Jennifer Morrison Returning To ‘House’ For Closure

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For fans of the hit Fox show House that were less than happy with the sudden and lackluster departure of Jennifer Morrison and her character Allison Cameron, you now have something to get excited about as Morrison has stated that she’ll be returning to the show – albeit temporarily and for the last time.

Says the actress,

“The audience is going to get the information they were looking for.”

While no specific dates have been announced for Cameron’s triumphant return, Morrison did say that it’ll happen next season during a ”really smart episode.” That doesn’t help much, as I could use the term “really smart” to describe most episodes of House.

When we previously announced Morrison leaving the show, there weren’t many details explaining the reason for her departure. We now know that Morrison did not choose to leave. In fact, if it were her choice, she would never leave the show.

“I love the show, and I love [Cameron.] Under no circumstances would I ever decide on my own to leave.”

“[Exec Producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs] came to me as we were leading up to episode 8, which is the episode where I left  and said, This is where we see the show creatively going, and [we're writing you out]. And they very generously said, We wanted to let you know so you knew you were available for other things, should they be offered. As far as I knew, there was nothing more.”

While I’m sad to see Cameron go, the producers have more or less pushed her character to the side so much in the past couple of years that her departure doesn’t bother me as much as it would have if she’d departed in the first couple of seasons. Still, the way in which her character “left” was poor writing at best.

The whole “Cameron just left” angle is something that’s used when actors suddenly leave a show or are fired and the writers have to scramble to plug the hole in the story. When you’ve got an actress that loves the show, her character, and is willing to give closure to her character, do it… and you can tell that Morrison most certainly loves the show.

“[Working on House has] been the most incredible blessing I could ever imagine,” she says. It’s been the most incredible people to work with and the most incredible character. But I have to respect the producers’ ideas of where the story is going.”

What do you think? Are you happy Cameron is coming back – even if it is just for a short time? What do you think about the way her character left? Would you be content leaving it the way it is?

Speak up now, before I give you Interferon for your inability to comment. (There is one thing I’ve learned from HouseInterferon fixes everything.)

Catch House Mondays @8PM on Fox.

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  1. Granted, “She just Left” was lazy writing (although one might argue the lead up to her leaving made it justified), but “The audience is going to get the information they were looking for.”… um, what information would that be? Something to do with her feelings for House or that big bad secret she's been hidin… nope, wait, as far as we know there is no big secret… what information?

    Honestly, it'll be nice to see her back, but I got all the closure I need really.

  2. Having Cameron left again at the end of the episode is going to make things worse for her fans that miss her terribly.

  3. Thanks so much for this article! House is my favorite TV show and Screen Rant never covers it. I am glad to see Cameron come back for some closure. I had no real big objections to her departure, but I do feel her exit could be a little stronger, if that makes sense. I am surprised to learn that she didn't want to leave though. I had no idea. Anyway, hopefully this in an indication that Screen Rant will be expanding its House coverage!

  4. House is one of my most favorite shows, and to see them just “write off” Cameron like that was disapointing. It was like Cutner's SPOILER(even though it's from awhile ago) death/suicide. That felt wrong to me, to just all of a sudden decided that he suffered from depression and just killed himself. Even though I didnt particulary care for this new team, Cutner was still my favorite out of all of them.END SPOILER

    Then, when the episode that Cameron just left, it felt like the Cutner episode all over again, except with a character who was part of my favorite team.
    I hope this “really smart episode” doesnt involve her character getting sick and having to come to the hospital, but end up dying. At least think about it and come up with a good story for her departure.

    And I'm gonna agree with neontiger21. It's nice to finnaly see some House coverage here at Screen Rant. I hope this means we will be getting some more, but I can understand if not. House, to me, isnt as big of a show as it used to be, and there's more new shows out there that you guys need to cover, but an article every now and then would be nice. :)

  5. House still rakes in around 13 million viewers each week. I'd that's that's good enough to throw some coverage its way.

  6. I LOVED the Cameron character and Chase and wish they would remain, in fact, the original characters had sooo much personality that each episode I am hoping to see them return, permanently!! Probably Chase will be next to go, he doesn't look too thrilled to be working with House again, and Cameron and he were so great together. I will miss both of them.

  7. i too would like to see some more house coverage

  8. I'm confused. Every other spoiler I've read said that she'd be back before the end of THIS season, now you're saying it's not until NEXT season? Clarity, please! This is heart-wrenching enough for Cameron fans already.

  9. Glad to hear that Jennifer is coming back. Cameron should be written back in. She is much better that Olivia.

  10. CAMERON MUST COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THAT THE WRITERS MADE HER LEAVE!!!!! SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SEEN MORE WHEN SEASON 6 CAME AROUND!!!!! I THINK SHE NEED TO COME BACK AFTER REALIZING HER MISTAKE AND RE MARRY CHASE!!!!!!! I HATE THE WRITERS OF HOUSE FOR THAT… BUT LUV THEM OTHERWISE. BRING CAMERON BACK!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love the show House, but the producers have really screwed this one up. Bring back Jennifer Morrison and GET RID OF MICHAEL WESTON AS LUCAS!!! What were you thinking replacing the only sentimental, sweet and kind person on the show with a vindictive, obnoxious and overall insignificant character? You've really stacked the characters on one side of the spectrum, now Cuddy and Wilson are the only ones left to really offer opposing viewpoints.

  12. House will never be the same without Cameron. She is just what its missing.

  13. House will never be the same without Cameron. She is just what its missing.

  14. House will never be the same without Cameron. She is just what its missing.

  15. I wish they would bring Cameron back.She was good

  16. I’m sorry to see her go. I love her character and she seems like a sincerely nice person.

  17. I love Cameron I wish she come back for good, she was one of the reason why I follow the show, without her it is like something it is missing

  18. I don’t get why they see the show creatively going in a different direction, write her out, and then replace her with another female who’s practically the same character, except she has some sort of long-term disease. They could have just given the disease to Morrison and left the rest the same. Sounds like a stupid decision on the part of Katie Jacobs.

  19. heyyy!!!!! jen should have returned as the new dean of medicine instead of foreman…did you see this one coming?? xD

  20. Cameron should come back and end up with house because that was the reason i started to watch house to see them end up with each other but they never did bring back cameron.

  21. I don’t know how I feel. Yes it was poor writing for her ending but I at times get scared what if Jennifer is the Megan Fox to House. You know, what if Jennifer isnt exactly a sweetheart and the producers just didn’t have the heart to tell her or fans that. I’m not saying that she is a b**** but to just up and fire an employee and not tell them the reason as to why your removing them from the show is odd and unprofessional. But also no offence to the rest of the cast of House but it was slowly going down hill when they switched the team. With Olivia Wilde is was ok but once you literally don’t reconize the cast you lose interest and thats what I lost whenI saw the 3rd replacements, the 3rd team that took over, it was just ackward. I hear of actors/actress who let it get to their heads. But than again if she hadn’t been written off, she wouldnt be the daughter that saves the fairytale characters from Once upon a time. But most likely if you hear of problems she might have with the once upon a time cast and workers than you know its her who has the problem. But so far I haven’t heard of anything. And I hope I don’t hear of anything. But it seems sh likes to date her co stars which shouldnt be allowed unless you know if it werent to end, you can still be friends and work together.

  22. My last Comment didn’t make sense, so I’m rewriting it. Jennifer Morrison was written off unprofessionally but what if she were to have done what Megan Fox did. She allowed it to get to her head and disrespected her director. I guess although I love Jennifer Morrison I get scared that the reason for her getting fired is maybe because she wasn’t respectful but the writers and directors didn’t have the heart to let her and her fans no that. But like they said, no one not even Jennifer understood the reasons for her removal. But I wonder if her breakup with co star Jesse Spencer has to do with it. She needs to take a break from dating, woman are too dependent on men. She seems to have dated not so long after their engagement ended, wonder if it was too much for Jesse.

  23. get doctor cameron back on the show she was one of the best doctors on the show she was there when it bstarted and she should still be there now

  24. The show lost Cameron and essentially Chase when they wrote Morrison out of the script. Chase become virtually second tier without any personality after she left and the show really needed the relief of all the nastiness with this pair. House was a favorite show of mine for years, but I won’t even watch the reruns. Dr. House’s character got just more mean and more self-centered. I no longer felt invested in any of the characters and frankly just did not care any longer.

  25. As far as I’m concerned the writers ruined the show when they started changing actors. The original team was what I enjoyed, All the original team.

  26. I’m excited to see Cameron leave because the producers weren’t adding anything to her character anymore I.e. she still had a thing for House and her dead husband, she still was a goody too shoes to the point that it got annoying…I was ready for her to leave and the other two it’s only so many times I can hear it’s Wilson’s disease time to shake it up for the better