?
Nope, sorry. But there is some intense emotion present.

Q: Are there any well-written passionate arguments between House and Cuddy?
All of the scenes between House and Cuddy are extremely well written. I’d say that it’s passionate, but not overtly and not with the volume of their voice.

Q: Even though Cuddy is hurt, and their relationship is challenged, does it seem House’s decision is in line with what makes him the most incredible man Cuddy has ever known?
Yes, but it’s not always easily to realize that.

Q: Does it seem the weight of House/Cuddy emotional interchanges reveal the depth of their love? Are their emotions only viewed by the audience or other characters?
Very much so, but maybe not entirely in the way you’re thinking. There’s no doubt that they care for each other deeply. There are some private emotionally scenes, but also some extremely public scenes that are very touching.

Q: Since there is no clear right or wrong in the character decisions, what about the POTW? Are the motives and situations surrounding the patient as complex?
Completely! Both patients in episode 6 and 7 have extremely complex stories, medical mysteries and, for the most part, are extremely complex characters.

Q: Will Amber’s character reveal things about Taub that set-up the future storyline surrounding issues with Taub and Rachel’s marriage?
I don’t think so, but you do get a glimpse at a side of Taub that you weren’t expecting.

Q: Since House making this type of decision isn’t necessarily new for the character, would you say the relationship with Cuddy making this time different is allowing us to explore his character at a new, deeper level?
Yes, to an extent. House acknowledges the importance of his relationship with Cuddy, but he can’t change who he is.

Q: Do the words “I love you” come out of House or Cuddy at any point during the episodes?

Q: Do you know who wrote the episodes?
Great question. Unfortunately, I don’t. The episodes end for me after the final scene.

Q: Do you find those Huddy fans babbling about the same thing over and over annoying?
Haha, no, not at all. Everyone tends to ask different questions and even the ones that are similar tend to be tweaked just a little bit different so that it’s harder for me to withhold information. ;-)

Q: Do House and Cuddy talk about how his decision affects their relationship, or is it just implied?
There is talk, but the audience is very much in House’s mind-set and unsure with what’s going on.

Q: You said House and Cuddy don’t kiss, but do they at least hug it out? ;-)
Sorry, they don’t pull an Ari Gold. Although, they do “look it out” and in this instance, it’s almost as emotional as if they were to “kiss it out” or “hug it out.”

Q: Does the jail time affect Chase personally more than the other two members? Will it remind him of what he did last season (killing a patient)?
This jail experience will be very enjoyable to the audience, there is no emotional baggage attached.

Q: Does Chase have good scenes with House?
Kind of, in episode 7.

Q: Do you think that Cuddy will forgive House for whatever he did that hurt her?
Probably, but we all know that it’s hard to know what Cuddy is going to do.

Q: So Cuddy knows about what House did. But does House know that Cuddy knows or is one of those things Cuddy will pretend not to know about and avoid addressing the issue?
There are no secrets.

Q: Will House be ok at the end of episode 7?
You won’t know until episode 8.

Q: Is there any evidence (actual or implied) that House and Cuddy stop sleeping together as a result of the events of these 2 episodes?
Haha, no, there is no evidence of that.

Q: Is there any sign of House’s leg bothering him in the two episodes?
Hmmm… nothing overt. He gets around pretty well.

Q: What happens to Chase in Jail? He did look more shocked than Taub and Foreman to be there in the preview clip.
All three of them experience the same thing, which is hilarious.

Q: Please tell us more about what’s going on with Chase in those episodes.
There really isn’t much. Sorry.

Q: They said that Wilson and Sims’s relationship takes an unexpected turn in 7×9 I think it was. Whatever the wedding episode is. What do you think will happen. From what it sounds like from you’re answers, they’re happy. Do you think they’re going to get engaged? I’m hoping for a break up but that’s just me.
I wouldn’t say that they’re completely happy, but audiences will see Sam in a new light. Wilson might as well. It’s kind of premature to speculate what might happen in the future, but episode 8 will probably reveal more.

Q: So basically from what it sounds like, the dynamic House and Wilson had in S6 is gone now?
No, it’s very much there, but the focus of the episodes are elsewhere. When House and Wilson are together, you can tell that it’s still a very close bond.

Q: So, if the H/C drama has to do with the patient, and House did that many times in the past… Has House done something Cuddy didn’t authorize to the patient? Only this time consequences are bigger because they’re together?
House only does the things that Cuddy authorizes. Remember, Martha is very by-the-book.

Q: Will the problem with Huddy be addressed in the episodes by House and Cuddy or they’ll dismiss it? Do they end episode7 on a romantic note?
Everything is addressed to some extent. I wouldn’t really say that they end episode 7 on a romantic note, but there are certainly some extremely romantic/emotional scenes towards the end.

Q: Will House get sick in 7X07? Is that what “risk” is pertaining to?
The risk has to do with House possibly dying from making certain decisions. But, as always, it’s for a reason. Although, this time, he may have gone too far.

Q: Does the title “Pox on our House” literally meant that house will get smallpox?
Haha… I’m not sure what the title means. I honestly thought it meant something else, but after reading what you write, I think maybe you’re correct… and now I feel stupid. ;-) The title certainly suggests that.

Q: Are there any arguments/conflicts between Chase and Foreman in these episodes?
No, not really.

Q: How does the team behave in jail?
I think the rule in jail is that everyone has to behave themselves. Although, the real question you should be asking is, “How does House behave when he knows his team is in jail?”

Q: So in episode seven, Wilson is going to be blissfully unaware that his best friend is in mortal danger … and instead will have “cute and funny” scenes with Sam and a cute little kid?
You’re implying that Wilson’s actions are intentional, which they aren’t. The hospital is trying to isolate a virus, think forced compartmentalization.

Q: Is Martha annoying enough to make people miss 13?
Martha is not annoying and I have no doubt that everyone will like her.

Q: Will Chase fans be happy with the episodes?
I’m not sure what your definition of happiness is, but probably not.

Q: How much longer do we (and I’m referring to those of us that can’t stomach House and cuddy romance) have to tolerate this fluff. The comic interaction B/W Wilson and House is so much more interesting, will there be more?
Haha… I don’t write the show, so I’m not sure what their character arcs are. Not really any comedic scenes with Wilson and House.

Q: Have you watched episode 8 of these series? If not, are you going to get it any time soon? If so, any Huddy spoilers?
I have not, nor am I trying to get it. Fox kind of releases these things on their own.

Q: Since you said that Amber Tamblyn’s character will have character traits that are a mixture of Cuddy, Cameron, and 13, which ones do you find are the most highlight-able? Which ones do you enjoy most? And which ones do you think the audience will get a kick out of most? How does the rest of the team interact with her? Do they get a long? Or is it a struggle of wills? Like with the other candidates that were previously on in the past episodes.
Wow, long question. Honestly, think of the qualities that come to mind when you think of Cuddy, Cameron and 13.. and she’s got them, but she also has some House in her as well. I enjoy the fact that while I know she’s going to be by-the-book, I can never really figure out who she is going to side with. She finds certain ways to make House’s crazy ideas be very by-the-book. The rest of the team reacts to her as they usually do with someone new, but Martha doesn’t feel as disposable as previous additions. I think audiences will really like her.

Q: You implied that we would know what direction the Huddy relationship will be is headed by the end of episode 7. Will it be in a good direction?
You get an idea, but it’s hard to tell exactly.

Q: Does house inject himself with anything? Also saw a flash of light I thought go off in the room. Does this have anything to do with what happens to him?
There aren’t any injections. Any flash of light is separate from what happens to him.

Q: So house makes the decision which affects his relationship with cuddy in episode 6 or 7?
Episode 6

Q: Before House does whatever he does to put his life in danger does Cuddy ask him not to or is something he has already done when she finds out?
As we all know, House is the kind of guy that just “wings-it.”

Q: The wait is too long until the next episodes. Is it possible to give us some new pictures, or sneak peek?
You can see all of the photos from episodes 6, 7 & 8 here.

Q: Will cuddy be afraid for house?
Is Cuddy ever afraid of House? Why would that change now?

Q: Ep7 reminds me S5ep09 (last resort) when 13 chose to be a guinea pig. Is it the same idea in this ep?
Very, very slightly, but probably not in the same way thy you’re thinking.

Q: Is House’s health going to be effected through more than just one episode? Is it an issue they deal with through season 7?
I’ve only seen one episode where House’s health may be affected, so I can’t really tell if anything further is going to happen, but probably not.

Q: Chase fans won’t be happy with those episodes?! I hope that only means that he is not in them allot and not that he does something really stupid?
He’s not really in them, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do something stupid. ;-)

Q: Is Hugh Laurie’s performance Emmy worthy in either episodes?
Hmmm… Perhaps. If anything, Lisa Edelstein is the one that shines.

Q: Where does the basketball game between Taub and Foreman fit into this?
Haha… it doesn’t really, but it’s great. It’s a feat of machismo.

Q: Don’t you think that those delusional House/Wilson shippers who moan all the time are much more annoying than House/Cuddy fans who tend to ask similar questions?
Haha… I don’t really find any particular group annoying. Questions are questions and some people are interested in other things.

Q: Is Cuddy hurt by the fact that he risks his life despite having someone who loves him affected?
No, I wouldn’t say so.

Q: Is Cuddy angry at Martha after or during the episode 6?
Cuddy loves Martha. Although, there are some moments where Cuddy is taken aback.

Q: Do House or Cuddy show affection/emotion towards each other near other team members?
Yes, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking.

Q: Does House show any regrets of making his decisions in both episodes?
I don’t House has ever regret any decision.

Q: After the end of episode 7 do we get to see if House is okay or not?

Q: Are we going to see if house and cuddy are alright or we knead to wait until episode 8?
You’ll get an idea, but won’t really know for sure until episode 8.

Q: Is house going to be in pain? If he is, is cuddy going to help him manage it?
Not leg pain, if that’s what you’re talking about.

Q: Is there any reference to House’s family-maybe to his real father?
No, sorry.

Q: Will cuddy forgive House after episode 7 or do they leave us hanging?
You defiantly aren’t left hanging, but you’re not completely “in the know” either.

Q: After watching both episodes, who do you sympathize more with, House or Cuddy?
I sympathize with both, which is what makes this the entire thing so disconcerting.

Q: You said that Cuddy will be hurt by House’s decision, but does she understand why he makes it?
I don’t think she’s really thinking about why he made it, that’s not what’s important.

Q: Is there at least one House/Wilson scene in #7?
No, sorry

Q: Does House really get sick or is Cuddy upset because Houses decision leads to the possibility of him getting sick? Are there tears? Lastly, do we get to see when Wilson learns about Houses decision or is it not shown?
Those two elements in your first question are in completely different episodes. I honestly can’t remember if there were tears, but I was on the verge of tearing up. In regards to Wilson/House, no.

Q: You said that audiences will see Sam in a new light- and maybe Wilson will as well. Is that something to be worried about or is it a “good” new light?
It’s a good new light, although I’m not sure exactly where they’re going to go with it.

Q: Favorite quote of ep. 6 & 7?
I’ll have to get back to you on that one… It’s kind of hard to pick out a specific quote upon first viewing.

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