‘Homeland’ Season 2 Details Revealed – What Happens Next?

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showtime homefront danes patinkin lewis Homeland Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

It’s been an eventful year for Showtime’s new hit series Homeland. With two Golden Globe awards under their belt, as well as praise from audiences and critics alike, all eyes are on the cable drama as it heads into its second season this fall.

With Homeland being based on the hit Israeli series Hatufim (Kidnapped), you would think that many hints of what’s to come may lie in the source material. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Homeland may have been based off of Hatufim, but the only element that remains from the original series is the fact that a solider (soldiers in the original) returned home after being held captive for many years, and must deal with adjusting to a world that has continued without him. While there are several mysteries surrounding what actually occurred during their captivity, Hatufim is not the narrative thriller that Homeland is.

And with Homeland season 2 set to begin production this summer, it’s time to find out exactly what those upcoming twists and turns may be. Speaking with E! Online recently, executive producer Alex Gansa (The X-Files, 24) revealed some details about what’s to come in one of cable television’s most talked about series.

The Time Jump

For those fans looking to find out what happened after Carrie (Claire Danes) attempted to cure her bi-polar disorder with electroconvulsive therapy, you may be disappointed with the intended plans for next season. It appears that instead of picking up where the Homeland season 1 finale left off, the producers are going to make use of television’s dreaded time jump. While we’ll ultimately see the result of Carrie’s treatments, it won’t be the seamless continuation that many expected.

We have the ability now to jump time between seasons—so don’t be surprised if we don’t pick up the very next day.

By jumping some time, we’re going to be able to put our characters in different places than they have been this season. There will be a reset, probably after a jump in time, and both [Carrie and Brody] will be in very different places than they are now.

Even though television’s often-abused time jumps do tend to give viewers the appearance that the producers are attempting to work with a clean slate, after what may be a disastrous season of storytelling, there have been many examples where a time jump, when handled correctly, can further explore aspects of a series and its characters that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

homeland damian lewis brody Homeland Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

The People

Thanks to a perfectly-timed phone call to Sargent Brody (Damian Lewis) in the finale, the Al-Qaeda sleeper-assassin secured his placement in Homeland season 2, and perhaps a position in the White House. But according to Gansa, the second season will continue progressing the highly volatile relationship between Carrie and Brody.

The center of season two will be the same as the center of season one and that is the Carrie-Brody relationship. The reason why we decided not to kill Brody off in the finale is because that relationship hasn’t run its course yet. That’s what we always come back to—whenever we can intersect those two characters, that’s when we feel most alive as writers, that’s when the series really soars.

That being said, the producers are still focused on further evolving the series. And with the only reasoning for keeping Brody around being that his relationship with Carrie “hasn’t run its course yet,” Homeland is going to have to bring in some new talent. Perhaps an Oscar winner who already has an affinity for the series?

I think we will bring some new characters in, especially to the CIA. But that’s really just in the gestating…we just don’t know what we’re going to do yet.

I’ll tell you this: Robin Williams loves the show. So who knows? Can you imagine Robin Williams and Mandy Patinkin in a scene together? That’s what I want to see.”


morena baccarin homeland jessica brody Homeland Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

The Plot

With Homeland’s intended time jump previously revealed, Gansa explains that the storyline in Homeland season 2 is going mirror the 2013 Presidential election, which will be occurring at the same time that the second season airs.

I think an election will be happening. And the great thing is, an election [for U.S. president] will really be happening when we air. So it’s going to be a really wonderful confluence of events.

And now that Brody has been able to been able to transition himself from a one-hit-bomber in the eyes of Abu Nazir, you can bet that Brody is going to take his ”American hero” persona further than anyone would have expected, and is going to be very involved in helping to shape the public’s opinion to better plan into Nazir’s plans.

As Nazir told Brody, “Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?”

But since a time jump has occurred, perhaps Brody has had a change of heart?

I suppose we’ll have to wait to find out


Expect Homeland season 2 to premiere Fall 2012

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Source: E! Online

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  1. I’m ok with a time jump. Especially if Brody & Carrie’s relationship will still be at the center of the show.
    If they picked up the day after anything that would happen between them could end up feeling forced and/or rushed.
    Season 1 was fantastic.
    On a side note, and I hate to be that guy but I’m going to do it anyway. It’s the 2012 presidential election. Not 2013.

    • I don’t hate being “that guy” as much as you do, but I know what you mean. So here’s my “that guy” thing.

      “Homeland may have been based off of Hatufim…”
      That should be “based ON,” not off.

    • Remember, guys, this is a website called screenrant.com. I don’t think anyone working there is looking to win a Pulitzer for writing.

  2. This is a great show with excellent actors involved. I’m glad they won at the GG. And look forward to next season….

  3. It will be cool if Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer makes a small cameo appearance in the show, but I doubt it.

    • Really?

    • Jack Bauer would fit perfectly into this for a season at least….He and Carrie would hit it off well out in the field…..Two Extremists at their jobs….Who knows???

      • Remember, Carrie doesn’t have a job now, especially with the CIA.

        • Perfect time for her to team up with Jack ;-)

    • You’re kidding right? That’s stupid.

    • How would that be cool, exactly?

  4. So did Brody converted into muzlim , carie knew that she shuld have arrested him why didn’t she told Saul about his conversion , dana knows that now , she will tell her family or friends and thing will get leak which will dent Brody election chances .
    Or will brody revert back to christian

    • Brody explained why he converted to Islam. But there’s a difference between knowing he’s Muslim (which both the audience and characters know he is) and knowing he’s a criminal (which only the audience knows, but not many of the characters). This explains why Carrie didn’t arrest him, she never had enough evidence. As for the election aspect of his conversion, his belief system may play a big part and it’ll be interesting to see if the show does anything with it.

  5. I think the writers made a huge mistake in ever putting a romantic/sexual relationship together with the Carrie and Brody characters. Her character is better when she is vilifiying Brody and I’d like to see him actually go the other way and be repusled by him. The writers have made her seem weak and needy. I like her when she’s strong. Also if you have good storylines you dont’ need Academy Award winning actors as fodder. The character base is just fine as it is. I watch the show for the psychological analysis, the good vs. evil, not the good getting off with evil, and the terroristic/stop the terrorist action. We need a lot more of Abu Nazir, his actions and the hunt for him, not some 1960 housewifish soap opera.

    • ^so true

      • We need to know more about Tom WAlker’s captivity and how he was “turned”….what life altering experiences did he survive that turned him into a terrorist under the control of Nazir? We know what happened to Brody befriending Issa, the boy killed by the drone so his reasons are transparent. But Walker??

        • I’m guessing he converted to terrorism against America because his best friend thought he had punched him to death and they used that against him?! Maybe? Would be a good enough reason…

    • When Carrie became sexually involved and fellin love with Brody the show went downhill for me. For someone who seemed so on top of her game at the CIA, I can’t believe she would have been that dumb. The show lost credibility when they became involved.

      • Carrie getting involved with Brody was a strategy on part of Carrie to deliberately get as close to brody as possible.Similarly Brody too knew this could be the case and hence played all along.Yes somewhere down the line we had sexual/emotional tensions,but thats what drama is all about.
        The thing is the show feeds off the relationship well.The relationship doesnt affect Brody’s decision to put on the “suit” and it doesnt affect Carrie’s decision in continuing to suspect Brody.
        Infact one of the primary reasons Brody-Carrie were together briefly is revealed in the finale…the word “Aisa”.

      • IMHO, the story would be one-dimensional without the relationship tension. And its great to see that Carrie isn’t a superhero, she doesn’t have all her crap together, yet she is awesome at what she does and ends up being right in the end.

      • Spot on. The plot whilst still entertaining started to develop a lot of holes at that point.

  6. I don’t understand the issue with the time jump. Where’s the fun in seeing what happens to them the next day? Carrie will be all screwed up from her surgery and likely won’t remember the Isa detail, and even if she does there’s nothing she can do about it because everyone thinks she’s a psycho. Brody would probably be chilling at his house waiting for more instructions. The point is to put the characters in a time and place where their goals are relevant. All this while Brody’s been building his relationship with the future president and the target of Nazir’s attack, and Carrie’s recovered, presumably, and working towards restoring her career and finally getting Brody. It’s like the time jump early in the season, did we all want to see three more weeks of Carrie surveying Brody? Why limit themselves like that when they can just let us fill in the gaps?

  7. Love the show, but the writing isn’t nearly as good as the acting.

    1. How realistic was it to have Brody convert to the religion of the very people who are tormenting him in captivity (and at least partly for religious reasons)?

    2. Brody said he converted to Islam because he didn’t have a Bible or Christian symbols while in captivity. Weak.

    3. How realistic was it to have Brody suddenly develop a much greater love for a young boy he just met than for his own children?

    4. How realistic was it for Abu Nazir, after years of planning, to suddenly change his objective from killing the vice-president to keeping an eye on the vice-president? And Abu Nazir made this amazing reverse during a single telephone call from Brody, the person who failed to carry out the original mission.

    • 1. Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome?

      2. When he said that he was “confessing” to Carrie at the cabin. Still part of the deception, not a true explanation.

      3. Although it only seemed like mere days, the timeline of his interaction with Issa was a year or so.

      4. “Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?” says it all. He realized in that instant that Brody could cause much more damage to America being on the inside of an administration than just by killing a Vice President.




  8. I agree Richard. I don’t know if this is where you’re going – maybe I’m going farther than the writing, but when you try so hard in some areas to be authentic (or shall I say try to tell a story in an possible reality?), I just don’t see how a major terrorist can trust an American like that or that Brody can develop a love for Issa in such a short amount of time greater than his kids.

    Those are just two things that bother me about the show and you hit them spot on. I mean I like the show, but something just isn’t there. I guess it is the writing. Maybe its the casting of Major Winters and I can’t think of him as a bad guy, maybe its the hard to understand twists. I know twists are supposed to catch you off guard, but I just can’t put my finger on it! Is it that I don’t like the idea of an American being able to be turned?? I just can’t finger it.

    In the back of my mind I want some kind of twist that Brody is actually working for a deep part of the CIA and this is to really root out major terrorist cells. Talk about a ‘possible reality’ ;).

  9. I really like the show and it’s very entertaining, but there are some things that could use improvement regarding the writing. I too do not like that Carrie started a sexual relationship with Brody, seems a little ridiculous that she was so obsessed with him being a sleeper villian and was out to prove it when no one believed her, and she put everything she had worked for at risk after a few shots of alcohol? And not only had sex with him, but TOLD HIM about the investigation. I mean you’re kidding right? I know she’s flawed and I like that but she’s supposed to be a trained CIA operative. Also, my husband watches the show too and he’s active military in for 20 years now and he says some of the little details not paid attention to are quite stupid. Like, not giving the Marine characters proper military haircuts. And ribbons on their uniforms being incorrect. And with Brody and Mike thing, no way would a Sargent be best buds with a Captain, very inappropriate. I assume a show like this would hire advisors on stuff like this, they need to get some things straight. And also Carrie and Saul talking on cell phones about top secret info, don’t think so, even the lowest CIA employee would know better. But– I do like the show anyway and look forward to season 2.

    • I agree with your observations. I was wincing at the way “Walker” was palming the bolt of his rifle and releasing the action of the rifle without control. But I guess they’re making a TC show.

    • *TV show, sorry.

  10. The writers, executive producer and director have proven that the show is a success. They seemed to achieve exactly what they wanted and where they should go. Ultimately I know that I don’t have the expertise to tell them how they could do S2 any better. And though I look forward to a new season, I just hope that the quality and quantity of the show’s content and acting doesn’t diminish.

  11. Point of order if Brody converted to Islam why is he drinking beer ?

    Also the tailor was smoking also not in keeping with Islam.

    I do agree with the previous comments about the relationship between Brody and Claire it kind of weakend her characater. Great casting and wonderful acting

    • Yes drinking and smoking do not conform to the islamic “rules”, but suicide bombings and killing others DO NOT either. so get your facts straight

    • killing isn’t keeping with islam either

    • Why do a lot of Catholic women use birth control? Besides, it would draw too much attention to him if he suddenly started shunning alcohol.

    • Lots of muslim’s smoke & even drink. Also he’s still eating meat that is NOT halal

  12. Great show but missing something for sure. I think the writing is not as great as reality. I really doubt as most people have pointed out that Carrie would sleep with Brody at least without permission of her superiors and one would think the CIA would know if Carrie was spying at and sleeping with a person such as Brody. Then on the “lockdown” i very much doubt Brody despite being part of the Veep’s group would be in the same room.

    On some of the comments on Aisa(sp), it is possible to have that much affection,he was the only person he interacted with in 8 years and seeing him die that way brought them even closer. On Brody’s conversion to Islam, very possible again, we look for a coping mechanism and Islam was there. And you can smoke in Islam but not drink especially if Brody has become a fundamentalist that he even wants to die for the cause.

    Cant wait for season two!

    • no you can not smoke in Islam… Its not allowed.
      It harms ur body. You might want to look it up.

  13. I understand the frustration with Cartie for sleeping with Brody but I think there are two points to consider. First, as others have mentioned, it was part of a strategy of hers, however misguided that was. He’s not the first inappropriate relationship she’s had. Estes intimated that he’d also slept with her. Second, one aspect of bi-polar disorder for many sufferers is promiscuity. Her picking up the guy in the bar, sleeping with a superior and sleeping with Brody all fit the disorder’s profile, as do the frenetic behavior, obsessions and inability to keep your mouth in check. I think the writers have done a great job of portraying the illness.
    As for Brody’s relationship with Aisa, I think it’s believable when you consider that he was one of the only real relationships he had while in captivity. I hesitate to use this word, but it was pure. His loss must’ve been devastating, both in terms of how it occurred and what it meant for him. He was still in captivity before and after his death.
    Many Muslims smoke and drink just like many Christians lie and steal. Being a Muslim means striving to be better, to fight your own personal jihads as it were, just as being a Christians means striving to be a good person and to fight your own inner demons. Besides, how’s he going to blend in in America if he doesn’t drink beer? The most unbelievable thing was an American man of his age being able to dribble a soccer ball like he did! I’m only half joking!

  14. I meant to add that I don’t think Brody has become a fundamentalist Muslim. I think he’s become fundamentally disenchanted with America. What I love about the show is how it plays on our prejudices and fears. We tend to see all Muslims as fundamentalists if they have issues with America and all fundamentalist as terrorists. Neither is necessarily true. There are fundamentalists who want nothing more than to live their lives according to their beliefs and there are terrorists who are not fundamentalists in their religious beliefs. People are bloody complicated and we do them and ourselves no favors by trying to put them in neat, easy to understand categories.

  15. I just cant wait until season 2 is released!

    • I’m with you!

  16. The actors and the way they play is just amazing.Season one was really good,
    I just cant wait till the next season…
    But In my opinion the way the things go is just too slow I think it will be
    better if in the next season they need or at least try to make every chapter
    with more information or with less pauses.
    Bottom line I love it…

  17. Yes that really is my name lol

    I love the show and brodys wife is absolutely stunning, and she is a realy nice person.

  18. carrie is starting to get on my nearves abit

    • Try living with someone who is bi-polar. You’d quickly understand.

  19. Well what’s happend to the sd memory card he hid in the wall because it was gone so surely the video is going to get leaked or he is going to have it used against him

    • In case he suddenly gets cold feet and tries to back out of his agreement, Nazir has something to use as blackmail.

  20. This is the best series have ever watched.Love it especially coz its unpredictable you guys keep it that way.

  21. All Brody needs to do is get in a lift with Tony Robbins for five minutes and he’ll be sorted!

  22. Season 2 will be starting Fall 2012! Wahat the ? That’s to far out!

    • Sorry, this is Showtime (and premium TV in general). Series only get 10-13 episodes a year, and unlike the free networks, they’re not stretched over nine months.

  23. ISSA, will Carrie remember this

  24. damian lewis is a really annoying british etonian. his rsc style totally does not fit with his role in this show.

  25. What do you think about that Jack to play the new bad boy, I think it will be interesting

  26. “thetrystero” , you are not right. Damian Lewis play the role on perfect way.

  27. I think all the negativity should be put on hold. This show is cutting brand new directions in drama and breaking convention. The casting is perfect (Lewis is fantastic and plays an american better than most americans) and the narrative is well put together. Stop looking for the nitty-gritty blemishes and just enjoy the journey. This is one of the most refreshing shows in ages and as long as it stays at the same pace, with the same ideas, it will become one of the greatest of all time. And Danes is smokin hot.

  28. “Brody” aka Damian Lewis should have won the Golden Globe for Best Actor.
    I have never seen such great acting on a TV show in all my 58 years.
    He was robbed !! Can’t wait for S2!

  29. I don’t understand this: The first chapter shows that Brody is rescued by american soldiers but one of the last chapters shows that Abu Nazir releases Brody to be Issa’s English teacher.- When Issa dies, Does Brody come back to be cautive? At what time do the american soldiers appear to save him? I’m confused. The serie is wonderful anyway! I can’t wait for season 2

    • Yes, four months before Brody was released he had short hair but when released he had hair 8 inches longer!!??