‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Trailer: The Craziest Criminals You’ve Ever Met

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Horrible Bosses was, to the surprise of some, one of the more successful comedies of the past few years, having made nearly six times its budget at the box office. That success was largely attributed to its cast, which featured Jason Batemen (Arrested Development), Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Jason Sudeikis (We’re the Millers) in starring roles and Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Colin Farrell in supporting roles. Thus, it came as a surprise to no one when the sequel was announced soon after.

And now the first trailer (above) for Horrible Bosses 2 has been released, once again featuring Batemen, Day, and Sudeikis as regular guys getting mixed up in all manner of criminal activity.

The trailer doesn’t do the best job of telling us what the film is about. It’s more concerned with cracking toilet jokes, depicting the main characters as hapless wannabe criminals, and featuring cameos from previous horrible bosses Spacey and Aniston. You remember them, right?

There’s even an appearance from Jamie Foxx as ex-con Dean “Mother****er” Jones, who’s once again providing words of wisdom to the protagonists – though one wonders why. In the first film, they went to him for advice on how to go about murdering their, ahem, horrible bosses, only to find out that he’d never actually killed anyone; rather, he went to prison for bootlegging an art film.

Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer: The Craziest Criminals Youve Ever Met

According to synopsis released by the studio, the plot of this film has to do with Batemen, Day, and Sudeikis starting their own business, only to be screwed over by an investor played by Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained). In retaliation, the main characters kidnap Waltz’s son, played by Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness). Strangely, the trailer seems to depict the kidnapping of Waltz himself – not to mention Pine deftly handling a gun – so maybe that information isn’t quite accurate (or maybe we’re just not seeing the whole picture).

Ultimately, the trailer makes Horrible Bosses 2 look a whole lot like Horrible Bosses 1, which could be good news for fans of the first film and bad news for people who don’t like comedy sequels that resemble the original too closely (The Hangover: Part Two, we’re looking in your direction).

What say you, Screen Ranters? Does the trailer look good? Are you excited to see this sequel over Thanksgiving break? Drop us a line in the comments.

Horrible Bosses 2 – directed by Sean Anders of That’s My Boy fame – hits theaters November 26th, 2014.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Meh. I never understood the first film, I mean, I would kill (pun intended) to have a nymphomaniac boss that looked like Jennifer Aniston.

    • Agreed. “I believe in the many universes theory…” and if in one of them my boss is a nympho who looked like Jennifer Aniston then I’d thank my lucky stars. No way am I turning her away, so, that turned me off the movie completely. That part just bugged me and ruined the movie.

      • How did that bugged you or ruined the movie? Yeah, any sane man wouldn’t mind having a nymphomaniac boss like Jennifer Aniston and not turn his head the other way. But you got to remember that Dale (Charlie Day) is in engaged and devoted to his fiance. In Dale’s point of view, he sees Julia as a “Evil crazy b!tch” but we the audience don’t see that.

        • Those of us who paid attention to the movie did see it, unlike Alex and Ezee-E, but I guess not everyone is “sane” in not being the type of person willing to cheat on their fiances and get STDs from their boss who lets random men off the street into her home to have sex with her.

          • Nothing better than some deep philosophical discussions over a goof in a comedy. What’s next? The moral message within the Jamie Foxx character?

            • I bet there is a moral message found in TASM 2 with Foxx’s character, LOL

  2. hopefully it will be as funny, if not more, than the 1st one.
    you misspelled craziesT btw.

  3. Did she just say she didn’t mind him taking a sh*t on her? Wow!

    • Yes, and urinating on her was perfectly fine too. You have to admire Hollywood promoting this with a sexy woman, and infecting the world.

  4. Some of you guys are so ridiculous. Hot or not unwanted advances are unwanted advances and didnt dude have a girlfriend? I thought it was actually really refreshing to see a male characfer not abandon his morals amd virtues for a piece of arse. You guys must be children cuz youre obviously not men.

    • but we are children of men, no?

      didn’t Kevin Spacey boss get killed in the first film??

      • I think it was Farrell’s character getting offed.

  5. Did enjoy the first movie and I’m quite excited for the sequel. From what the trailer showed us, it looks fun.

  6. Looks horrible. Can’t wait to see it in cinemas.

  7. I could not stop laughing in the first movie. Can not wait for the second!

  8. The first was funny in places but not laugh-out-loud hilarious. It maybe made me laugh twice but still, I’ll check this out once it hits home video release (meaning the Blu Ray version can be uploaded in HD).

  9. Personally, I think a better twist would have been if the three protagonists from the first film were the bosses in this sequel, and all three had someone gunning for them. Hijinks ensue.

  10. God, I HATE needless sequels… which in this era means I hate MOST sequels.

  11. I’d like to bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states.

    • “Isn’t that a phrase?”

      “I don’t think so.”

      “It is now.”

      LOL!!!! MY wife and I always love when that line is said!

  12. It didn’t need a sequel, I don’t need to watch it.

  13. Is it just me, or does Jennifer Aniston get hotter and hotter the older she gets?????

    • She does. Every year. Every movie.

    • There’s some like that…. Mellisa Tellmay (Not sure of the spelling) in Wrestler. I always thought she looked good, but wow did she age well

      • *Marisa Tomei, but kudos for the eh furt.

    • Like its weird, because of Horrible Bosses, she does, kind of, because I hadn’t really seen her in such a sexy light till then,
      (even more so when she starts dirty kink talking) but without makeup, work, lemme tell yah, she looks and is old, but, she always manages to be a total cougar in these movies anyways.

  14. Man, I laughed so hard (except for the #2 part at the end). I loved the first (caught it on Netflix), but I’ll likely be seeing this in theatres