‘House’ Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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house season 7 finale House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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After what many might call a hit-or-miss season of House, it all comes down to the season 7 finale.

When a performance artist is saved from setting herself on fire, a seemingly innocent elephant serves to make House and the rest of the team begin to believe that they may be playing a part in her next “work of art.”

Following up from last week’s graphic episode of House, the famed diagnostician finds himself playing dual roles as a proverbial patient and a doctor. When House decides to react irrationally to a situation, his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson will never be the same.

With House season 8 finally moving forward and Lisa Edelstein leaving the series after this season is over, will there be any resolution for the many Cuddy fans?


Continuing this season’s general trend of lack-luster storytelling, mixed with moments of brilliance, the House season 7 finale perfectly personifies both the positive and the (many) negative traits that viewers have come to experience as this season painfully crawled to one of the most underwhelming, incoherent finales of the year.

house season 7 finale house hospital House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

A set of beautifully shot stylistic scenes opens the finale, making one believe that, like last week’s terrific (yet extremely graphic) episode, fans would be treated to an interesting story that would seamlessly converge into a surprising conclusion and seasonal cliffhanger. Unfortunately, that was not the case – by any means.

Perpetuating the sense that this past season of House was but a mere film school project, many of its episodes – including the finale – were so thematically different in their visual execution and story development that it became hard, if not impossible, to even find some resemblance to the series we all fell in love with years ago.

Like House on his downward drug spiral, this season has most certainly felt like it was mirroring the horrific path that the series’ protagonist found himself on. With continuous convoluted storytelling that conveys the sense that the producers don’t actually know what they’re doing, the House season 7 finale was an empty, heartless and all but pointless hour-long journey of perpetual failure.

house season 7 finale police House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

With a patient of the week whose story challenges those watching to calculate their acceptable limits of boredom on television and a conclusion that is both irrelevant and inconclusive, one soon begins to realize why the studio negotiations for House season 8 were so tedious. Serving to present itself as an empty shell of the series that garnered so much praise in its early season, one has to wonder how (and why) fans continue to tune in, and for what reason.

From the horribly constructed performance artist storyline, to the “surprising” revelation that Taub can easily get anyone pregnant (which appears to be a favorite trait amongst Fox series) and the terribly conceived seasonal cliffhanger plot progression, every element – from the minute to the monumental – felt as it if was thrown together in an attempt to “shock and awe” its continually dwindling audience.

Make no mistake; the disaster that has became the House season 7 finale has nothing to do with the stable of actors the series currently employs. Like most television series riddled with terribly executed storylines, the actors must merely perform the material they are presented with. Since House contains some of television’s most over-looked (but extremely talented) actors – especially Peter Jacobson – sitting through the presented finale felt like you’re literally watching the eclectic cast “work” in the same manner everyone around the world must do – i.e. begrudgingly.

house season 7 finale house2 House Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

With Lisa Edelstein making her exit at the end of this season, one might assume that the provided resolution of House driving through her living room was a catalyst. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Since the season finale completed filming during the NBC and Fox negotiations, the producers not only expected House to receive a season 8 order, but for all of the characters to return.

While there’s always a chance that next season may turn things around and see Fox’s hit series return to its glory, one must question how (or why) this season presented itself in the way it has. Even though long-running series can sometimes became stale, and expectant of its core fan base, House season 7 served to relegate the once famed show into a mockery of itself that ultimately challenges its audience to tune out.

As the past season’s ratings have shown that many fans have happily accepted that challenge – there are still many fans that will stick around until its inevitable end. Unfortunately, that end may just be around the corner.

Whether or not you consider yourself part of the group that will simply stop watching, or will return to see what actually happens, the one question that still remains is how did a series that was once filled with so much creativity and ingenuity turn into an embarrassingly executed series.


House airs Monday @8pm on Fox

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  1. i don’t get the finale! it made no sense? did house move to a tropical place?

    • We don’t know if he “moved.” All we know is that he was pissed with life, and tries to escape, by moving to a tropical island.

  2. wtf. is house gone for good? talk about going down in flames

  3. spoiler@@ House let his anger go but by law doing so would put him in prison so now he is in a tropical place.

  4. Mmmh, not exactly sure if I liked the finale but can’t wait for season 8. Still a bit mad… at House!

  5. Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end?

  6. worst piece of crap ever

  7. That was nuts! He could have killed them all! I was shocked and laughing at the same time..WOW

  8. That was awesome.

    The relief that last action had on House was palpable – like removing the weight off the top of a pressure cooker to let all the steam rush out.

  9. Amazing is now spelled H-O-U-S-E.

  10. I can’t believe Cuddy won’t be back for what may be the final season, how could you not want to finish up the series that you have been with for 7 years? That stinks

    • I agree.

    • Well, Cameron was there for 6 years and yet she was fired. Why should I be sorry, when Lisa Edelstein even decided herself to leave (and I don’t give a damn about Cuddy anymore).

  11. It had so much potential. The POTW was pretty good (and I think we all know it was suppose to reflect House). The scene with House and Cuddy in the hallway where he tells her he’s hurt was great. Based on his interaction with the POTW I get the impression he was heading back to Cuddy’s to make real amends. THAT’S a conversation I’d want to see. Not some lame ass dinner party. It’s just too out of character for everyone. Which, in the end, I hated. Not pleased with this finale. They are always so good, and this one was majority disappointing. What a horrible way for Lisa to go out. I’m actually quite angry right now.

  12. LOL @ people getting all crazy on Twitter, etc. over this episode.
    I guess people really DO revel in other people’s suffering…

    Not me: I was overjoyed to see that House actually got some relief from that action. Remember in the beginning, when Wilson was telling the cops where to look?

    “Someplace that matches how he is feeling right now”.

    Then in the end, we see a sunny bright beautiful beach. That’s relief baby!

    • That´s a very interesting observation. Didn´t notice at the time. Thanks!

  13. So where is the show going to take place now? Surely Princeton Plainsboro is out of the question because Cuddy owns it.

    Honestly they should have killed Cuddy….it gives House another reason to be miserable as well as his leg pain. I’m very disappointed with the finale. So now House is all happy and goes limping off into the sunset?!?!?…please…

  14. If House were to get arrested by police he’d probably be charged with attempted murder. Also the tropical island he flew off to is probably not Hawaii because I’m sure House would have been smart enough to fly to a place that didn’t sign an extradition treaty with the US. Thus if House wants to go back to Jersey it will be on his own terms. I’m guessing the last season is about House resolving all his issues, so must of it will be spent on the island and the end of the show will be due to House turning himself in to the authorities and facing the consequences of his actions. I don’t see Cuddy ever forgiving him in any way even if he tried. Wilsom might tacitly forgive House in some way since Wilson’s character is a lame pushover. That’s the only logical trajectory, any other story arc just wouldn’t make sense.

    I’m really disappointed though, it would have been so nice to see House become a whole and normal human being who could enjoy a life with Cuddy instead of being alone all the time.

    • You didn’t seriously think Huddy could end well. Please. This is House we’re talking about.

  15. You people have also got to realize that House isn’t “happy” (to his words). So, the fact that he let his anger out on Cuddy, and that he’s actually HAPPY about it, says something.

    Great finale, not the best for House, but it sure was great!

  16. Why would you guys bother posting this on facebook if you hadn’t posted the review yet?

    • geco11,

      To give folks a place to discuss it even if our review isn’t ready yet. We already have two dozen comments here and 30 over on Facebook.


  17. Did anybody else feel like the tropical island part wasn’t…real? I mean he was in jeans and a blazer around girls in bikinis, it just didn’t fit. also how did he get to wherever he ran off too and get on a plane that fast?

  18. It wasn’t the best finale but it was ok. As others here have said the ending was both shocking and humourous in a way. Although I like Cuddy I’m glad House did what he did. In my personal opinion she deserved what she got. I don’t really know where the series will turn from here but as always with a House season finale it left me excited for the next and probably the last season.

    • Huh? Why do you think she deserved it? o_O

      • Cuddy honestly was entirely too hard on him. She knew he was eccentric and had some personal issues going into the relationship. Breaking up with House, just as he had saved her life, simply because he was stressed that the woman he loved might die and had a lapse in judgement? House had every reason to be pissed, and from his point of view it looked as if Cuddy had just lied to him about not dating anyone else. Remember- House did probably genuinely love her, and was perhaps even willing to give up some of his obsessions (or whatever you would call them) in order to be with her. Cuddy just refused to be satisfied and wanted to actually *completely* change him, rather than accept his eccentric genius and try to make him happy too.

        That’s not to say you should drive through a woman’s house when she infuriates you but…you have to see it from his (somewhat insane)view.

  19. What I don’t get, and I know that they will explain it, but don’t know how, is that they were getting bandaged up from being hurt, but no one was hit. They all were coming out to see what had hit the house and if it was Wilson having his arm wrapped in the beginning, that didn’t make sense either. He was standing outside watching. Why all the police, fire, ambulances… no reason. One police car would have been enough to take a report. Getting drunk at the end would have nullified any arrest for murder or attempted murder. He would be now arrested for drunk driving, since the police will find him drunk. Or… he’s in his house, in a drug induced coma, dreaming of being at the beach, etc… unless… this is much later after the arrest, and sentenced for drunk driving and the next season will begin with new people, new hospital, new doctors. Like beginning again like the way House MD use to be in the first couple of seasons. I think that I would vote for that. There could possibly be more seasons ahead if they wiped it clean and began again with an energetic House, who is now over Cuddy, makes a clean break and begins again at a new place… I hope!

  20. I understand they were going for House finally expressing the anger he’s been containing, and I understand the idea that after letting out that rage there would be some relief. I also understand that the House team likes to leave things open ended, so it looks like House is relieved from his anger and maybe ready to move on, but can he really since he just crashed his life? The ideas are good. But they did what they’ve been doing for two seasons. Looking at the end game, but not writing a strong enough build-up. The weakness of the Huddy arc creates a weakness in the fall-out arc, which creates a weakness in the finale. Huddy wasn’t written to have enough depth, nor was the fears represented (Cuddy says she’s always been afraid in the finale). House expressed fears in NW, but she disregarded them and then the arc was just written to show a discontentment. Had they maintained the complexities of the characters and shown some reveals within the relationship, it would have produced more understanding with the downward spiral of House after the break-up. The downward spiral was broken and incongruent from episode to episode. Then the finale we’re to understand House wants to change, but is still struggling (surprise) and finally finds a bit of relief in an act that was quite dangerous to others, not just himself. There’s too much we’re to glean, to hash through and glean. Then, I guess we’re to tune in for S8 to see if he can rebuild his life. There was so much missed in telling the story and the viewer is now trying to make sense of the story. The irony is…many fans will do just that because it’s a smart/thinking fan base. It doesn’t make up for the sloppy writing this season, or for the limited vision (a vision that continues to be defended and therefore will not improve). A few wonderful moments that would have really been amazing at one time. Disappointing Finale. They should stop with the shocking moments and special effect ideas and stick with a concise coherent character exploration. That’s why we started watching, and that’s where they have lost their way.

    • I completely agree with all that you say. That is exactly where things went most wrong this season.

  21. I feel that house is definitely hallucinating the tropical island thing, Come Wilson said that House took a whole bottle Vicodin in three days that was supposed to last a month “Are you kidding me”. An other thing Driving your car into some HOUSE knowing that you could kill someone and after you just got out the hospital for perfuming surgery on your own leg can make one think the guy has completely loss his mind. And I Know every one of you thought house was shooting up Heroin.Right!

  22. I, for one, enjoyed the episode. I am looking forward to where this goes from here. I have to believe he got on a plane and went somewhere since it was dark out when the policeman was interviewing Wilson and Cuddy. He probably flew west to Mexico. Can’t wait for September

    • I’m not sure what to make of the very ending, but I very much doubt that we should take it literally. I’m guessing he’s overdosing and hallucinating, or something. Season 8 will likely open with Cuddy having resigned and House dealing with the consequences of his automotive assault. And super-dork Wilson consoling him as usual. This show died for me early in season 6, but I can’t stop watching!

      By the way, Taub is Schwarzenagger?!? Strange coincidence.

  23. Whatever! I want to still enjoy House but I don’t. It is tedious, repetive and worn out. The constant fawning over House by the others is not credible in the face of his offputting behavior. He is not a brillian doctor because it is unethical to begin treatment 4 times per episode with no confirming of diagnosis. Wilson has become a joke with his inexplicable loyalty to the self absorbed and mean spirited House. I keep hoping something will improve the show but it has been sinking all season mainly due to all the novelty has worn off. The romance was completely unbelievable and offputting. Lisa Eldelstein is wise to get out before she is so typecast that she cannot act in any other role. I would be fine if Season 8 were cancelled as I cannot continue to try to be interested. Of course I feel the same about Idol too.

  24. I really enjoyed the episode. The ending caught me off guard,which is a rare enough event with television these days.

    Overall, this season was interesting but uneven. I thought it opened strong and stumbled midway. Once the break-up happened,I think the writing took off and the latter portion of season seven features some of the best episodes since the first couple of years. Pretty much from the moment House took a swan dive off of a hotel balcony into a pool ( a brilliantly executed moment) ,it’s been pure gold.

    As to the departure of Edelstein..well, she’s a terrific actress, but as a character I honestly won’t miss Cuddy. That tale is told and it’s time to move on.

    That being written, I agree that season eight should be the final one, just not because of quality. In my opinion,House is still a great show,but it’s had it’s run. Too much longer and they’re in danger of running out of compelling story . Time wrap things up.

    • You’re good at satire, dude. Two thumbs waaaay up.

    • This is more embarrassing than last night’s episode, David Shore!

  25. Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor. He is vary convincing as his role as House. The season Finale was great. It really made me sit on the edge of my seat. I loved the fact that the episode was not predictable like some of the other “find the diagnosis from some random unrelated source” episodes. I’ll miss Cuddy but I’m soooo glad 13 is back. She is so attractive. Over all I hope that the good writers return next year.

  26. House still wanting cuddy, going to make amends, supported by cuddy’s statement that she hasnt been seeing anyone, seeing another guy there and getting pissed off.C’mon. How many times have we seen this. Its such a cliche’.Driving a car into the house was the only chance of making a difference.It was different alright, but not enough. I am disappointed.

    And Taub getting 2 ladies pregnant…at the same time..Thats another one..
    Too bad..

  27. I think the island is real because nobody can find him. He is not hallucinating. After chashing Cuddys house he felt relieved and solve his issue, he loved her, it was ovbiously hurting him. I dont like Cuddy that much but ill mis the relation House had with Rachel..plus shes cute. Also, i dont see why Wilson should be ofended for what House did. It was Cuddys house. not his. Plus House has always done nonsense things and i admit it was agressive but still..thats him. Dont see why he should be surprised or offended. I think the end of House should be finding peace or confort. He was doing fine with Cuddy cuz he needs someone, and since she broke his heart maybe there is a soul mate for him out there. I feel sorry for him cuz he wished he had no pain, nobody is in his shoes to tell…being in deep pain for life changes people. I am happy that he gets to get ride off the other sting (cuddy)that was hurting him. Hopefully season 8 will be better for him.

  28. When is season 8 premiered?

    • Early/mid September

  29. I don’t understand why people are so taken aback by house’s actions. He has been holding in his anger and his pain (In recent years from his leg, but also from his abusive father and inability to connect with and trust people) for more than 40 years. Everyone has a breaking point, some people can loose it and go on a verbal outburst after just a few days of being made fun off, imagine 40 some years of keeping your emotions locked up. Also, in regard to the claims of attempted murder, the dinning room is on the right side of the house (when facing the door) and house crashed his car through the left side window. He drove into a completely different room. Wilson’s injury occurred when house sped up cuddy’s driveway in his car. WIlson got out of the way but his arm was clipped in the process. You can see him clutching it as house walks away. As for house’s location in the end, I at first believed it was a hallucination, but after thinking about what Wilson said about finding house in a bar that matched his mood, I now believe that he could very well be in Mexico or the Bahamas (since the bar tenter spoke perfect english and looked like an american who spent a lot of time on the beach). As for how he managed to escape, I don’t actually thing that the police were searching for him. Both Cuddy and Wilson were vague when describing house’s possible locations and it seemed that rather than find and punish house, cuddy was more interested in having nothing to do with him. I was glad to see house do it. As for next season, I hope the show goes back to it’s roots. In the last couple seasons, I thing the plot was pushed too much. I miss the episodes were they just have an interesting case and we get to learn about the characters. I started watching this show because I love house’s negative but witty comments, his genius, and his pranks (especially between him and wilson). I also liked episodes were we learn about his past life and when he plays the piano. As a fellow piano player, I just love the episodes that end in him playing some melancholy blues impov and sipping some liquor, or better yet, “Half-Wit” which focused almost entirely on piano playing.

    • THANK YOU!!! you said exactly what i wanted to say down to the last word!! i cheered him on when he crashed, and when he said i feel much better i felt his anger and hurt simply lift.

    • When the show started, House was an anti-hero, a jerk who frequently got nasty but he had redeeming features. Now he’s just a horrible man who you want to avoid if you can.

      I think the show started to go downhill when the original team left and were replaced by the Survivor arc which didn’t pick the most interesting characters in the end. It’s as if the writers were saying “See how clever we are” rather than producing a good show.