Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 30, 2012

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Weekend Box Office Wrap Up Sept 30 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 30, 2012

Sony dominated this week’s box office with over $60 million dollars in opening weekend revenue, and a solid grasp on the top two spots.

In at number 1 is the Sony Animation Studios feature Hotel Transylvania (read our review), which brought in $43 million over the weekend. This makes it Sony’s best animated debut yet, as well as Adam Sandler’s second best opening weekend behind the remake of The Longest Yard. If that wasn’t enough reason for Sony to get excited, Hotel Transylvania‘s $43 million is also the best opening weekend for the month of September (when not adjusting for inflation). Needless to say we wouldn’t be surprised if Dracula and his cohorts took us back to Hotel Transylvania in a couple of years.

Coming in at a distant, but respectable, second is the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis film, Looper (read our review), with $21 million. The time-bending, sci-fi flick from director Rian Johnson had a lot of positive buzz going into the weekend, and it looks like that word of mouth will help the film exceed (at the very least) its $30 million budget. For director Johnson, however, the film’s opening weekend haul already makes it his highest grossing film to date.

As we move into the remainder of the top five it’s another three-way, photo finish with End of Watch reportedly snagging the number 3 spot with $8 million. The Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle barely pulled out a first place finish last week and is now up to $26 million in total domestic grosses.

Nipping at End of Watch‘s heels is Clint Eastwood’s Trouble with the Curve with $7.5 million. Now at $23 million total, the film is certainly not Eastwood’s worst film in terms of box office grosses, but its performance is somewhat telling of the star’s viability as a bankable actor, especially when he’s not also directing.

Rounding out the top 5 is House at the End of the Street, or as the cool kids are calling it, HATES, with $7.1 million. Looking at the numbers only, HATES‘ $23 million to-date makes it Jennifer Lawrence’s (Hunger Games) weakest wide release.

At number six is Universal’s Pitch Perfect with $5 million. The film, which focuses on an unconventional, all-girl a capella group, only opened on 335 screens – so its $11,000 per-screen-average suggests good things may be in store when the film goes wide next weekend.

Disney/Pixar’s 3D re-release of Finding Nemo comes in at number 7 with $4 million, bringing its 3D-only gross up to $36 million. However, with Disney’s next 3D feature, Frankenweenie, set to debut on Friday, we’d say that Finding Nemo has done all the substantial business it was going to do.

Pitch Perfect Cast Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 30, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution shambled its way into the number 8 spot with $3 million. Now at $38 million to-date, the film is going to clear the first (and arguably best) Resident Evil, but will likely trail entries number two through four when all is said and done.

Right behind Resident Evil is Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, which continues to hold a strong per-screen average as it debuts on more screens. With $2.74 million this weekend, and $9 million to-date, the film should continue to pull in decent numbers as The Weinstein Co. makes its Oscar push.

And in the number 10 spot is Won’t Back Down with $2.7 million. The film, which has some decent star power in Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, is surely a disappointment for Fox.

Speaking of disappointments, Lionsgate’s reboot of Dredd only grossed $2.2 million this weekend, bringing its total thus far up to a paltry $10 million. Despite a strong response from critics, and those fans willing to give the film a chance, it appears this might be the last we see of the 2000 AD hero on the big screen.

And finally, Summit’s adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower ($1.13 million this weekend) posted another exceptional per-screen average with $11,147 on only 102 screens, bringing its domestic grosses to-date up to a little over $1.4 million. The Stephen Chbosky-directed film – which is based on his best-selling novel – is garnering mostly positive praise (read our review), and the presence of Harry Potter star Emma Watson certainly doesn’t hurt.


Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. you’re forgetting that dredd hasn’t gone world wide yet, it comes out end of the month in australia and i’m sure the global sales will be enough to warrant a sequel. i personally didn’t like it that much, the action was sparse and the dialogue was so so. still beats the original though (anything does)… which i think is why people might be hesitating – they think it’s a sequel or somehow related to that terrible thing from the 80′s :P

    • It came out in 1995

      • lol nice one. Second that however, the (2012) Dredd was great and would deffinitly love to see a sequel. So far September was a good one with Dredd and Looper which i got to see yesterday. Looper is a fantastic movie in my opinion, just plain great film with the added bonus of having very well done sci-fi brautifully executed.

  2. Action was sparse? REALLY? Dredd kept me glued to the screen for the whole movie. One of the best films I have seen this year. Pretty sad that people would rather see garbage like Pitch Perfect instead of a freaking awesome movie like Dredd.

    • Garbage doesn’t get a fresh rating. just cause you loved dredd doesn’t mean everyone did, or mean movies competing against dredd is garbage. to each his own, and more people wanna see a singing movie.

      • You’re also looking at two very different audiences for who those movies were intended for. I heard Pitch Perfect was a decent movie anyways ha.

        • Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised that Pitch Perfect did well since it seems like it is a Glee ripoff, and for some unknown reason that show is popular. My guess is the Glee crowd went to see that movie.

      • Depends on who is watching the Garbage !:)
        Sure for everybody his own,but the masses out there are so main streamed ,its obvious right from the beginning that Dredd would have not much of a chance !

        I think most Movie goers these days do not even know the Stallone one existed !

        Just wish the Movie would do well,cause there is a audience outside there,even not as large as the rest of the mass main stream,but there is !

    • my thoughts exactly!

    • when did i say i would prefer to watch a movie i’ve never even heard of, in comparison to other action movies that have come out this yr, dredd was pretty mediocre, it’s a movie i think only true dredd fans will enjoy b/c i was bored s***less at the half way mark.

      keep in mind that the indonesian charm known as ‘the raid’ was released this year as well as expendables 2 (mindless fun) and total recall (cool sci-fi stuff and nice editing/camera work for a m rated action movie). not only that but i am a big action fan, so i have a high standard of expectations that are very rarely met (i give the raid a 3.5 out of 5 mind you and that is one of my favourite modern action/martial arts movies).

      just b/c a movie has blood/gore doesn’t immediately make it ‘the best movie of the year’. would be nice if people stopped thumbing up movies based on the amount of blood and gore they had like little kids :(

    • Awesome? maybe for pre-pubescent teen age boys who haven’t seen better movies. dredd was a s*** movie, at best a b-grade movie, hardly capturing the wackiness and over -the-top atmosphere of Mega City One. The tension not even close to classic actioners like Die Hard, First Blood or Predator. Dredd was filled with stoopid bad guy cliches, s***** lawmaster bike that shoots .22 bullets (or seems like it, wtf), logic defying escape for dredd from the mini gun, dredd’s incredulous recovery from an armour piercing bullet that put a 4 inch hole at the back of the wall (that he was hiding behind) like it was a mosquito bite etc etc and Dredd is NOT ‘the-man-with-no-name’ but can be rather talkative, his words usually leaden with heavy sardonic humor. The fact that Dress said ‘s***’ instead of ‘drokk!’ showed what a bastard child this movie is. f*** karl urban.

      The production design and judge uniform fits well, but lack of good script, pacing, tension and ‘believable’ action scenes means the producers had to rely on some stupid slo-mo gimmick to spice things up. watch this on your local TV.

  3. Looper was made for only 30 million? I would’ve guessed it was made for a lot more, though I suppose that’s what a good director can do for a movie.

  4. I have to say, Dredd deserves better than this. Decent film with no support. Shame.

    • shame on anyone who liked this crap film.

      • go suck your moms cock….

  5. Looper deserved more money, but this is a great opening. This was able to do almost as good as re5, a sequel to a hit franchise(that I hate). That’s fantastic!

  6. I loved the new Dredd. It was one of those that left me wanting more. I think the biggest problem was with the piss poor marketing and I am not sure about everywhere else, but at my theater they only showed one 2D version a day. all the rest were in 3D. I loved the 3D in this movie but a lot of people don’t want to shell out the extra money or they just don’t like 3D. If they would have shown in 2D and 3D equally we might be seeing more dredd movies.

    Dredd 3D is a hidden gem that no one is watching. Kinda reminds me of the way Dark City and Donnie Darko was. No one saw those and they were awesome. Dredd will end up being a cult classic admired by few.

  7. Did you guys post a review for pitch perfect? Did I miss it?

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  9. In reference to the author’s comments about Trouble with the Curve and Eastwood’s bankability, the guy is 82 years old! What other actor can still draw an audience, any audience, at that age? And by the way, I just saw the movie, and I enjoyed it. I believe he, more so than any other actor, has adapted to his age well, as he smartly changed from playing the cool, efficient cop/cowboy/vigilante to a gruff but loveable…and still cool…old man.

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    • Annie never said s**t about making $6169.

      You’re just a big fibber Leroy. Popping up telling people porkie pies. Shame on you. And yeah, I read that site, bluewhatever and it was a load of pish!

      Real Spam comes in cans.

      • it’s a auto add generating bot genius, so you’re swearing at no one :P