Q: Someone told us Huddy has a fallout from a decision. Does this mean they have an argument?
I’d say that’s an incorrect representation of what happens. It’s far more important (read: detrimental) than that. There is no argument.

Q: More tension, more dramas than the previous eps?
A: Yes, very much so. With Huddy, the POTW, the team and Amber Tamblyn’s character. Three members of House’s team understand how jail changes people, from personal experience. Plus. House uses an live sex website to help with his diagnosis.

Q: Any sign of house taking drugs? He doesn’t seem to be limping as much these days.
A: Nope, no signs of House relapsing. Although, after his new invention of “pork apple cider,” he just might. ;-)

Q: What is going on with Wilson and Sam?
A: In “A Pox On Our House,” Wilson and Sam are forced to spend more time together than what was originally planned and Sam becomes Wilson’s new (albeit temporary) assistant.

Q: What can you tell us about Huddy?
A: In “Office Politics,” House is forced to make a decision that impacts his relationship with Cuddy. Luckily, Wilson is there to provide advice to House.

Q:I want to ask about the case and if it relates to any Huddy development in the 2 episodes. Do we get any romantic scenes? Like kissing???
A: Yes, both cases result in some Huddy development. One good, one very bad. No romantic scenes

Q:How is Martha Masters connected to Taub?
Martha is medical student and Taub wasn’t always in the current occupation that we see him in, or a plastic surgeon. He has a certain academic background.

Q: As a huddy fan…Will I be happy, sad, or confused after ep6?
A: Hmm… indifferent. It’s very complicated, but it doesn’t end happy.

Q: How does Amber Tamblyn fit in the team? I´ve been told she is pretty awesome.
A: She is very awesome. She works well with everyone and has no problem fighting with House or backing him up.

Q: Does House do something to really do something to compromise the relationship with Cuddy?
A: Yes, in both episodes… in very different ways.

Is there anything with Chase in these episodes?
A: Indeed. Chase becomes a little tougher (and smelly) after a night in lock-up

Q: Do you think Huddy will be ok after these episodes?
A: Hmm… I’m not sure. Perhaps.

Q: More House/Rachel interaction in upcoming eps?
A: Sadly, no.

Q: Since Martha Masters is only a med student, does the show have a good explanation for Cuddy’s decision to put her on House’s team besides the fact that she’s a genius?
A: As with House, Cuddy knows potential when she sees it.

Q: Any Amber/Cuddy scenes?
A: Yes, two great scenes in episode 6.

Q: Do you see the begining of the end of Huddy in this episodes?
A: Possibly, but I don’t really think so.

Q: Is Martha a doppelganger of Cameron in terms of her ethical values and challenging House?
A: In some ways, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know when an idea is good – ethical or not.

Q: Which songs (if any) are featured in those two episodes?
No songs particularly stood out. These were also rough cuts, so the songs will probably be changes (as they were for the season premiere, sadly)

Q: Any fallout from the Rachel ate a dime thing from the previous episode to the Huddy relationship?
A: No

Q: Any hint about the critical decision House has to make in “Office Politics”?
A: It’s a decision that we’ve seen House make many times before, but this time the consequences are much greater.

Q: Is the Huddy fallout from these episodes work-related or something else?
Yes and Yes.

Q: Will be House in danger (I mean physically)?
A: Yes, very much so.

Q: Is the “Huddy fallout” related to House’s decision to put his own life in jeopardy in order to cure the patient?
A: No

Q: Does Lisa have any scenes that let her shine as an actress?
A: Yes, the last scene of episode 6 and many scenes in episode 7

Q: Any Cuddy/Wilson scenes?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: What do you mean detrimental? Is this something that can break House and Cuddy up or is it detrimental to the hospital and their work relationship?
A: Both

Q: Please tell me that Martha is not as annoying as Cameron because the characters look pretty similar.
A: Martha is not annoying at all. She’s great and amazing.

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