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House at the End of the Street 2012  House at the End of the Street Spoilers Discussion
While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our House at the End of the Street Review, this is the place where you can discuss House at the End of the Street spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate House at the End of the Street for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film!

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  1. I have a question about House at then End of the Street (for someone who has seen and understood the film.) The “first” Carie Ann had her neck snapped as she was running towards the couple making out in their car. We see her carried off from the trunk of a car – did what’s-his-face just dump her body? Then, are we to assume that the girl’s who ID was in the trash was a replacement, and, therefore, the “second” Carrie Ann? Is this the girl we see in the basement room? If so, how did she die (assuming that she was the one we see a bit later in the trunk of the car)? I liked the movie, but I think Jennifer Lawrence could have done just as good a job without the heavy eye make up.

    • Ryan was made to replace carrie anne immediately after the swing accident(which killed her).Ryan- dressed as carrie anne & driven insane by his parents’ abuse, killed them both, then came back as himself, with the implication being that the murderous carrie anne had escaped or drowned.

      Because he was crazy and filled with guilt due to the accident, he kidnapped a girl and dressed her as carrie anne. When sh accidently died, he replaced her with the waitress in the bar. He killed the waitress-carrie anne because there could only be one-and he wanted it to be alissa, after she found out.

    • Yes, we are to assume he disposed the first Carrie somewhere . The second Carrie is the girl from the cafeteria who offers him a slice of pie and a glass of milk and was wearing a Penn state hoodie . Later on when Jennifer Lawrence enters the room where he keeps the Carries you can see the hoodie hanging from a piece of furniture.

      • Could it actually be that Ryan didn’t move away with his aunt and actually lived in the woods hence the sleeping bag waiting for the right time to kill his parents ?

    • No, the first CaryAnn we see in present time, is a replacement CaryAnn he already had. The real CaryAnn died. Then Ryan snapped her neck because she wouldn’t shut up when she was trying to run away from him. The girl we see later in the car is really the first CaryAnn and he just never took her out of the trunk. The Penn State girl got away.

      • That’s wrong. Carrie and ryan were on the swings when she flew off and died, he’s sad and blames himself, and his parents are high on meth. The parents burry carrie anne, but can’t handle her loss, probably because of brain damage from the meth, so they start pretending that ryan is carrie anne and they beat him if he says otherwise, driven to insanity (and I think a bit of multiple personality disorder) he kills his parents.he look like carrie anne in this shot because his parents dressed him up and grew out his hair. Then he runs away, maybe to the woods, that could explain the sleeping bags, idk. Then he comes back, but he’s a very damaged person from the domestic abuse, he needs a “carrie anne” I think to prove to himself that he is not carrie anne.the fake carrie anne was kinda insane because she’d been locked in a basement by a creep for and extended period of time… Wouldn’t you be crazy? But she manages to escape, and then runs to get help from elissa because her house is close, but ryan catches her and brings her back.then the same thing happens again, but she grabs a knife to protect herself from ryan…. But he still catches her and accidentally snaps her neck. So he goes and dumps the body. The he gets that blond waitress with the penn state shirt to be the next carrie anne. Then she dies ( it think to allow elissa to be the next carrie anne, but I’m not sure) so he puts her body in the trunk, and that who elissa sees in the trunk. Then s*** goes down, as you know, and the good guys win. The tree is just symbolic, it just shows how people don’t always see things the same way, and how people don’t always see what’s ringht in front of them, it has nothing to do with the plot. It’s a pretty messed up plot, but I thought it was cool. And that’s the best I can make of it

  2. Yeah I just saw it and I feel the same
    really confused
    I like the film but just don’t understand enough of it to love it

  3. Are there ghosts? Or anything of that sort in this movie?

    • No, but it all makes sense at the end

  4. I don’t get what makes the replacement girls so rabid and vicious?

    • because he’s holding them captive and it makes it look like ryan is trying to protect her and the other people by chasing her, but really the replacements are trying to escape because hes holding them captive.

    • I dont really know either, but I’m guessing it’s whatever is in those syringes.

      • You guys, the replacement Carrie-Ann’s are NOT RABID. If you were held hostage for who knows how many years, you would try to attack your abductor each time he came in the room. The first replacement runs to Elissa’s house for help, not to hurt her.

      • What I don’t understand is this-
        1. Why was the cop so adamant about giving Ryan a fair shake of the hand? They never actually connected that, all he said was “After everything I’ve done for you”.
        2. The girl that Ryan had had locked up for year…why was no one looking for her? He was not very suave about getting the Penn State girl, many people were in the diner, so I feel as if someone would go looking for her eventually and it could easily be tracked to Ryan…

        • the cop was somehow connected to the death of carrieann after he says all i did for you it shows a flash back and he comes up on the father after the father barries carrieann and the father says you have to keep it a secret and ryan says the cop was protecting himself not ryan im not surew what the cop had to hise or what he had to do with it maybe he was getting high with the parents?

    • The replacement girls are trying to escape from Ryan. So they look rabid and vicious because the movie makes you think that it was the original Carrie Ann the entire time acting like she had brain damage, but really she died the day she fell off the swing when she was little.

    • The replacement girls are trying to run away from him but he won’t let them.

  5. Why is the first carrie anne so crazy

    • The first “carrie ann” was not crazy, I think she was trying to escape from ryan. Je kidnapped her to replace his dead.sister

  6. ok i admittedly haven’t seen it yet but my mom wont see it with me until she knows the ending. i was just wondering if someone could give me all the spoilers? (After we saw The Woman in Black with the twist ending she hasn’t wanted to watch something that she doesn’t know the ending too -.-)

  7. I’m really confused on the ending of this movie.. can someone help me figure out what it means ?

    • Same here. I’m confused about the ending too.

    • are you talking about the part where he’s in the mental institution?

      • SPOILER

        The last scene in the mental institution reveals that in order to punish him for killing his sister (and/or make up for the hole he put into their twisted lives), Ryan’s parents forced him to “become” her – a replaceemnt for Carrie Anne.

        Hence the revelation that the “girl” we see killing the parents in the beginning of the movie is actually Ryan who has “turned” into his sister. Nice last scene, cos when the movie ended, the one question I had open was “so who killed the parents”, and there it goes, giving me the answer.

  8. Ok so this movie was just crazy, I thought that the guy who was ryan could have done a better job and I am so mad that they never cleared up who the first carrie ann was -_- so mad , I felt this movie had too many holes in it .

  9. What the heck did the tree part mean!?!?

    • Carrie Anne was burrows in the tree

      • she was buried in the tree? What does that mean? Please explain.

      • she was buried in the tree? What does that mean?

    • The tree symbolizes Ryan’s crazy way of thinking. You know how he said “everything has a secret?” and he refers to the tree by saying it has a face? Well in reality it didn’t. Just like he feels the need to have CarrieAnne, he imagines weird things, just like he imagines the a face on tree. The reason why the main character, Alyssa, says she also sees a face was to probably seem like she agreed with him to make out with him and want to get to know him.
      In the end, Alyssa asks her mom if she sees a face on tree. The mom respond that she doesn’t . Alyssa is then happy that the mom is not crazy like Ryan who said he sees a “face” on the tree.

  10. Sorry I mean Buried

  11. I did not understand the VERY ending about the mom bringing out the birthday cake, and the girl(or boy) saying “I’m not Carrie Ann, I’m Ryan!” and then the mom slapped him/her. Does that mean it was Carrie Ann or Ryan???

    • Carie Ann died when she fell of the swing. Their mom was a wacko and made Ryan be Carrie Ann. So she dressed him up in her clothes and everything. Their mom was convinced it was Ryan’s fault she died so she did that to him. He wouldn’t listen so she sent him away. Then when he got back, he killed them.

      • No they didnt send him away! They probably just told people that and said he was at his aunts. Since the neighbors only saw him with a wig on they figured carry ann was still alive and thats why when he killed his parents they said carry ann did it and he probably just went back to being a boy again so he wouldnt get in trouble.

  12. the parents blamed Ryan for Carrie-Anne’s death so they made him become Carrie-Anne. That’s wat the birthday cake scene means. And the patents kept dressing him up as Carrie-Anne and he eventually kills them but everyone thinks its the girl in the beginning who kills the parents. It was Ryan dressed up as Carrie-Anne

  13. Why was the first Carrie ann so crazy? She acted like something was seriously wrong with her, not a normal person who was being held captive

    • It wasn’t really Carrie Ann. It was one of the girls who Ryan made become Carrie Ann and they were trying to escape from him.

  14. She might have been held captive for years and she went crazy

  15. Thanks!so basically Ryan was the killer and the family was all killed by him. Where were the parents buried? Did they just never show it?

  16. I’m confused.. if he kept replacing all of the carrie ann’s then how come they were all crazy? Was it that medicine he put in them?

  17. I think the Carrie Anns were just trying to escape

    • What I dont get is whenever Ryan told Elissa i want you but i cant have both you and carrie ann. Was he trying to make Elissa Carrie Ann now or something? What was he trying to do?

      • At first he wasn’t doing anything to Elissa because he had a Carrie Ann. Then that Carrie Ann got away so he was trying to make Elissa Carrie Ann. He wanted Elissa as a friend… But he need Carrie Ann. So he tried to make her Carrie Ann.

  18. Also were the Carrie Ann’s just going crazy to get away from ryan and every time they got a knife they werent trying to kill Elissa, they were trying to kill Ryan right?

    • Correct

  19. No at the end of that scene it just shows Ryan (dressed as Carrie-) running into the woods and that was it

  20. I understand the whole movie as its now all coming together but one thing I dont understand is why did ryan tell the first carrie anne that there was a new neighbor and to stay away?

  21. This movie was just overall confusing. The first “Carrie Ann” that ran towards the couple in the car was a fake, I believe. Remember when he said that the real Carrie Ann died when she fell off the swing? Anyways, the fake one tried hiding and grabbed the knife because she was trying to get Elissa’s attention. I think he had the baby monitor so she could hear them to know that he’ll have another captive. The first girl was smart enough to put the box under the door, grab the key, and get herself out of there and if it was the real Carrie Ann, she wouldn’t have been so smart because she had “brain damage.” Anyways, I think the syringes contained something to make them sleep because they weren’t so overwhelmed after he gave it to them. But what idiot really walks around someone’s deceased parent’s house looking to find a mystery? But the second girl was from the coffee shop and the ending all made sense at the end. I can’t believe his mother would treat him like Carrie Ann. That’s ridiculous. Ahh, the movie made me feel weird but overall I give it a 3/5.

  22. I’m sorry but that movie was god awful. It was a clever twist with having the Carrie Anns in the basement not actually be Carrie Ann but god was this movie awful. The writing was terrible. A lot of the acting was laughable. Serious moments were more comical than anything. And this movie suffered horribly from “Stupid Horror Character Disease.” At one point, the mother, who hears her daughter screaming downstairs in some strange man’s house just runs past him. Just doesn’t even try to confront him. Then, there is dipstick police guy who now knows that Ryan was lying to him, and instead of calling in back up or I don’t know…TURNING ON THE LIGHTS he walks in to the house and gets himself killed. Meanwhile we have Jeniffer Lawrence breaking through a window with a hammer, and ditching the hammer! How stupid can you be? ALSO, the cop gets killed by one stab wound. One. Okay then. Whatever. However, Ryan gets shot and hit in the face with A HAMMER yet he lives. What??? The ending with the mom slapping Ryan dressed as Carrie Ann shouldn’t have made me laugh but it did. Because it was so stupid and sooooo over dramatic. Also, a roll of toilet paper on fire breaks through a window? Wow….Awful movie.

    • I dont think it was aweful. It had a good twist to it but I do agree with some things you were saying. Like the toilet paper breaking thru the window.

    • Just have to point out that the cop was not killed by one stab. Ryan repeatedly stabbed him (about 10 times or more). That’s pretty realistic lol

    • He didnt die from one stab wound well there was only one but he repeatedly stabbed him in the same spot.

    • Actually, in the uncut version of the movie, the cop gets stabbed several times. (Probably about 20-30) Pretty sure fire can break through glass. The acting was amazing, but I do agree the serious parts were laughable.

  23. Here’s my questions:

    Everyone knows Carrie Ann killed her parents. How? Why was that the assumption? I would have assumed that someone murdered her parents and kidnapped her.

    Also, how did Ryan come back after “living with his aunt”. Did they call his aunt who just forgot he hadn’t been living with her for years? The police officer said the aunt came to live with him at the house and died a little later, how does that work if no one saw the aunt? Did they just let a 16 year old kid chill out in a house by himself?

    • im guessing they told everyone she had brain damage from the whole swing thing and she killed them.and i have no idea about the whole aunt thing

      • The parents made Ryan “become” Carrie Ann. So when he “went away” to live with his aunt, he was actually still there as Carrie Ann. If you remember, everyone thought she died when she was 13, but she really died when she was 6 so for 7 years Ryan was her. Then he killed his parents and made up staying with his aunt.

  24. This movie was so f***** up

  25. Why did Alyssa find colored contacts and a tampon box in the garbage?

    • The tampons were because of the Carry-Anns in the basement and the contacts were because the original Carry-Ann (his actual sister that died in the swing accident) had REALLY blue eyes, so when he was trying to “re-create” her by kidnapping girls he had to make them have blue eyes, otherwise in his mind she wouldnt be Carry-Ann.

    • The parents made Ryan “become” Carrie Ann. So when he “went away” to live with his aunt, he was actually still there as Carrie Ann. everyone thought she died when she was 13, but she really died when she was 6 so for 7 years Ryan was her. Then he killed his parents and made up staying with his aunt.

  26. did the swing hit Carrie-Ann in the head or what caused her to die? the real Carrie-Ann i mean…

    • Cause the real Carrie had blue eyes and he was trying to make the other girls look like her.

    • Cuz the real carrie had blue eyes so Ryan was trying to make the other girls look like Carrie

    • Carrie-Ann died from hitting her head on the ground when she flew off the swing.

  27. The REAL Carrie Anne fell out of the swing and snapped her neck on the ground and died; making Ryan feel responsible which caused the whole thing.

  28. so in other words this movie is sort of a rip of the Messengers, where the old owner killed his family in the house the new family bought. Sounds like the director and writers took the Messenger script and just changed some things around like father became brother, his old house became the neighbors house etc, etc…… Where are the original Horror movies?

    • so if ryan was dressed as carrie anne then who was dressed as ryan…? so there were trying to make it look like carrie anne was still alive but then ryan myseteriosly disappears..? whaaaaaat?

      • No, what happened was that Carrie-Ann died so his parents made Ryan dress up as Carrie-Ann and just said he went to live with his aunt.

  29. So I’m confused about the VERY end (last scene) where Ryan is in the mental hospital (room 101) which I think… was the meaning of that tree…. because it had 101 carved on it? Did Ryan live through the end and Elissa like didn’t know? Or like is that past tense? I understand pretty much everything else…. And I also have the question about why he said to leave Elissa alone in the beginning……

    • After she supposedly fell and became retarded fri. The brain damage, the parents supposedly sent Ryan away to live with an aunt. That’s what the town ppl were told or assumed. But there was no aunt. Carrie Ann died that day of the accident. The parents buried her and tried to turn Ryan into Carrie Ann and explained Ryan’s absence with the “aunt” story. RYAN actually killed the parents because he was pissed that they tried to replace Carrie Ann with him. After killing the parents he was just bat s*** crazy and kidnapped some random girl to be Carrie Ann. I guess she appeared ret*rded from bring locked up for 4 years & wanted to go to the house across the street to get help.

      • she was drugged as well

        • I feel like the carri ann that ryan was taking care of for most of the movie might not have been his victim. Whos to say that there werent many other ‘carrie anns’. It seemed to me that the carri ann we saw esacpe and die in the woods probly died of something drug related considering how often he injected

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