House: Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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house md finale House: Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

This past season of House has been anything but pleasant for our infamous diagnostician. Starting out the year in a mental hospital, House was forced to come to grips with his pain killer addiction. If that’s not bad enough, he has to continuously see a psychiatrist while moving in with Wilson. Although, that all came to an end when Wilson reunited with his ex-wife and forced House to move back into his newly painted apartment.

Even though House had his issues, his fellow compatriots at Princeton‑Plainsboro also had their fair share. Aside from Wilson getting back with his ex, Chase killed an African dictator, Cameron broke up with Chase as Jennifer Morrison left the series, Taub begins cheating on his wife again – but then stops, Foreman fires Thirteen and she takes a trip to Thailand before returning and Cuddy’s relationship with Lucas becomes even more serious.

Despite all their personal and professional problems, the team was still able to save patients from over 40 diseases, including Fabry disease, Vibrio vulnificus, haemochromatosis, Arnold-Chiari Malformation, Henoch–Schönlein purpura and a woman having an allergic reaction to tattoo ink – yeah, I don’t know what most of those are either, but I’m glad they’re curable.

If that doesn’t make for a fulfilling season, I don’t know what does.

So, pop a couple Vicodin (kidding!), hire your favorite investigator to spy on your friend’s ex-wife and make sure you’ve got Interferon on tap, because it’s the House season finale.


Cuddy, House and members of the team join forces with a search-and-rescue team to provide much-needed medical attention at the scene of an emergency in the “Help Me” season finale episode of HOUSE.


For the past couple of seasons House, in my opinion, has somewhat waned in terms of storylines compared to the first few seasons. Sure, the underlying House story-line with his addiction, love for Cuddy and what not were still present, but so were the in-depth storylines of his team – his ever, ever, expanding team.

By no means am I implying that the subsequent seasons were bad. House has continuously been one of the best written, most entertaining shows on television. But having to include so many story-lines in an episode means that others may suffer – in screen-time, if not quality.

Tonight’s season finale of House however, was not only beautiful masterpiece in both acting and writing, but also a refreshing return to basics. It included so many jaw-dropping, heart stopping moments that this episode could easily be considered one of the best episodes of House to date because it not only gave fans what they’ve always wanted (House and Cuddy – together), but it also provides an amazing platform to start of the seventh season.

Simply speaking, Hugh Laurie has sealed his Emmy nomination and win with his performance in this episode. Laurie, easily one of the best actors on television, continuously shows his range and talent as a performer with his portrayal of House and this episode, above all others, shows just how beautiful of a performance he can deliver when given an episode focused solely on him.

I cannot tell you how many times I sat still frozen in my seat while watching the events of this episode unfold. While the scene of a horrific collapse would easily make anyone take pause, it was what occurred after that really took hold of your attention. The scenes between Hannah and House, while underneath all that rubble, were eloquently written and performed. Through their interactions House was forced to reveal the humanity and compassion that everyone knew he had, but was often hesitant to reveal.

Throughout the episode, House not only became closer to Hannah, but also closer to Cuddy. Something that was the initiated by him gifting Cuddy her great-grandfather’s book – the one that was stolen back in the previous episode. While initially watching the episode, one would have thought that the climax of the finale would have been the heart-breaking ambulance ride, but as fans continued to watch through the final moments, a series climax occurred.

As we watched House contemplate giving in to his addiction to help relieve some of that pain that Hannah’s death caused, you would be lying if you said that you saw that ending coming. Out of nowhere, Cuddy steps in and every wish that fans have had since the beginning come true.

Where do we go from here? Will House and Cuddy be able to maintain a real relationship? I guess we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out that answer. Until then, I’m happy to revel in the satisfaction of the great characters finally getting together – maybe Bones producers should take note.

Final Thoughts

The sixth season of House was not only a beautiful episode in which Hugh Laurie shined as the troubled doctor, but also a monumental one by taking the series in a new refreshing direction.

What did you think of the season finale of House? Will House and Cuddy be able to stay together? What will happen next season? What happened to Thirteen?

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  1. First off, I can’t believe that you take everything that happened in that episode at face value considering the history of the show. I’m starting to think you’ve never even seen it before! House and Cuddy have had a “thing” before… remember? It was all a big cluster of hallucinations. Also, have you noticed that in the first two minutes of virtually every single episode, it shows a person displaying symptoms of getting sick leading you to believe you are looking at House’s next patient. Then, suddenly, a completely different person ends up falling ill… yet another attempt at the show trying to be predictable. It’s uncanny. It’s actually so uncanny that it’s unrealistic.

    It is definitely not ingorant to think the kiss was a dream and I can give you a million reasons why. First off, the episode would have been GOOD, but definitely not worthy of being a season finale without the kiss. Had they not thrown that in there, many fans would have thought the writers had lost their touch and some may have even forgotten about the show during the break. Viewers have been wanting to see House and Cuddy together for years, and what better a time than in the season six finale episode? Not only would it leave fans satisfied and giddy, but also waiting impatiently for next season to begin. Also, if you saw the first few seconds of the episode, it shows a number of shots… the broken mirror, the hole in the wall… and him falling in and out of consciousness. It makes sure to show the pills in his hands so you know his state of mind is not due to hallucination. With their history of famous twists, it only makes sense that in the next episode House will wake up in a hospital bed with Cuddy by his side telling him he had been unconscious for a few hours before they found him. They will inevitably question whether or not he took the Vicodin in a moment of weakness, and probably won’t believe him when he denies it. The writers clearly want the viewers to believe it all really happened so that they can throw the twist in in the next episode, making both episodes significantly better. We all know it definitely wasn’t a hallucination because there is no way they would take away all the work House has put in over the last season. The announcement that the writers made about it not being a hallucination was just a really tactical move meant to fool people into thinking that what they meant by “It is not a hallucination,” means “The kiss was real,” when there are so many more interpretations. Since he does have a history of hallucinations, this announcement was meant to eliminate any doubt in the kiss that all viewers had because, well, what else would it be if not a hallucination? It must be real then, right? Well they never said it wasn’t a dream. If Cuddy was going to dump Lucas for House, she would have been showing at least a hint of being unhappy with Lucas and she would have shown interest in House at some point since they started dating. The fact that she hasn’t shows that she wouldn’t just dump him at the drop of a dime and that the kiss is too good to be true and frankly, over the top. A decision like this would have been mulled over for a long time for the writers, and they would have been dropping hints a long time ago. It is not ignorant to believe it was a dream nor is it an insult to the creativity of the writers. It merely shows that the storyline of the show isn’t always unpredictable- which is what the writers are striving for by throwing in such a crazy twist. Actually, it is ignorant to take what happened completely at face value, ESPECIALLY when the show is always throwing curve balls, and ignorance like yours is the kind that the writers of House bank on. An ignorant viewer is an ideal viewer.

    Anyway, if I am wrong I’d be the first one to admit it, but it just seems weird that (1) Cuddy has never shown any interest in House since she’s been with Lucas, (2) House was passing out alone on the floor in the beginning of the episode, (3) instead of saying, “The kiss was real,” the writers said, “The kiss wasn’t a hallucination,” (4)and the show has a long history of being misleading because every television show wants to be unpredictable, I think that it is way too good to be true. I think the show is in for some huge changes, just not that one.

    Anyway, I wrote a much longer and waaay more articulate post but I’m writing this on my cell phone and someone called me and it got FREAKING DELETED and I really don’t care enough to rewrite it.

    • I think you need to take another look at that website, because on it they specifically say THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE IT A GO. its not a hallucination, nor a dream, it actually happened. If it was a dream/hallucination (aside from being one trick ponies) they would have cleared up that it wasn’t real before the season ended, like they did before in the last season.

    • i totally disagree with you. i think all through the season it was clear that cuddy was not happy in her relationship with lucas and she was still showing interest in house. although she was cynical with him but you can see in her eyes that she still has feelings with him. what about the time she danced with house? she loves him but is trying to fight it. Also if you remember the last time the two got into a “thing” was right after cuddy lost the baby she was going to get. She was in an emotional state and needed someone, and house was there for her. I think now she is paying him back – seeing him in his weakness and vulnerability. There is no way he can reject her at a time like this. Also I think what happened in the last episode with Hana, really shook cudy and was a wake up call for her – she realizes that he did change, that dispite what she says, she does love him after all – I mean come on – its obvious she loves him, she’s the only one sticking up for him, defending him etc…
      however, since its too good to be true – I don’t believe its going to be a happily ever after. They might feel awkward again when house resumes to his old self. But I definitely believe it was not a dream, was not a hallucination, it was a moment of truth. Where both characters were in a vulnerable position and acted upon it. The kiss isn’t that weird – they’ve kissed before. The question is, like cuddy herself says can we make this work. Can we look past the pain we’ve caused each other and build a mature relationship. Cuddy and lucas is never going to happen. Though I happen to like lucas. House and cuddy can work- it wont be a romantic relationship but it will be something.
      [A side point – I had this whole ending in my head, where house and cuddy end up having an affair (and this situation can very possibly lead to it), cuddy gets pregnant, has a baby and the baby is sick/deformed/has a disability. This forced them to move in together so they can look after the kid. Then we see house dealing with a kid who is like himself – has a disability and they both struggles to make this kid normal. I think this is a nice way to move things since them “falling in love living happily ever after” is not likely. Having a twist of a challenge is what house thrives on so I think it’s a good idea.
      But anyway- I’m not the one writing the script…

  2. I actually hadn’t really read all of what the writers announced about the episode so I really didn’t know for a fact that they said House and Cuddy were going to give it a go. I just thought they said that it wasn’t a hallucination and that was it. So cool! I really want House and Cuddy to give it a go. I think they are perfect for each other and, although they may go back and forth between being happy and unhappy, it will ultimately be a blissful union. I think House and Cuddy will make a much better couple than Lucas and Cuddy… Lucas was never really good enough for her in my eyes. He is just kind of grungy and, although he is smart, he is no House. House is one of the most prestigious doctors in the country, and Cuddy, one of the best deans of medicine and most strong women I’ve ever seen in a character before (and she will have to be an extremely strong woman to be able to put up with House). Anyway, I was wrong, then… I admit it and am happy to! :-)

  3. By far the best episode on television that i have ever seen in years. These guys can act and thank god for House for stopping me from watching all that reality crap on tv.

  4. The finale is showing in New Zealand next week and we are dying (not a crappy pun) to see it! They wouldn’t even show us a preview for next week in the episode last played because the networks here know how fanatical House fans can be.
    But from what we can glean from this review… can’t WAIT!
    Thank God Cuddy is getting rid of Lucas. He was cool until he took House’s woman.

  5. that kiss at the end was so hot like i wish it intensified more but still. i’ve been waiting 6 seasons for that kiss and i finally got it! definitely made my day

    • any kiss they share (real or otherwise) is brilliant in my book. Any scene with those two have a small nuclear detonation of chemistry. Seriously.

      The one scene I really wish were real was House’s fantasy of conducting a DDX while Cuddy strips for him. I really think in House’s mind that’s heaven. He hit the trifecta – woman he loves stripping for him while they both diagnose a patient. Screwed up yes, but still, funny.

      Can’t wait for more scenes like that. I really wish they would have a scene where House gets ‘the epiphany’ while sleeping next to Cuddy or while they are in the middle of the naughty business. Imagine the look on Cuddy’s face. Or the jokes about who’s the actual boss. Makes my heart smile.

  6. i love House.., this is the best ending ever from all of the season so far…, can’t wait for the 7th season :) i’m a med student too and i really love this TV series.., :)

  7. im not a med student im an architecture student and i love house, the truth spoken, the world by the eyes of a genius man, and the suffering that make this man also a human, i can only repeat my self, i love House

  8. Okay something that didn’t make sense in that first episode of the new season. The ER and everything was going to be shut down because there was no neurologist on the premises. Dr. Forman is a neurologist so why did they claim there was none? He is simply a neurologist on a diagnostics team. I didn’t get why he couldn’t just say he was, rather than having Chase lie.

    • The hospital required a neurosurgeon on the premises. Not a Neurologist. Foreman is not a Neurosurgeon.

  9. If House’s Team says, “Bring me a Crash Cart!” one more time in front of: friends and family of the patient, and the patient, then I’m going to contact the network. Come on people. Do you really think “Crash Cart” is appropriate? Just because that is what it is doesn’t mean the medical teams need to call it that in front of patients struggling in respiratory arrest. Call it the “Ice Cream Cart” or something else. Is putting more fear into the patient and their family/friends necessary or even ethical?