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Clare Danes and Mandy Patinkin in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

As the writers and producers of Showtime’s award-winning drama, Homeland, recently found out, following up a critically-acclaimed first season is not exactly a slam-dunk. After several aspects of season 2 became a point of contention for critics and fans alike, the season 2 finale was an incredibly important moment for the series.

Now that the opinions regarding the divisive conclusion to season 2 have begun to pour in, executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa have already begun discussing where the series may be headed in season 3, and posited some intriguing possibilities as to where the characters who were left standing might be headed come the fall of 2013.

The pair recently took part in a conference call, and according to TVLine, tackled not only inquiries regarding the season 3 storyline, but they also managed to cover some of the lingering questions left unanswered, or made unclear by the finale.

Since it’s likely you have already watched ‘The Choice,’ you know that an enormous explosion ripped through CIA headquarters, claiming the lives of David Estes (David Harewood), Finn Walden (Timothée Chalamet) and his mother Cynthia (Talia Balsam). Additionally, the domestic terrorist attack left Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) presumed dead, but on the run, and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) seemingly returning to Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) and the CIA, after aiding in Brody’s escape.

Damian Lewis and Claire Danes in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

Naturally, with Brody on the run, and his marriage having ended (Brody even gave Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) the green light to take care of his wife and children), the question becomes: How integral will Brody be come season 3, and will the rest of the Brody clan make an appearance? According to Gansa, that’s a question the writers and producers are asking themselves at the moment.

Gansa stated:

“[Those] are all open questions for us right now. We had a much clearer picture of what the first two seasons would be than we do of what the third season would be…. Damian’s involvement and [the actors who fill out Brody’s family] is very much up in the air.”

The thought of a season’s storyline not hinging on Nicholas Brody, and his connection to the Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) terrorist network would undoubtedly take the series into new, possibly even more divisive territory. Some would see this as a positive; a sign the series has played out the Brody/Carrie dynamic as best it could, and is now ready to explore other storylines. Meanwhile, many others seem to feel the show was already on a downward slide when it lost Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan), and then Nazir, so less Brody may not necessarily be seen as a good thing for those fans.

Besides, how is Brody going to maintain a low profile with his face likely running in a near-endless loop on cable news channels, while unquestionably popping up in all other forms of global media as well?

Gansa says:

“The investigators are going to believe that Brody was actually in his car when it exploded. Plus, Brody does have a head start of a couple of days, and he is privy to Carrie’s best contacts. He has the benefit of that network.”

Damian Lewis and Claire Danes in Homeland  Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

Still, there are some who feel it was Brody’s plan to blow up his car all along, using Carrie’s feelings for him as a ticket out of the United States. While Gansa admits people are welcome to believe that as a possible avenue for a future Brody storyline, Gordon is quick to warn that scenario is not really what the writers had in mind.

“If you look back on the season, your brain would start hurting to understand why he did certain things if he was partially responsible for what happened.”

At any rate, in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gansa stated that the writers are keen on approaching season 3 with less emphasis on another catastrophic terrorist strike that Carrie and Saul will try to prevent. If the inference in what he’s saying is correct, then the series could be looking at a storyline that is smaller and more intimate.

“We know roughly what season 3 is. There’s some big muscular moves that we know will happen but there’s a lot to be filled in still. I think all of us on the writing staff would rather not do an impending attack that Carrie stops for the third year in a row. Having said that, we haven’t found that narrative engine that’s going to take us through the third season so I have to reserve judgment. We’re looking for something that’s smaller, that is sort of a little more John LeCarré.”

Mandy Patinkin in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

When you take into consideration the fact that there is still a mole in the CIA, who, according to Gansa may “have been responsible for moving [Brody’s] car to in front of the auditorium,” and the underlying history and possible lack of trust between Saul and the enigmatic Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham), it doesn’t take much to see a little Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy-like inter-agency battle of wits taking place. As such, the assumption at the end of ‘The Choice’ was that Saul might be in line for a larger decision-making role in the CIA, which would conceivably put him in a position to better weed out said mole, and possibly do more good than his predecessor.

There are still several months between now and when production on season 3 would be scheduled to begin, so much of what Gansa and Gordon have discussed could be subject to change. Hopefully, though, some of the more intriguing aspects they’ve brought up will bear fruit, as they sound like an intriguing way to continue the Homeland story.

Homeland will return to Showtime for season 3 in the fall of 2013. Screen Rant will continue to update you with news, as it is made available.

Source: TVLine, EW

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  1. Saul might not be actually behind that but the head of the CIA who just passed away… why was he in haste to kill Brody…. there is actually a possible reason.Brody will help recover all the behind the scenes terrorist. thats what they need now.Brody does what does with clear reason…..

  2. I really hope they clear Brody. It kills me that they believe he did this now. They all saw the video and to have the daughter feel so let down. Once his daughter knows he didn’t do it, I’d love to see her on his side. I really liked the episodes about the prince and his girls. I’d love to see season 3 have more of that, get into the world of what it’s like to live in a life of a prince and have him involved with Brody. Maybe even have his daughter kidnapped by the prince bc Brody went back on the us side.

    • The prince was not supporting terrorism, it was his adviser. So in this plot, the prince would not be kidnapping anyone, but maybe his adviser. Minor correction.

    • Wait…what prince? Did I miss something?? And, didn’t Brody kill the v.p.? This show is truly one of the best I’ve ever watched! I’ve rented the 1st and 2nd seasons on Netflix and I’ve watched each disk at least twice. I’ve also been watching all the re-runs on t.v. For my money Damien could be a bit more handsome. I’m a psychotherapist and Carrie plays the role of a manic-depressive to a tee. The looks she gets on her face are really creepy…like a deer caught in the headlights. She is truly obcessed by Brody. I loved it when the terrorist news woman told Carrie she would never be so stupid to get involved with a man like Brody. Geeze, women should learn to control themselves. But then, her obcession fits her role.

  3. Also this could be a way to put Brody back in with the bad guys again. Anything to savyur daughter right… It would be a fun way to clear him, then put him back as a terrorist only to find a way into our side again. I want the truth about how evil we can be too and the lies we told to come out to the Americans. Lol I wanna write season 3 lol. Kimberly DeWitt, port Richey, fl

  4. I hope Saul’s not the mole but he could be. He has all the access and failed the polygraph when asked if he gave the razor to Hamid. Maybe he was just nervous or upset. But if not him who? Who gave the razor to Hamid? Who warned Faisel? Who shot up the hotel room killing Faisel where Aileen escapes? And who moved Brody’s truck? Are they going to flash back and show it was Danny Galvez? Or could it be Quinn and Dar Adal? I hope these questions get answered and don’t become Soprano-like threads that never were.

  5. can any one plz tell me.. who told jessica brody about him sleeping with carrie.. she cannot just guess it and be so sure… also brody didnt have his car with him when he was with carrie in the cabin.. it was with jessica at their house.. its a silly tangent that m moving on.. but i never liked the character of jessica and always found he a bit off and weird…

    • Brody’s vehicle was actually in front of Carrie’s house the night before they went to the cabin.

  6. Pratik, no one told Jessica. I think it’s just how it was written. I can see Jessica
    question it; to wonder if something’s going on. But to say she knows is BS.

  7. saul iz not the moul,the moul might be quinn because there waz a time he waz talking to somebody and he asked carrie to cover for him and he waz followed when he went out he changed two buses jumping from 1 to another, brody will surely return after some years but he will be communicating with carrie for his daughter i hate her thou he likes her i hate jessica his wife but i like his son chris because he loves his father also diana his daughter likes him but she is rud and i hate her because if what she did to finn

    • Quinn met up with “Dar Adul” on that bus who is a CIA operative who, as Saul says, “ran company missions we don’t talk about into Somalia.” And Estes and Quinn were working with Adul on the Brody/Nazir case.

  8. do u think brody would make up wit his family or stay wit carrie and how da hell did brody fail to keep da chip he recorded himself didnt get it was it just stolen or he missed placed it

    • The chip was in the pants leg of someone who was killed in the strike in Beirut Remember Saul found it and took it to Carrie when she got back from Beirut after meeting with that woman.

  9. I think there could be rear intregue, dramatic and romantic tension and an explosive plot turn if Claire were to somehow become involved with Quinn (you sense his respect and attraction to her already) and if ultimately the story forced Quinn into a situation where he had to target Broody.

  10. any good story, particularly one involving mystery and intrigue should not cheat the readers/viewers by bringing in elements from outside the plot and try and pin the murder on them. agatha christrie is a supreme mystery writer, because at the end, when either poirot or miss marple unravel the mystery, the reader knows that all the hints and clues were already there embedded in the story. even you,as a reader could have figured out by using the clues given in the story itself.
    this is where homeland suffers, it has been an incredibly riveting storyline, very gripping, but has unfortunately left a few loose ends, still hanging out. who is the CIA mole, who aided the guard’s death in custody, who planted the bomb in brodie’s car, who moved it ? answer it and then ‘homeland’ will become from good to great.

  11. The chip was supposed to be picked up by Tom Walker. Remember that he found a second mark next to the first mark he made. As soon he noticed that he knew where he was supposed to meet with Tom Walker. I think he was hoping they did not pick up the chip yet since he failed. Wat u think?

  12. Saul is not the mole here,because it was clear that Brody passed the razor to Hameed just like he texted and warned Nazir when he was about to be shot by CIA in Iran. . . .though Saul was also failed the polygraph when asked if he has anything to do with the suicide of Aileen. . . . . . .but it was again because he gave her his spectacles by which she had cut her throat.

    • Throat? Dude, I thought it was her wrists.. would’ve been less effort on her part.. if you’ll pardon my premises on various techniques in attempting suicide.. apologies!

  13. I am so disappointed about 2/12 .. I Work so hard, I have so little free time.. I spent all My free afternoon looking to THE plot of homeland and …………. I don’t understand it ;((((

    • Try again. You have to pay attention to everything or you will miss things. Try again it’s awesome.

  14. Don’t get rid pf Brody, or I’ll stop watching. It would be great to stop making the Islamists out to be the bad guys all the time. It smarts at overt patriotism and trying to brain wash the public (maybe the series is funded by the CIA?) They need to get Brody’s name cleared with a huge twist. Maybe he becomes a liaison/some kind of envoy between the Middle East and US.

    I think Saul could be the mole why not? He DID fail the lie detector test, and put a stop to it with the an excuse he had too much to do. He could have set everything up. He could have played Carries and Brody. That would be an interesting plot. What just cuz he speaks Hebrew and looks nice a cuddly he can’t be baddy? Just the one no one knows about for another couple of series.

    Keep Brody in there is loads can be done there still, and as someone commented about that face is plastered in press across the world. If Bin Laden couldn’t escape why should he suddenly be cleverer?

  15. I hope Saul is the mole. My reason for beliving such is simple. In ‘The choice’, Carrie confronted Saul about leaving the agency. She said he did not want to end up like him, alone. It is rather Ironic, now that Sauls wife is returning, and she ‘lost Brody, because of her responsibility to the nation, which puts her back under Saul’s thumb. Saul was on his way out of the CIA regardless of what David said, and was holding a grudge. Now David is dead, and Saul is in charge. (More so, David reminded him a few times that Saul was too soft for the job.)
    Also, he was the only one who was not present.

    On the other hand, Brody lied about praying with Nazir.It could of been their plan all along. Brody seems to have all the answers, of why he is not involved. Likely, if Carrie had not of…. distracted him, they both would of died. Yet, there is the question of why he saved her.

    Also, the explosives were the same that came from the tailors.
    They estimated 200lbs were in the confiscated van, my (possible false) assumption, is that the confiscated explosives, were the same used in Brody’s vehicle, and the confiscated evidence, was convieniently destroyed during the explosion.

    Regardless. I can’t wait for season 3

  16. i can’t wait for season 3 . really good story……

  17. I believe this was all organised by Saul:

    – He thinks Carrie was a fool for siding with a terrorist (brodie)
    – He needed Brodie alive and not assasinated so that he could complete his plan (why he was against the assasination)
    – He knew estes was going to die in the explosion and that he could then offer carrie a cia branch head job as he would become a boss himself
    – He did it knowing he would get his wife to come back

    • Wow all of your comments makes perfect sense. I’d have to agree that everything points to Saul. Sad tho.

      • Hey I am not a cia analyst for nothing!

    • You say in your third point that he could then offer carrie a cia job back but he had no way of knowing that she would sneak out during the middle of the ceremony, I agree that Saul could be the bad guy just doubt it a lot because he has shown great care and emotion towards Carrie and yet if this was him he did nothing to prevent her from going or even hint that she shouldn’t. Just food for thought

    • Everything you just said is stupid.

      -He thinks Carrie is a fool to side with a terrorist because nothing can ever come good of that. He cares for her, you can see that throughout second half of second season.
      -He was against the assassination is because Saul is a good man,the way he treated Aileen is an example. He does not believe in cheating people (Brody in this case after their deal), he condones the drone strike as well.
      -He wouldn’t know Estes is going to die unless he planted the bomb himself. You might think I’ve proved myself wrong there but NO, if Saul is head then he gets to do whatever he wants and Why would he even need Carrie? Everyone knows Carrie is a good citizen,so no reason for Saul to keep her.

  18. i can’t wait for season 3, really interesting story..

  19. Firstly homeland is super awesome. I completed both series,extremely excited for season 3. As a viewer the plot seem clear.take out cia, target government?maybe you should make carria a suspect? Would be interesting.

  20. Its sad! How long before season3?

  21. Why in the whole world did it end like that? SAUL is for sure behind it all to get his wife back to him. Plus, he was not even in the room because he didnt want to die!!!!!!!!! GET US SEASON 3!

  22. well at first i was thinking all the way that Brody is a terrorist but ithink he is not and he got the reasons too of doing it coz if you would see Tomm Walker he was a complete terrorist…… i cant wait season 3

  23. Idealist viewers want to think of Saul as a compassionate “father figure” to Carrie with an admirable dose of tough love and humility. An earlier comment made clever use of the “teddy bear” persona.

    Homeland’s bread and butter is the writers unwavering exploration of every character’s internal struggle between good and evil. That has been it’s biggest appeal so far, but a big % of audience will abandon the show frustrated with lack of hard closure and easy answers.

    I fear the huge success of seasons 1 and 2, and the $$$ potential of a “24” or “CSI” cash cow will temp the bean counting studio execs to force the writing staff towards mass-market, instant-gratification, bite-size procedural that will lose the core audience and spell quick death… Season 3 will make or break it.

  24. I think the movie was great, brody is on the run and carie is going to be trying to clear his name, in that process there’s a lot that could happen… I’m very excited to see what season 03 would bring us.. P.S — there love story is the heart of the movie, and I believe it should continue to be that way for the coming season..

    Thank you!!!

  25. I have heard much discussion of what Homeland will be like after Brody, and what possible role he could have in the 3rd series. Well, Carrie did run many CIs in her time at the CIA. What better CI than a guy who is believed by the world to have pulled off the biggest terrorist attack in US history (yes, bigger than 9/11…as horrible as it was, it did not decimate the entire US Intelligence community)? He’d be a rock star among terrorists, and a great asset to Carrie and Saul. He’d also be keen to show his family he did not blow up the CIA…whether he did or not I think will provide the tension in this next season.

  26. After reading every comment I find myself confused about several things. I’ve watched season 1 and 2 many times and I see and hear new things each time. Carrie is a whiz at being a manic/depressive. Her facial expressions are really something. Her hair is always messed up. Wish Brody was a bit more handsome but he does look good in a uniform. What “prince” are you talking about. And how could one think Brody is a good guy when he has killed 3 people that I remember. I loved the scene where Brody lets the v.p. die–cool! He IS a terrorist in my mind. He loved Asir and his kid too. He would have blown up everybody the first time if his bomb hadn’t mis-fired. Wonderful show, just hope the writers can keep it up!!

  27. They should do an entire prequel year. Brody before his return to the states, Carrie in Iraq…

  28. I think the is he bad or is he good story line in regard to Brody is all but played out. Time to move on. Saul is the quiet hero and a focal point and his role should be kept. I think an alliance between Brody and Quinn to find the CIA mole would be interesting. And to clear Brdy’s name. You could even throw in some corrupt politicians. Perhaps uncover a related domestic plot in the process.

  29. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story line between Brody and Carrie to forget Brody would never happen for her she is too far gone and would have to go after him if their were no contact.And though she loves And admires Saul she would want Brody more. She fought too hard for him to quit now. And again even if they found “proof” that he was involved somehow she would be on a war path to get to him but for LOVE or revenge…both? SEASON THREE WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT THOSE TWO AND THE CRAZY OBSSESSION THEY SHARE…. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for what happens between them and the CIA and Saul. There are dominant ways to go but not giving them the airtime would ruin it for me and slot of fans.I am dying to see what you do just don’t mess it up because I’m counting down the days… good luck and HURRY!!!!

    Thanx, Nicole Mansavage