‘The Host’ Trailer Teases Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Peaceful’ Earth [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE: We’ve added new, hi-res images from The Host.]

Principal photography on Andrew Niccol’s adaptation of Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi novel, The Host, only just commenced last month, but a teaser trailer is already here. That’s because Open Road Films knows that the movie’s target young adult (YA) demographic will be turning out in hordes this weekend for The Hunger Games – and the studio hopes to start building awareness for Niccol’s project by premiering a preview with that surefire blockbuster.

Similar to Hunger Games, The Host is a sci-fi story that takes place against a troubling futuristic backdrop, features an Oscar-nominated youthful actress (Saoirse Ronan) in the lead, and is being overseen by a respectable filmmaker in the form of Niccol. Otherwise, though, these YA best-seller adaptations are pretty much worlds apart.

Here is the official teaser trailer for The Host (followed by a brief synopsis for Meyer’s novel):

In this tantalizing SF thriller, planet-hopping parasites are inserting their silvery centipede selves into human brains, curing cancer, eliminating war and turning Earth into paradise.

It looks like the reason Open Road was able to scrape together a teaser so quickly is because… it doesn’t really feature any actual footage, save for shots of people who’ve been “infected” by the aforementioned alien parasites. Judging by this trailer alone, you might think that The Host is primarily an intriguing spin on some familiar sci-fi tropes and concepts.

While that is partly true, The Host (as Niccol has informed People) is actually “kind of an alien love story,” about how young Melanie Stryder (Ronan) convinces the non-human “soul” who’s taken control of her, named Wanderer, to search for her loved ones – including her boyfriend, Jared Howe (played by Red Riding Hood‘s Max Irons) and eventually Ian O’Shea (I Am Number Four‘s Jake Abel), a human who falls in love with Wanderer.

UPDATE: Check out the first images of Ronan and Irons in The Host, along with a pic of Diane Kruger as “The Seeker” (click each photo for a larger version):

The sappy-sounding, Twilight-esque love triangle (square?) present in The Host is reason enough for non-Meyer fans to be somewhat weary about this new cinematic adaptation of the author’s work. Hopefully, Niccol will manage to turn that material into a captivating piece of philosophical sci-fi entertainment – more like his best work (Gattaca, S1m0ne) and less like his previous lackluster efforts (In Time).

The Host opens in theaters around the U.S. on March 29th, 2013.


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  1. In it’s defense, the love, um, square really isn’t the main focus of The Host like the love triangle is for Twilight. It’s much more about Wanderer finding herself and learning to understand this very different, very volatile world she gets thrust into, and reconciling her preconceptions with what she learns about humanity.

  2. cautiously optimistic

  3. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Please take me with you…

  4. “From Stephanie Meyer Author Of The Twilight Saga”

    Telling you all you need to know
    whichever side you are are on.

  5. I read this book , it was really good. I thought that it could be a really good movie. I didn’t know they were even planning a film of this . I hope they can manage to keep most of the ‘alien backstory ‘ , its pretty cool.

  6. My 15 year old daughter read the book and thought it was awful. She’s an A student and a voracious reader. 8)


    • Doesn’t mean she’s a trustworthy critic. She is only 15 years old, no offense to you in any way Vic. But everyone has their own opinions.

      • No offense taken. But Meyers isn’t exactly Pulitzer material.


    • Please dont be offended by this but is she a HUGE fan of the twilight books and movies?

      If she is and hated The host and if a majority of the twihards hate The host… then I will give it a chance one day.

      • Bio,

        She’s not a Twilight fan. At all.


        • Sounds like you raised a good kid there, Vic. Grats!

          Get her the David Gemmell TROY trilogy or–even better–the Rigante quadology. I think she would appreciate those.

    • I’m very curious about this book.. not curious as in “I really want to read it”, but rather, wondering if it’s as badly written as the Twilight books. I have read excerpts from all of those books, and the prose style is clunky, pedestrian and juvenile. I makes me think that Stephenie Meyers is a VERY bad writer who got REALLY lucky.

      • Mike E.

        I haven’t read Twilight so I can’t compare them. I’d say that the writing isn’t exactly high level (I compare everything to Tom Clancy and John Grisham) but I found the story to be compelling – maybe because I have a daughter within the age range of the “tributes.”


        • “tributes”?
          are you maybe thinking of Hunger Games?
          if so, different author.

          • Oh! Sorry, Mike. I’ve got Hunger Games on the brain today.


            • You mixed up Hunger Games with Twilight, isn’t that like heresy, or blasphemy?

      • I’m an avid reader and writer and I loved The Host. It’s on a completely different level than the Twilight books, and it actually makes me excited to see what Stephenie Meyer can come out with if she breaks her Twilight shackles. It’s understated and not very action-heavy, it’s more of a psychological drama about how humans will react under pressure.

      • I read the first Twilight book, and I thought it was horribly written.

        After having read the first 70 pages of The Host so far, it’s much better written. Not the greatest storyline in the world, but I’ve read much worse…

  7. I thought the book was great, but since everyone is just going to read “from the author of Twilight” and either run from the theater to handcuff their boyfriend to the seat, not sure how the marketing will work.

  8. From that brief synopsis, sounds the like the plot of the young adult series of books ‘Animorphs’. One plot, whilst it didn’t involve curing disease, was about a human convincing the planet hopping alien parasite in her brain to go on a quest for her loved ones. Maybe I’m not giving Myer enough credit here, but she seems to be using a lot of other peoples ideas in her work.

    • You act like this does not happen with virtually every movie and book that has come out in the last decade, maybe more? I know there are some original stuff out there, but don’t criticize something as being unoriginal without actually reading/watching the item in question, it is just insulting and annoying to the creators (if they care about those people, that is).

  9. I would see this movie IF and I mean if, it had the Xenomorphs in it. Since it doesn’t I won’t waste my money on this, First Movie I am seeing this year is The Avengers, then Dark Knight Rises. Other than those two, I don’t on going to the theaters much this year.

  10. Sounds to me like, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” rebranded with a bit of a love story tossed in to appeal to the tween crowd. If this is all Meyer is capable of (Twlight was just Underworld (and many others) rebranded with a silly love story) then I will be universally passing on anything she is attached to.

    • I thought of the Stargate: SG1 series myself (the Ga’ould or Tokrah taking over bodies and healing them). And it doesn’t sound like a movie I would be interested in.

    • How dare you compare something new with something that bears some resemblance to several other stories that may have been done since man began recording ideas. This idea is different because of some reason……

  11. So how much does stephine meyers have to pay? you know…to the guy/woman who wrote “the invasion of the body snatchers” who must have sued her.

  12. I think this will be a better movie then book and I don’t typically say that!

  13. I was never a Twilight fan and still am not one. But The Host was a fantastic book and conveyed what is the most true to life human emotions of a book that I have ever read. Every reaction between the human characters and the alien-becoming-human characters seems so lifelike that it just sucks you in. I have never read a better love-story and hope the movie stays close to the book.

  14. I don’t like any of the Twilight books …. but I do love this book. I’ve read The Host about a million times. The whole love story thing isn’t as important to The Host as it is to Twilight. I was confused when in the trailer it was described as a love story.

  15. i read the book loads of times and i love t soo much. i watched the trailer and it doesnt seem that good…almost tacky. but i do usually imagine things differently from others so…

  16. This reminds me of Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig 2007 adaptation “The Invasion” of Jack Finney’s novel “The Body Snatchers” minus the love triangle of course. Looking forward to another adaptation. I don’t mind. :-)