House M.D. Loses Jennifer Morrison

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 4:16 pm,

News on the street says that Jennifer Morrison, who plays Cameron on Fox’s House M.D., has filmed her last scene for the show earlier this week. That scene will air in November.

Details are sketchy but it’s said that she didn’t quit but that her exit was a creative decision made by the producers.  Dang, that gets me wondering about Cameron and Chase…

Details or odd clues from this scenario are:

  • She was not at the show’s premiere screening in Hollywood
  • Cameron will not be killed off
  • Chase is not leaving the show
  • The door is open for guest appearances

It’s all odd, considering she didn’t quit.  I’m curious if she ticked someone off somewhere in the food chain above her?

I’m not sure I’ll miss her, but you best enjoy Cameron’s presence while you can, House fans.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. i really liked her.but they haven’t really been using her much.she had glorified comeo’s at best last season.ether give her a bigger roll or let her go be a star some where else.

  2. What a waste. I liked her character much better than 13. She is cuter, too. ;)

  3. I’m really not surprised. She’s been getting less and less screen time over the past year. Looks like the producers want to go in a different direction with the show.

    I do wish her the best in her future endeavors. She is quite talented and won’t be out of work for long…

  4. I am really going to miss Cameron’s character on House. I always thought of her as a role model for females and the role they can play as a real female doctor in a male-dominated job field. So Sad.

  5. While there are decisions I’ve never understood about the series, I did like Cameron and her POV. Though her sense of right, dignity and morality were often targets of mockery, there was an undeniable chemistry between her character and House. She has been underused and misused since season four – despite billing in the show titles. Too bad they decided to let Jennifer Morrison go as opposed to ’13′ (aka TV’s version of Megan Fox).

  6. Thats a bummer, but I when this season started it seemed like they new a new opening (at least they didn’t have the same credits). I didn’t really give it much thought. I liked her in the show, I didn’t like how she changed her hair. I like how she use to be. Oh well. Maybe she well do more video games! (with the good hair)

  7. i had a feeling something like this would happen; i’m actually surprised that jesse spencer and jennifer morrison didn’t just quit after last season had barely any scenes with chase and cameron in it. :S
    but still, despite the fact that i don’t like cameron, the show will be weird without her. :S
    i really hope this isn’t the downfall of house :/

  8. I doubt she pissed anyone off enough to get canned, one would assume if that happened something would also happen with Chase (what with them being married and all… solidarity man!).

    I think perhaps she’s just got other things on her plate and can’t commit as much to what is essentially (now) a bit part.

  9. Loyal from the beginning, I even went to the Emmy Awards to cheer the House team on. I’m not watching it again. They promised Cameron and Chase would be back again. It’s the only reason I’ve kept watching. This is BS! :-(

  10. It’s not a big loss considering she’s hardly on the show anymore. She gets 5 min max of screen time each episode.

  11. Anyone who watches House for Cameron and Chase… Better not have an opinion about Morrison’s leave and go watch Grey’s Anatomy instead.
    She was a great character, together with Wilson a direct opposite to House, and yes, prettier than 13, but it was her time to go, like M-Cat said. I don’t think they want to change the show, I think after this season’s premiere episode they’ll all go back to solving medical puzzles.
    It wouldn’t hurt to change the show’s leader though… It hasn’t been quite that accurate for a while now.

  12. can you imagine a nice house?? off narcotics?? not a total duech to wilson 24 hours a day?? he’ll probably sleep with cameron and ruin their relationship… (cause he didso with every one else) i hope he doesnt settle for i cant find the answer and i should let it go like the premier taught him!
    the premier was a total 180 on houses mental thought process.. i hope they leave his character alone at least until they announce a final season.

    that pain med thing bothers me though.. that seems like a problem they to easily solved.

  13. Just when she, Chase, and Foreman were supposed to be back together full time, after 2 semi-dreadful seasons, they do this.

    Jumped the shark.


  14. Heath
    they jumped the shark by getting rid of a character? That’s a very weak argument – fail.

  15. While I feel bad for the lovely actress Jennifer Morrison, I never found her character Cameron particularly interesting (on the contrary, I often found myself annoyed by her — and this past season was no exception, with what she kept doing to Chase *eye roll*), so in that sense, I’m not really terribly sad to see her character go.

    However, I’m also weary of the heavy emphasis on Thirteen’s character, not because I don’t like her character, but because I feel like the writers are focusing on her SO MUCH instead of giving any of the other actors decent storylines. That’s boring to me. The original team feels all but forgotten; even Foreman has become a dull shadow of his former self. With Cameron’s role gone (or used only for occasional visits), it feels like more emphasis will go on Thirteen, given that she’s one of the only female characters left on the show. That’s a bit frustrating.

    I like when the other characters are given stories of their own. And I like when House meddles in their personal lives. When done well, it can be riveting to watch.

    Case in point: I loved in the early seasons when we got to see Chase’s relationship with his father (contrasting Chase’s relationship with House). Taub is a fascinating character played by a talented actor, and he got some decent story arc here and there. I liked the way Foreman used to struggle with not wanting to become like House (even though he already was the most like House). And I hear via an interview with Hugh Laurie that Jesse Spencer (Chase) does some terrific work in an upcoming episode. Great! I can’t wait to see it.

    No matter what, I really did like the season premiere. And if the cast gets whittled down here and there, I hope that will mean that the remaining characters will be given exciting, dramatic things of their own to do this year. Otherwise, I may not continue to watch the program. I know it’s called ‘House,’ but the other characters are part of the foundation. It’s important to give them something more interesting to do besides stand around and watch House or comment on his behaviors.

  16. Alan said: “She’s been getting less and less screen time over the past year.”

    This is another reason why I’m not heartbroken that the character is leaving the show. We barely saw her last year, except for the most forced bits and pieces, no real substance to her story, so what will I really be missing? I had hoped that the return of the original team this year would mean a return to a more natural, well-rounded story arc for the characters involved, but if they’re not going to give her much to do, maybe it’s best that the actress be given opportunities to shine elsewhere.

  17. Hey all,

    The odd part was that the news at the last half of last season was that they were going to give Cameron more “front” time this season. Come out from under the shroud of background filler.

    This is an odd way to give her “front” time!

  18. An excellent point, Bruce.

    Then again, maybe that was their initial intent — to bring her back to the forefront — but when they sat down to actually write it, perhaps they found that ignoring her character all last season made things much more difficult in terms of reincorporating her. Or in terms of finding room for her as a character on the show when the other two female roles are already going to need the screen time (Thirteen with her illness, and Cuddy with… whatever they plan to do with her as an individual character and in her complex relationship with House).

    I don’t know. It’s baffling, it really is.

  19. Personally, I feel they did all they could with those characters. I mean yes, they could have been developed more, but I find recurring characters tend to get stale after a while and changing things up after the 3rd season seemed to be an interesting thing to do. Cameron seems to have gone right through her character arc to the other side where she can finally commit to someone, this cumulated in her and Chase getting married. That, I feel is all that is needed.

  20. not too sad about cameron leaving.. show was getting too mushy anyways. got tired of all the “aww look how cute cameron and chase are” crap.

    the VICODIN thing does bother me. But if the writers were intelligent (god willing it is fox after all…but they did do a second x-files movie so my faith in them has lapsed) they’d know that anyone whos anyone thats taken drugs is always addicted to them. I know people that have taken vicodin for a typical broken arm and a year down the line if you mention it their eyes light up. its hard to give up a good thing. and if house does get all shiny and happy the show will tank and end this year just like ER’s ratings PLUMMETED and so did the Xfiles after they got all cute and cuddly and less edgy and sexually explicit.

  21. @That Guy

    “they’d know that anyone whos anyone thats taken drugs is always addicted to them.”

    I’ve known people who have been and are now no long addicted to drugs. And I’m talking stuff like herione or oxycontin. Granted, were they ever to take the stuff again, there’s a good chance they’d relapse, but the trick is simply not taking it again and most of the people I know have been perfectly able to lead happy lives without even hardly thinking about the stuff any more.

    And remember, there are different kinds of addiction here. You say you know people whose eyes light up at the very mention of vicodin. That suggests they’re simply after the effects of it, not that their body craves it. That’s the same as mentioning chocolate to someone since people like the taste of chocolate, so they’ll crave it.

    What House had though, was something very different, he’d taken Vicodin for so long that it was no longer about pain management anymore, but instead was to do with making his body feel normal. His body had adapted and become dependant so much on the vicodin that he’d experience extreme withdrawal symptoms if he didn’t take them and the only way to feel “normal” again was to take vicodin. At this point it was no longer a mental addiction, but a full addiction and that’s what the rehab process was meant to deal with, which it did.

    As such, House is now free from his full blown addiction to Vicodin and while he may still crave it, he can function perfectly without it and won’t seek it out since he’d hit rock bottom with it and knows where that path leads, which is all any addict is after.

  22. I really don’t think they will change House’s curmudgeonly brutal character at all. If anything, without V he should be more cranky. Can’t wait to see more Chase with or without Cameron. Funny though, unless I missed it, the premiere didn’t address it and his mental recovery didn’t talk at all about his (not) dealing with the death of Kal Penn’s character whatsoever.

  23. Good point Leech – You didn’t miss it. It wasn’t even a blip on the radar! Interesting, and good catch!

  24. They did mention Kutner, just not directly by name. In fact, they mentioned him and Amber — the doctor played by Andre Braugher (spelling?) said something to House about how he lost two colleagues. I can’t recall what he was trying to address with House in the moment so I can’t provide a direct quote, but I distinctly remember him mentioning that House lost two colleagues, becaues it gave me pause in the moment. But beyond that, no, they really didn’t address it in any substantial manner.

  25. Sherry’s right, the exact quote, right at the beginning of the episode when House asks to be let out of the clinic:

    “But you’ve been abusing Vicodin for years. Never had delusions, never had trouble sleeping, never had any problems other than narcissism and anti-social behaviour, until two colleagues died.”

    Essentially he was saying that Kutner dying was a huge problem in his life (one of many) that he never looked into, but instead hid it with Vicodin.

  26. Good catch guys!
    It was such a quick reference, I glazed over it when they didn’t dwell on it!

  27. Thanks for the exact quote, Joshi!

    Bruce, I think I dwelled on it in the moment because I found myself wondering, “Two colleagues? Kutner’s one; who’s the other?” And it took me a couple of minutes before I remembered Amber (shame on me). *covers face* I’m an idiot.

    But yes, it would have been nice if they’d explored that further in the episode. I thoroughly enjoyed House’s sessions with the doctor. I thought the two actors played off each other really well.

  28. @sherry

    Yeah, that’s why I noticed it too, I was trying to figure out which two colleagues (even though Amber was never technically a colleague, just a “Doctor Idol” contestant until she was voted off).

    I really hope House continues to see the psychiatrist. I agree, their scenes together were great and House is by no means cured, so hopefully the rest of the next season will have little scenes of them having more sessions.

  29. done w/ house she is the best part of house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!