CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

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hourman tv show hourman 570x294 CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

The CW is very clearly in the superhero TV business to stay. Arrow is still humming along, strengthening it’s ties to the DC Universe by adding a slew of comic-based characters to its roster this season, including Barry Allen, who may headline a Flash series for the network next season. Besides that, the former home of Smallville also has a Wonder Woman prequel project in re-development, and now, it looks as if they are ready to add another property to the pile.

Reaching all the way back to the Golden Age of comic books for inspiration, The CW is developing a show based on Hourman (a founding member of the Justice Society of America) with former Ironside creator (is it re-creator when it’s a remake?) Michael Caleo and producer Dan Lin. But while some JSA and Golden Age fans are sure to rejoice over this news, others may be bothered by the apparent direction of the project.

Here’s a brief synopsis.

Hourman centers on a brilliant-yet-troubled pharmaceutical analyst who discovers that the visions that have plagued him since childhood are actually glimpses of tragic events occurring one hour in the future. Determined to win back his ex-wife and son, he heroically prevents these tragedies from unfolding, finding both purpose and redemption along the way.

This project is in the formative stages still, so that synopsis could find itself thrown out of a window before the series makes it to air, if the series makes it to air, but as it stands currently, it’s a bit of a departure from Hourman’s original origin story.

hourman tv show comic hourman CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

In the comics, Rex Tyler is a scientist who creates a formula – Miraclo – that imbues him with superpowers for one hour. Essentially, Tyler creates a PED, but he uses it to thwart crimes as a vigilante, not hit home runs, so we should all be cool with it. Tyler also becomes addicted to the drug, as does his son, Rick, who follows in his father’s heroing footsteps.

The seeing into the future angle isn’t a fresh creation, though, it’s just that it comes later thanks to the third incarnation of Hourman – an android version that gives Rick Tyler an hourglass that allows him to do just that. Right now, we don’t know whether the show will focus on Rex or on Rick.

Again, this is still developing, so many elements from the comic could make their way onto the show, but a show about the moral conflict faced by a scientist who abuses a drug for perceived good while turning himself into a guinea pig and someone who is addicted to the high of helping people and the power that the drug gives him sounds like an awesome TV show that could advance the superhero sub-genre, doesn’t it? That’s not to say that the above synopsis doesn’t map out something with potential, but it also sounds like a super-powered version of Early Edition.

Green Arrow Versus Flash CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

It’s also worth noting that this project has no known connection to Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, who helm Arrow and who will helm the Flash spin-off if it goes to series. Does that mean that an Hourman series would be removed from the Arrow/Flash verse that is currently being carefully constructed?

We won’t likely know with any certainty for quite some time, but the Commissioner Gordon/Gotham TV project that is in development over at Fox and the Hellblazer show in development over at NBC both seem unlikely to be tied in tightly to Arrow and The Flash due to logistical issues, so perhaps this is another indication that DC and Warner Bros. aren’t interested in making a grand inter-connected DC Universe on the small screen after-all.


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  1. DC won.

    • won what? dont be a fanboy…..

      • Sounds more like journeyman or Quantum leap to me somehow !
        So..that’s a good thing :)

        but the people behind,not sure that’s a win !

  2. I was genuinely surprised at how watchable Arrow is, I’m all for DC expanding the universe through more series if they are like this example.

    • I don’t know what Arrow are you watching but the Arrow I’m watching is awfully written and some of the actors are talentless(Oliver included).

      • I’m not saying its the best show in the world but it is a huge step up from something like Smallville and certainly leaps and bounds better than anything I have seen from AOS. It has its down sides and the script isn’t great, the actors are definitely television actors and not movie stars but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is awful.

        • Agreed, i endured trough season one., because some people manifest positive opinion. Overall Was pretty bad and dull. But the season 2 had many improvements: the family drama was dial back , no love triangle yet, and the action still good. Said that, still is a dull show.

        • @Eddie

          Smallville was one of the greatest shows of the noughties sustained over 10 years. Arrow will come nowhere near achieving that sort of status

          • I’m not getting in to a it ran for 10 seasons it must be good, bad shows exist because people will watch sh*t just look at the majority of television shows.

            I thought it was awful, bad script, bad acting, terrible effects, stories ripped off from movies? characters acting in ways completely unrelated to source material and I could go on. That is my opinion, if you liked it good for you but don’t tell me it was good because it was on for 10 years.

            • The reason it ran for 10 years was because it consistently delivered outstanding and excited season premieres and finales. It showed both character development and story progression throughout which is why it lasted so long.

              It also gave us the most exciting version of Superman before Man of Steel of course.

      • I don’t know what show you are watching but Arrow is a good show. Season 2 is much an improvement from season 1.

      • Maybe if you bothered watching past the first few episodes you’d have realized it’s a solid show.

        • The ONLY reason this show goes on it’s beacause it clings on Batman’s enemys which means familiar faces. You try to take those caracthers away and you will see the whole thing fall apart.

          P.S. Now they hint even at Ra’s al Ghul…

          • Right. Now you’re just showing how little you know about Green Arrow, Batman and the DC Universe itself.

          • Boo hoo poor baby needs a change.

      • @Control

        Not sure which Arrow you’re watching because the one I’ve been viewing the past year has been great.

        One episode of Arrow is better than all episodes of Smallville combined in my view.

    • Yes, Arrow was a pleasant surprise. A few things need work, but overall I was pleased. I am actually thinking about buying the series on DVD.

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been squawcking and screaming and yelling and begging and cajoling for months and months (in fact the first and pretty much only one to do it, mostly) for Hourman and Doctor Fate to make an appearance either on TV or in a team-up movie. Is someone finally listening to little old me, a Wal-Mart worker and fanboy from Michigan?! I am pumped! I like the original Rex Tyler Hourman from the Justice Society, and this is a big step in the right direction. Smallville (which I did not like) played around with a different origin of Doctor Fate for one or two episodes, and got most of it wrong (although an honest attempt at a TV costume, surprisingly). Now we just need DC to get Doctor Fate (rebooted to be like the original comics) up and running. Today, Rex Tyler (Hourman)! Tomorrow, maybe Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson)?!
    Here’s hoping!

  4. Hourman? Seriously?
    Not like….the Jack Knight Starman, or The Spectre, or Doctor Mid-Nite, or the Wesley Dodds Sandman, or….anyone more interesting than Hourman?

    • @ Xigbar

      Yeah… a a scientist with a secret drug addiction, some serious family issues, while being a vigilante isn’t interesting at all. I like the Spectre too but I would rather have a film (which of course will never be made) but all of these problems I have presented for Hour-man have never been presented in a world like this before.

      • The spectre animated short with Gary Cole voicing him was awesome. I would love a live action one.

    • Hourman is good. But Dr. Mid-night or Spectre would be OK as well.

  5. Weird… I brought this up a few “open discussions” ago and now here it is being (hopefully) prepared for production.

  6. As dumb as this guy sounds…It might be a good TV show, DC just has what a TV show needs imo.

  7. an interesting choice. I have to admit that while I’m a enormous fan of DC I never really got into Hourman, which is weird because its an interesting story, and brings up some important social issues most notably drug addiction. so I’m defiantly game for it. But am I the only one who is still hoping someone does a Hawkman series. too me he seems far more conducive to a good tv show than Hourman.

    • I don’t think hawkman by himself could carry a series. But I do like hawkman, and would not mind seeing a team-up movie between him, The Atom, and Martian Manhunter…a good cross-section and would introduce a few more JLA characters.

  8. Mr Terrific would make for an awesome show. Such and underrated character.

    • I don’t think Mr. Terrific could carry his own show, either. But to have him show up on someone else’s as a guest star? Hmmmm, maybe….!

  9. I’m gonna wait until more info is released about this show. Not really interested at the premise, as well as the network it’s on.

  10. If they take the original origin story this could be really good. Think about it, this guy takes a pill and gets super powers for one hour. You could almost make each episode real time like they did with 24. This might be worth keeping and eye on.

    • Did you actually read the synopsis though? That’s not what they are doing. They are turning him from “super powers for one hour”, to “seeing visions an hour into the future”. There have been a number of shows in the past that have capitalized on this angle. From “7 days”, to “Early Edition” it’s been used before.

      If they are going to do this it should NOT be called or even related to Hourman.

      • I was kind of mulling that over…I wonder if they could fit in him doing both?

        • No reason why past of his hour of power can’t include visions but if this is just gonna be, “normal guy sees vision and tries for the next hour to prevent it from happening”….I will be passing. Been there sdone that too many times.

          • ack…part = past

            edit! Where’s my edit!?

      • Yeah I read it. I’m just hoping that they see the logic in using the character as intended. I’m not sure if I’d watch another show about someone having visions. Didn’t we cover that pretty well with the Dead Zone?

  11. this has to be one of the worst superhero names ever

    • How about Doorman, Flatman, 3D Man, or Squirrel Girl. Yup Hourman is looking pretty badass now.

      • Squirrel Girl would be a damn catchy title if you ask me.

      • wow hahaa

        • Villains have it worse, Stilt Man, Lady Stilt Man, Kite Man, Crazy Quilt, Leap Frog, Hypno-Hustler and the best one…Armless Tiger Man, who better be in Captain America 3, just saying.

      • Don’t forget the “Folded Man”. ;)

      • Don’t forget the arch villians like Purple Man and Stilt Man. :)

    • Not as bad as PLASTIC MAN! Seriously I’m Plastic Man! LOL…

    • You also can’t forget “Matter-Eater Lad”!

      • ha i did a search for this…his bio states

        “He appears rarely in Legion stories, as the writers struggled with the problem of how to make his power useful in a fight and was routinely written out via a plot device where Tenzil was constantly being drafted into his planet’s political system due to his fame as a Legion member”

        sad hahaa

    • Remember his predecessors from the colonial days? There were 60 of them..they were called “The Minute-Men”.
      (OK, I’ll shut up now….!).

  12. I am willing to give it a shot. Although, it would be quiet interesting to see a super hero who has powers for an hour and the situations that could arise should those powers lapse while on a mission. I also think the idea of the Miraclo drug coming into play and we see in a later season how he could be addicted to it after to using it for so long. I have thought for a few years that a Hourman show would be great. Makes me wander if the addiction to at least something does indeed come into play as the synopsis makes a mention of redemption and to win his family. Only time will tell.

    • This story has been done already in ‘Elseworld:Golden Age’

  13. Could be a fun thing, especially if they green light a Dial H For Hero companion show alongside it.

    • Hosted by Chris Hardwick obviously.

      • Would Hardwick play the main character then? Or do you have no clue what Dial H For Hero is?

        Been struggling to reply to your comment for hours for that reason.

        Dial H is basically a DC comic book where a guy answers a ringing telephone in a phone booth and temporarily gains a random power with the power being different every time he answers it.

        • oops! You’re right, I do not know about Dial H for Hero. I saw the words companion show and immediately thought Talking Dead and Talking Bad. My bad (uh, no pun intended. facepalm. ok, I’m taking my leave now)

  14. Arrow is crap, and good chances this will be. Only reason people follow that show is because they get to see costumed villains they won’t be seeing on the big screen no time soon. The acting is bad, and then plot isn’t all that great.

    • Only reason I watch Arrow is the solid acting and compelling storylines that keep me engaged and glued to the screen right up until the end credits of the episode.

      • How dare you have good taste and back up your taste with facts dazz. I think the haters haven’t seen any of season 2. And tay1 if you think this show sucks but like agents of fail you’ve proven fanbois are the bane of the Internet.

        • Maybe I shouldn’t have said sucked, but it’s not good. People are pumping this show up for reasons I can’t understand. And I think both shows are flawed.

      • Yeah, the acting is crap. The chick who plays Thea is practically unwatchable.

        • and yet, you ARE watching. arrow ftw!

          • No, I’ve watched season 1.

            • you still watched it either way. if you “suffered” thru season 1, you really should check out season 2. it’s even better.

      • (Mmph! Snicker-snort….oh God, a guffaw coming…).

    • “no time soon”…ah…your grammar…it hurts.

      • That’s nothing…you should see his grammpa….!

  15. i know this character was created awhile back but sounds like a cross between Cage in Next and Cooper in Limitless

  16. I’m just ready to see the flash on arrow.

    • Sorry, folks…don’t think Arrow is “flashing” anyone..he just takes his short of sometimes….!

      • “Shirt”, not “short”. Never try to be funny when you are tired!

  17. As silly as his name may be, he is basically the perfect character for a weekly TV show.

  18. i hope they do a team up movie with the minute men *crosses fingers*

  19. Call him Hallucinating Drug-addict Vigilante, put him in street clothes and a ski mask and you got your self a moderately good TV show!(This comment was made for fun)

  20. I searched the word Hourman on Wikipedia…
    But What are the right ways of writing the word?

    the Hour-man is correct, but you may never write The Hour-man? its basically the same!

    Im confused…

    • I believe the comics spell it “Hourman”.

  21. I can’t imagine anyone saw this one coming … including Hour Man.
    Maybe it will do better than the failed Aquaman series.

    Either way, I’m still enjoying Arrow on a weekly basis.

  22. The Sentry was a more interesting character dealing with addiction and mental issues and responsibility. Hour Man is kind of lame compared to other JSA members

  23. So we’re gonna go back to the Golden Age of comics for a TV show and NOT use the Spectre? Good call DC, you’re right; Pre-Cognitive Divorced Pharmacist-Man is waaaaaaay cooler.

  24. I want a team-up movie between Doctor Fate and Hourman. They were buddies back in the old JSA days, like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, or like the JSA Flash and Green Lantern. They had great chemistry together, and fought villains like The Psycho Pirate and Solomon Grundy in the comics. I think you could get a fantastic full-length movie out of these two heroes if done right.

  25. How about a movie for “The Atom”? Ray Palmer, nuclear physicist, could probably be interesting. After all, Ant-Man is getting a movie.

    • DC can’t manage to pull off anything other than Superman and Batman movies so you think a B lister stands a chance? It’s gonna be a minor miracle if they can pull off a JL movie.

  26. And then there is this rumor about The Avenger TV series… no, not that Marvel’s assemble and not that 90′s spy series either.

  27. I’d rather have Spectre but i am ok with Hourman.
    It seems DC wants to attract non-comicbook readers from homes to theaters gaining more popular “DC” name in their heads. They knw that average moviegoer know nothing but Superman and Batman so catching up through TV is not bad strategy. Animations – covered, TV shows – soon will be.
    By the time Justice League comes out people will go not only because of 2 of the most popular but atleast Flash as well. He’ll get his TV time that will result in “+1 famliar hero on the big screen”

  28. It is too bad it would be done on the over dramatic teen drama station know as the CW, the best thing Warner Bros could do is create a new station aimed at a more mature audience with less of the Soap Opera Esq mellow drama.

    They butchered Superman with Smallville and they are doing moderately better with Arrow which is a shame because DC as some great characters. I am always amazed at how great the Animated stuff when compared to most of their live action adaptions.

    There needs to be a station to fill the gap of the SciFi station even though it was not great it was better than the crap “SyFy” they turned it into.

  29. another DC show that will be strictly for TV and have no effect on anything else DC is doing.