‘House’ Season 7: House & Cuddy’s Future Revealed

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To say that last night’s sixth season finale of House was shocking would be an understatement. If it wasn’t Hannah’s ambulance ride that had your heart pounding, I’m sure the moment where House and Cuddy kissed certainly did.

However, fans have been through this before and they’re not just going to believe that what’s happening is real. Some believe that this could be a hallucination brought on by the fact that House, in fact, did take Vicodin.

So, in order to help calm some of the fans’ fears that this is but a mere fallacy, executive producer Katie Jacobs steps in and talks all about House and Cuddy’s relationship, where they may (or may not) take it as the series continues into its seventh season and whether this is a short or long-term endeavor.

Take a look at what Jacobs has to say about House and Cuddy’s relationship below.

On whether this is real or just another hallucination:

“This is real and something that they are going to try. It’s something they stayed away from for a long period of time because it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe. But now they’re going to give it a try.”

On how they’re going to handle in seventh season premiere:

“Does the audience want us to pick up two or three months later? Or is the audience interested in us [picking up right where we left off]? And it’s really dependent on the narrative. Last year when House checked himself into the psychiatric hospital, I felt like it wouldn’t be good enough for the audience just to see him come out the other end and [return] to Princeton Plainsboro. Even though they knew he would [eventually] return there, I wanted everybody to see the moment after.”

“I’m certainly in the camp of not wanting to miss much after the fade to black. Because the truth is the challenges that are ahead for them are the things that kept them apart to begin with. It’s not chemistry or the spark. It’s “How are we going to deal with this? We’re going to be together. What does that look like?” Cuddy is his superior at the hospital. And she’s a mother. Those are the kind of things we’re going to have fun with.”

“We’re in the process of figuring all that out right now… But this isn’t just about the [season premiere]. This isn’t something that will work or fail in just one episode. We’re going to attempt to make a true exploration of this relationship.”

If an executive producer telling you that it’s real isn’t enough to make you believe, I don’t know what will.

That being said, I’m a little worried that when Jacobs said ”it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe” that she was referring to the professional consequences for their characters and not the danger that comes with having the two star-crossed lovers finally getting together.

While this isn’t he first time it’s happened in television, many shows could point to a hookup such as this as the ultimate downfall in the series. Hopefully House won’t be one them.

What do you think about the future of House and Cuddy? Are you happy to know that it’s real? Should they pick up where they left off or skip ahead a bit? How do you think everyone else is going to react to their relationship? Could this be a bad decision for the series?

Don’t forget to tune into the seventh season of House, this fall, on Fox.

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  1. the world is right when these two are together they are so happy and its just so sweet how it ended

  2. ok this is what i think is going to happen with wilson..

    cuddy and house are in the room where houses team usally sits, their having a conversation and cuddy is playing with houses big tennis bal then wilson walks in…

    wilson:ok what is goinbg on between you two.
    cuddy:what do you mean
    wilson:you both have been spending alot of time with each other
    wilson:well you guys havnt fought at all in the last few days and i dont know its wierd
    cuddy gets up and leaves and wilson sits down
    house:ok so what exactly do you think woulkd “be happening” between us
    wilson:well you’ve always had feeling for her and she just ended it with lucas
    house:so your suggesting im dating cuddy
    wilson:well yes
    house:well were not dating
    house gets up and leaves to go to cuddys office leaving wilson there confused
    cuddy:have a nice conversation
    house:he thinks were dating
    cuddy:well i dint know if you’ve noticed but we are
    house:yes buts hes not supposed to know that
    cuddy:what did you tell him
    house:i said no of course
    cuddy:well hes going to find out some day
    house:well lets hope its not today
    then the scene cuts to commercial

  3. what i really want to see is house say “i love you” to cuudy.its kinda hard for him to express emotions regularly but he has been sharing them more and more often.but its been with his team and wilson not so much with her,a few times it happened (like the kiss duuuhh)but he never said he had feelings for her but now that there together i think it will change a little but he will stiil be the jerk he always is.

    and she didnt fall in love with someone who was normal,she fell in love with house and he is what he is and if that changed there would be no show.so give the producers credit house may change just a bit for her but he will never be normal and really is anyone really normal were all differnt and stuff sooo.and she dosent want him to change she loves hom for him.

    so i think there will be no change and if there is it wont be much she loves him and he loves her it wont be all puppie dogs and rainbows there will be trouble but in real life is there really ever a perfect relationship every relationship has problems but that doesnt stop people from loving each other.so think that there will be ups and downs but they will work it out.

  4. House and Cuddy getting together will not be the downfall of the series. This isn’t the type of show that emphasizes the happily ever after ending, so it most likely won’t end until House dies. I just hope they don’t try to drag the series out at all. They have already started to take focus off of the actual patients. There is only so much drama left. People are going to be upset when the series ends anyway. But, it will be worse if it has a crappy ending.

    • I totally agree with you.

    • These nut bags talking about the downfall of the series are idiots. Plain and simple.

      Millions of people watch House because of the Huddy dilemma. Even when Lucas and Cuddy were together, even though 99% of fans hated that, they still watched the show. Why?

      Because they love House, Cuddy, Wilson and all the rest of the characters, though I must admit I hate Foreman and think he should die soon (but that’s just me).

      This will bring a whole new avenue to explore. Imagine the games….babysitting….”honey, I’m home!” comments from House. Personally, I’m hoping for “Lucy, you’ve got some splaining to do!” from house.

      • Lmao I hate foreman too!

      • I am agree about foreman, I have never really liked him all that much and definitely didn’t like him and 13 together. I was kind of thrown off by the last scene in the finale…it wasn’t what I was expecting and I have a hard time seeing how it will work out. I can see it being awkward and hard to watch, but I still look forward to it. I still have hopes for House and Stacy to get back together…oh well. I cannot wait for the it to start again in the fall.

      • I could totally see House saying those lines. I can hear it in my head now. And I really dislike Foreman too but I enjoy hating too much to want him off the show. And I agree that it won’t bring the show down. People have been waiting for them to get together and they want to see all the romance and drama that comes from them finally getting together.


    • i actually thought that the end of season 6 would have been the prefect ending to the series… i mean hear me out, it would leave a sort of open ending without having to kill house off. just a thought.

      • i totally agree with you, i adore house and i did actually think that the last episode of seaosn 6 was the ending of house

    • house will be with cuddy for a short term until she gives him an ultimatim get your leg fixed or be done with her. i think he will get his leg amputated and be fitted for a fake one so he will be finally out of pain for ever.

      but i think it will hinge upon cuddy making him do it……

      • Riiight.
        Cuddy is going to force House to get his leg fixed.
        If House could get his leg fixed, he would. Duh :P
        Seems like a pretty strange thing anyway.

    • Adora essa serie, e acredito que ficara mais interessante com a dinamica do relacionamento deles. mostrar o outro lado do house será otimo, nao vejo a hora da setima temporada sair, para ver como ele vai lidar com isso e com a filha da cuddy. Que comecem logo a passar para nos.

    • I dont think it will be the downfall either but I also dont think that they have taken focus off the patients too much.Most episodes are about the patients but it is also a reflection upon House. the show is essentially about him and the people he associates with.People would get tired of the same outcome almost 80% of the time which is basically someone is sick,they think they know what it is but then they dont know, the person almost dies,then they figure it out by house having some random epiphany end of episode.and you are totally right the show is tell well written to end crappy they are definitely going to make it interesting I cant wait!

  5. I wish It will be real. They are like created for each other. They can be happy and House M.D can be keep going.

  6. i hope they continue together they r soo perfect and from season 1 we wanted them to be together
    i think its the time to show the true romantic side in house besides treating his patient the way he is please dont break there relation let them marry it will be amazing that house did that finally and it will never be the ending of the show

    • Yeah. Getting in to the romantic side of House seems like it will be a great thing. Like when he was with the one girl who’s name I can’t remember in the beginning of season six. the married one. But this will be so much better because it’s House and Cuddy. And who doesn’t love that? I know I have been a total fangirl for that since the beginning too.


  7. I don’t think this fits House M.D. at all.

    I think one of the main points that the show has been interesting in a lot of ways is that Gregory House is an interesting character: There’s a House in all of us – but then; remember when he was on ketamine? I think House has come to a point where he has to pick his way of being a genius at his territorial (his job) or chose to let go of his fear of being connected to another human being.

    I don’t think it makes sense that the character can have both. As Hugh Laurie said in an interview, I agree that if there is a “Happy House” it will be the end of House.

    • The show is about House, how can it not fit? Look, House was ‘happy’ before with Stacy. The show came in 5 years after they broke up. What did Wilson and Cuddy say about that? Oh yes, I’m paraphrasing, “He was miserable and an ass even before the leg and Vicodin,”

      House is House. He’s still going to be an ass and jerk. We’ll just see a more vulnerable part of him. We’re getting to know House as the show progresses. House can’t be the same as he was in S1, that would be boring to watch the same thing over and over again. We’ve never seen House in a meaningful romantic relationship. It’s going to be entertaining to see him function around something as momentous as that – come on, House babysitting?! He’s going to teach little Rachel how to be just as manipulative as him and her mother.

      Furthermore, the show was never about the patients – it was always about House everything about him, in just so happens to include puzzles he likes to solve. Has there been any reoccurring patients, no. The reoccurring themes are his challenges dealing with the patients, team, Cuddy, Wilson, his depression/anger, pain and addiction.

      House is going to change. We all change over time. Our core personalities stay very much the same, however, our circumstances and perspectives vary. We get to see those happen to a person who is, as he said it in the finale, “the most screwed up person in the world.” I think I have him beat on that though, hehehehe.

  8. well hugh lurie dosnt know how the whole season is going to play out so please have faith in the writers i mean in the begining of the sixth season he cooked and his leg stoped hurting and house’s leg pain is part of him that makes him who he is i mean in the season finale he said it made me a harder person and im in pain every day so he said that changed him so even when his leg didnt hurt he was still jerkish and well …he was house.

  9. so that showshe change and hewas still house

  10. I believe that this is a real event, because they have already recently played the hallucination card. Also, I believe that if it doesn’t work between House and Cuddy, that it will not ruin the show. Look at Ross and Rachel in Friends. I will bet the relationships will be similar.

    • This seasons gonna rulE

    • yea i really dont think its going to ruin the show i mean house will always be house otherwise there really isnt a show so i have faith in the writers but i do think its going to work between each other there so perfect for each other i love house so much its all i talk about lol

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HUDDY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. its gonna tank. as much as i loved the series last season was a wash. the whole house/cuddy thing is gonna destroy whats left.

    we got away from cool patient cases and interestingly funny subplots for a more dramatic effect that did not work all that well.

    bring back the vicodin and the sexual tension.

    hate to say it but its ER all over again. noone really cared after like the 6thish season.

    • well if no one cared about er then why did it last aroud 14 seasonsor so.and i mean hes still a jerk its house if you watched from the first season then you know he still has been a jerk no matter what he has done so please have faith in the writers cause the show has been good so far even when stacy came back he didnt change much and when he went out with cameron one time he was still a jerk nothing has changed and in help me he told hannah that his leg pain made him a harder person and even if hes with cuddy his leg will still be in pain always theres no getting around that i think the writers are smart enough to not make the show like that so please stop thinking of the negitves and think of the positives ok.

  12. let it be HOUSE & CUDDY… :))))

  13. It is a testament to the show that people are so passionate about it. Last season was tough because House and Cuddy were apart. They didn’t express their chemistry and that has always been a dynamic to the show.

    I think the writers are up to the task of tying all things in without losing “House”. I am a House and Cuddy fan. I hated the fact that she didn’t acknowledge him through much of last year. She was trying to get over him. The reality is if she hadn’t he wouldn’t know what it is like to be without her. So although he is the best diagnostic doctor in the land and very unorthodox in his method to getting to the truth he is a successful doctor. That part of him will never change. He will always be a doctor first but he needs her. He always has. He doesn’t get to treat her like crap anymore though. He met someone he couldn’t do without. That’s cool.

    The other cool thing is she fell for him the way he is. She respects him as a doctor. Now she has drew the line on a personal level and he has to meet her there or she will move on. But I say again she embraces all the craziness and the method to his madness and she loves him with all his flaws. She lets him go pretty far before reeling in with the way he gets to a diagnosis. They will argue and they will push and stretch the boundaries of this relationship and it is going to be a fun ride.

  14. AS Hugh himself said “Buckle up!”

    • i read that to on the fox website he also said “doc cranypants will be in a meaningful relationship and there will be-gasp!!-a happy house or happyish i heard hugh had to go through happiness training cause it was a bit differnt for him to plays a sorta happy house lol

      • ROFL happiness training

  15. I think that this is a great move for the show, and will not bring a downfall. The show is based on the trial and almost inevitable failure of what the audience seems to want from the cast members on the show. The House/Cuddy romance is similar to the James Bond/Moneypenny relationship (or lack there of) throughout many of that series of movies. The viewers have wanted it to happen since the first episode, and had a few glimpses of what they so desperately hoped for. Having this happen will make me very happy, as I have always wanted this to end up how it seems to be going.

    Can’t wait for season 7!

  16. I am a big fan of House, so i don’t want it to fall down. i also don’t want House to be unhappy, so i thought that where season 6 ended should have been the very last House and left up to the fans to use their imaginations on what could or could not happen. i hope House and Cuddy work out, i really do, and if that is the outcome of season 7, then i’ll be happy. but if House gets hurt, like he has so many other times in the past, i won’t be happy, and neither will be many fans if his character does something drastic.
    I just hope the producers of the show know what their doing and won’t ruin the best show in all creation.


    • Agreed on the Clinic Duty. That’s always funny with House. But every once in a while he could offer to do it so she could go home and spend time with the baby, but every once in a while he could argue and complain about it like normal.

  18. i agree bring on the clinic duty and ill say it a million times if i must but i dont think its going to be the downfall of the seris house is now the number one show in the world and lots and lots of people tune in for the huddyness

    and thanks to all the people who replyed on my other comments

  19. So we are all agreed. House is a forever show. It can go on until they get tired of writing it.

    • totally i love house and so do the other 88.7 million viewers out there and with that many viewers the show will be on for a while. it just recently became the number oneshowin the world.

  20. One thing is you can’t get rid of 13 if she’s gone then that sucks cuz she is like my favorite character. I think it’s great house and cuddy are together. But don’t get rid of 13 plz.

    • Just as long as (if they do get rid of her) they don’t replace her with Cameron

    • ikr thirteen is such a awesome character but there are certain experimenal drugs that could cure her and i think house likes her sand will try to save her.

  21. i never done this commenting on website or whatever this is before, i just wanted to see what was up with season 7 haha. anyway for some reason i just have a feeling that Lydia is going come back into House’s life with a kid. that will be so freaken interesting. but doubt that will ever happen but if it did that would be awesome to see, that’s just me talking thou haha. love house, awesome show ever and im not kidding haha.can’t wait for the next season, hell yeah.

    yeah yeah i think it will be more funnier cause if Lydia comes back with a kid while house and cuddy r together then there’s going to be a lot of intense moments all around haha. k bye bye

    Luv Luvz

    • yea if lydia comes back i would freak and i think cuddy would leave then cause she always kinda knew house liked her and then if she found out he was with another girl she would so walk and i think house would be flipped out cause the two of the three he had feelings for are both there that wouold be messed up but a heck of a episode.

  22. Personally, I think that House and Cuddy will work out, but House would realize that his happiness comes at a price. Because he loves Lisa, he probably won’t really worry about cases as much, so more people could probably die. Knowing that he can’t be with her, but he can’t be without her, I think he’ll kill himself and make it look like an accidental overdose of vicodin.

    • well he will still probaly work on the cases just as much cause house and cuddy will probaly keep “them” a secret and plus theres the team (- 13) a new doctor and cameron might come back and wilson and cuddy will probaly help out so even if he dosent help out enough theres more ppl.and he wont kill himself if he does ill kill my self and if he cant over dose on vicoden cause he has no more pills and cuddy wont let him get more from the pharmacy.plus if he killed himself there would be no show so the writers would probaly not make him kill him self.

  23. So we know the first episode is like a “Huddy” vacation. So what are the ideas about this. What will happen from the start to the finish. Let’s hear it.

    • ok well from all the spoilers i’ve found its taking place at redondo beach and i also found somewhere it said the episode starts wen they first wake up.so i think it will be like they wake up and leave for the beach or there already at the beach when they wake up and they head to the beach part and just spend the day together.and if you u want to see some of the redondo shooting go to youtube.com and type in house md season 7 spoilers and scrool down until you see redondo beach filming.

  24. i would watch the show either way but love the play by play with Cuddy and House. putting them together will just make it even more interesting.

    • totally there will be some pretty fun episodes with them the regular cases plus things with wilson and sam like a double date with house and cuddy.thats what else im anxious about what will wilson say about all this he will probally be in shock like when they tell him he will probally stand there with a confused and a “omg” look and his face.

  25. I wouldve liked to have read that House’s relationship with cuddie was a hulicination because truthfully, i can see something like this going nowhere. From the first time I watched this show I felt House’s charachter was perfectly portrayed and now to see him with Cuddie does not seem to make any sense. We fell in love with a drug addicted, lonely, misanthropic House, not some sober, friendly, man that finally ‘gets the girl’ House. ugh.. i really hope the producers dont screw up one of the greatest and new styled medical shows out there… why cant we just go back to the good ol’ seasons (season 2-3-4)…

    • really,cause if it was a hullucination then it wouldjust be to old i mean it happened once and again would be just bad for the show cause ppl who tune in for the huddyness would probaley stop watching.and i mean she didnt fall in love with a friendly, polite, sensitive man,she fell in love with the vicoden addicted, rude, messed up man and i dont think she wants that to change.

  26. I feel like most of the people here miss this show’s point … In my opinion only low iq people watch House for the realtions in it.
    Most people watch the show because of house’s personality and because he’s a medicine genius ….
    For example look at RoyalPain or whats that show called … its not that popular… world wide speaking … yes that guy knows medicine but he’s to nice he’s not House … cunning sarcastic…but a Genius with some glimps of humanity from time to time ….
    Thats whats making the show what it is.. house rocks because he’s a tirant who’s 90% of the time right and at the end he allways wins.. that and the fact that there are medical terms in it … its not made so that every moron can understand everithing right from the start terms or situations …
    I don’t intend to offend anione here and im sorry if i did but plz dont talk about house like if it where The bald and the beautiful or something i bet 75% of the House watcher don’t give a damn about “HUDDY” as u call the relationcip people only care about him cuddy or the relationcip could vanish for all most of us care as long as house is the same old medical genious cold cunning guy…

    • well acually 50% of the veiwers love the huddy thing and i think u miss some of the point to cause she fell in love with the bastard he is not someone else and its a med show so he will still solve cases otherwise theres no show

    • I think that anyone who thinks that relationships aren’t the foundation of everything might need to search their own IQ. House is practicing medicine because he is a genius. He also practicing medicine because someone took a chance on him. Everyone needs a cheering section or at the very least someone who everyone once in a while notices how amazing they are. As smart as he is she has always protected him from “reality”, because there was a greater good.

      From the start of the show relationships around House have made up at least 30% if not more of each episode. How he interacts with patients or doesn’t, his staff, his peers, his boss. There are two relationships that without them House would self-destruct. Cuddy and Wilson. Dr. Nolan has been cool too. It doesn’t make it a soap opera it just makes it life.

      House is still going to be himself. He couldn’t practice any other way but the way he does it. He is just going to get to have a partner. That’s always cool. Season 6 we watched him function as a doctor but really begin to deal with life without Cuddy. Season 6 was hard to watch because without her as his straight man so to speak he didn’t have his edge. She didn’t want to play anymore and the show ws definitely not as humorous.

      I am interested to see how he will deal with 13. I think he will want to make sure she is ok and not alone. With her absence not sure how they will deal with that. Maybe be obsessed with finding treatments. House is not traditional in his methods and he never will be. Vicodin doesn’t make House – House. He really is just screwed up in his methods and ideas but he finds a way to make it work. That is what makes him so unique and lovable. Even though you might want to choke him if you are sick you want him to be your doctor.

      Never fear he will not change in the things that make him the most brilliant doctor ever to be on the screen. He’s just cool like that.

      • i couldnt have put it better myself. and your rightthe vicoden does not make house himself, it’s the way he handles case’s. and yea there hasbeen a lot of relationships like foreman and 13,chase and cameron,cuddy and lucas,wilson and amber ect ect ect…..

  27. I think it will be fun seeing where this takes them…kind of like Stacy in season 1…I was kind of hoping Chase and 13 would hook up after the divorce…and when is Taub going to ‘fess up murdering Kutner?

    • whoa,whoa,whoa, taub murdering kuntner that didnt happen he comited sewiside i meani didnt like like thathe died but taub would not kill him they were good friends.and yea thats what i thought chase and 13 should hook up.

    • hahahahahahah yhur funny and i agree with yhu teehee :p

  28. …I’m disappointed that Cameron is off the show…if people, such as myself, were glued to the Chase/Cameron drama (started season 3 with the “it’s only sex” relationship)…we will be as much, probably more glued and fixated to the House/Cuddy relationship that has alluded us these past years…I would also like to see an episode that involved romance with a mix of flashback…House was stated as saying that he gave Cuddy one night of what she wanted and now he can get whatever he wants…I’d like to see the spark of years long ago…and Foreman does need to be off the show…not because he’s worthless, but because they’ve written his character into the ground by him changing 13s placebo…Chase is actually becoming an interesting character, nothing like killing a patient to set us straight (and this time he intentionally killed the patient, a la “my dad died, and I wasn’t concentrating, but instead of just telling you my dad died, I dragged out a 45min episode by lying”)

  29. i luv da show house but when i watcheded it i was making sure that it wasn’t the last one.because that would have sucked.but i hav a feelin that is going to be the last season.and i hope not.=D and waat the hell house mite cut off his leg that that is unlikly 2 happin and if it does………….then idk and you know what i think is that what ever happends on house will end bad and good in a diffacalt way

    so every1 just enjoy the show and i love this show lotz. im not that old at all and idk know if any of mi frndz watch this show this show kickz ass and yeah HOUSE is a bitchin show. teehee :p