Showtime Renews ‘Homeland’ For Season 3

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homeland howard gordon vigilant Showtime Renews Homeland For Season 3

To say that Showtime’s Homeland is on a roll would be a major understatement. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis took home Emmys for acting last month, while the television show – created by former 24 co-showrunners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, based on the Israeli series Hatufim (Prisoners of War) – snagged prizes for writing and best dramatic work.

The season 2 opener managed to pull in a series-high turnout, riding high on a wave of awards glory and residual excitement over the provocative conclusion to season 1. However, just two nights ago, the series bested its own ratings record with ‘New Car Smell’ (read our recap), an episode which featured the much-anticipated reunion (of sorts) between ex-CIA employee Carrie Mathison (Danes) and not-so-good soldier/ex-POW Nicholas Brody (Lewis).

Showtime has since (unsurprisingly) confirmed that Homeland will be receiving a 12-episode season 3, with production scheduled to get underway next spring. Additional filming for season 2 is currently taking place in North Carolina, but Showtime president of entertainment David Nevins is already looking forward. He released the following statement on the show’s renewal yesterday:

“The Emmy wins for HOMELAND have certainly set the stage for a great second season. The writers, cast and crew of HOMELAND continue to create a remarkably entertaining and suspenseful roller coaster ride, growing audiences week after week. We can’t wait for our viewers to experience what unfolds through the rest of season two. Our partners at Fox 21 have been tremendous, and we are thrilled to begin the planning for HOMELAND’s third season.”

‘New Car Smell’ introduced season 2 addition Rupert Friend as CIA agent Peter Quinn, with fellow series newcomer Zuleikha Robinson – as cunning journalist and Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) surrogate Roya Hammad – continuing to play a pivotal role in the terse proceedings. Later this season, Oscar-winner F. Murray Abraham will also be joining the party as brilliant intelligence operative, Dar Adul.

Damian Lewis in Homeland State of Independence Showtime Renews Homeland For Season 3

Longtime Homeland viewers have good reason to be intrigued about where the series will be going in the next few episodes – let alone another season from now. When Lewis spoke with Rolling Stone earlier this month, he told them:

“… You know, I couldn’t blame you if you [think] Brody’s gonna be done by episode six. The walls close in much quicker than you would expect, and from Brody’s perspective, it’s gonna create a season of high level anxiety. Really extreme high level anxiety where, any moment he tries to wrest control for himself and have some sort of control over his life, the rug will be taken from under his feet. That’s kind of Brody’s psychological state.”

Indeed, Homeland has been progressing at quite an accelerated rate when it comes to dramatic developments concerning Brody – so much that, at this point, the show is starting to bear a closer resemblance to the ‘real-time’ pacing of 24. The show remains as exhilarating a viewing experience as ever, so here’s to hoping it doesn’t start sliding off the rails in the near future (as a result of the relentless momentum forward).

The fifth episode of season 2 for Homeland (‘Q&A’) airs next Sunday at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

Source: Showtime [via Indiewire], Rolling Stone

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  1. Thats really good news !
    Really love this show so far,and wonder how far they can go with the Brody Story line !
    Thats really great TV here in the making !

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  2. I’ll be watching.
    I’m hoping after season 2 they move on from Brody. Granted, the writers are much smarter than I am but it can’t think of a way that enables the show to continue his story and have it not feel like a cheat. As much as I enjoyed 24 there are times when Homeland feels like it’s heading into that “24 light” zone and those are my least favorite moments. I don’t want season 3 having Brody revealed to be working for a mole who has a mole in the CIA who is being controlled bye some evil politician.

    • Its Howard Gordan so 24 style rug pulling is always on the table. I hope not. Homeland is a slow 24 but 24 knew it had to be a little unrealistic as to fit many stories into 24 hours. Homeland has the luxury of days and weeks to go by per episode. Hope Virgil ain’t the mole as always around Carrie’s important work – too easy yet a lot of ‘surprises’ are easy to figure out.

    • Oh I’m totally in love Brody and I hope his character continues to develop. We were later into getting into this series (watched all of season 1 and 2 in 4 days) but Carrie is the “chloe” and Brody is the “jack bower” who can be good, bad, or they can choose to make him good/bad at any point just to make a point.

      I will NEVER get tired of 20 seasons of this show!

      • I agree with Lisa. Brody is intriguing yet interesting. I just love him on the show. I want to see him back on season 3 & 4. It won’t be the same without the Carrie / Brody storyline. Best thriller I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. Just finished episode 3 of season 1 and it’s been really good. Glad this has been approved for a third season. I got some catching up to do. lol.

  4. Homeland has been great from day one and it’s one of the few shows that I look forward to watching every week.

    That said, I hope they aren’t renewing it for a third season just because they can (and because of its success). This isn’t the type of show where they can drag out the story or add half-assed “twists” to make it longer – that’ll just ruin it.
    If it’s getting renewed because the story and characters NEED more time to develop, then I’m all for it.

  5. Homeland is such a great show.

    I recently wrote a blog post about the Primetime Emmy Awards and talked about Homeland and how it won a great award.

  6. Great a season 3!
    Can anyone tell me what happened to the suicide vest Brody was wearing?
    Only a small point granted but… always wondered :)

  7. Homeland was really good till now. But i think it becomes an never ending story……..

  8. I’ve wondered about the suicide vest also–did anyone catch what happened to it?

    • Watching this keeps my mind thinking.

  9. Just got Showtime and am now catching up on the previous episodes.
    I’m also really tired of the Brody storyline–hope that’s over soon.
    Great series, though–does anyone know when season 3 starts? I want to be caught up by then. Thanks

    • How can you be tired of Brody? He makes the show. He makes it addictive. Season 3 starts in September I think .

  10. I love this show. Just finished season 2.
    The writing is fabulous the acting is really really good, the casting even better. Its right on!
    I love Brody’s character since you don’t know whether you like him or not from episode to episode…. and I really hope that Damian Lewis stays on! for me he’s the show along with Saul and Carrie.
    You take Brody away and you will have a damaged Carrie…..then what…..she’s lost her edge. with him she’s strong and involved.
    Their story together is really terrific, annoying, brilliant, dangerous, crazy, unlikely yet could be…great tv! thanks for season 3!

    • CANNOT agree with this more. Damian Lewis is so awesome with Claire Danes. The chemistry is dangerous and exciting!

  11. When will season two (2) be available for purchase!
    Additionally , when will season three (3) begin?

  12. Are we so desensitized that we can say that Brody’s character can go on continually—-we can justify cold-blooded murder? NO thanks–my conscience won’t let me go there and think it’s all good.

  13. I don’t think that the continuation of Brody’s character should be based on whether of not he’s a cold-blooded killer. Many, many series in fact, raise cold-blooded killing to a sacrosanct place and pump it up with numerous special effects to make it dramatically appealing, instead of showing it as the horrific act it actually is. Witness Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, the whole Twilight series, and any other “action” (tranlation: killer) hero of the last 3 decades. Brody is anything but cold-blooded. He’s been brainwashed, tortured, broken – both physically and mentally, and has tried courageously to find his way back to a normal life against enormous odds. The American people branded him a “hero” without even bothering to find out what truly happened to him during his 8 years of captivity. This psychological battle that he continues to fight only makes his character more, not less, interesting. That he should find himself still capable of love, makes his scenes with Carrie (another damaged soul, fighting her own inner demons), more than just love scenes. You can almost see how they heal each other. They always take place in quiet, natural environments, away from the constructs of politics and terrorism. They are expressing their most basic needs; to love and be loved; to be understood by another person, which neither of them can find in the “real” world. I just love this series on so many levels. The last episode of season 2 was a masterpiece. THE FOLLOWING IS A SPOILER:
    The prayers over Abu Nazir’s body, and the shot of him being buried at sea; the ghostlike image of him wrapped in white, while concurrently a bomb at the CIA is going off and killing hundreds of people. Manny Patinkin’s Hebrew prayer of mourning as the camera pulls back and shows the wrapped bodies lined up in a warehouse. It reaches the level of Greek tragedy here. The writers took a huge leap and a huge chance in following this plot line and they succeeded beautifully. The nature of violence, the effects of violence, without showing much of the violence at all (no shoot ’em ups here, no macho posing) just a late middle-aged man with a conscience and a soul, a man who does a bad but necessary job who has not abandoned his humanity. Great, great series.

    • Well said, agree with every comment. Looking forward to season 3.

  14. can some please tell me who took the bomb from brody at the meeting with the vice president look like they forgot to tell us that in season 2..i love this show more than my wife…just joking

  15. Very cool series but seriously the episodes filmed in Beirut, Lebanon what a joke can we be a little but more efficient when portraying a country, it’s people, streets airport, that was a joke and an insult to every Lebanese national, talk about bad media and politics! I’m sure anyone who has been to Lebanon would know what I am on about and for the rest, it’s just pure brainwash on how Media loves to depict the Middle East

  16. I did not watch the original showing of Homeland, but I decided to watch it in reruns. It was excellent!! I viewed every episode back to back. I could hardly wait for season 2!! Now I am groaning because season 3 will not happen until September, 2013!!

  17. Great series. Really liked reading the comments. Some are really right on from my point of view. Waiting until September, oh my!!!

  18. I love Homeland and I can’t wait for season 3 to come out. I watch season 1,and 2 a lot.

    • When does season three start?

  19. Manny Patinken is the best thing about homeland this guy is one of the most enderrated actors of our time,he brings grace and humility to the screen in equal proportions, and no im not manny

  20. For the first time ever, have I watched a series three times and wanted to watch it again. The best cast and acting ever. I hope Brody comes back for Season three and Carrie and Brody have a permanent romance after his name is cleared. It would be awesome if they showed Brody getting the help he needs after being a POW & brainwashed for 8 yrs for our Country just like our troops in Iraq. Also, a cure for Carrie’s bi-polar to give people that suffer with it hope. Brody needs to have a realtionship with his children to clear his bad example and show them the good side of their father and have a good relationship with Carrie. I hope to see Brody and Carrie both work the CIA..The show just wouldn’t be the same without Brody.

  21. Have watched season 1 and 2.
    Have searced for season 3 and released episodes.
    Find nothing.
    Supposed to have been released. Where can I find more about season 3?

  22. Love the show!!!! Love Carrie and Soul! Their friendship is very strong and make the show a success. Of course, Brody is awesome. Looking forward to session 3 :-)

  23. I love this show, I think its time for Brody to move on…he is out of breath all the time and he pants…lol…getting old. The show has so much to it, great writers.