House: Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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house md finale House: Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

This past season of House has been anything but pleasant for our infamous diagnostician. Starting out the year in a mental hospital, House was forced to come to grips with his pain killer addiction. If that’s not bad enough, he has to continuously see a psychiatrist while moving in with Wilson. Although, that all came to an end when Wilson reunited with his ex-wife and forced House to move back into his newly painted apartment.

Even though House had his issues, his fellow compatriots at Princeton‑Plainsboro also had their fair share. Aside from Wilson getting back with his ex, Chase killed an African dictator, Cameron broke up with Chase as Jennifer Morrison left the series, Taub begins cheating on his wife again – but then stops, Foreman fires Thirteen and she takes a trip to Thailand before returning and Cuddy’s relationship with Lucas becomes even more serious.

Despite all their personal and professional problems, the team was still able to save patients from over 40 diseases, including Fabry disease, Vibrio vulnificus, haemochromatosis, Arnold-Chiari Malformation, Henoch–Schönlein purpura and a woman having an allergic reaction to tattoo ink – yeah, I don’t know what most of those are either, but I’m glad they’re curable.

If that doesn’t make for a fulfilling season, I don’t know what does.

So, pop a couple Vicodin (kidding!), hire your favorite investigator to spy on your friend’s ex-wife and make sure you’ve got Interferon on tap, because it’s the House season finale.


Cuddy, House and members of the team join forces with a search-and-rescue team to provide much-needed medical attention at the scene of an emergency in the “Help Me” season finale episode of HOUSE.


For the past couple of seasons House, in my opinion, has somewhat waned in terms of storylines compared to the first few seasons. Sure, the underlying House story-line with his addiction, love for Cuddy and what not were still present, but so were the in-depth storylines of his team – his ever, ever, expanding team.

By no means am I implying that the subsequent seasons were bad. House has continuously been one of the best written, most entertaining shows on television. But having to include so many story-lines in an episode means that others may suffer – in screen-time, if not quality.

Tonight’s season finale of House however, was not only beautiful masterpiece in both acting and writing, but also a refreshing return to basics. It included so many jaw-dropping, heart stopping moments that this episode could easily be considered one of the best episodes of House to date because it not only gave fans what they’ve always wanted (House and Cuddy – together), but it also provides an amazing platform to start of the seventh season.

Simply speaking, Hugh Laurie has sealed his Emmy nomination and win with his performance in this episode. Laurie, easily one of the best actors on television, continuously shows his range and talent as a performer with his portrayal of House and this episode, above all others, shows just how beautiful of a performance he can deliver when given an episode focused solely on him.

I cannot tell you how many times I sat still frozen in my seat while watching the events of this episode unfold. While the scene of a horrific collapse would easily make anyone take pause, it was what occurred after that really took hold of your attention. The scenes between Hannah and House, while underneath all that rubble, were eloquently written and performed. Through their interactions House was forced to reveal the humanity and compassion that everyone knew he had, but was often hesitant to reveal.

Throughout the episode, House not only became closer to Hannah, but also closer to Cuddy. Something that was the initiated by him gifting Cuddy her great-grandfather’s book – the one that was stolen back in the previous episode. While initially watching the episode, one would have thought that the climax of the finale would have been the heart-breaking ambulance ride, but as fans continued to watch through the final moments, a series climax occurred.

As we watched House contemplate giving in to his addiction to help relieve some of that pain that Hannah’s death caused, you would be lying if you said that you saw that ending coming. Out of nowhere, Cuddy steps in and every wish that fans have had since the beginning come true.

Where do we go from here? Will House and Cuddy be able to maintain a real relationship? I guess we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out that answer. Until then, I’m happy to revel in the satisfaction of the great characters finally getting together – maybe Bones producers should take note.

Final Thoughts

The sixth season of House was not only a beautiful episode in which Hugh Laurie shined as the troubled doctor, but also a monumental one by taking the series in a new refreshing direction.

What did you think of the season finale of House? Will House and Cuddy be able to stay together? What will happen next season? What happened to Thirteen?

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  1. I dont think House should end up with Cuddy. She is not good for him. She has tried to demean him all the time. He needs to find a new love interest that can bring out the best in him and Cuddy’s turn to be jealous. Who agrees?

  2. Excellent, excellent season finale of House. Probably one of my favorite episodes so far. I can’t wait for next season! :D

    • For the last 3 minutes I was literally contorted into a ball, screaming, “For the love of god let it finally happen” over and over. They delivered I cheered and end scene. Fall is so far away.

  3. House did take Vicodin, it WAS a hallucination of his. Cuddy and House won’t be together until series finale, otherwise watching this show would have been as boring as watching “Prison Brake” where all the sudden all those guys were found innocent and they could just walk free. Face it, most of the drama in this show is House trying to get back with Cuddy, give that to viewers and it will kill the drama, House will be happy, and would have to change, I mean we all love him for who he is, who he is made this show. Just get real and don’t hold your breath about them being together next season. Think back last season, how few episodes before finale he made out with Cuddy in his washroom, but it was just drugs and hallucination. Or…keep believing that next season House will walks in the hospital holding hands with Cuddy

    • There, there. No need to get personal. :)

    • I like that you use the phrase “get real” while referring to fictitious characters in a fictitious television show. Although I have to admit, I had the same thought when I saw it. “Oh no, he’s hallucinating again.” To which my wife replied “I don’t think they would do that AGAIN. They already played that card, why would they repeat the same storyline?” I had a hard time arguing with that.

  4. The singularly best episode written for television this year. Of course House and Cuddy’s relationship will be fraught with problems that’s what makes it real to the viewers. You can only have sexual tension for so long. It was a bone that most viewers were grateful for. I’d don’t see an epithany on the horizon, but he did let Cuddy have a sneak peek into his humanity.

    • you’ve obviously not been watching Treme, then.

    • Treme? What/who the hell is that?

  5. house keeps being an amazing show; this season’s finale proves, once more, that the best episodes are the ones focusing on mr. laurie… whom is unbelievable. yes, autumn is far away. cuddy and house? not going to last. 13? don’t care.

  6. I am and Have been an enormous fan of Hugh Laurie and “House”. I agree that he is one of the best television actors around at this time. He plays the role very convincingly. His feelings for Cudy are real and she realizes how dependent he will be on her for his sanity and his non-use of drugs. I hope they make it, it has been a struggle for both of them.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I loved the episode, and unlike many fan reactions to it, I thought it was classic House.
      All the best House episodes successfully juggle three plots: a major medical mystery (featuring House’s sarcasm), a sometimes-related medical problem in the clinic or a personal problem with one of his staff (both featuring House’s sarcasm) and House’s interaction with Wilson & Cuddy (featuring House’s sarcasm). Why does a House-Cuddy relationship have to change any of that?
      House is still going to be hard on his team; he’s still going to be giving grief to his often clueless clinic patients; and he’s still going to be verbally sparring with Wilson & Cuddy.
      I mean, House lived with Stacy for years and they got along. Why not with Cuddy? It doesn’t have to be sickly sweet–House can take Rachel to monster truck shows!

  7. I thought the episode was absolutely brilliant. Poignant, heart-wrenching, intense — the craftsmanship of the writing was moving and pure small screen perfection. I must agree with the author; I believe Mr. Laurie must certainly, FINALLY win the Emmy this year. If that scene where House convinces Hannah to let them amputate didn’t do it, then the scene in the ambulance and the final two minutes certainly did. Bravo, House team!

  8. Next year will tie up many loose ends and force House to confront his biggest obstacle. The big obstacle is his pain. The pain will manifest itself from stress of House feeling inadequate and not worthy of being with Cuddy. He will be faced with addressing his past and determine he must do something to end the pain. That means dealing with his leg. His struggle will be keep his leg, suffer in pain and possibly lose cuddy or cut off his leg, be pain free and succeed with Cuddy. I think it plays out next year but won’t happen. I can see it happening in season 8 or 9.. Probably before their wedding… (yes, cuddy will eventually marry house)

    Next season will also see House attempt to bond with Cuddy’s daughter. I think at first, it will be difficult for House. House, having issues with his childhood will keep his distance. But as we;ve seen, House when alone will show a little of himself. I can see an episode in which House plays babysitter. House will treat her like a small person. Try to reason with the kid, and keep his distance. But during the episode, House will soften and show his softer side. Later on in the season, I invision something occurring with Cuddy’s daughter that will push House to the edge and use all of talent to save her life. House might pull a wilson and be a donor even though it may mean his life. After saving her little girl, House will express to cuddy that he would rather burn in hell than see cuddy unhappy. I can see this as a bonding moment that seals the bond of the three.

    • i love your predictions. very realistic. you should write for the show ;)

  9. I really think Cuddy with House ( a brilliant doctor ) makes more sense than Cuddy with Lucas ( a private detective ). Cuddy has intimated on more than one occassion that even though she has strong feelings or House, He is too much of a trainwreck to ever get involved with. Cuddy is a tough cookie who is only one of three women in the country to hold her position. She has to be not only smart but ambitious and intuitive to break a glass ceiling. It only stands to reason that ultimately she would choose someone as special as House. Just like the highschool quarterback and head cheerleader. It will not be a relationship without problems. She knows he’s highly disfunctional but, much like Wilson, can’t help loving him either. I mean we all love him despite the fact that he’s a jerk. Why wouldn’t Cuddy.
    The show can still stay edgy even with them together. New messes. House is still House whether or not he’s has a girlfriend. To see them butt heads in a relationship should have interesting plot lines. There will still be cases to solve and friends to meddle with. House will still have he staff to screw with and I honestly believe just because House and Cuddy are together they will still spar.

    Bring on the fall season!

  10. I think thaat i cant even enjoy the House Cuddy information until i know its for real. I mean what are the chances that theyre faking us out again. But at the same time, it feels a little rushed. Shes marrying and moving in with Lucas for half the season and in the last 3 minutes of the episode she breaks off her engagement and goes running to House? it sounds kinda fishy. i have to wait and see.

  11. I would just like to say, this episode, for me, is on par with the Season opener, both amazing episodes.

    But I kind of saw Hannah dying right away. From the opening shots, plus the rest of the season, it seemed obvious he was going to go back to vicodin and as soon as Hannah became something of a deal to House, I knew she’d die and drive him to Vicodin again… nice for them to switch it at the end though, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Happy ending in a House season.

  12. He waw halucinating. At the beginning of the episode we can see him collapsing, by his wound.

    • It’s be really lame if they pulled the same trick twice. If it turns out next season that it was a Hallucination AGAIN, they’ll lose so many more viewers. The writers are smarter than that (plus, they even addressed it with House saying “How do I know I’m not hallucinating?”, they wouldn’t be that blatant).

  13. whowa!!!! that waas incredible!!!! i cried so much!!
    i think the house cuddy realationship is going to work. it seems to me that the whole season was leading to this. house had a lot of soul searching and refining his charactor, going off vicadin, going to therapy etc etc. the only obstacle he had left was his relationship with cuddy which was still rocky. i think cuddy noticed the change in house – and the frustrating twist all along was that cuddy and lucas were getting serious which made it impossible for anything to happen between her and house.
    absolutely love it!!!!!!!! cant wait for season 7!!
    also, whats with 13? anyone have any ideas?

  14. great job. just keeps you wondering what will next season bring hope some more happy people. EVEN HOUSE

  15. Did no oen else see the BEGINNING of the episode? To me, it didn’t look like they focused on his shoulder wound…It looked like he cut off his ear. Just like the Van Gogh reference by his psychologist in a previos episode. I think he took the Vicodin, felt guilty, and cut off his ear to punish himself. I think the whole Cuddy thing is a hallucination again. Remember, the last time she admitted that she had feelings for him it was an hallucination. It just isn’t her personality.

  16. The last scene was probably a hallucination. If you watch the beginning of the episode again you’ll notice that it didn’t happen again at the end (even if the last scene was a real time scene).

  17. It’s not a perfect ending. All he’s done is replace Vicodin with Cuddy. (Assuming it isn’t a hallucination) The root of the problem, that he cannot cope with problems in his life, is still very present. If Cuddy one day walks away from him (breaks up, etc), House will be in a horrible mental state. He is now dependent on Cuddy and she has to shoulder a burden, knowing she can essentially “never” leave without sending House into a downward spiral he may not recover from.

    There IS a chance for him to “heal”, though, as he has finally realized there is a problem by admitting it in front of Hannah and Cuddy. I think Hannah’s situation forced House to revisit his damaging past and come to terms with it a bit more. He might actually be able to have a healthy relationship now.

    As for Thirteen, why are people saying she’s pregnant? I doubt it. I think she is having some kind of trouble with her Huntington’s. She is taking time off to deal with that. Apparently, Olivia Wilde is in a movie and has to go shoot that during some of the filming for House’s season 7, so they’ve written her out for a short time. But she will probably be back as usual after that.

  18. I have to insist that it would be technically flawed if he were hallucinating. House has been off Vicodin for a year. You cannot just swallow 2 pills after a year and start hallucinating right away. The hallucination started after years of constant non-stop abuse.

    To your defense, i did find the ending too good to be true, dream like… he closes his hands around the pills, closes his eyes real hard, and bam! cuddy is there to say she dumped lucas and wants to be with him. As I mentioned above, if this where an hallucination, i find it to be technically flawed.

  19. fix, hydrocodone/acetaminophen IS Vicodin. Vicodin is the brand name of a combination of the two drugs above. Acetaminophen is better known as Tylenol. Hydrocodone is an opiate. Oxycodone is similar and would have the same effect.

    Also, the producers of the show have stated that he was not hallucinating.

    • I enjoyed the episode. But did anyone else notice in the last couple seconds how purple houses hand was… could this be foreshadowing something?

      • He’s old! Ever seen an older person before? Plus he was under that perished mountain of concrete.

        He obviously was in some way physically hurt [minor damages] from the place he was just in. He amputated a womans leg, for crying out loud!

        My father is fifty six, extremely healthy, and his hands are like that, too!

        You really shouldn’t overthink that minor detail.

  20. I personally think House had another hallucination when he supposedly kissed Cuddy at the end of the season six finale. Actually, I think it was a dream. I am convinced because, at the very beginning of the episode when camera views of House looking disoriented are being shown, it seems that the directors are trying to make you think that this is right after the second collapse under the building. If you look closely, however, you see that it is House in his bathroom after he broke the mirror and got his Vicodin out… it appears that he actually may have been passed out from blood loss related to his injuries and wakes up to realize he still has the Vicodin in his hand. I really think that he was just dreaming from being passed out and it is just a teaser to keep you wanting more for next season. Just you wait…

  21. Oh, and noooo way 13 is preggo… that would leave no chance for her to have any sexual tension toward Foreman in the future, which we all know is inevitable. Just give it time.

  22. This was the pinnacle episode for so many reasons. Not only was Hugh Laurie in perfect (and I don’t use that word lightly) form, but all aspects of this episode transcended normal television.

    The cinematography added a whole dimension to the story telling. This was possible because this episode was shot using the Canon 5D Mk II DSLR. This allowed extremely shallow depth of field plus previously impossible angles due to the size of traditional video equipment. I point this out because, as this episode demonstrates, when the producers and director use their creative talents at their fullest, we get a whole new level of television.

  23. Not all fans want to see House and Cuddy together. I was an ok episode but the ending felt forced and rushed. The quality of this show has been going downhill since season 4.

  24. Holand here, don’t forget the first episode house in an mental hospital screaming and sick as hell with the most beautiful music of Radiohead playing. Far out one of the best television moments of this year.

  25. To quote house: “You idiots!”

    If you bothered to do your research you’d have learnt that the writers have confirmed that it was not a hallucination or dream or whatever. It really happened. They are going to give House and Cuddy a go as a couple. Even if they hadn’t confirmed it, why would you think arguably the greatest writers on TV at the moment, would go back and use the same idea for a finale that they had in the last season. Give them some credit.

    At first I didn’t like the episode. The opening “8 hours earlier” made me convinced that the episode was going to be tragic, that something had greatly hurt house emotionally (I didnt see the vicodin bottle to begin with). So I psyched myself into expecting something tragic. Instead there was a brief (almost insignificant)tragedy, and the final minutes were what actually mattered most. It was a happy ending… Something we are yet to see in a decent House finale.

    I loved the acting, particularly with House in the Ambulance, and House and foreman directly after. But after watching the episode again, I grew to love what the writers have done with the show. Not only have they continued to use different ideas for every finale, but they also linked back to the previous episode. House was angry that he’d done everything right, everything Dr. Nolan had told him to do, and it bore no fruit. This idea was revisited with Hannah’s death, after House had done everything right, Hannah died anyway. So it was great to see that House had in fact got something out of all the effort he made from ‘Broken’ until now. He was rewarded.

    I am honestly very concerned with where the series is going to go now. The fact that House did good things, and was rewarded in the end goes against everything he believes in. He doesn’t believe in karma. I’m afraid he will change a fair deal, as a result of no longer being so miserable, and he will be less of an entertaining character to watch.

  26. If YOU bothered to do YOUR research, you’d know that the writers of the show ACTUALLY said that House wasn’t having a HALLUCINATION when he kissed Cuddy. Hallucinations and dreams are not the same thing. I stand by my vote- House was having a DREAM. He was injured in the second collapse of the building. In the last few moments of the show during House’s conversation with Cuddy, she said, “Your shoulder needs to be rebandaged.” What happened is, before he popped the Vicodin in his mouth in a moment of weakness, desparation and self-loathing, he fainted from blood loss and had a dream. Episode one of next season will open up with House recovering from his injuries, and it will continue with House and Cuddy maintaining the same type of relationship they had before the crane collapsed (beside the fact that she will be planning her wedding). Now that Cuddy is getting married, however, what will happen is either she will start to get cold feet later down the road if the writers DO want her and House to have a relationship, or the wedding will go off without a hitch, and a new woman will be coming into House’s life.

  27. Agree with Daniel & Marla. Plus, I insist for the third time:

    House hallucinated due to constant abuse of vicodin over the past 5 years. As per Season 6, all use of vicodin had stopped. To take 2 pills (after being off the vicodin for a year) and start hallucinating intermediately is impossible.

    I too find the ending too good to be true, but I also conclude that him hallucinating is also too hard to believe and technically impossible.

    • Its too good to be true because of the previous episode. House said he was doing everything Nolan told him to do and he was getting nothing out of it. Cuddy had Lucas and Wilson had Sam, while House was just as alone and miserable as ever. Happy endings are far less entertaining than tragic endings, but in this case, it was necessary for the story to continue.

      Judging by how long each story arc goes for (ie the Vogler arc, the Stacy arc, the ‘Games arc’ and Chase’s arc in season 6), I’d say Huddy won’t last too long, unless the writers are willing to try something VERY different.

      • I think that’s why I sort of like it. I was annoyed with House for leaving Nolan because he felt Nolan hadn’t helped him in any way. Perhaps it was true (at the time) but I felt like that would be the start of a downward spiral for House. At the beginning of the series, House was willing to allow himself to get help for all of his problems and I thought that at the end, he’d simply push himself into himself even more by leaving Nolan.

        Which is why, when he ended up with Cuddy at the end, it just felt right to me, like House was wrong in the previous episode and everything that happened this season was building up to House showing a slightly more human and compassionate side of him that allowed Cuddy to give herself to him.

        Whether it’ll work for next season or not is a different question. I, like you, have my reservations. But I have faith in this writing team that they’ll at least do something interesting with it.