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Clare Danes and Mandy Patinkin in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

As the writers and producers of Showtime’s award-winning drama, Homeland, recently found out, following up a critically-acclaimed first season is not exactly a slam-dunk. After several aspects of season 2 became a point of contention for critics and fans alike, the season 2 finale was an incredibly important moment for the series.

Now that the opinions regarding the divisive conclusion to season 2 have begun to pour in, executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa have already begun discussing where the series may be headed in season 3, and posited some intriguing possibilities as to where the characters who were left standing might be headed come the fall of 2013.

The pair recently took part in a conference call, and according to TVLine, tackled not only inquiries regarding the season 3 storyline, but they also managed to cover some of the lingering questions left unanswered, or made unclear by the finale.

Since it’s likely you have already watched ‘The Choice,’ you know that an enormous explosion ripped through CIA headquarters, claiming the lives of David Estes (David Harewood), Finn Walden (Timothée Chalamet) and his mother Cynthia (Talia Balsam). Additionally, the domestic terrorist attack left Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) presumed dead, but on the run, and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) seemingly returning to Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) and the CIA, after aiding in Brody’s escape.

Damian Lewis and Claire Danes in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

Naturally, with Brody on the run, and his marriage having ended (Brody even gave Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) the green light to take care of his wife and children), the question becomes: How integral will Brody be come season 3, and will the rest of the Brody clan make an appearance? According to Gansa, that’s a question the writers and producers are asking themselves at the moment.

Gansa stated:

“[Those] are all open questions for us right now. We had a much clearer picture of what the first two seasons would be than we do of what the third season would be…. Damian’s involvement and [the actors who fill out Brody's family] is very much up in the air.”

The thought of a season’s storyline not hinging on Nicholas Brody, and his connection to the Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) terrorist network would undoubtedly take the series into new, possibly even more divisive territory. Some would see this as a positive; a sign the series has played out the Brody/Carrie dynamic as best it could, and is now ready to explore other storylines. Meanwhile, many others seem to feel the show was already on a downward slide when it lost Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan), and then Nazir, so less Brody may not necessarily be seen as a good thing for those fans.

Besides, how is Brody going to maintain a low profile with his face likely running in a near-endless loop on cable news channels, while unquestionably popping up in all other forms of global media as well?

Gansa says:

“The investigators are going to believe that Brody was actually in his car when it exploded. Plus, Brody does have a head start of a couple of days, and he is privy to Carrie’s best contacts. He has the benefit of that network.”

Damian Lewis and Claire Danes in Homeland  Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

Still, there are some who feel it was Brody’s plan to blow up his car all along, using Carrie’s feelings for him as a ticket out of the United States. While Gansa admits people are welcome to believe that as a possible avenue for a future Brody storyline, Gordon is quick to warn that scenario is not really what the writers had in mind.

“If you look back on the season, your brain would start hurting to understand why he did certain things if he was partially responsible for what happened.”

At any rate, in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gansa stated that the writers are keen on approaching season 3 with less emphasis on another catastrophic terrorist strike that Carrie and Saul will try to prevent. If the inference in what he’s saying is correct, then the series could be looking at a storyline that is smaller and more intimate.

“We know roughly what season 3 is. There’s some big muscular moves that we know will happen but there’s a lot to be filled in still. I think all of us on the writing staff would rather not do an impending attack that Carrie stops for the third year in a row. Having said that, we haven’t found that narrative engine that’s going to take us through the third season so I have to reserve judgment. We’re looking for something that’s smaller, that is sort of a little more John LeCarré.”

Mandy Patinkin in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 3 Details Revealed

When you take into consideration the fact that there is still a mole in the CIA, who, according to Gansa may “have been responsible for moving [Brody's] car to in front of the auditorium,” and the underlying history and possible lack of trust between Saul and the enigmatic Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham), it doesn’t take much to see a little Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy-like inter-agency battle of wits taking place. As such, the assumption at the end of ‘The Choice’ was that Saul might be in line for a larger decision-making role in the CIA, which would conceivably put him in a position to better weed out said mole, and possibly do more good than his predecessor.

There are still several months between now and when production on season 3 would be scheduled to begin, so much of what Gansa and Gordon have discussed could be subject to change. Hopefully, though, some of the more intriguing aspects they’ve brought up will bear fruit, as they sound like an intriguing way to continue the Homeland story.


Homeland will return to Showtime for season 3 in the fall of 2013. Screen Rant will continue to update you with news, as it is made available.

Source: TVLine, EW

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  1. Damian Lewis signed a five year contract for future seasons in October.
    This is not the sort of deal that is done for someone lost in the wilderness.
    Absent a complete reversal of intention Damian Lewis will remain the main man.

  2. I didn’t know that contract was confirmed from what i understand it came from a UK tabloid, I someone could clarify that I’d appreciate it. I have trouble seeing this show with out Brody involved he is such a driving force behind the emotionality of it. would I be totally opposed to them going a different route, sure, but I hope they don’t Damian Lewis is such a phenomenal actor I’d miss him. I would LOVE to see them go in a Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy direction it would be awesome. I also hope they find away to wrap up the Brody did it arc fairly quickly, because it is simply implaussable that anyone let alone Brody ( a turned and or suspected terrorist) to smuggle that much C-4 into Langley. it simple wouldn’t happen.

    I’m Torn between wanting Jessica back or not, I love Moreana Baccerin but her charcter is wearing thin on me, than again I like Diego and Mike the character would like to see him envolved. should be interesting to see how they procceed.

    • I concur….for me – Damian Lewis (Brody) IS the show. I’ve become a huge fan of his acting. It started with Band of Brothers….and I can’t get enough of anything he is in….

  3. I would love to see Brody cleared! I’d be really disappointed if they went with him actually having had something to do with it. I’d love the 3rd season to be about clearing him and still seeig where he is at with his on the run living and also atleast some of how his family is coping with it all. At the end of the day i’d love to just see Brody and Carrie together, that’s just the lover of love coming out in me, and the links to him for any terrorist s**** ended. You don’t want season upon season based on the same theme where the one characters cleared then he’s not then cleared then another event happening to make him look like the bad guy.

  4. I think they should get a little bigger. Add a little more cat and mouse game, and actually touch more on the action and the War with Iran, heck, even introduce a Mossad agent.

  5. In season 3, Carrie will need to explain where she has been for the last x number of hours. She is lucky that Saul seems to be in charge but obviously, he remains suspicious of Brody. Carrie will have a hard time keeping the truth of the fact that she drove Brody to the border away from Saul, and if he knows that, he will be in a tough position. I don’t think he will have her arrested, but he might ask her to resign… Hope to see how Brody’s daughter takes up her father’s cause. Her information about the first attack is ironically what gives her reason to believe that he IS innocent now. I have a feeling she will be the only family member to believe him innocent.

    • Geen, your comment is the most logical continuation of this storyline.
      But as the writers noted above, everyone will believe that Brody died in the car. I for one do not believe that Saul is the mole.
      Anyway, going on with this series without Damien Lewis would be like doing 24 without Keifer Sutherland. He will be back and in the thick of things for sure. Noboby saw the finale coming as it did, and these writers have many ways to play it during Season 3. It won’t be boring, that’s for sure.

      • “…..going on with this series without Damien Lewis would be like doing 24 without Keifer Sutherland”


  6. I for one wouldn’t want a mossad agent. BUT a double agent working for Americas interest rather than issues abroad. I watched season one & two in 1 week so everythings fresh in my mind. But a six months wait for season three is bonkers. Why not show president Obeezy man !!??!! When the vp met with Israeli ambassador he mentioned the current present one if I’m not mistaken. A few agents from Turkish roots British roots, French roots, basically NATO should some how be integrated if not individual ones maybe instead of Saul being in a hostile Lebanon, maybe they can be in a country besides isreal that’s a ally to the US. Quinn needs to play a bigger role I’d not I’d be disappointed.

  7. Quite frankly I wouldn’t watch the show without Brody in it. Carrie is the winiest person I have ever seen on a show, cries ever episode, and becomes very annoying.

    Also, I am pretty sure Saul set the whole thing up. It has been implied through the first two seasons.

    • Ummm Yeah, you got it spot on. The Carrie character is about as far removed as it is possible to be from a member of the CIA and for me, the acting of Ms Danes is so wooden, they should be looking to make a piece of furniture out of her. Just about every line she has is overacted. The way Rosamund Pike played the lawyer in Jack Reacher is how the Carrie role should have been played.

    • I agree with you on two of the points you made, namely I also would not watch the show without Brody/Damian Lewis and I’m also a little suspicious of Saul (notwithstanding the fact that I think Mandy Patinkin is absolutely spellbinding in this role).
      However, I couldn’t disagree with you more regarding Carrie being a whiner. She is a strong, brave, tormented and complicated woman. When she does shed tears it shows her humanity and is always appropriate to the situation. She is absolutely great!

      • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE ABOUT CARRIE ANS BRODY!! WITHOUT THE TO OF THEY THEY BETTER CATCH MY ATTENTION QUICK OF A FAN WILL BE LOST FOR GOOD!!!! I HAVE BEEN A DIE HARD AS MANY SO WHY SCREW UP what works. There is too much unanswered And I don’t know about the rest of you but I NEED to know what has happened will she help him and get him home and acquitted of all this mess. Why can’t they see he’s messed up and needs help and he has that with the ones who know him best!!!
        Please make it GOOD and it all connect to get to the bottom of this. Please don’t destroy I have fallen hard for and can’t miss a day…. AT LEAST THE FIRST TWO SEASONS…THIS ONE IS LEFT AND LONGED TO BE SEEN. DON’T LET US DOWN….IT WOULD BE HEART BREAKING TRULY. GOOD LUCK IN THE SEASON THREE OPENER AND THROUGHOUT YOU HAVE BIG SHOES TO FILL!!!

        Thanks you’re #1++++ FAN!!!

        Nicole Mansavage

    • comepletly agree about saul, i cant remember what episode but in the first season it hit me that he was the mole. Also he did not want brody killed by estes bc he knew he was to plant to car and the bomb. he was away and now he is in charge.

  8. IMO the show could benefit from time spent away from Brody. While he’s gone they could focus on the effects the events of the finale had on his family and we could see Carrie and Saul trying to rebuild (no pun) at the CIA…

  9. Saul deff set it up, just like he gave (not Aileen) but the other terrorist a blade to commit suicide, Pr was it Brody? Hmm ..but would Saul set it up knowing Carrie could die, and us knowing he treats carrie like a daughter. And remember what he said before he went to over see Abu Nazirs funeral. ‘You are the smartest dumbest person in the world’

  10. They make it sound like Brody will still be a big part of the show but he is innocent.

    Maybe the focus of Season 3 is going to be weeding out the CIA mole (which Carrie will work on the inside) and have Brody go double agent to work with Al-Qaida and help determine who the mole is from the outside, flipping him from trying to fool the CIA to trying to fool the Al-Qaida.

  11. I don’t see how they can bring Brody back. Exposing him in Season 2 was a big mistake, as far as I’m concerned. I would have liked to see how he dealt with being a U.S. congressman and a sleeper agent for Nazir at the same time.

    And “HOMELAND” without Brody or David Estes (whom I personally believe was a lot more interesting than Saul) is simply boring to me.

    • In the TV world… it’s easy enough.

      Like in my scenario above, Brody just goes to Al Qaida, he finds out who the CIA mole is and then the CIA claims they made that video just to give Brody a cover to help them. Simplistic, but it’s not like Season 2 was chock full of in-depth plotlines.

    • Your comment about wanting to see Brody juggle the responsibilities of being a US congressman and a double agent for the CIA and Nazir is a bit weird because that is basically what the second half of Season 2 was about, Brody having to commit spy acts while being a Congressman. They’ve already covered that in this season and it would be pointless to repeat it.

  12. Quinn’s character is essential to the development of a credible plot line for a 3rd season. So far he has had a no-nonsense approach to his work. It is fairly obvious that Brody’s character can only survive if he is to return to his terrorist friends. He will then be used as a focal point of hate only to be exonerated at the finale and proclaimed a hero.

  13. No security cameras in the CIA complex? No video of Brody and Carrie leaving the memorial minutes before the explosion? Who’s nod of the head was it that prompted them to leave? Why would they get up in the middle of the memorial anyhow?

    Carrie had no issue with Brody effectively killing the VP? Wasn’t conflicted by that for even one moment?

    WAY too much romantic soft stuff. Their relationship should have been way more complex in terms of what drew them together. All this ‘be together forever leave this world behind’ nonsense. Blow something up already (thankfully they did).

    The notion that Brody would be presumed dead in the car is nonsense and an insult to the viewers’ intelligence and lazy writing. Cameras in the parking lot, cameras in the hall ways. No way an unsecured vehicle could make it that close to the CIA complex. Would have been scanned / weighed / sniffed on the way in. They would have detected the hundreds of pounds of explosives in the SUV in a heartbeat.

    It better get really really good in Season 3 or I’m making my wife watch it by herself.

    • I agree with you, there would be cameras on which they would see Carrie and Brody walking out of the memorial service.
      But wouldn’t Carrie be called out as a culprit to this bombing, seeing as she was gone for hours to drive Brody to the border?
      Wouldn’t that mean she would be held captive and then they would have to go back to Carrie & Brody being a couple trying to lure out Brody?
      That’s almost the same story as before, they have to do this if they would see it on the cameras.

      You can tell me if im wrong here, or maybe the writers will work their magic on milking this for a couple of episodes and then fall back into the old story in which Carrie tries to get Brody back and everyone else seeing him as a terrorist.

    • +10000

      Show is getting a little silly. Kind of like “The Killing”. Season 3 will be it’s swan song.

    • You are 100% RIGHT i could not express as good as you
      I lot more people will be thinking like you by the end of 3rd season…. maybe your wife as well

      best regards

      • Simple answers.

        No security cameras because a mole would’ve made sure they were malfunctioning or switched off at the right moment.

        No one saw them leaving because most in the room are dead and the survivors might be too traumatised to remember clearly. Someone will though sometime during season 3.

        Carrie wouldn’t be conflicted because she loved Brody and she also has bipolar, which would also add to her clouded judgment at the time. That’s why she went from flipping out on him and almost shooting him in the office to helping him escape seconds later.

        Saul to me looked more worried than knowledgable and will have to somehow trust his old friend and Quinn if he wants their help in finding out what happened.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if Estes willingly sacrificed himself to let Brody be persecuted as a terrorist because there’s no way he’d have let him go so easily after the scene with Quinn in his bedroom.

  14. I sincerely hope Saul was not involved. Always saw him as the voice of reason in the CIA. No doubt he will be further up the food chain in S3, and with his wife coming back into it, maybe the focus in S3 will be on the Berenson family, not the Brodys. That said, I hope Morgan Saylor continues as Dana. She is one hell of an actress and has the knowledge that her father is innocent, as she told everyone near the end of the finale.Nothing like a terrorist bomb to cull the cast in the last episode, but I am sorry that David Harewood was a victim. And it looks as if the hit and run was basically a side issue now that Finn bit the dust.

    Despite the obvious presence of ‘Second Series Syndrome’, Homeland remains compulsive viewing and hopefully the writers will take it in the right direction in S3

    • Glad you mentioned Morgan Saylor’s character Dana. I thought she was a compelling part of the story. I also want to add that I find it odd to read many people’s comments. Like we are not really watching the same show.

      You mentioned Saul as the voice of reason. I read that the show’s creators view him as the “moral compass” of the agency. That makes sense to me, as I see the show as a way to look into the complex issues of terrorism and violence and security issues. Where is the moral ground? We should be asking ourselves these questions and I think the show helps us to explore that.

      I think it is precisely for this reason that the show also seeks to explore issues of mental health (Carrie’s and Brodie’s, and others – and also highlights the VP’s behaviors – political and personal, that cover up his own and his son’s harm to innocent bystanders in the name of some “greater good”). These are complex characters, with flaws and challenges, which is what makes the show so compelling to watch.

      I am surprised to see that some viewers see this as just another show in which they can root for us as the good guys finding a way to defeat an intransigent enemy, rather than asking, “How did we get into this mess? And how can we think differently about our own actions so we can understand our part in these kind of perpetual conflicts? What radically different choices could we make that would beneficially change the outcomes for both sides”

      Well, that’s my perspective anyway. One of many different ways of viewing the show.

  15. I feel that the up coming season is a setup for the next season of home land it will still be all we know and love i guess but we seem to be starting fresh with the story line and a mole in the cia that will be a big ppart as well as broddys inocence and the role that broodys daughter she will be more connected to carrie as it goes on and the strain on the family but hust my thoughts.

    • Just do a “24″ and have Brody’s daughter join the CIA as an analyst. :)

      • I love you for making this comment. hahahahaha

  16. Saul is the mole…

  17. i think that the girl that mother died will find dana. the president is dead and her son is now dead. she was promiosed money to keep quiet. with them dying noone paid her. she will be pissed and want her money

  18. The series is dead in the water if they think Claire Danes is going to hold it together without Damien Lewis! Such a demented personality would never be allowed anywhere near Langley, let alone have made it through any psychometrics! Just seen Rosamund Pike in Jack Reacher and her character is much more stable and suited to the role than the wooden Ms Danes, not to mention more attractive.

    • Have been reading posts on various sites for a couple of days. One thing keeps popping up that makes me wonder about the demographics of the of the viewers who post. Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas are chock full of people with varying degrees of mental illness and personality disorders.The government, including CIA and FBI have plenty of people who are drawn to this sort of work, mainly because of of their delusions. To say that someone with mental illness could never get near Langley or work in these positions is silly. That is what we would like to think. Sometimes the work will trigger them into some sort of delusion, and some come in with an odd fantasy that blossoms. There many stable people in this work and plenty of very, very off balance types.
      I guess my question is, how many people in this line of work do you really know? This show has been a wild ride and the best part is never
      knowing what turn it will take next. Showing the quirky personality’s is part of the draw.

      • Carrie would never be able to get a Top Secret security clearance in the real world.

  19. Man. This is officially the coolest website. We’re already talking about Season 3 & there are some really good comments. Oh but for goodness sakes, Saul can’t be the mole. No. No. No. They better bring Quinn back though. Not even kidding.

  20. Nearly gave up on Homeland in series 2 – too many twists and turns – it just got annoying. Series 3 cannot survive without the Brody/Carrie dynamic – they are the only main characters. Whys Saul the mole? Because everyone else is dead? and he was the only one not in the room when the bomb blew? Why did Quinn change his mind about shooting Brody? I know its not on shooting a man when he is praying, but it was quite a conversion to then threaten Estes at gunpoint! And Dana MUST do everything to prove Brody is innocent, though it is a nice ironic twist that she cant use the evidence that has persuaded her.

    Lots to look forward to! It would be nice if someone shot Carrie to shut her up and stop her eyes rolling around like pool balls, but you would then have no story! Lets hope series 3 is better than 2!

    • Two things, it’s difficult to see how Brody has not turned; he has converted to Islam, saved Abu Nazir from a planned hit and effectively, murdered the Vice President! The only thing saving him to date is the demented Carrie.
      Secondly, it is not necessarily the Carrie character that needs to be killed off, it’s just that a better actress is needed to play the role, as the acting of Ms Danes is just so OTT, the character is not credible!

      • If you look back on it… Brody never wanted to kill innocents, he really just wanted to get revenge for Nazir’s son. He even told Soria that he didn’t want to be involved in something that took out many people.

        The only people he killed were all guilty in some way:

        - Sniper/partner turned terrorist
        - Bombmaker
        - Warmongering Vice President

        And I’m not trying to exonerate him, but so far he has shown that he is not the extremist that Nazir is.

        Being Muslim does NOT make you a bad guy.

        • I need to clarify, it was not intended for my “converted to Islam” comment to be interpreted as meaning Muslim = “bad guy”; that is was absolutely NOT the case. Several years in the Middle East and being regarded as a member of a Bedouin family testifies to my respect for Muslims.

          I agree with most of what BigNerd says, but I am inclined to feel there may be some confusion in the writers’ thinking in the way they have presented the Brody character. The religious conversion is an indicator of Brody’s persona and I can understand the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ aspect of his relationship with Abu Nazir and the affection developed for Abu Nazir’s son. However, the fact is Brody still thwarted a plan to terminate Abu Nazir and a Vice President being regarded as warmonger hardly justifies being complicit in his assassination. TV being TV almost certainly means it will transpire that Brody is a good guy, but realistically, it makes more sense for him to be a bad guy. Additionally, this could present the possibility of Saul being an ally of Brody, instead of Carrie’s mentor!

  21. I’ve noticed that no one yet has commented about Quinn and his refusal to kill Brody. I find it really strange that up to the moment when Brody is praying Quinn is scoping Brody and following his every move at the cottage. The viewer sees Quinn coming up behind Brody praying on the beach in the woods with his gun within shot of Brody and nothing happens. Quinn then hides in Estes bedroom and tells him that he won’t kill Brody because he has redeemed himself and Estes better leave Brody alone or else !!! I think Quinn is the mole and working for the terrorists. I think he made contact with Brody at the beach (Brody notified him when Carrie left for croissants) when he was praying and set up the plan to gear up Brody’s car with bomb at CIA funeral and use Claire to get Brody out of country. Brody choosing between Carrie and the VP via Abu Nazir was just another set up to kill the VP which Abu Nazir wanted and “save” Carrie to prove his undying love for her. He used Carrie to continue his terrorist mission. Brody won’t return to Season 3 as a “redeemed” soldier and American. He will return to cause further damage. The writers should definitely bring in a Mossad agent to clean house. It would provide a much needed change from the personal lives of these characters (getting boring) and focus on the inner workings of catching terrorists. This is where the show proves its success.

    • I have to admit, you bring up an excellent point! When the everyone got blown up, I immediately suspected Quinn. I defaulted back to Quinn telling Estes he refused to kill Brody because it would kill Carrie and clearly they’ve done enough to mess up her life. However, rigging that explosion would give him the perfect opportunity to solve THREE problems (Estes, Brody & Carrie) with one explosion but I then let it ago out of disbelief he could do something that horrible. I like this angle though (Quinn as the mole). I’m totally on board for the writers to play this out. I know it’s only a TV show but man, I’ve been getting a bad vibe on Quinn since Saul had him followed …

  22. I think the “Quin and Brody angle” angle should be looked at. They both seem to have skeletons in their cupboards. All the same, would like to see what the writers have planned for the next season. Love watching the programme.

  23. It is so clearly Saul who is the mole. Without Brody & Carrie, why watch the show????? It would be great to watch a season with Carrie working side by side with Saul and slowly realising that he is infact the mole.

    • I agree with you. Without Brody it wouldn’t be a show. But please, get rid of the family if only to eliminate the daughter’s presence. Her acting is horrible and it drives me crazy to listen to her.

  24. I would be very disappointed to see Brody out of the show or less of, i feel he is an integral part of what makes this show such a success, and the writers should figure out a way to keep him a central part of the ‘game’. Clearing his name is an interesting idea as Carrie told Brody near the end of the episode, but that doesnt leave much for Brody to do as he will just be in hiding/running – that scenario just wouldnt be interesting enough i think, they need to do a lot more to keep up the high standards they’ve set for this show. I think Carrie should clear his name to Saul early on in the season, and then use him to infiltrate the new terrorist group who think he was responsible for the attack, and in the meantime searh for the CIA mole.

    I have troubles believing Saul is the mole just based on the fact that he sees Carrie as his daughter and he knew that she would be attending the memorial. However, he always seems SO nervous when asked to take a polygraph which is very strange, always seems like he is hiding something. Quinn is another contender for mole, his background is very shady and the quick reversal from pointing a gun at Brody to Estes may have been because he knew that Brody would be a perfect cover to get the C4s into the CIA headquarters so had to keep him alive for the time being.

    I read a comment earlier that its unrealistic that the car got into the CIA HQ with explosives that there’d be cameras and car weighing/sniffing etc. How I explain that, and as Brody himself said to carrie when she was pointing a gun at him, Abu Nazir was killed and the CIAs guards were down, they no longer feared for a terrorist attack, they thought they were in the clear so they probably didnt go into the extensive measures they’d normally do perhaps. The cameras or footage could have easily been manipulated by the mole.

    It’s a great show and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for season 3, hopefully Brody will still be a big part of it and more interesting characters will be added.

  25. Brill story line defo think brody was set up but carrie will clear his name cant wait for 3rd series :)

  26. Saul is the mole. How I’ve come to that conclusion:

    (1)From the very beginning, Saul has been questioned by almost every member of the CIA about his “off campus meetings” which have never been explained; which allows the writers TONS of room to create flashbacks in order to explain his actions.

    (2)EVERY character has some deep secret that has been exposed to the audience, EXCEPT for Saul (and Chis, but he’s an irrelevant character). You could argue that the writers intentionally left Saul as a keeper of purity and a contrast for the otherwise unstable characters. But with everyone else out of the picture now, the only way to keep the show interesting is to create suspense with the remaining characters… how could they manage that if Saul is innocent? The show would turn into Curb Your Enthusiasm if it’s an entire season of Saul saying “I told you so” and complaining all the time.

    (3) Saul had motive. His wife left, he was getting pressured out of the CIA which had become his only reason to live, he felt that the agency had lost it’s way and had become corrupt. I know you will say that he would have to sacrifice Carrie who he loves like a daughter, but (A) he felt that she was already too far gone with Brody which he disapproved of and (B) more importantly Saul would know that Carrie would be the only person crazy enough to target Saul and lead an investigation to his arrest. So, by eliminating Carrie and the entire CIA, he won’t get kicked out of the agency that has become his entire reason for living (he’ll actually run it his way now) and his wife comes back to him as a bonus.

    (4) Saul had a once in a lifetime cover: Brody. Please remember that before the explosion, Brody called it off with his wife and made sure that Mike was there to take care of them (he did the same thing before he strapped on the vest). Saul and Brody have more in common than first meets the eye. They both love America but feel that it’s lost it’s way and needs come serious restructuring. So, how hard would it be to convince Brody that he could still carry out on those who killed Isa, put good people in place to make sure it never happens again and start with a clean slate with everyone thinking he’s dead? Sound like something Saul would talk Brody into doing? I think so!

    (5) Saul was not surprised when he saw that Carrie was still alive; he was hesitant. Yes, he was praying, and that could be used to explain why he didn’t stop when she said his name. But, if he really did love her like a daughter, he would have immediately stopped and turned. (This could also provide the writers to imply that Saul cares more about his religion than his “family” and give them an extremist angle.)

    (6) Polygraph tests. He’s never completed one…

    I have some other random thoughts about Saul that don’t really have a conclusion yet, but they may provide a way to mark him as a terrorist:
    (1) he has made two or three heavily emphasized points about the importance of the rug in his office; which might imply he’s a converted Muslim. (2) Don’t you also find it odd that he drove from Texas to Virginia just to form a relationship with Eileen? He really seemed to relate and have a soft spot for her.

    Let the arguments begin…

    • I thought soo too but you need to look deeper, you said saul has beeen missing nd we know the least about him, quinn is a complete mystery and dar adal. Why didnt quinn kill brody? Maybe he and/or adal are in on it. They have the means and the motive to plant the explosives. remember adal said to saul he never liked killing!!! this gives adal more power in the “war on terror”
      Its clear season 3 will be splitting from brodys run saul & crrie at langley and deveelopment of quinn & adal (maybe)

  27. It’s Saul. He is the mole and there have been little hints all along. He is terrified of a polygraph test. Failed the Razor blade question the first time he took it. He leaked information about raiding the shop, when only he and few others could have known about Gettysberg. He prayed in Arabic. He took sympathy for Aileen the terrorist and really felt bad for her because she was like him + cried when she died. He didn’t even cry when he thought Carrie was dead. She married a foreigner of another religion and he told her his story how he spent his life acting good for the other Catholic boys when he was really Jewish. The thing you have to remember about TV shows is TV time is very expensive and they ONLY show what is important, there is a reason for EVERYTHING. Why else would they show him failing the Razor Blade polygraph the first time? Lastly, he went to Abu Nazir’s funeral(safe) instead of the Vice President’s funeral(danger). Why?

  28. I just watched the entire first two seasons for the first, and only time.

    If Saul is the mole, isn’t it possible he’s a mole to allow the finale bombing to happen like truthers think 9/11 happened? – A mole to create the the fear and hate necessary to keep the “industrial military complex” in business?

    Let’s just sum it up; an unstable bi-polar wanna-be CIA station chief beds and falls in love with a terrorist operative, who she then helps to escape after a major bombing, because she alone in the world, as his soul mate, knows he couldn’t have done this. The leader of HS is a murderous scumbag, who will commit mass and individual murder because he likes his job. The wise old sage of the CIA is the prime suspect of being the biggest traitor, the mole. The young hit-man has more morals than the lot of them, and will only kill when HE agrees that it’s the “ethical” thing to do.

    One could reasonably conclude that this show was written to force a person to consider the terrorists as the pure-of-heart players. What is it that’s said about animals and humans? That you don’t see the animals killing each other for sport? That’s what this show does with terrorists and Americans. You don’t see them killing each other for personal gain.

    The trite “Dallasesque” plot leaves me wishing the book was written first. The decide-as-you-go daytime soap-style plot is a waste of prime time.

    To differentiate the plot from the writing, acting, cinematography and directing – all top-shelf, and all try to save this sorry saga from utter mediocrity.

  29. Season 3 doesn’t begin until the fall of 2013???? omg. that’s a long time to wait.