CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

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hourman tv show hourman 570x294 CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

The CW is very clearly in the superhero TV business to stay. Arrow is still humming along, strengthening it’s ties to the DC Universe by adding a slew of comic-based characters to its roster this season, including Barry Allen, who may headline a Flash series for the network next season. Besides that, the former home of Smallville also has a Wonder Woman prequel project in re-development, and now, it looks as if they are ready to add another property to the pile.

Reaching all the way back to the Golden Age of comic books for inspiration, The CW is developing a show based on Hourman (a founding member of the Justice Society of America) with former Ironside creator (is it re-creator when it’s a remake?) Michael Caleo and producer Dan Lin. But while some JSA and Golden Age fans are sure to rejoice over this news, others may be bothered by the apparent direction of the project.

Here’s a brief synopsis.

Hourman centers on a brilliant-yet-troubled pharmaceutical analyst who discovers that the visions that have plagued him since childhood are actually glimpses of tragic events occurring one hour in the future. Determined to win back his ex-wife and son, he heroically prevents these tragedies from unfolding, finding both purpose and redemption along the way.

This project is in the formative stages still, so that synopsis could find itself thrown out of a window before the series makes it to air, if the series makes it to air, but as it stands currently, it’s a bit of a departure from Hourman’s original origin story.

hourman tv show comic hourman CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

In the comics, Rex Tyler is a scientist who creates a formula – Miraclo – that imbues him with superpowers for one hour. Essentially, Tyler creates a PED, but he uses it to thwart crimes as a vigilante, not hit home runs, so we should all be cool with it. Tyler also becomes addicted to the drug, as does his son, Rick, who follows in his father’s heroing footsteps.

The seeing into the future angle isn’t a fresh creation, though, it’s just that it comes later thanks to the third incarnation of Hourman – an android version that gives Rick Tyler an hourglass that allows him to do just that. Right now, we don’t know whether the show will focus on Rex or on Rick.

Again, this is still developing, so many elements from the comic could make their way onto the show, but a show about the moral conflict faced by a scientist who abuses a drug for perceived good while turning himself into a guinea pig and someone who is addicted to the high of helping people and the power that the drug gives him sounds like an awesome TV show that could advance the superhero sub-genre, doesn’t it? That’s not to say that the above synopsis doesn’t map out something with potential, but it also sounds like a super-powered version of Early Edition.

Green Arrow Versus Flash CW Developing TV Series Based on DC’s ‘Hourman’

It’s also worth noting that this project has no known connection to Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, who helm Arrow and who will helm the Flash spin-off if it goes to series. Does that mean that an Hourman series would be removed from the Arrow/Flash verse that is currently being carefully constructed?

We won’t likely know with any certainty for quite some time, but the Commissioner Gordon/Gotham TV project that is in development over at Fox and the Hellblazer show in development over at NBC both seem unlikely to be tied in tightly to Arrow and The Flash due to logistical issues, so perhaps this is another indication that DC and Warner Bros. aren’t interested in making a grand inter-connected DC Universe on the small screen after-all.


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  1. Arrow is definitely for the younger crowd just like Smallville. Some of you are teens and young adults and that is who watches these shows and the CW in general. Hourman may do well in this demographic.

    • The arrow killed all of his enemies on the first season, you idea of teen friendly is very old and out of date

    • @Alpine

      I’m 29 and I watch Arrow on Sky1 with Strike Back: Shadow Warfare and the repeat of Karl Pilkington’s Moaning Of Life airing in the 2 hours immediately following the show so that’s a massive, sweeping generalisation of the Arrow audience.

      Hell, the people I talk about the show with (outside of SR) are older than me.

      • No clue why but it seems like a crap shoot as to whether my comments are moderated or not lately.

    • WOW I dont feel any younger as I push 50. While I agree with you in general about the CW I find Arrow a little different.

      I have only viewed up to episode 9 but comparing it with Smallville is a stretch.

      I cant even watch Smallville…..

  2. Funnily enough, I don’t foresee this doing particularly well…

  3. Is there any reason this needs to be made? A character that has never had an ongoing series in comics is being handed over to CW to do as they see fit. Sounds like a perfect fit. CW the lowered expectations channel. Hourman the character noone gives two cruds about.

    This will likely never get made. We are still waiting on Booster Gold to be made. More likely this is just something they will let die in development or make a half effort of a pilot, that people parody forever.

    • Is there any reason ANYTHING needs to be made?

      While a portion of the audience may be comic fans I would venture to guess there are a lot more that either dont or have stopped reading/collecting.

      My wife had NEVER heard of Thor, Justice League, The Walking Dead etc but still enjoys most of the TV shows and movies that are based on comic book properties.

      What you want another cookie cutter hero ala Batman, Superman, or you just want to see popular mainstream heros that are your favorites?

  4. An hourman tv show may motivate writers to put him in the new 52 which is something ive been wanting

  5. This reminds me of the Cape. How did that one worked out?

  6. All right! This is expanding the universe. I’d take this over a Gotham series, or anything else related to Batman.

  7. I just thought I’d say a idea I had that may be along the lines of WBs idea. If I’m right that would be spectacular.
    Arrow introduces Flash and gets his own TV Show. Gotham introduces Batmans universe and in the season before MoS2 batman shows up in the show. This gives the viewers a little idea of who he is before he takes on Superman. By the end of MoS2 Batman and Superman have formed a alliance and decided to ask others to join them. Batman hears of green arrow in starling city and goes to recruit him. But since the writers dont want Arrow in the first JL film he says no. Superman and Batman go to recruit Flash. While recruiting Flash they meet his best friend, Hal Jordan. This opens up a movie slot for Green Lantern, he becomes Green Lantern in the movie and can make a appearance from time to time in the flash tv show. The TV shows Gotham, Flash, and Arrow have the ability to introduce powerful villains and hints that they are teaming up. This then opens up the Justice League film. In the beginning Wonder Woman is introduced along side with maybe Manhunter or Aquaman. Now you have a full team and many villains to throw in there…supreme set universal set up….

  8. Actually that was also Sandman’s power admittedly he only had visions in his sleep, but nothing says this Hourman isn’t a descendant of both and starts off with a variation of Sandman’s power which could be dream related since they haven’t said when these visions occur.

    Could easily use this to set up a JSA group based on the descendants of the WW2 group after having this namesake research into his family legacy and discovering he isn’t the only potential hero/villain and maybe have Vandal Savage as an eventual nemesis since he did try to wipe out the JSA descendants in a JSA series a few years ago…

    Could even have a Black Canary crossover of sorts even if its just having a certain former Mrs Laurel Lance from another DC hero based series, well there’s more room for a certain River Song actress to pop up in!

  9. If they do a 1930′s era Hourman as the original was intended I think it could be quite good. Although this depends as always on the writing and direction not to mention who they chose to play him

  10. Wasn’t it the Crimson Avenger who was inspired to become a crimefighter because of a vision of the future of Superman battling Doomsday and told that CA’s actions might prove vital to whether that hero would survive his battle with Doomsday?

    So Superman was inspired by the JSA and one of the JSA was inspired by Superman!


    why couldnt it have been this?