‘House’ Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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house season 7 finale House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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After what many might call a hit-or-miss season of House, it all comes down to the season 7 finale.

When a performance artist is saved from setting herself on fire, a seemingly innocent elephant serves to make House and the rest of the team begin to believe that they may be playing a part in her next “work of art.”

Following up from last week’s graphic episode of House, the famed diagnostician finds himself playing dual roles as a proverbial patient and a doctor. When House decides to react irrationally to a situation, his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson will never be the same.

With House season 8 finally moving forward and Lisa Edelstein leaving the series after this season is over, will there be any resolution for the many Cuddy fans?


Continuing this season’s general trend of lack-luster storytelling, mixed with moments of brilliance, the House season 7 finale perfectly personifies both the positive and the (many) negative traits that viewers have come to experience as this season painfully crawled to one of the most underwhelming, incoherent finales of the year.

house season 7 finale house hospital House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

A set of beautifully shot stylistic scenes opens the finale, making one believe that, like last week’s terrific (yet extremely graphic) episode, fans would be treated to an interesting story that would seamlessly converge into a surprising conclusion and seasonal cliffhanger. Unfortunately, that was not the case – by any means.

Perpetuating the sense that this past season of House was but a mere film school project, many of its episodes – including the finale – were so thematically different in their visual execution and story development that it became hard, if not impossible, to even find some resemblance to the series we all fell in love with years ago.

Like House on his downward drug spiral, this season has most certainly felt like it was mirroring the horrific path that the series’ protagonist found himself on. With continuous convoluted storytelling that conveys the sense that the producers don’t actually know what they’re doing, the House season 7 finale was an empty, heartless and all but pointless hour-long journey of perpetual failure.

house season 7 finale police House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

With a patient of the week whose story challenges those watching to calculate their acceptable limits of boredom on television and a conclusion that is both irrelevant and inconclusive, one soon begins to realize why the studio negotiations for House season 8 were so tedious. Serving to present itself as an empty shell of the series that garnered so much praise in its early season, one has to wonder how (and why) fans continue to tune in, and for what reason.

From the horribly constructed performance artist storyline, to the “surprising” revelation that Taub can easily get anyone pregnant (which appears to be a favorite trait amongst Fox series) and the terribly conceived seasonal cliffhanger plot progression, every element – from the minute to the monumental – felt as it if was thrown together in an attempt to “shock and awe” its continually dwindling audience.

Make no mistake; the disaster that has became the House season 7 finale has nothing to do with the stable of actors the series currently employs. Like most television series riddled with terribly executed storylines, the actors must merely perform the material they are presented with. Since House contains some of television’s most over-looked (but extremely talented) actors – especially Peter Jacobson – sitting through the presented finale felt like you’re literally watching the eclectic cast “work” in the same manner everyone around the world must do – i.e. begrudgingly.

house season 7 finale house2 House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

With Lisa Edelstein making her exit at the end of this season, one might assume that the provided resolution of House driving through her living room was a catalyst. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Since the season finale completed filming during the NBC and Fox negotiations, the producers not only expected House to receive a season 8 order, but for all of the characters to return.

While there’s always a chance that next season may turn things around and see Fox’s hit series return to its glory, one must question how (or why) this season presented itself in the way it has. Even though long-running series can sometimes became stale, and expectant of its core fan base, House season 7 served to relegate the once famed show into a mockery of itself that ultimately challenges its audience to tune out.

As the past season’s ratings have shown that many fans have happily accepted that challenge – there are still many fans that will stick around until its inevitable end. Unfortunately, that end may just be around the corner.

Whether or not you consider yourself part of the group that will simply stop watching, or will return to see what actually happens, the one question that still remains is how did a series that was once filled with so much creativity and ingenuity turn into an embarrassingly executed series.


House airs Monday @8pm on Fox

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  1. Does anyone know when season 7 comes out on dvd?? My husband is in love with house!!

    • THe disks always seem to come out in late August.

  2. I have been House obsessed for about 3 years, owning and mutilating the dvds I have purchased to the point I need to repurchase them from overwatch. IMO MASH was and still is the greatest show ever and I appreciated every change they made to keep it fresh. I can appreciate the fact that the writers of House want to change it up, and I would love to see Epps or Jacobson take a shot at directing some episodes. Unless they do some super drug coma, that someone said earlier…they are in a deep whole with not many places to go. What I like about the drug coma is after so many pills he started hallucenating Amber. At the end of season 6 House thought Cuddy was a hallucenation after taking 2 pills. How has he not started Hallucenating??? Good Luck to you House writers….make it good.

  3. David Shore has gone on record saying that the Season 7 finale was REAL, not a dream/hallucination…if we can believe him. So, presumably that eliminates one possible way for the writers to get themselves out of the very deep hole they’ve dug for themselves. They’ve got a monumental job ahead of them to make us again care about the House who is now accused of attempted vehicular homicide/manslaughter within a domestic violence setting.

  4. Cuddy will have to move away and not charge House with what he did. How else will House return to PPTH?

    • Cuddy does not have to “charge” house. What he did can at least be described as depraved reckless endangerment, and the District Attorney would bring charges against House.

    • This is correct. The state will charge him with domestic violence and it doesn’t matter whether intended to physically harm her or Wilson or baby Rachel or anyone else he could have been in his path. The point is driving your car into someone’s home can lead to serious bodily injury or death.

  5. The season finale felt a bit forced. I thought the tropical island in the end felt weird, but I guess that was the metaphore for House moving on. Remember, Wilson tells in the middle of the episode, that House would probably have ran off to a bar, the darkest bar, because that would reflect who he is, but instead, he ends up on this beautiful beach, meaning he has changed.
    What do you think?

    • I agree absolutely. I think the finale was pretty darn good, personally, and the season as a whole was pretty good as well. And yes, I think the finale showed House happy for the first time in a while as he sat on the beach. As twisted and messed up as it was (which left me speechless), it was also the only thing that could free House from the sadness that has had him for so long. Just my 2 cents…

    • i have been thinking about this a lot lately. You brought up a very good point about Wilson’s idea of where house is. He said that house would be in the darkest bar because that would reflect his mood. Maybe he is still in town and his the scenery was just supposed to be symbolic of his mood, or is it real. Did he move to an island.

      keep in mind the last conversation between House and the Bartender (bt)

      (bt): want another one?
      (GH): (shakes his head) i think i’ve had enough
      (GH): what do you think i should do today?
      (bt): i dont know…. go home?
      (GH): (shakes his head) not tonight..
      (GH): cheers

      why would someone tell greg to go home if he was on vacation.. and in the second to last line greg says that it is still night..

      this leads me to think that he is imagining the vacation and is still in town..

      what do you think?

      ps if he was imagining the vacation scene.. could he have imagined the rest? i would hope not because that would be poor writing

  6. Wow, what a great review.

    “This finale was bad, this finale was bad, this finale was bad…”

    “Um, yeah but-”

    “I’m not finished yet! This finale was bad, this finale was bad, this finale was bad…”

    I actually loved it. I never watched House for the medical puzzles. Not really for the relationships either. I watched it because, similarly to the way House and his patient in this finale were looking at each other, I see him as a sort of emotional mirror to myself. Even if less extreme, I’ve always been in a similar rut and done similarly stupid things. It’s incredibly interesting to me to see speculations as to where all this might lead, and in my opinion, that part of the show is very believable and well done.

  7. So, how does a guy, with a bad leg, just walk away from 3 guys? I mean if a dude crashed into my house, he wouldn’t just walk away.

  8. First off, ending was amazing.

    Secondly, this has happened before, a la Entourage.

  9. I thouht the performance artist element was a cool but incomplete story line. Yes this season has been hit and miss.

    Obviously house drove into the dining room because he was pissed off and he was protecting his intellect from the distraction of emotion, he wanted to control the situation by eliminating the possibility of a reconciliation and it was lame she was already dating someone else anyway. The only issue I have with that is he couldnt have known they would have been clear of the dining room. House is no murderer. So that was lame too.

    The writers turned lisa into a mean person so he was better off without her. Apparently she was also better off. what an amazing actor she is. I dont understand why they portrayed her as such a witch.

    The hair brush thing was a nice touch

  10. So, House Season 7 Finalé. I definitely was not expecting him to have driven through Cuddy’s house. I actually had expected that because of all the additional pressure Cuddy and wilson had placed on House the last few episodes that House had actually knocked both of them around a bit. Now, from a Shrink’s point of view on this….. House is not only a deeply emotionally detached individual but as we have all seen is incapable of forming and properly executing healthy and secure attaching bonds with peers or co-workers. With that being said, House is House. He is unconventional and intrusive, rude and sometimes annoying and very sarcastic (but that’s why i love his character). In the finalé, we seen a side of house that hasn’t been explored before, which I would like to see more of. I think that House had an epiphany when he reacted to the artist and her decision to live not die, is what primarily sparked his innate feelings of rage, hurt, pain, sadness and disconnection to Cuddy and Rachel. They were his family and his life, whether he would admit it, he never wanted to lose them. As well, Cuddy told him “I have not been in a relationship since I was with you.” Well showing up and making any excuse to see her with out her knowing is what started this. Basic Cuddy would have hid the “New Boyfriend” from House to further supress all his feelings and lied some more. House needed to physically release his anger and aggression and truly next season, I will bet my life on it that there will be decrease in the pain in his leg and his vicodin dependency. However, even a mild over-dose of vicodin can cause hallucinations and a euphoric feeling. As well a common side effect of vicodin happens to be depression so we could be and hopefully are very bound to see a new and amazing side to House.
    I love the show and enjoy watching and plan on seeing more and crazy stunts with House and Wilson like the chickens again I nearly died laughing with them.
    Oh and Taub getting both chicks pregnant classic. This outta be interesting, so is he going to pick to be with the ex-wife or the 22 yr old girlfriend. This season coming up is bound to be interesting.

  11. I thought it was, yet again, a phenomenal season. The whole Huddy thing was bound to happen. Just feel they wanted to throw too much in a season, but you gotta keep it interesting. Some things were definitely under developed – I really thought Masters and Chase would become an item (for a short time at least – but thankfully they didn’t.

    I do think the season finale was poor. I was like WHOA! But then after reflecting on it, it may as well have been the end. Not sure if there should even be a Season 8. Too bad Cuddy is gone, she had great chemistry with House imo.

    No idea where this will pick up, but I suppose Cuddy is so traumatized by the ending that she has quit her job, which is one – not very exciting – problem solved. But how can House get away with it, unless it’s not real? Running diagnostics and solving medical mysteries from the slammer? Doubt it!

  12. I find it funny how everybody thinks the same. Why would house even want to return to the same hospital? It would be more his style to buy himself a new identity and start his own practice somewhere or work in some insane place… Cuba maybe :D Car smashing imo was like burning the bridge behind him, starting new life entirely. That would be nice way to just drop the cast members that left… And “13″ is crazy enough to follow him anywhere. I guess it would be even better if he was working illegally :) For mobsters even? I expect a shock at season 8 start anyway. I will be dissapointed otherwise :)

    • The other cast members did not leave. AFAIK Wilson, 13, Forman and Taub are still on board with renewed contracts. So it looks like PPTH is still in the picture for season 8.

  13. This review was obviously written just to be negative. There’s no way you didn’t find one moment of this season at least a tad bit interesting. Plus, the ending was about House finally letting go. They never lost creativity or they would just be diagnosing cancer and AIDS. Every episode has a new patient with their own background, and it smoothly carries out the personal lives of the team and House. It hasn’t changed at all, except for the team. The episodes are still the same. A mystery case, House gets it right. Something interesting happens in someones life. That’s how it’s been since Season 1. Get over it.

    • I agree with statement of KJ. I’ll even say that he stated the obvious :) But It had to be said. Although I think that every season digs deeper into the core “being” of House and is more and more drastic at that :) So by no way, can anyone say that nothing new happens. :P

    • Well, considering it is my job, it’s not really something to “get over.” While I’m sure you obviously did your research before throwing out accusations, it appears that you may have skipped over my review of the season 7 premiere – which was extremely positive.

  14. I found season 7 to be too IMO due to house trying to have an actual relationship with cuddy.

    I have house on the same pedestal as rambo and steven segal,he is a hero,bigger than life. Comon hero’s dont get dumped, in my opinion the whole love drama cause this season to go off-track.

    House should made a cuddy sex tape and moved on, this would have been more to his nature.

    I hope next season the antichrist comes in as patient with some illness that will kill him and threatens to cut his time on earth short before he try to end the world and house and his team have to ask themselves if the antichrist is worth saving.

    Season 7, too IMO, will stick around for Season 8


    • WTF does “too IMO” mean?

  15. I thought this review was “bad”. I thought it was a great season and the finale was perfect. I have been a faithful HOUSE fan for years and I just don’t see what was so “bad” about it.

    • The only “bad” thing about finale was that it felt a bit rushed. I mean, they could propably put the same ammount of content if it was twice as long. Other than that, it was great :) IMO. Which means… In my opinion… Spinoza79, now you know what it means so you can stop using it :P

  16. I did find the ending disappointing. Despite the central purpose of the series (the medical puzzles) hasn´t been changed, I speak for those fans who feel empathy for the main character and were still expecting a comeback of the Cuddy’s-House’s relation and then finally see him find happiness for good.
    I guess that if we follow the complete nihilist nature of House, he wouldn’t suppose that happiness could be obtained only from committed love to Cuddy over anyone else but from a comfortable only relation.
    I suppose the creator (David Shore) has been following that track despite the fans preferences (or wishes), I think for an honorable, grateful ending some of us would like to be heard.

  17. Ha maybe they’ll make a new practice off of the show.. Kinda like grey’s and private practice

  18. I found the entire Huddy thing contrived utterly.There was no chemistry, ever, between them and Shore saying that there always was blah blah is crap. It was a one night stand 20yrs ago, he said he’d call, he didnt GET OVER IT. They kept writing her in in these key moments of his life that were such bull. When she took over hsi care with the infarction-a)WTF was she doing near his case, shes not a specialist, b) given that shes not a surgoen or specialist (or in anyway a competant doc-shown throughout series that shes pretty crap, ignoring symptoms/patietns unless its some super emotional thing which if it were House doing it she’d b**** about&nearly kills her patients) House wouldnt want her there, supposed friend or not.The sort of man House is, he wouldnt be comforted by a friendly presence, hed want and DEMAND the best, not Cuddy whose barely competant.
    I find the LE/cuddyfans who are claiming that shes left because she wanted to move on with something new/different or that she’d looked at her bank balance and thoguth she had enough money painfully naive. You dont walk away from what is basically the last season fo teh series that brought you some level of (pretty much undeserved)fame and money after seven years when youve shown no interest in doing so for the last seven years.if the star is staying, you dont get to pull a diva and flounce off. Huddy tanked the show. completely and utterly tanked it. ratings started to fall in s4 (team upset and Amber bs began the downfall but it was also the time TPTB started shoving Huddy down fans throats) but since all the House angst over cuddy began, its like a lead balloon. Cuddy was bareable as a bit part in the background with a few minutes per ep. but LE is not talented enough to hold all that extra screentime she had in Huddy M.D nor is the character interesting enough. SHes the total Mary-Sue. We’re expected to believe shes the Dean, works in the clinic, does rounds, lectures, has a practice and yet has nothing but time to chase House. And given the baby plotline was in case LE got pregnant, it should have been dropped when that didnt happen. Cuddy just even more shallow with the kid.whole plot arc with Rachel is so contrived and doesnt make her ‘deeper’ just selfish.poor kid. then she turns into monster version of how to lose a guy. she forces him to say he loves her on their first ‘date’ (and how i lost respect for the House production team with those staged photos in last years summer hiatus-blatantly done to remind the rabid huddys that it was happening ‘leaked’ the photos out and then oh look, they didnt jive with the ep. totally a publicity ploy and pathetic)whined if he so much as looked at someone else, threw a hissy fit over his masseuse and used sex as a weapon at work. Real mature, real professional. I wish she’d died in the finale.
    And yeah, as previous comments attest-at this point it wouldnt matter if Cudy didnt want to press charges. with attemptet vehicular manslaughter/murder or even vehicular assault, it doesnt matter if the subject doesnt want to press charges or not, its out of their hands.for the trouble it would cause him, House should have just wiped the place out

    • Casey, you need to break that up and have some half way coherent spelling for me to even want to read that.

  19. The dismal ending to HOUSE shows the typical misogyny of American male tv writers, who simply cannot cope with the idea that a modern woman can have a happy ending. I won’t be bothered to watch, following the cack-handed dismissal of Lisa Edelstein. What a load of Krap. The old Hollywood moguls were known as megalomaniacs – they had nothing on these self-aborbed arrogant prats.

  20. Dear Estel,
    did it really take you 7 seasons to figure that out? How many characters in House are truly happy? Cameron wasn’t particularly happy, is she? Although I suppose she got written out fairly normally… Kutner? And how happy is Thirteen? Or Taub? Or Wilson? Or Foreman? Or pretty much anybody ever in the series of House? And then you’re throwing this temper-tantrum over Cuddy? wow.

    In the words of House, and I do mean it with a pinch of salt.. You IDIOT! :D

  21. I love House and I liked the finale, but I really think that this episode should have been the final episode of HOUSE. In spite of it, I am looking forward to season 8.

  22. If you have analyzed House, they have been moving away from the PPTH, magical doctor show to learn more personally who all the characters are. Season 7 took that side, the outside of PPTH to a whole new level. House is no longer about the cases and PPTH and is now about the characters themselves. I believe this season was the scariest and most beautiful to a fan like me. I think that season 8 will continue that role of the personal life. Because of what happened house cant return to PPTH so thats my belief

  23. Actually after reading the above review, I’m wondering if the reviewer actually watched this season, because the commentary says no…

    The reality is that die hards who cannot stand change won’t like this past season, and while not all changes are for the better or even good, this one was needed. Once a long running show reaches a certain point, if it is to continue characters have to grow and change, just like the rest of us. It’s an aging process that keeps a show moving forward.
    This past season was an attempt to get to know the characters personally on a more developing level; now while it may have been done better, it wasn’t done poorly.

    The show needed a new breath, and I hold a belief that once laid out, season 8 will pick up where these pieces shattered and the show will be moving on to a new place, which will continue it’s success.

  24. I enjoyed the 7th season finale of House (the whole season for that matter). House actually enjoying himself at a beach. I think he has realized he can enjoy life being alone. I find the 8th season to be the last and ending in him retiring or opening a private practice.

    I don’t know what to expect the plot for the 8th season to be, though.

    • Does anyone know what beach this is? We really want to go there!
      Thank you!

      • It wasn’t a real beach. It was badly CGI’d, actually. I think they were aiming for the Fiji islands.

  25. I was so confused by the season finale. When it was in it’s last few minutes when House was on the beach, I kept thinking, “They can’t just end it this way. I feel empty inside.” Then they did, and I felt like crap. Every other season besides this one they left it nice and wrapped up with a cliffhanger to make you want to tune in again. I just couldn’t feel the exitement I get every season finale. i’m not even sure what I’m feeling. I just hope they don’t mess up the last season. I’ll be heart-broken if my favorite show has another sucky season finale like that.

  26. You know, I just finished watching, and I gotta say I was fairly disappointed by this season. Another commenter mentioned getting to know the cast better; I think that was best shown in season 6 when Foreman takes over the department. This season…I dunno. Lackluster describes it well, for me at least. Regardless, I am a huge fan, and I’m gonna keep watching to the bloody end.

    I do have to agree with the review about the thematic and visual elements being…off. I just burned through the past few episodes, but what really struck me as odd was the coloring during the episode where 13 and Chase are treating the girl; where House self-operates. It looked like….well, almost a blurring on the edges and especially the corners. It was an element shown nowhere else in the season. However, I still loved the acting and actors and can’t wait for Season 8.

  27. With all due respect; I find the initial revue to be rather hateful and ultimately, misguided. I’ve got all seasons on DVD, except for 7, and am looking forward to it’s arrival! This season was quite entertaining, clever, and interesting. While I’m nobody…I’m absolutely a fan, and do not see the reason for such a bitter, nasty review! House is a terrific show, and I’m very much looking forward to another season…Will be buying that one, too!

  28. I’m sorry to say this but. when someone just says people are doing something bad like poor acting performance, I just kinda get annoyed. What do you expect from this recession? Money is tight, budgets are low, and more so actors CAN have alot of stress. why dont you try to act a whole season of a famous TV show? You wont be so happy by the end of the day will you?

    To me, season 7 was actually good. House is finally becoming more… happier, but most likely he’ll get sad again. it’s a wonderful show. I would hate it if the show ended but, them’s the breaks.

  29. i live in Spain and downloaded all seasons and watched a House marathon for several weeks.
    Firstly Hugh Laurie is just brilliant and having heard his deep British accent on talk shows, his American accent is especially amazing.
    I agree season 7 was lacking in tension which is an important ingredient in telling a story.
    I have no idea why Cameron was dropped as there was much there for development and also the relationship with Chase had much already invested and wham! she was just gone. This seemed to happen with several characters, especially the suicide episode out of the blue and never resolved really and I guess they were making the point no one really can predict another person’s agony but no one had ANY CLUES and that seemed unrealistic.
    Now, to get to Cuddy. I was really looking forward to their love affair and what a disappointment to have her drop him in the way she did. She knew it would be a sometimes rough road but House really was trying and was tender and dropped a lot of his meanness. Instead of giving the viewers a hot love affair and off hospital romance, the sets were closed in and limited, the tension was removed when great writing could have made for some interesting stories involving House and the child, Rachel. Instead they made him almost hate the child. How sad and again great writing could have given some depth and increased compassion for House. I kept recalling when Cuddy first discovered she bonded with the child and felt that might have come for House–they really blew some great opportunities.
    It seemed as if the writers were murdering him right before our eyes.
    I love Wilson and the actor is charming and does a lot of scene stealing. But in this season Wilson was blah and only chased a chicken when he has a comedic genius that just moldered on the vine. The double date thing was interesting and that was about it. His mean ass girlfriend could have gone a few rounds with Cuddy but again, another missed opportunity.
    I cannot imagine what happened to his creator for the final scene–I kept expecting House to do SOMETHING CRAZY and EMPASSIONED and loved the jump into the pool. That felt right. Nothing else felt right, the stupid green card marriage had no development and was shallow. How about if when asked does anyone have anything to say to object to the union, Cuddy could have spoken up and the entire thing could have been rescued. I can only see it as a character assassination and of all the ways House COULD HAVE GONE CRAZY, this smash into where a child was and others he cared about was reckless and inhumane and no one was happy about it.
    I am a writer and they just blew so many great opportunities.
    Foreman has become a trite hard ass, Chase all but disappeared, Thirteen did disappear and there was a lot of play for the balding unlikable fat middle aged guy who is not even someone I would want to know, knocking up women is shallow and a waste of my focus.
    After seeing the finale I am glad LE has gone and wonder what the REAL BACKSTORY is on that one. They should not have cut her salary. They could have gotten rid of one actor and right off fat, screwing young girls, and balding could go!!! and given her a raise! SHEEESHHH!!!!!
    The season when House was in rehab was very exceptional, especially the scenes with the psychiatrist–why ever did they CUT HIS CHARACTER OUT??? HE WAS GREAT!!!!
    Anyway, I love Wilson and cannot understand why he is running around with losers when he is SO COOL—Wilson and House should have gone on trips together, so much wasted opportunities to show off BOTH THEIR COMEDIC GENIUSES!
    We like House among other things because he is FUNNY. He has been turned into an unlikeable monster with this one event.
    I read he will be in jail in the opener and that ought to be interesting–the writers could have done the same thing without threatening the lives of a child and Cuddy and her sister, etc.
    We ARE ALL PISSED OFF and DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED. Some love affair….do you writers understand what a love affair they COULD HAVE HAD????? BEFORE YOU DID WHATEVER….You BLEW IT BIG TIME…..all that build up and SLAM BANG THANK YA MAAM…Bah humbug….