Q: What is the difference between these two episodes from the first five?
A: I’d say that episodes 1 and 2 where leading in a certain direction, but then episodes 3, 4 & 5 were kind of stand still. Episodes 6 & 7 really move in a specific direction that’s both interesting and refreshing.

Q: Detrimental? This sounds serious (read: sad). Tell me it isn’t all bad…
A: Ok, I will tell you that it it’s all bad…. Just don’t always believe what you read on the internet. ;-)

Q: Is House’s relationship with Cuddy put in jeopardy in “Office Politics”? If so, does it remain in jeopardy at the end of “Office Politics”? If so, is it still in jeopardy at the end of “A Pox On Our House”? Or, is there some positive (for the relationship) resolution of the detrimental event in either of the episodes?
A: Phew… a long one.;-) Yes to 3 of those questions, maybe to 1.

Q: Do House and Cuddy end the episodes on good terms, or are they still fighting?
A: They don’t fight in either episode.

Q: Are non-Huddies gonna enjoy those eps too?
A: Yes, very much so. While there are elements of Huddy, these are both two major POTW episodes that are really wonderful to watch unfold.

Q: Is Huddy still going strong after these two episodes? Anything squee-worthy going on for fans of that pairing?
There are moments where you might squee. They are still going after these two episodes.

Q: Huddy fans have to be worried after these 2 episodes?
A: Depends on how much you worried. I’m less worried and more curious to see what happens next.

Q: Please, who is in the last scene of ep?
A: Cuddy and a nurse in one, Cuddy and House in another.

Q: Please tell me if the decision that House has to make and can hurt huddy is about the job or if there is somebody else involved (i mean a potential love interest *vomits*)?
A: House is a one woman man. It’s not about that.

Q: Will we finally see a passionate kiss between House and Cuddy?
A: Didn’t you watch the season premiere? You don’t think that was passionate? Hospitals aren’t really the best places to kiss.

Q: Any Cuddy tears?
No tears… Well, kind of… but not what you think.

Q: Are Chase, Taub and Foreman the ones who end up in jail?
Almost everyone in episode 6 has the possibility of going to jail for doing something that shouldn’t. You’ll have to wait and see.

Q: I want to see some loving, emotional scenes between House and Cuddy. Any chance to get that?

Q: Any mention of 13 and whether House knows where she is and what she is doing? If so, does it tie in to the detrimental Huddy situation?
All quiet on the Thirteen front.

Q: Why do the three team members end up in jail and how do they get out?
House does many things that aren’t exactly “legal.” This time, the police serve as a useful reminder.

Q: Huddy will end the 2 eps together and still in love?
I believe they are still in love.

Q: Is House going to show any affection for Cuddy in these episodes?
Yes, but it depends on what you consider affection.

Q: Please tell me House won´t follow Wilsons relationship advice? That guy is divorced how many times?! Or maybe it´s one that doesn´t suck (for Huddy)?
Wilson has the ability to give good advice. I think people will be split on whether it was good or not.

Q: House’s “decision” prob made big impact on his relationship. Question is was it a negative or positive?

Q: How is the team gonna react to the new girl?
They react like they usually do with new members – with certain members being more vocal. Although, they warm up to her very quickly.

Q: Are Wilson and Sam arguing over if they want children or not?
No, but she does have some great moments with a child in episode 7.

Q: Does this detrimental decision get resolved or do you think this is something that will come back at a later episode to affect House and Cuddy’s relationship?
I think it will come back later.

Q: Will the Huddy fans be cursing at the TV, at House, at the writers, etc.?
Well, I’m not sure how much you like to curse, but I wouldn’t. Episodes 6 and 7 are really quite amazing.

Q: Do you see this problem between Huddy something that can be solved, or…?
If I was in their situation, I think it could be resolved.

Q: As you said about the “fallout from desicion”, is that a private life decision or a work decision?
The episode description implies that it’s work-related… and I’d believe them if I were you. ;-)

Q: Is there a chance Cuddy may lose her job because of House’s decision and is it still unresolved at the end of “a pox on our house”?
C’mon… you and I both know that Cuddy is “untouchable.”

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