‘House’ Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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house season 7 finale House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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After what many might call a hit-or-miss season of House, it all comes down to the season 7 finale.

When a performance artist is saved from setting herself on fire, a seemingly innocent elephant serves to make House and the rest of the team begin to believe that they may be playing a part in her next “work of art.”

Following up from last week’s graphic episode of House, the famed diagnostician finds himself playing dual roles as a proverbial patient and a doctor. When House decides to react irrationally to a situation, his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson will never be the same.

With House season 8 finally moving forward and Lisa Edelstein leaving the series after this season is over, will there be any resolution for the many Cuddy fans?


Continuing this season’s general trend of lack-luster storytelling, mixed with moments of brilliance, the House season 7 finale perfectly personifies both the positive and the (many) negative traits that viewers have come to experience as this season painfully crawled to one of the most underwhelming, incoherent finales of the year.

house season 7 finale house hospital House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

A set of beautifully shot stylistic scenes opens the finale, making one believe that, like last week’s terrific (yet extremely graphic) episode, fans would be treated to an interesting story that would seamlessly converge into a surprising conclusion and seasonal cliffhanger. Unfortunately, that was not the case – by any means.

Perpetuating the sense that this past season of House was but a mere film school project, many of its episodes – including the finale – were so thematically different in their visual execution and story development that it became hard, if not impossible, to even find some resemblance to the series we all fell in love with years ago.

Like House on his downward drug spiral, this season has most certainly felt like it was mirroring the horrific path that the series’ protagonist found himself on. With continuous convoluted storytelling that conveys the sense that the producers don’t actually know what they’re doing, the House season 7 finale was an empty, heartless and all but pointless hour-long journey of perpetual failure.

house season 7 finale police House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

With a patient of the week whose story challenges those watching to calculate their acceptable limits of boredom on television and a conclusion that is both irrelevant and inconclusive, one soon begins to realize why the studio negotiations for House season 8 were so tedious. Serving to present itself as an empty shell of the series that garnered so much praise in its early season, one has to wonder how (and why) fans continue to tune in, and for what reason.

From the horribly constructed performance artist storyline, to the “surprising” revelation that Taub can easily get anyone pregnant (which appears to be a favorite trait amongst Fox series) and the terribly conceived seasonal cliffhanger plot progression, every element – from the minute to the monumental – felt as it if was thrown together in an attempt to “shock and awe” its continually dwindling audience.

Make no mistake; the disaster that has became the House season 7 finale has nothing to do with the stable of actors the series currently employs. Like most television series riddled with terribly executed storylines, the actors must merely perform the material they are presented with. Since House contains some of television’s most over-looked (but extremely talented) actors – especially Peter Jacobson – sitting through the presented finale felt like you’re literally watching the eclectic cast “work” in the same manner everyone around the world must do – i.e. begrudgingly.

house season 7 finale house2 House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

With Lisa Edelstein making her exit at the end of this season, one might assume that the provided resolution of House driving through her living room was a catalyst. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Since the season finale completed filming during the NBC and Fox negotiations, the producers not only expected House to receive a season 8 order, but for all of the characters to return.

While there’s always a chance that next season may turn things around and see Fox’s hit series return to its glory, one must question how (or why) this season presented itself in the way it has. Even though long-running series can sometimes became stale, and expectant of its core fan base, House season 7 served to relegate the once famed show into a mockery of itself that ultimately challenges its audience to tune out.

As the past season’s ratings have shown that many fans have happily accepted that challenge – there are still many fans that will stick around until its inevitable end. Unfortunately, that end may just be around the corner.

Whether or not you consider yourself part of the group that will simply stop watching, or will return to see what actually happens, the one question that still remains is how did a series that was once filled with so much creativity and ingenuity turn into an embarrassingly executed series.


House airs Monday @8pm on Fox

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  1. I really enjoyed the finale, and I’ve really enjoyed this season. I’ve found it refreshing that the writers have been willing to take big risks with the show, and it’s paid off. For several seasons, every single show has had the exact same formula: Patient comes in, has some weird disease, they try three or four different things, one of which seems to be the cure, one of which comes close to killing the patient and then House has a revelation related to the subplot that leads him to figure out the cure. Every. Single. Episode. Do you really want House to do that every time ad infinitum?

    Some people gave the show crap last season when House seemed to go in and out of rehab relatively quickly, but I think this season has really dared to plumb the depths of his psyche and his personal problems, and I really hope that the whole thing wasn’t a hallucination, because that would be the cheap and easy way out. Hell, if Cuddy’s out, why not have House become some Caribbean doctor? With the relationship with Cuddy, they set House up to snap at some point and he did, and I don’t think they should take that away or undermine it by saying that he was hallucinating being on a tropical island, because then they’d have to say that he hallucinated driving through Cuddy’s dining room, because he’s definitely not getting away with that one.

  2. No Cuddy and thus none of this awful Huddy stuff is enough reason for me to tune in into season 8, so bring it on ;-)

    • Well said. Kinda wish cuddy was dead but with Lisa e finally leaving- god she’s an awful actress with tacky character- it won’t save house but her levying is answer to my ptayers for 3 seasons

  3. Not impressed. Sloppy writing all season. Missed opportunites is relationship, overdone possibilities in break-up, more focus on end than process to get there. Finale was weak. Too bad. House is an interesting character, but they play with exploring him instead of doing it. Now, they’ve left way too many things unexplored to for S8 so it will ceetainly lack cohesion as well. Very sad for the once great show.

  4. Not impressed. Sloppy writing all season. Missed opportunites in relationship, overdone possibilities in break-up, more focus on end than process to get there. Finale was weak. Too bad. House is an interesting character, but they play with exploring him instead of doing it. Now, they’ve left way too many things unexplored to for S8 so it will ceetainly lack cohesion as well. Very sad for the once great show.

  5. Its like the series Lost.
    They don’t know how it ends and build up and up to no ending.
    Once they needed to write a ending it did’nt come together so they wrote something to finish it off and leave it open or closed because they didnt know whens it ends.

    (sorry im dutch)

  6. New blog entry: How The House Season 7 Finale Endorses Domestic Violence http://tinyurl.com/3ebnkzt

  7. Congratulations on your Review, it is exactly how i felt! This was the worst House Season Finale and one of the worst Finale i ever saw!

  8. In my opinion, most of House’s finales have been rather lackluster (the one exception being the season four finale–I did like that one a lot).

    Honestly, I think House should have just ran over Cuddy. Now THAT would have made for a memorable finale. Plus, I really doubt he could work his way out of that mess as easily as he has all of his other problems… though with this show, you can never tell. But I kinda would have enjoyed seeing him try to pull that off.

    I’m just relieved that Lisa Edelstein will not be returning next season. With her gone, there will be no chance of revisiting that awful “Huddy” mess, and maybe I can go back to tuning in every week like I used to. Looking forward to it.

    • You know, even with LE in season 8 I’m sure the stupid huddy mess wouldn’t be revisited, it’s clear that tptb finlly realized what a mistake they did by turning House into the huddy/Cuddy show.
      I’m looking to a free-huddy/cuddy season 8 too.

  9. I just finished watching this finale. This was a lackluster season, very uneven, but I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t believe House is in some vicodin induced illusion, I think he actually went to an island. Before he decided to crash his car into Cuddy’s house, he thought for a few seconds. What was he thinking? Could it have been some ploy to get Cuddy back into the relationship they had before they started dating? Was he just angry and wanted to release? I don’t know but I’m looking forward to season 8.

  10. “the one question that still remains is how did a series that was once filled with so much creativity and ingenuity turn into an embarrassingly executed series.”

    Easy, the asinine huddy farce happened!

  11. I fully agree with your review. I am going to be honest in saying that I have been a tremendous fan since day 1. I own all of the DVD’s, a House nightshirt, the book and so on. “Bombshells” was the the episode where I was no longer on the same page for a sure fact. It seemed forced as if it had to follow a formula created by an unseen hand. By the finale the deal was sealed for me. I prefer to think of House in the past tense now. What it once was. In taking away any hope for the character they lost me as an audience.

  12. Having the last scenes of this episode as a hallucination are not enough.

    Is there any chance House could step out of the shower at the start of season 8 and we discover that the last 4 seasons have been a vicodin-induced hallucination and we’re back in season 3 with the original team and the competent version of Cuddy? Taub could join them and Olivia Wilde could go back to her film career without the plot contrivances for Thirteen’s many disappearances.

    Back before self-indulgence by the producers and writers ruined the show.

    • In the season finale, House mirrored his patient She had a brain tumor that turned out not to be a brain tumor. In the second last episode, House only did an MRI of his leg, not his head. He is cranky and self-destructive, but not murderous. I think the rat poison gave him a brain tumor. He was drinking, but thought he was at the beach because he let his anger our, as Cuddy and Wilson kept prodding him to do. I am a Huddy fun, and am disappointed that they don’t end up together. It seems that, at the end of Season 8, House will finally destroy himself and die. He needs Cuddy in his life.

      • I would really like to see the couple of episodes of Season 8 to end like this. Rachel faces a health issue due to the circumstances in which she was born. Cuddy brings Rachel to House to solve the medical mystery. She witnesses how much he adores Rachel and they live happily ever after. House deserves happiness in the end of the series.

  13. Wow, what an awful review. I’m not saying I loved the episode, but I felt like the first 5 or 6 paragraphs of the review just said the same thing over and over again. You didn’t like this season, I get it!

  14. Oh, House! I love this show, no matter all the weird and chaotic curve balls they throw at us. Been a fan since day 1, will be a fan until I die. Yes, the finale was dissapointing in the “shocking” way like we are all used to, but it was amazing in the fact that House is happy, that he actually feels again. This season was more about House growing (up) than being a doctor.

    As for Cuddy, bye and best wishes. It’s not her show so I’m ok with seeing her go. I hope Wilson and Chase don’t leave.

    Can’t wait until Season 8. Only 4 months wait?

    • I love House because Hugh Laurie is a fantastic actor. I hope they offer Edelstein enough money so she will appear in Season 8. I love the baby and her interactions with House. That was very enjoyable.

      • do we know it is about money? absolutely and positively sure? i remember an interview with edelstein where she stated fox contacted her after she did the move on spot. it would not be the first time where an actor is asked to sign a contract where it states the he/she will refrain form doing political/ feminist/ adds.
        iiifc gillian anderson’s contract included a clause that she would not get pregnant again!!

    • I don´t really see him happy. Previously he told Wilson that he didn´t feel anything and that that was great. I would say that´s a sign of depression, not of happiness.

  15. Oh come on. Season 7 has been very sitcom-ish. Finally, we’re talking about House doing something different, which isn’t just going down the addiction hole. I thought they did a beautiful job of earning themselves a fresh start with the last-but-one episode and the finale. Looking forward to more House!

  16. From the beginning, I considered myself a big House fan.

    However, the last few seasons have seen my interest wain and nearly fade altogether.

    From “intriguing medical drama” to “drama with medical contrivances as secondary elements”, there’s been a slow evolution away from the original format of the show, toward something that is bordering on soap-opera.

    I have actually found myself, more often than not, fast-forwarding through the “drama” parts.

    I was almost expecting House to be on the chopping block this year. I guess soap opera sells. So instead of “House”, what we now have is basically “Greg’s Anatomy”.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Mike. I enjoyed the show immensely when it was about solving the unique diagnostic puzzles. The inter-personal relationships / backstories were ancillary. The last few seasons have been less about the medicine, more about the personal. That’s not bad for one or two episodes, but I wasn’t crazy about it over the long term.

      I didn’t get the finale, thought it was kinda pointless. I’m hoping that they get back to solving the medical mysteries now that Cuddy is out of the picture.

      • Well, my personal theory is that at some point they run out of ideas as to the medical mysteries, and that´s the reason they resorted to drama. I would love the compelling cases and patients to come back, but at this point, I really doubt the writers and showrunners have what it takes to make it happen.

    • Ugh I hate Gray’s Anatomy

    • You cant fast forward through house and appreciate it or effectively comment on it. Yes this season has been hit and miss. But your comment is a miss too.

  17. This season has been different and a little eclectic but i believe this had to happen to evolve the characters. we’ve already had the problems of the drug spiral attacked and solved twice in the last 6 series so they could hardly study that again. also there is only so far that the formulaic method of the first few series could get them as it was almost scooby-doo ish.
    they would get the answer wrong a few times and you’d know they were wrong until the fourth theory with 5 minutes of the show left came with some revelation from house that came from the drama bits of the story. i welcomed the changes of the last two and a bit series and have found the show if anything even more enjoyable.

    im sorry to see lisa edelstein go but i think it could be a chance for the series to move forward properly into a new focus as house seems to have temporarily achieved some peace. maybe a new boss and some new drama themes. would love a 9th season to be commissioned as well!

    • wow! I was just gonna say something like that.

  18. The episode before the finale was a better finale than this :p
    It was disappointing, but so was most series/seasons finales this Tv-season.

    If this episode was all we got, then I would be pretty pissed. Though I’m partly satisfied because of the two episodes preceding it. The bathtub scene was finale-worthy, and the ending to that episode was touching and sweet.

    Hoping they can give House the ending it deserves in the final season, hopefully with a larger story arc instead of a whole season with “patient of the week” stories.

  19. House should have been given a mercy killing at least two seasons ago. The writers long ago ran out of interesting and believable stories. All we are left with are increasingly absurd stories desperately trying to up the ante on how wild and crazy House will behave.

    The car crash was the nadir for this series and completely unbelievable. House, from when he redirected the car at vehicle at Cuddy’s home, must have believed the four individuals were still in the dining room. Therefore are the producers wanting to accept House as would be homicidal mass murder? That’s simply far too much a stretch for this burned out wreck of a series.

    House clearly needs to be ended now before it embarrasses itself any further.

    • Just your own scenario of the event is absurd.

      I continue to marvel at the fact that you and a few others here, insist upon misinterpreting the final scene with the car. House did NOT intend to kill anyone here. If you have a TIVO or DVR please watch the scene again. The people were in a dining room on the RIGHT side of Cuddy’s house. House aimed his car at the LEFT side of the house, which he figured (correctly so thank God) was empty. After he drove into the house, Cuddy et al entered that LEFT room form the RIGHT room.

      Stupid move? Of course it was. This is criminal act for which House will have to answer. Probably extreme reckless endangerment or the like. He may have to take some anger management classes after serving some time, I would figure. Attempted murder? NO.

      • I don’t think so Hank. There was a good delay while House drove up the street, turned around and came back. People could have been anywhere. Little girl could be in the dining room.

  20. crap, pile of:re-arrange.

    the sub-plot was interesting but the cuddy affair arc leading to wilson and cuddy in/near ambulances, some arts freak being compared to house and greg himself landing on a beach (which by the way was the most poorly CGI’d scene I’ve ever scene on HMD) … maybe the bath scene led me to believe we were in for a better finale. apparently not.

  21. Season seven has been different, but in a good way . The finale was …i don’t know.. i actually liked it, and I almost started crying when House said he felt hurt. But at the end of the episode I was like what the h*ll just happend :/ Maybe House got a little too far but he obviously seemed to feel something and that’s great. I’m looking forward to see what happens in season eight..

  22. The last scene must have been a hallucination, because it happens in the afternoon, while chronologically we know that it was dark (we see Cuddy talking to a policeman in the dark in the beginning of the episode).

    • he was in Hawaii or some tropical island, nearly a whole 14 hours ahead of everyone else.

  23. franny, yeah but it would take a while for police etc to turn up, you would have to assume he did it after work (6pm) so by the time everyone has arrived and checked out then interviewed as we saw would be going on 8/9pm.

    I dont see that the last scene was an imagination, wilson said that house would be at a bar where it felt like him inside. so he felt free, fresh, stress free (like a holiday so he can go back to the way he is again)

    I dont think there were any hints there that it was a dream, imagination or drug related. only thing that would be is location wise, is there beaches where he lives as im from uk so bit lost on that point

    • I think it means that nobody really knew house. they thought they did, but in reality, they didn’t.

    • :) In that case House has moved from self-destructive to destcuctive. I guess it is hard for most of us, viewers, to accept this kind of change…
      I still find it strange that they all were in the room having dinner, and then a minute later when a car ran through the wall the room was empty.

  24. personally I’m super pissed off that I watched all this House just for it to end in him Slamming his car in through Lisa’s Dining room window… what a load of crock. As if that could ever be the solution to his pain.. and hey, you kept me on the edge of my seat the whole series, but I just ain’t buying it.

    what a lousy ending to a brilliant show. if there is a season 8, if FOX and NBC can reach an agreement ever, please make that last episode a bad dream. because it sure has the lamest elements of one.

    • Monte…….House WILL return. It will be season 8.

      • If House returns and no one watches does it then does it exist?

  25. Who doesn’t want to kill cuddy? She’s incompetent a bad mother an awful doctor a whining complaining harpy of a girlfriend. Getting rid of cuddy won’t save the show but I thank god for it. Lisa e can’t act to save her life and just drags the show down with her two whole facial expressions. The clothes cuddy wears was lisa idea and she turned her character into a slut with her outfits. Please. House has been downhill since season four but from the opener to finale season seven was offensively bad. Purple prose lovey dovey crap in the opener- kissing his scar, really??? Ugh it was a harlequin romance. If only house had ended couple seasons ago, could have gone out on top instead of imploding into utter crap

    • I have to agree with you. I didn’t watch S7 because of the Cuddy and Huddy crapfest. And yes, LE is the one that pushed the writers for a Huddy backstory back around S2. I got the feeling the network didn’t want LE back. The ratings have plummeted since they intensified the Cuddy and Huddy. The S7 rathings have been a disaster. Advertisers are not gonna pay for people not to see their ads. I think Fox made LE an offer, she would refuse. I will be back for S8 so I can see my fav character, Wilson.

  26. why did u even compare house as grey’s anatomy , sure there alot love scene, but their love chemistry is completely weird but awesome , enjoy the drama for crying out loud. you’re lucky it the only “intriguing medical drama” that are interesting to watch. STOP HATING. HATER

  27. Am I the only one who actually appreciated this season to the extent of actually loving it? We had some major progress in the story and I do understand House’s frustration when he went up to Cuddy’s door, I don’t agree with his choice of follow-up though.

    I have no idea how they’re going to turn this into an eighth season but as long as they do it without blaming it on an illusion of some sort it should be ok.

    I’ll give the author that he keeps throwing surprises at us. Could be that it also feels completely unnatural with some of the events that take place, the trick with a series like this is to make the unnatural seem natural… not sure that’s what happened in the final episode. Still looking forward to the next season though, let’s see what the writer has up his sleeve.

  28. In my opinion this was probably the worst season finale of all the shows I watch. House can be extreme in his methods and actions but I find it hard to believe that the character would just slam his car into the house potentially killing and maiming four (possibly five) people. The scene might make more sense if it is some kind of hallucination or fever dream but even then that seems like a cheap cop-out for a season finale.

    • Have you ever heard of a psychotic break?

  29. he went walking so…
    or cuddy was unsure, and so is wilson and her sister and the two guys that for this theory fits, they left too.
    or everything was a hallucination