‘House’ Season 7: House & Cuddy’s Future Revealed

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To say that last night’s sixth season finale of House was shocking would be an understatement. If it wasn’t Hannah’s ambulance ride that had your heart pounding, I’m sure the moment where House and Cuddy kissed certainly did.

However, fans have been through this before and they’re not just going to believe that what’s happening is real. Some believe that this could be a hallucination brought on by the fact that House, in fact, did take Vicodin.

So, in order to help calm some of the fans’ fears that this is but a mere fallacy, executive producer Katie Jacobs steps in and talks all about House and Cuddy’s relationship, where they may (or may not) take it as the series continues into its seventh season and whether this is a short or long-term endeavor.

Take a look at what Jacobs has to say about House and Cuddy’s relationship below.

On whether this is real or just another hallucination:

“This is real and something that they are going to try. It’s something they stayed away from for a long period of time because it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe. But now they’re going to give it a try.”

On how they’re going to handle in seventh season premiere:

“Does the audience want us to pick up two or three months later? Or is the audience interested in us [picking up right where we left off]? And it’s really dependent on the narrative. Last year when House checked himself into the psychiatric hospital, I felt like it wouldn’t be good enough for the audience just to see him come out the other end and [return] to Princeton Plainsboro. Even though they knew he would [eventually] return there, I wanted everybody to see the moment after.”

“I’m certainly in the camp of not wanting to miss much after the fade to black. Because the truth is the challenges that are ahead for them are the things that kept them apart to begin with. It’s not chemistry or the spark. It’s “How are we going to deal with this? We’re going to be together. What does that look like?” Cuddy is his superior at the hospital. And she’s a mother. Those are the kind of things we’re going to have fun with.”

“We’re in the process of figuring all that out right now… But this isn’t just about the [season premiere]. This isn’t something that will work or fail in just one episode. We’re going to attempt to make a true exploration of this relationship.”

If an executive producer telling you that it’s real isn’t enough to make you believe, I don’t know what will.

That being said, I’m a little worried that when Jacobs said ”it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe” that she was referring to the professional consequences for their characters and not the danger that comes with having the two star-crossed lovers finally getting together.

While this isn’t he first time it’s happened in television, many shows could point to a hookup such as this as the ultimate downfall in the series. Hopefully House won’t be one them.

What do you think about the future of House and Cuddy? Are you happy to know that it’s real? Should they pick up where they left off or skip ahead a bit? How do you think everyone else is going to react to their relationship? Could this be a bad decision for the series?

Don’t forget to tune into the seventh season of House, this fall, on Fox.

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  1. Well, my last rant , in the light of this news item, seems stupid. Still, IF HUDDY IS FOR REAL (Jacobs could be jerking our chain), then I suggest that the first episode be not at all about the two of them. Let it be a couple months later for the first episode with a medical mystery (go back to basics) and maybe some internal drama with 13 returning from a mysterious leave. Then the next episode can be House and Cuddy sitting across from Andre Braugher’s therapist talking about their relationship (with interspersed flashbacks of their first weeks together) and the fact it is being kept secret from PPTH.

    • Awesome!

  2. I think you should definitely start off season 7 picking up from season 6 finale. This is another big obstacle and it’ll seem too far’fetch to just start a new season months later. I loved the way season 6 started because you saw the transition of house not becoming dependent on vicadin to where he is now. It was a great ending to the 6th season and I am definitely looking forward to season 7.

  3. Happy that it was real. House deserves some happiness for once.

    • i KNo i was So AnGrY wEn cuDdy AtTackeD hIm aT tHe paRkiNg GaRaGe i ThOuGhT hE wAs GoInG To UsE aGAiN BuT tHEN hERe CuMS cUDDy TO Da RESUCE I Got tEArY EYED WeN ThEy WeRe TaLkIng Nd kISsEd

  4. Love the fact that they finally hooked-up after six years of teasing us (viewers). I like the idea that good is rewarded. House has save so many people and he deserves a chance to be happy.

    I can’t wait to see how they will be able to “hide” their relationship in the hospital. Oh…House babysitting Cuddy’s daughter will be a hoot!

  5. I sincerely hope House and Cuddy finally end up together. Although their relationship will no doubt be rocky, I think the first episode of the seventh season should explore the current rocks they will encounter. And, why do I have a feeling House is going to need a whole new team again? Here’s hoping Thirteen isn’t too ill…

  6. I think that putting the two of them together is only going to make the show less interesting. Part of the enjoyment of the show for me is watching how they work/act off of each other, and a romance will only interfere. Needless to say, I missed the final episode last night as I was busy watching the fifth season on dvd and forgot. Can not wait to see it on HULU. as for thirteen, I think that she is going to be cured, but not the romance between her and Omar.

  7. although I would love to see them together after all these years, it seems to me that every time we, the viewers are waiting for the big romance in a show, that show always comes to an end, and I do not want House to end

  8. I am happy to see they are together, but i am very concerned for 13, she is my favorite character.

  9. OK. Start from where you left off and let Wilson knock on the door. Foreman sent him to check on House. House answers the door. Wilson starts his usual friend stuff and Cuddy comes out. Wilson’s mouth drops open and we go from there.
    First arguement is when House tells Cuddy thirteen is taking a vacation and Cuddy finds out he lied. thirteen is actually in trouble.
    He goes to her later and apologizes and tells her that he should have talked to her about Thirteen but its going to take time for him to realize they are a team.
    The one thing he wants her to know is he knows his life does not work without her.They will struggle but the one truth is that he loves her.

    • What did he lie about? I don’t think House even knows thirteen is in trouble, she didn’t talk to him about it, just left him a note on his desk.

    • Taube is the only one who knew something was going on with thirteen. Im actually itching to know what is going on with her aswell.

  10. Iv lived my degree based on House, Im even becoming like him. I absolutly love the show and the character. However, i feel that the romance between H and C could be something special. With the right strategies and production, their relationship could be as exciting as a rollercoaster. I feel house will bond very well with the daughter and as the season progresses, house will become a father and husband. or it could go the other way, with arguements, lies, deciet, cheating, and betrayal? Or both?.. Also i feel whilst 13 is away, there needs to be an episode about it. She is one of the most admired characters, and people would appreciate it. Maybe I should stop now, I just love House, they show and the stories. Thank you to all the production team and cast for the best show I have ever watched.

  11. I was so surprised to see the ending of HOUSE last night. It almost came out of nowhere. I know they were exploring the whole House/Cuddy thing from the end of last season, but it almost took too long. Or maybe they just deviated from it so many times that I lost track. Anyway, the writers have work to do on the transition of them into an actual couple. I, personally, would like to see that play out from the beginning in S7.

  12. I’m very excited for Huddy. THe last scene was breathtaking.

    But for 13, I am SUPER ANXIOUS. I love her storyline and she hasn’t had a lot of air on her Huntington’s this season. I hope that changes next season with lots of twists for her character.


  13. i really hope they pick up right from where it left off!! because this relationship is already so complicated (“they’re been dancing around each other for years”) i don’t think you’d be able to skip ahead a few months and expect the challenges they face to onset from there. It would be right when they start being an item! I’m very excited for the 7th season :)

  14. Thanks for the spoiler title of this article, i didn’t get a chance to watch the episode yet, but now, thanks to you, i know what will happen! Amateurs.

  15. GO HUDDY! its about time :D

  16. I am happy with that.
    As someone said here : “I can’t wait to see how they will be able to “hide” their relationship in the hospital. Oh…House babysitting Cuddy’s daughter will be a hoot!”
    Yeah, that is a point! I can’t wait :)! I think, that it was a good decision to give them a chance, and I hope they will continue.
    I am not agree with the opinion that big romance means show always comes to an end.Anyway I prefer good end than bad end, expecially for House and Cuddy.

  17. House MD better not ever end.

  18. I want it to start from where it left off. And I absolutely LOVE the idea of Wilson knocking on the door and finding out and being like “O!M!G!” It would make my day, and be really enjoyable. And if the House and Cuddy romance is done well, then I’m pretty sure the show won’t be ruined.

  19. Wherever you take it, I think it’s important to answer a couple of questions:

    1) What happens to house’s drinking problem (introduced in second last episode).

    2) How will the character “grow”

    Any good story should create an evolution of the protagonist, unless of course, it’s a tragedy.

    Part of House’s genius is based in his cruel cold lifestyle. His diagnoses work because of his ruthless approach to life (e.g. drug use). However, that’s always been balanced by his genuine desire to make the life of his patients “better” without adulteration of “niceness”. Now that he has the “love of his life” will his genius wane ? We’ve seen that happen in at least two episodes over the 6 seasons, the last one being the 2010 finale – Can’t wait!

  20. Just thinking it would be great to see them actually get together and maybe even move in together. And while season 7 kicks off with so many possibilities I hope there relationship can be maintained. Maybe even seeing Cuddy resign and stay home to be a mom, or even work as a consult. Then in the hospital maintains House being house with all the new changes plus team and the new person taking Cuddy’s place… so many possibilities can’t wait to see but the worst thing would defiantly be ending the relationship-

    • I like this idea.. Cuddy resigning to stay at home and house continuing to work.. Cuddy is becoming all about her daughter and her life. House’s life has always been his work. With out his work he is lost. With the H&C relationship, house probably will refrain from going out and getting blind drunk, and spend more time with cuddy and the baby think her name’s Rachelle. I am going nuts waiting for House to start back up with Season 7.

  21. I want to see them pick up where they left off, the confilct with lucas, the wondering behind 13′s leaving, how wilson reacts to the news, how it goes with him and the ex. and how they deal with it, do they keep it a secret at first, who figures it out, there’s sooooo much they can do witch’ll be really fun to watch.. skipping to where they’ve figured everything out already is boring, you loose all the juice bits, the writers have always told everything, it’ll be disappointing not to find out the details…. but PLEEEEAAAASEEE dont end the relationship. i’ll stop watching, seriously!! Oh and I want cutty at the hospital, managing house as a partner and a superior, he’s gonna battle with that and it can be sooo much fun!!! but ok, later on she can stay at home, it might get a bit boring after a while… Cant wait, its gonna be great!!!!!

  22. oh and i also want 13 and chase to hook up lol

  23. Having the main characters hook up is the end of the show. Maybe 1 or 2 seasons but it’s the end. The sexual tension/chemistry is what makes this series engaging.

    That said, it’s about time!! All good things must come to an end and I look forward to the next season of House. As a fan I want house to end strongly rather than peter out. There is still so much story that can be told. Thirteen, House, Cuddy, Wilson all have story arcs yet to be completed and how the Huddy relationship evolve, how the two strong personalities entwine and eventually find balance – must-see viewing.

    • In one sense I am glad to see you see it like I do, but I do not want house to end yet. I think they should try Cuddy and Wilson first as it will never last and create even more tension. Tension between House and Cuddy, and House and Wilson. Putting Cuddy and House together, will change the dynamics of the show, and then it will be over

  24. Listen… A relationship is not what this show is about. Anyone who is anyone watches this show and knows that Cuddy and House were going to end up together at some point long or short. I think the smartest thing to do is start 3 months later and as stated before start with a medical mystery and House picking his new A team. 13 is going to be gone for a while at least medically. I think this opens the door for Cameron’s return to the show, not that 13 would leave forever. Then give us a cut of House and Cuddy together and don’t let it be lovey dovey crap either. They should have some banter these are two strong spirited people. House can be softer but he shouldn’t change much still making his usual comments that she will blow off by changing the subject. You can then build into an episode where they talk with his therapist and he describes the first months and gives us a background. The main characters in House and Cuddy is the premier relationship that everyone knew was inevitable and this can kill a show. Keep the edge and keep it going House is amazing and this can turn into a 10 year show.

    • I received this message as a reply, and if it was to my comment, what I meat is to keep the show going, they should start off with Cuddy and Wilson! That will only keep the show going, create the tension between four relationships that will probably keep viewers watching, as we all know what is going to happen in the end. A relationship between Wilson/Cuddy would only bring House/ Cuddy together and then maybe Wilson will leave finally!!! I think his Character is boring and he has already left and come back more then once! I totally root for the House/Cuddy relationship, just keep the show going. I am pretty sure he has signed on for two more seasons, I would like to see it three or more

  25. House and Cuddy need to be together wether it means the end of the show or the end of the world…6 years was far too long to wait for this. i m sooo happy that they are together now…so don’t mess it up!

  26. What happened to “Thirteen” and is she continuing season 7?

  27. I hope Season 7 starts right where Season 6 ended. The way House and Cuddy will handle the beginning of their relationship can make for several very interesting episodes. This would be so new and different from what we are used to from them.

    I am surprised that some people believe their becoming a couple will end the show. On the contrary, this relationship opens a whole lot of new possibilities. Besides, House cannot get any lonelier and any more miserable than just before the final scene of Season 6. Since he cannot get any worse and he cannot sustain this level of misery without becoming suicidal, he needs to get a break! Their relationship doesn’t mean they need to stop constantly bickering. They can have some witty dialogues as a couple as well.


  28. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

    THANK GOD I FINALLY FOUND PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY LOVE THE ENDING OF SEASON FINALE!!!! (I’ve already found but there’re people that are still thinking ending of season finale was an hallucination. THEY are the ones that are hallucinating! haha)

    I really don’t understand why there’re people who wanted House to take the Vicodin in the last scene. HE-LLO? The story tells us the evolution of the character, his addictions, his past and the steps he got to take to improve himself.

    I enjoyed SO MUCH all your theories about how the season 7 would start, i wish some of yours would be heard ;)

    Just one thing left to say: I LOVE YOU DAVID SHORE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I cried so much when I saw it, and i’m SO happy for Huddy :D

  29. After watching house from the first episode many a time I’m glad to see them bother together at last! Wether or not this is a long term thing, I can’t see how it could work, certainly not lasting more than a few seasons, as the grumpy house is the one we all know and love! I certainly think however, it should be fun seeing their relationship explored in depth, as this is going to cause many problems along the line. Also I think it should carry on from the finale as jumping a few months would miss out the essential phase at the start of a relationship!

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