‘House at the End of the Street’ Spoilers Discussion

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House at the End of the Street 2012  House at the End of the Street Spoilers Discussion
While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our House at the End of the Street Review, this is the place where you can discuss House at the End of the Street spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate House at the End of the Street for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film!

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  1. Maybe there’s really a face on the tree (well i couldn’t see it yet) but only those who tried to really see what’s in front of them could see it. It’s like a secret that everyone could reveal if they’re really focus. It could be that Ellisa dropped a tear at the end when her mum said “it just a tree” because not everyone could have the same view as her and Ryan. (she understands ryan.)


    The tree with face, is just a lie. It might be that Ellisa just supported Ryan (but it didn’t seem so, right? I am pretty much sure, she really could see the face). And if the face on the tree thing is just a lie, she cried at the end bcs she should just say that she didnt see any faces, and probably all those incident could never happen, bcs she cant be carrie ann, as she doesnt really see what ryan actually see.

    lol this is a mess.

    • She says it’s a face before he does.

    • I didnt see the face there either. But I do believe Elissa seen the face on the tree. It means that Ryan was hiding a secret and if you look closely every one has two sides to them

    • THE TREE HAD A SMALL FACE….it was peeking thru the crack in the middle of the tree…how did u miss it!??

  2. I really liked that movie. Not SO scary but i liked the story line and felt really sad for ryan – even though he is a psychopathic killer; it’s kinda sad.

  3. The tree part, elissa is the one that was like ‘Omg it’s a face’.. He didn’t say it first so she couldn’t have just gone along with it.
    With that said, my take on it is that, there was a face on the tree, but we couldn’t see it because we weren’t looking closely enough (metaphorically speaking cause I highly doubt there really was a face) and that’s why we just went along believing Ryan was the good guy, but she was a good observer and so she figured it out hence she was able to see the face.
    Her mum not being able to see the face and saying that she only saw a tree is to show that some things are better left unstudied, because you might analyse it and end up preferring what you didn’t discover.
    Just my take on it, hope I make sense aha

  4. the movie was mysterious
    i feel bad for ryan, he had no way of controling himself. he did everythinhg because he loved his sister and needed her, apparently. i want to shout out to jennifer and say keep up the good work ur my fav actress and ur such an inspiration!

  5. The tree actually had a face.
    It was a giantic face in middle of it, but there is a streched image of a face on the right side. I thought it was a skull image at first, and i think that is why jennifer was crying at the tree scene. Because, she realied its a skull not a face.

    • Hehe now that I read this I see it. Though at first I mistook the skull’s eyes and nose for eyes and an open mouth. Truthfully, that face would have been much creepier…

  6. Ok, you are all wrong. I just watched this movie with my buddy, he didn’t hear any of the movie and only watched about half of it. We both get it from the first run through. Carri Ann died when she fell off the swing. They buried her then made Ryan act like Carrie Ann because it was his fault. To explain where Ryan went the parents and the cop said he went to live with his aunts. The cop was covering because otherwise the parents were going to tell people he was a meth addict like them. Ryan finally went crazy from the mental abuse and physical abuse and snapped killing his parents like you see in the beginning. He did this when he was 13 and then “ryan” magically came back from his aunts after the cop “drove 3 hours” to tell him about their deaths. The cop was still covering because he didn’t want to be found out about being a meth head. The first carrie ann was a girl ryan kidnapped and drugged with sleeping drugs to keep her calm. She escaped and tried to get help, she wasn’t crazy, nor retarded. She just was drugged and needed help. The first carrie ann was killed when ryan snapped her neck so he kidnapped the penn state chick. Elissa found out and the rest is history. Ryan killed the penn state chick and was gonna make elissa his new carrie ann but the mother came and elissa fought back. The cop got killed because he didn’t know ryan had been kidnapping chicks and making them into carrie anns. He was stabbed multiple times in the gut, hence dying. The very end was just showing that the parents treated ryan like carrie ann. Oh and there is a skull in the tree…
    This isn’t a complicated movie…but a very good one!!!

    • All true, but the drugs could be Heroin than Meth because the mom looked more tired than jittery. Meth can be smoked with tin foil, but experiencing and knowing love ones,I’m sure it was Heroin. Unless it says somewhere on a movie website the parents used meth.

    • wow thanks. wasnt really payin attention while watchin the movie. n was so confused at the end. but ur comment cleared everything up. good plot but think it couldve been better.

    • Omg“ idiots” just made the movie better I didn’t even know what was going on now I do thankx

    • I don’t understand how the cop was blamed for drug use? What brought that part out?

    • Right I understand all of that but what about the pregnancy test is the bin… That’s what confused me

      • Not a pregnancy test — Acuvue box was the blue contact lenses.

    • agree with all except cop being meth head because i saw no evidence of that. looked several times. dad and mom used drugs. dad buried carrie anne. i suppose because they were worried that their negligence and drug use would come out. carrie anne/ryan killed the parents. they drugged him, dressed him, confused him. somewhere in that haze he snapped. when you go back and view the beginning after knowing the truth, you can see the maleness of killer carrie ann/ryan. cop stood up for him because he was doing his job and probably felt bad for what he thought was a kid who had been sent away and lost his parents.

      • Why do all the carrie anne’s have the same dress?

    • how many carrie anne’s did ryan kidnapped?

  7. The face is (I think) in the crack of the tree it´s like there´s a guy inside looking at you from the inside.. You can see the right side of the face. Is that it or am I just tripping..lol?

    • I agree!! I saw the fave in the crack of the tree

    • There was no pregnancy test in the bin, there was just an empty box of tampons and a box of blue contract lens

  8. I dont think ellisa ever saw what ryan saw in the tree i believe like her mom said that she always try to make people better like a project i feel like she only went along with him to make him happy and when her mom said at the end that she didnt see anything it made her realize that its her mom who she was close to they saw the same things and it made her cry..her mom was right about ryan the whole time and she now realizes now and see a whole different view

    • She said “its a face” before he does. therefore she wasn’t going along with anything he said.

  9. ok so i just watched it and me and my mom debated about the tree thing cuz i saw a face and she didnt but my theory is that the tree is where they buried the girl and Jen’s character realizes this at the end of hte movie and thats why she cried..but idk.. its just a theory lol

  10. The cop was a meth addict too. He made two comments that I think some people missed that explain a few details of the movie. He lied about “driving 3 hours to tell Ryan his parents were killed”. Ryan never left to live with some old aunt because his parents died. That was all a lie so the cop told that lie because he was also a meth addict and was covering for what he knew really happened to Ryan. (That the method parents pretended Ryan was Carrie Ann so they wouldn’t get busted for neglecting her. They pretend Ryan is Carrie Ann and lie about Ryan being sent away. The other thing the cop said when Ryan was gonna kill him was something to the effect “Ryan, I always stuck up for you” or something to that effect. He knew Ryan was screwed up in the head because of what his parents did to him and he knew Ryan knew that the cop knew the real story- so they both had an unspoken agreement to cover for each other. The cop was creepy from the beginning. These two little lines he said show so much more of the story. As for the sleeping bag in the woods, I’m sure Ryan would sometimes spend nights out in the woods sleeping by Carrie Anna buried body in order to feel closer to her.

    • I agree with the sleeping bag theory.. but that’s it. Is there actual evidence that the cop was a meth addict?? I don’t know why you think he was creepy from the beginning. I think Ryan did live with his aunt for awhile, the reason why he looks so “normal” and when she died he lived back at his house. But maybe always had the phycological man inside of him. I personally didn’t see any connection between the cop, meth, Ryan and Ryan’s parents.

  11. How did the cop know about the family and family’s secrets? He was not in the scene showing the parents doing the drugs nor was ever present anywhere else Ryan’s flashbacks.

  12. I saw the face! Its on the right side looking towards you! My family and I saw more then one but I see the big gave that has two deep black eyes a deep black nose and a deep black mouth. Its kinda creepy. Just pay much attention when she asks her mom what does she see. That’s where u can see it more then when Ryan asks. I really liked this movie. Its a good suspense story. And a new twist.

  13. In one of the flashbacks, Ryan’s dad comes from the woods with a shovel he said “its done” and the mom looks at Ryan. And then the cop comes out of the house and the dad tells him something. And I don’t see the face where the line in the middle counts I see the face looking at you on the right hand side.

  14. Okay so let me get this straight…

    Ryan had a sister, carrie ann (obviously) and she died because of some terrible accident while her partents were doing drugs and ryan was supposed to watch her but didn’t really.. (and now he thinks its all his fault, which would explain why during the movie he keeps saying that it’s all his fault and stuff..)
    so when she died her parents covered it up so no one would find out about it, so my thought they burried her in or under the tree or something.
    then they made up that story about ryan leaving them and living with his aunt, when really ryan never left and his parents made him pretend to be carrie ann. (explains why he is so f***** up in the head) so anyways that ‘girl’ at the beginning of the movie wasn’t carrie ann, it was ryan looking like her because his parents made him to. so he killed them.
    next thing: ryan and elissa standing in front of that tree.
    and he says something like “not everything looks like it seems” which i think, refers to the whole movie, you know..
    RIGHT? please feel free to correct me.

    BUT NOW, what i don’t get..
    that girl trapped in the basement wasn’t his sister.. obviously..
    but who was she? so when he accidently killed her by snapping her neck while she tried to escape he burried her? or what did he do to her?
    and then the next morning when he was in the coffe shop all sad and screwd up.. that girl that brought him the sandwhich and sais it’s on the house was his next ‘fake-sister’ right?
    but how did he get her to be all that creepy and running around trying to kill people?
    and why did he kill her again, dumped her in his rotten car and then went back to make jen he’s new fake sister?
    i’m just soooo confused as f*** right now, like even more than i was before i got here..
    the movie was good though! :)

    • the girl ran away to get help.. she wasn’t trying to kill anyone. she heard jens name on the walkie talkie and she tried to get her help.

    • the girl ran away to get help.. she wasn’t trying to kill anyone. she heard jens name on the walkie talkie and she tried to get her help. hope that clears things up

  15. This movie was pretty good. Had a great suspense feel to it and made sense if you just payed attention or maybe rewinded a couple of parts. Basically what happened was there was this mother and daughter who moved into this house whose next door neighbor was a physcopath. Without her knowing anything the daughter and the phscopath who lived there became colse friends and eventually a couple. The physcopath was this kid named ryan, who lost his sister (a girl names carrie anne) at a young age due to falling off of a swingset and busting her head. She died and was buried by her parents both meth heads who left ryan under the supervision of carrie anne which was a mistake. So they basically blamed him for the loss of their daughter, which wasnt there fault, he was just a kid, they should’ve been more watchful instead of getting high. So then ryan was forced to become the new “carrie anne” by his parents because they missed there child so much. They dressed him up as a girl and called him carrie anne eventually screwing up his head. They abused him whenever he refused to play the “carrie anne role”. Fed up with it he killed both of his parents and was never found out due to a poilce officer who used to smoke meth with the parents. He covered for him because he didnt want to jeprodize his job or reputatuion around the town because he was afraid ryan might tell the whole town. So basically ryan now screwed in the head, living alone in a huge house is mind bent on always having a “carrie anne”. As a child he has to be the carrie anne, now grown up he kidnaps girls and locks them in the basement, makes them look like his sister and basically makes them the new carrie anne. The new girl in town (jennifer) having gotten close to him knows none of this. But her mom has he suspiciouns. Ryan goes through two “carrie annes” having killed one on accident and one to be replaced by jennifer. Eventually jennifer findes out all of his dirt due to a series of events and fights back along with her mom to save there lives from ryan who wants to make jen the new carrie anne because he cant live without her. In the end, jennifer and her mom get away, not without a good fight though. They leave and start a new life while ryan having been shot in the chest mutiple times and hit over the head miricaiously stills lives and is sent to a mental hospital. Over all i give the movie a 7/10, it was a good movie with good acters but not all that scary. More of a jumper with those sterotypical quiet then LOUD sounds at scary momments. More of a thriller. Yet worth a watch no doubt. Great acting i must admit. Pretty good story line to. Some people get confused which is kinda wired, to me it made sense. All you gotta do is pay attention. Lol (;

  16. I didn’t see the sleeping bag scene and I didn’t see where the police officer was with Ryan’s parents. I guess I wasn’t paying attention enough. I never saw the face. My friend was trying to point it out, but I never saw one. I guess you have to a good imagination!

    • I get the impression the face was CA. Her father buried her in the woods after she died. I saw the face before it was pointed out, just saying.

      • agree with all except cop being meth head because i saw no evidence of that. looked several times. dad and mom used drugs. dad buried carrie anne. i suppose because they were worried that their negligence and drug use would come out. carrie anne/ryan killed the parents. they drugged him, dressed him, confused him. somewhere in that haze he snapped. when you go back and view the beginning after knowing the truth, you can see the maleness of killer carrie ann/ryan. cop stood up for him because he was doing his job and probably felt bad for what he thought was a kid who had been sent away and lost his parents.

        • the was “there” initially but once ryan tilts and places her head at the proper angle cg goes in and makes it crystal clear for the viewer.

  17. Hi

  18. Does any one know where Ryan got the first Carrie-Ann?

    • The first Carrie-Ann has absolutely no flashbacks of her own, so there is no possible way of knowing how he got her. I’d say just use your imagination ;)

  19. maybe the big gash in the tree was where his sister flew into it? idk just a theory, i could figure out why else it would be cracked like that

  20. The face is a skull and cross bones on the bottom right hand side of the tree

  21. Does anyone knows what happened to Ryan in the three years between the murder of his parents and when he moves back into he house

    • At the end, there was a flashback where the parents dressed Ryan up as a girl and pretended that he was Carrie-Ann. He said, after his parents called him Carrie-Ann, “My names not Carrie-Ann, it’s Ryan!” So Ryan never left, he was the little girl that killed the parents.

  22. I didn’t get in the movie if the ending was Bryan revealing that there never was a Carrie Ann and it was him all along, or if it showed that Carrie Ann died on the swings and after that he took her place. All I got from that was he kidnapped a random girl and kept her in his basement.

  23. Does anyone knows what happened to Ryan in the three years between the murder of his parents and when he moves back into he house?

  24. She saw the face in the tree, just like Ryan. Her mom couldn’t see it. Metaphorically it’s exactly the difference between her and the townspeople.

    Everyone saw Ryan as a disturbed kid. She saw more than that. Just like most people would dismiss the tree as just a weird looking tree, but she saw a face on it.

  25. First off too many people are calling this a horror movie, its a psychological thriller at best, and that’s stretching it a bit.

    Just to touch on a few points that seem to be the popular focus:

    Yes, the cop (weaver) was aware of what had happened, and was present at the time of the secret burial, which is why he tried to protect Ryan.

    The time between his parents death and his return to live in the house again, he was living with his aunt just as the story said. What most of you are missing is the part where Weaver (the cop) told Sarah that while he was living with her she had suffered from dementia and that he had basically taken care of her while living there until her death.

    His parents forced him to live as his dead sister until he snapped and killed them, then spent 4 years (not 3) taking care of his aunt, all the while feeling the guilt of the accident. Putting all of this together, he was kidnapping girls and keeping as if they were his sister, fulfilling more than one need. First he needed someone to take care of, making these girls become his sister meant he could care for her to make up for the accident. Turning these kidnap victims into his sister was also his way of reclaiming his own identity, if there was a Carrie Ann for him to take care of then he could continue to live his life as Ryan… And no, they do not show where he took the first girl from, it would have spoiled the twist, but if you listened when he was trying to quiet the Penn State girl, he said “she wont tell, she’s not like the others” it makes you wonder if the first girl we knew as Carrie Ann, was actually the first.

    With the sleeping bag in the woods, my guess is that after killing his parents he probably hid out in the woods until Weaver found him and took him to live with his aunt, just a guess. Another thought is, they did live on the edge of a state forest and never actually showed how deep in the woods Alissa was, so it could have just been an abandoned sleeping bag someone left behind while camping, they probably just threw that scene in to make you buy into the possibility that Carrie Ann might be living out there somewhere. Either way don’t read too far into the sleeping bag, its meaningless.

    Lastly the face in the tree: Whether you saw a face or not, there was at least one there, it was nothing more than the metaphor that has been mentioned quite a few times already (Alissa saw more in Ryan that what the other people in town saw). What none of you seem to have seen however, is after Alissa and her mother walk away from the tree at the end they do a slow pan past the other side of the tree and if you look real close and maybe pause the movie at the right moment, there’s a couple, pretty ominous looking faces on the back side (just an Easter egg I noticed when trying to figure out the significance of the tree). I think the tears after asking her mom what she saw, was because she was remembering Ryan as the boy that showed her something beautiful when he showed her the tree’s secret, and not just as the psychopath that tried to kill her…

    and no they didn’t bury Carrie Ann in the tree, the tree didn’t grow around her, it is not her face in the tree. That tree was much too big for it to have been possible, plus when the father came out of the woods with the shovel after burying her, he came from a different direction.

  26. I still have questions. Who is the girl who killed atbryans house? How did ryan live, and how did allyssa’s mom live?

  27. maybe she realized there was no face. maybe she started to cry cz it was a lie, everything was a lie basically

  28. I guess in the first “face” scene, you can only see the “skull” on the right side of the crack. In the end scene with her mother you can “see” two or maybe three faces, depending on how much imagination you have. One is very big with one eye on the upper right side of the tree (the part that wasn’t visible in the first scene), another face on the left upper side (the face is rotated two the left and again only one eye kinda starring at you. If you take that eye you could also imagine someone (an eye) starring out of a hole (not the crack) in the tree (so actually no real face).
    And, of course, it may be possible that there is no face at all, and it’s purely about imagination as some tree trunks offer a lot of possibilities to see “something” (the same as with clouds)

  29. Ryans hot.
    I really dont get the movie at all.
    Time to go watch tom and jerry!