‘Homeland’ Season 2 Finale Review – A New Beginning?

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Claire Dane and Mandy Patinkin in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 2 Finale Review – A New Beginning?

Despite its many similarities, Homeland isn’t the same kind of hyperkinetic techno-thriller as something like, say, 24. Although much of the plot is driven in the same breathless manner, it’s more about the characters and what happens to them on a deeply personal, psychological level, as a result of living in an almost constant state of paranoia, self-doubt and fear that the unthinkable is about to happen.

So, judging Homeland, or, in this case, season 2, on the basis of its many plot holes or questionable leaps in logic can, to a certain extent, be suspended; provided the writers took said leaps as a means by which they could integrate such a large scale terror threat with the interpersonal relationship of two very screwed up people in some sort of satisfactory way.

So, after a bit of a slow start, ‘The Choice,’ begins to rein in all of its elements and reduce its story down as close to the one simple principle of the unlikely relationship between Carrie Mathison (Clare Danes) and Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) as it possibly can. There’re several red herrings thrown in at first, and briefly the show takes on the kind of dizzying sense that everyone may somehow be up to no good – but its impossible to pin down who, exactly, much less why. For instance, Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is stalking the woods outside the Mathison family cabin, while inside, Carrie empties a revolver, and places the bullets in an Altoid tin. The camera follows her movements with such deliberate attention and detail that, for a brief second, it seems as though the episode will somehow work its way back to the brass resting inside that dented tin. But like the appearance of the mysterious Dar Adal (or, perhaps more to the point, the significance of casting someone like F. Murray Abraham), it would prove to be an element saved for another day – or a calculated bit of misdirection.

In a way, the entirety of season 2 has been that same bit of misdirection (as well as some occasional misfires). At the end of the first season, there were hundreds of directions that Homeland could have been taken in, but the writers decided that, for better or worse, the dynamic between Carrie and Brody would be their focus; they would take this star-crossed couple’s relationship as far as it could possibly go. At a certain point, the writers were simply not going to be getting back the kind of emotion from the relationship as they had been putting into it; Brody and Carrie were doomed to fail for both the characters and the audience. Already, we’d begun to see the narrative losing ground on the efficacy of the entire dynamic that made season 1 work so well. The unanticipated legitimacy of Carrie’s feelings for Brody, and his surprising reciprocation, were key parts of the show, so when it started to become them against the machinations of global terrorist organizations and the CIA, something began to feel off.

Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 2 Finale Review – A New Beginning?

And with the added tension of knowing that Nicholas Brody was also claiming to be a reformed terrorist, it seemed likely the series would be waiving goodbye to Damian Lewis, so that the it could reinvent (and, to some extent, save) itself for a renewed and reinvigorated season 3. In many regards, ‘The Choice’ managed to do just that without the massive reboot some had predicted, while still suggesting a tantalizing possibility of a whole new arrangement next season, and beyond. The most positive thing to come from this is how Homeland has managed to wrangle free from many of the trappings having to do with Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban). Now the show is free to tackle threats of a different scale, and to (hopefully) reestablish the relationship between Saul (Mandy Patinkin) and Carrie – the series’ other, sometimes overlooked, relationship between two screwed up people.

It’s somewhat odd to be saying this, but once the explosion rips through the CIA headquarters, there’s a lot to like about the Homeland season finale. Despite the personal nature of the storyline, so much of the series is propelled by action-oriented events; some of which haven’t exactly worked out in the last twelve episodes. But here, it’s different; immediately there’s doubt in everyone’s mind that Brody isn’t still the terrorist – and, who knows, maybe we’ll find out later on that he actually was the guy who planted all that C-4 in his SUV. The terrorist act also works to grant a great deal of weight to the seemingly lackadaisical manner in which Nazir willingly saw his life come to an end. More importantly, however, it splits the episode’s focus between Carrie and Brody looting her endgame storage locker, and Saul managing the chaos while simultaneously grieving over the supposed loss of a very important colleague and friend – and no, that’s not referring to the death of David Estes (David Harewood). Patinkin is so effective in his latter scenes that he basically grounds the entire episode with little more than subtle variations of a pained look on his face, and a barely quivering voice. No wonder it was decided to end the season with a lingering shot of his wounded, yet relieved visage.

But it’s what the episode didn’t resort to that’s perhaps the most satisfying. For one, despite what Quinn thinks, it didn’t paint Estes as some sort of clandestine villain – in fact, though it was self-serving, as Saul pointed out, his ordering of the assassination of Brody – who is a known terrorist – is actually a legitimate response of someone operating within the framework of national security. Even though he may have handled it in an undiplomatic and jerk-like fashion, Estes, like Dana (Morgan Saylor), approached most situations from a position of truth.

David Harewood in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 2 Finale Review – A New Beginning?

Still, the most significant aspect of ‘The Choice’ is that, although many had been calling for it, the writers managed to provide Brody an out, which didn’t require him to die. Perhaps that would have been more satisfying in some high-stakes kind of way, but Brody’s retreat into Newfoundland, and then who knows where, gives the series the leeway it needs to move in any direction. As it was with the Brody family at the end of ‘In Memoriam,’ the writers can choose to integrate the characters into upcoming storylines or not. While this certainly feels like a tragic, but fulfilling end to Jessica (Morena Baccarin), Dana and Chris’ (Jackson Pace) story, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. And as unlikely as it is that Damian Lewis will remain out of the spotlight for too long, it would be very interesting to see Homeland operate without him – at least for a few episodes.

For many viewers, Homeland used up a great deal of the goodwill all those Emmys granted it, and given the satisfying, but still less-than-definitive ending of this season, there’s the threat that whatever positives came out of ‘The Choice’ could be undone at the beginning of season 3. That leaves the audience still willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt in the unusual position of waiting for a conclusion, rather than excitedly waiting for the next chapter. Will the next season be enough to keep them believing in the show?

Damian Lewis in Homeland The Choice Homeland Season 2 Finale Review – A New Beginning?

Various other items:

  • Sometimes, clearing the table like this can work wonders for a show. Not only can the writers move past the Nazir terrorist network to explore new threats, they’ve summarily disposed of any lingering issues there may have been with characters like Estes, as well as the irascible Finn Walden (Timothee Chalamet).
  • A season of Brody on the run (which will admittedly require a great deal of suspension of disbelief), while Carrie balances a new threat with an almost extra-curricular pursuit to exonerate the man she loves might be an interesting continuation of the Brody/Carrie story.
  • It’s surprising that no one thought, however briefly, to blame poor Danny Galvez (Hrach Titizian) for the car bomb.


Homeland will return for season 3 in the fall of 2013.

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  1. Fighting myself over the idea that Saul is somehow connected to Nazir. Someone let him back into the country, right? Also, he wasn’t there (convenient now that the bomb has led to him being in charge of it all), tried to get Carrie to go with him (his love for Carrie is absolutely real and possibly a reference point of personal conflict), only seemed to focus on Carrie once he got back to base and barely, in my opinion, registered any great deal of surprise when he noticed the carnage.

    I’m probably wrong. In fact, I pray to be wrong. But something about him… seems… off.

    Anyways, decent finish to a relatively poor season, especially in comparison to the masterful season one.

    • I have had my suspicions regarding Saul since season 1. He just seems like he is hiding something. And I am pretty sure I remember him praying to Allah in the first season. I don’t think they acknowledged him as being an open muslim.

      • Where was Virgil the whole episode considering he hanged around Langley/CIA? And was in pretty much everything else important until Nazir was discovered and killed – went underground?

      • He wasn’t praying to Allah, he was speaking Aramaic. He IS Jewish.

        • That makes more sense. I do still hold my suspicions on the guy.

          • Right now I very much suspect that Saul is the mole within the CIA. He wanted Estes to call off the hit because he needed Brody alive as a patsy, had access to several copies of Brody’s terrorist video, attempted to get Carrie out of the building before the bombing took place, and in his last speech with the deceased after the bombing he was repeating the prayer for Nazir given when he was thrown to sea. Now this series in known for misdirection so it could very possibly be that, but you should certainly be suspecting a Saul connection at this point.

      • I be;ieve he was praying in Hebrew.

    • Ajeno you took the words right out of my mouth. I have always felt that Saul us not in the up and up with the CIA. What was he saying at the end of the show before Carrie showed up? Was he praying in another language? He was trying so hard to get Carrie out what seems a plot to kill many in the CIA leaving him in charge and putting the blame on Brody. This season did suck as it became a love story soap opera.

      • love story soap opera is quite accurate.

      • Hellawakens,

        He was reciting the “kaddish” the jewish prayer of mourning/remembrance for the dead (he is Jewish after all). If I recall correctly he did it a few times throughout the season (maybe when that American terrorist woman killed herself)

        Anyway, just thought you would want to know.

        • Thank you Charlie Crown,

          I did read on other sites that he was reciting a Jewish prayer. Thank you for the heads up. I am not sure if the regular follower would have put that together making a bit more interesting to the show.

  2. I can’t believe anyone doesn’t see what a huge jumping the shark episode this was. Just an awful episode in every way. There is nothing even remotely compelling about this show now. I will never watch this crap again.

    • I’d love to have the personality to just ignore comments like yours, but how was this a “huge jumping the shark episode” This episode was awesome, a bit slow in the beginning, but i think it’s safe to say everyone was curious where this show as going next season, if Brody would live on to season 3, and if he did what purpose would he serve, and they surprised us all with a great set up.

      Anyways onto the episode, I’m REALLY curious what Carrie is going to do next season to explain where she was, i mean is she openly going to tell Saul that she hid Brody? Doubtful even if it is Saul, and considering how close they are.
      @TJ Saul isn’t dirty, as far as the recording goes, they obviously had copies of that recording, not much of a reach lol.

      • Awesome episode, awesome series. Just grey, no blakc and white characters or situations to ride along easily with. Inteligent and highly suspenseful.

    • Wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ll never watch it again (i’ll definitely be tuning in for season 3) but I do think the show lost something in the last few episodes with Nazir and Walden dying. Up until that point it was easily one of the best shows on tv.

      • I honestly don’t understand perspectives like that, or a lot of the criticisms this particular review made about this season, i enjoyed nearly every minute of this season, and people consistently say terms like “jumping the shark” or “plot holes” and never back it up with any sort of example.

        Anyways loved the ending.

    • Michael-
      All I can see from your comment is that the finale caught you. For all those naysayers and nitpickers out there, you never saw this coming, did you?
      And you don’t like to be caught with your pants(negativity)down.

    • It jumped the shark when Nazir kidnapped Carrie. This episode brought back with it the standard I expect from Homeland. That was a very good, and very intelligent(welcome back Homeland) season finale.

  3. I thought Saul was the only one who had the recording of Brody? Who released it to media??Sauls dirty!

    • Maybe Estes released it before everything happened.

    • Saul obtained a memory card from the sactual bag earlier on in the season which was obviously copied/duplicated. He snuck it back in the suitcase handle and went straight to Carrie as soon as he got back to US, as Saul believed she deserved to see it first. It was then shared with CIA but Carrie was shunned from CIA debrief because it was their new priority.

      All/each action proves Saul isn’t dirty.

      Virgil (/& Max)on the other hand…

      • Are you sure? My understanding is only Carrie, Saul & Estes saw the Brody recording. When showing the recording, Saul specifically said to Estes “this stays between us”, meaning the rest of the CIA wouldn’t know about it. Saul is my favorite character but I have my suspicions. It goes back to season 1, the rug in his office. Seeing him at Nazir’s sea burial (I know he was ordered to be there) it looked like he cared. What if he was the one who helped Nazir into the country? Maybe this is deliberately done to put people like me off-track. I’m hoping my suspicions are wrong. But the only Mole in the CIA that would shock viewers would be if it was Saul.

      • Well the show is full of surprises, intrigue, guess work that makes
        us sweat for whats next. Action, paradox, things look so wrong and
        then they are so right.

        Its amazing the twist and turns .The shock and awe in each episode.

        Kudos to the writers like LOST. The drama is amazing.

        Yes looking at the comments on this, we have both the nit pickers and the soothing sayers shocked and awed negatively or positively.Homeland way to go.

        • well said

    • recording could well have been released by nazir’s crew along with other footing, as was found in lebanon – copy could well have been in their possesion

  4. Nazir could’ve had any number of copied. Brody himself for that matter…
    but I like Saul for the bad guy here, too. Carrie was right about a leak at the CIA, and making Estes right about him is just fun. Of course Saul couldn’t let Estes assassinate Brody, then there’d be no fall guy to keep him off the hook.

  5. Remember – Somebody had to move the car in the CIA parking lot – and it wasn’t Brody. Not just anyone can get into that area – they must have cameras right? Anyway – great season… my speculation is that 1)either Brody is still a terrorist and next season will show his trial with flash backs and Carrie trying naively to vindicate him… or 2) Saul IS the mole who set the whole thing up… where WAS Virgil and his goofy brother anyway????

    • Yes, who DID move Brody’s car? It shows very plainly he parked the car in Lot C, but then it appears in front of the building? Someone on another blog said that maybe Brody past the keys to someone whlie he was entering the building but the only people he came in contact with was two Marine bigwigs. And, I thought it was strange that someone came and told Saul that the car was Brody’s….in all actuality, that car was blown to smithereens. It would take MONTHS to piece it together, that’s IF they found most of the pieces. Also, let’s be realistic (yeah, I know this is a TV show but…) – this memorial service was going to be held just days after the alleged attempted shooting of the VP? During a major manhunt for a terrorist? NO WAY would this happen. So many high profile people in one spot?? Our gov’t can be F’ups some times but it’s not that stupid.

  6. I found it weird that the car was specifically parked outside the office Carrie and Brody went to. What if they went to a different wing? It was there for Brody to see. Someone knew he’d be there. Hence, either Brody did it to fake being surprised or someone who knows Carrie would take him there (Saul) did it.

    • But no-one could have predicted they’d walk out of the ceremony half way through… unless they were in on it.

      • Jon regardless if they left or not if it isn’t Brody then someone would have tried to set him up saying he did it as a suicide mission. Him leaving adds to the mystery of who did it for the next season.

        Bob I also think for some strange reason Saul is the mole. But that is what the show is trying to do to pull this bad season out of the toilet, cast doubt so we can tune in next season to find out who the mole was.

        Well played Showtime. This season was a major let down but with a cliff hanger like this it brings viewers back for more.

    • Brody did not park his car in front of the building. It was NOT directly in front of where Carrie and Brody were either. The car, IF it was Brody’s car, was moved from the parking lot to in front of the building. As for them leaving the ceremony – come on, that was obvious. They wanted to be together. She wanted to tell him she chose him over her job. So they got up and left. I don’t think he had anything to do with the bombing. Or else HE would have been the one to signal Carrie to get up and leave, not the other way around.

  7. I found it weird that the car was specifically parked outside the office Carrie and Brody went to. What if they went to a different wing? It was there for Broedy to see. Someone knew he’d be there. Hence, either Brody did it to fake being surprised or someone who knows Carrie would take him there (Saul) did it.

  8. Why did the government give a proper burial to its greatest terrorist foe? And with Saul present? Would the U.S. have given Osama Bin Laden such a burial? I don’t think so. So what does this tell us? It left me wondering. I don’t trust anybody on this show, including Saul, and maybe Carrie might be the only person I might trust the most, so the show can go in many directions. Who was behind the bombing? It could have been anybody, and that is what makes this interesting and worth sticking around for another season. How they incorporate Brody into this will be interesting, and they are sure to throw plenty of twists and surprises next season.

    • Phil I believe they did give Osama Bin Laden a proper burial at sea (so the report says).

      • Yes, Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea from one of our aircraft carriers. It was done for security reasons with the proper personnel present to verify it was done. And it was a proper Muslim burial. All this was in the newspaper after it happened.

    • That’s exactly what they did with Osama Bin Laden. He was given a proper Muslim burial at sea off a U.S. warship. I agree that he didn’t deserve a proper burial, but that’s what the U.S. does. The president ordered that burial because it makes us look respectful to the rest of the world. Obama wants everyone to love us, even the ones who hate us. Bush wanted everyone to fear us. We need a happy medium for our next president.

  9. I have harbored the suspicion that the producers were stunned by the reception this show received in its first season and, as a result, were not entirely prepared for the second, that they kind of made it up as they went along. The premise upon which the show was developed–that a POW could be turned by his captors–has a certain fearful plausibility that struck the audience like a punch in the face. That they decided to send the “terrorist” to Congress suggested the suspension of plausibility to keep the roller coaster ride live, at least until they came up with something more worthy of the great talents involved. Mission accomplished!!! The Nazir chase has been riveting and, thanfully for the sake of plausibility, has eliminated Walden, Nazir and Estes. We have the potential for many seasons ahead…CAN’T WAIT….

    • Actually the plot line is from several sources. First, during WWII, many people from the countries the Nazis conquered joined the Nazi party for survival’s sake, for their familes and themselves, even though they did not believe in Hitler’s BS. They became Nazis in every way but in the heart and soul. Second, anyone every see the movie “No Way Out” with Keven Costner? He was Russian born – raised in America, joins the Navy, becomes a hotshot in the Navy but all along – he was passing secrets to the former Communist government of Russia. He was a spy. So you take all sorts of other stories and make it modern by using “terrorism” as the backdrop. “Homeland” is based on a book written by, I believe, a Jewish author.

  10. Best line:

    “You are the smartest and dumbest **** I know.”

    I’m surprised no one mentioned that the CIA may have helped with the death of Walden. Quinn seems to admit that when he told Estes he wasn’t going to kill Brody.

    I think they wrote it so that Brody could or couldn’t be responsible to give them some wiggle room for Season 3. He could have actually been surprised to see his car moved… or he did that to make Carrie think he wasn’t involved.

    At least it will keep us guessing until next season.

  11. I didn’t suspect Brody until AFTER watching the finale. We’ve been convinced he’s now a good guy BUT refer back to Season 2 Episode 2 – at a function Cynthia asks Jess to help her host a fundraiser for wounded veterans. Jess tells Brody as they are walking out of the room and he says “you really want to help veterans? You take out everybody in this room here”.

    • Because everyone in the room was responsible in one way or another for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and sending soldiers to fight those wars – some coming home, wounded or not, and some never coming home. That is what I got from what he said. The man just spent 8 years as a pow, thanks to the men in that room.

      • He said they were the munitions makers and profiteers

  12. The recording was released by the TERRORISTS not the CIA… how do you guys not realize that?

    Abu Nazir from the get go was setting it up so Brody wouldn’t have to make the decision to kill 200 people. He was gonna murder him along with 200 people and make it look like an American soldier did it.

    Nazir gave Brody a second chance after he chickened out the first time. They planned the scenario where they take out the Vice President (who was the man behind the CIA,) which will result with his memorial service filled with all high level CIA officials. Only Brody could know the details about location and be in perfect position to carry out the attack.
    Carrie got played again. The telephone conversation between Nazir and Brody happened in front of Carrie to make sure she heard how much Brody loved her and what he was doing to save her (Brody does care for her, so he wanted to make sure Nazir let her get away). Brody left his wife and kids to be with Carrie because he needed her to help him escape.
    Nazir sacrificed his men by telling Brody to provide CIA with details that lead to their capture/death in exchange for the CIA to trust Brody. None of his men knew details of Brody’s planned attack, except for the Islamic group that put out the video and Nazir himself. That is why he committed suicide when he got caught; he didn’t want to be tortured into providing any details of Brody’s attack.
    There are numerous little suggestions along the way: Brody actually making sure vice president died, crying when being told Nazir was dead, and asking Mike to take care of his wife and kids. Also, Saul telling Carrie she was smart and stupid.
    Most importantly, the two main characters of this show are Carrie and Brody, and they work best at opposing sides. Season 1 was exciting because of the thrill of not knowing who Brody was, second season he was a congressman double agent, and third season he will be officially a terrorist. What better way to start of Season 3 than by having Brody vs Carrie theme going again. This will probably be revealed in the very first episode, when they find footage of Brody getting out of the his SUV, and they will probably show flashbacks of the conversations and planning that took place between Nazir and Brody in the undisclosed location Brody was taken to in the latter episodes.

    • To add to your theory, when Brody was helping Cynthia into the memorial he was comforting her, and then he shook Finn’s hand, then Estes. It looked to me like he knew exactly what was going down and he was saying goodbye. Then just before he sits down he pans across the whole room and has a good look at everyone.

      • Ok, I’m not ruling out that Brody might have something to do with this, but both of your logical reasons are off. It obviously was not planned for Carrie to get kidnapped and for Brody to get a call from Nazir holding Carrie hostage. Brody would’ve never agreed to that, if he was in on it with Nazir, then he just would’ve snuck in there, without even letting Carrie in on it. That makes no sense at all, if they just wanted to kill Walden, then they could’ve figured out a better way to do it, without kidnapping a CIA agent who Brody is in love with.

        Also, when he shakes everyones hands and comforts the widow, that is completely normal at a funeral. There is absolutely nothing suspicious about that. More importantly, if you watch the episode again, you will see that he clearly parks in the main parking lot, section C, around all the other cars. Then, you see him walk up to the memorial service, so there is no way he could’ve moved his car to the front of the building. Again, I am not completely ruling him out of the attack, but there’s a LOT of evidence to suggest otherwise.

        I think it might be Saul, even though he has done a lot to help take down Nazir, so he must be working for another terrorist network, or he could be solo. There is a lot of evidence that would point to him. First, he was conveniently at the Nazir burial, which he also tried to get Carrie to go to. Also, he was trying desperately to keep Brody alive, even though he called Brody a terrorist to Carries face later on in this episode. That makes no sense, unless he just wanted to keep him alive, so he could blame him for the bombing. This bombing would work out tremendously for him. Estes is dead, now Saul is in charge, his wife is coming home, and if he could’ve got Carrie to come with him to the burial, she would think that Brody was the terrorist. The plan almost worked out perfectly, except Brody is still alive, and Carrie thinks he has nothing to do with it.

        • I never thought Brody moved the car. Anyone could have done that part (the soldier he saluted on the way in? who knows). There are things that point to Brody doing it (already discussed). If he did I don’t believe he knew Nazir was going to kidnap Carrie, he would have only known of the plan after that. I haven’t discounted Saul either; obviously being head of CIA is perfect if he’s the mole. But why didn’t he try very hard to get Carrie to attend the funeral with him? At the end we see how much he cares for her and he’s genuinely happy to see her alive. I don’t think the writers have decided yet.

        • Am i missing something here?
          You guys keep saying it is Saul that moved Brody’s SUV. But one fact missing from the arguments. Saul isn’t present on the entirety of the event. He is off on the ocean aboard US NAVY ship accompanying the burial of Abu Nazir. He just managed to get back to CIA HQ hours later around midnight. How can he moved that car if he is not there all the time?
          I ruled him out as the mole for time being if i were you.

        • Thank you, Homeland Fan! I couldn’t have said it better. VladBoston and Josh are WAY OFF!! I’m still going with Brody NOT being involved in the bombing. But not sure if Saul is the bad guy in this. Even if it was originally planned that he was going to be the “terrorist”, the writers will change it now since so many think it is him.

        • Carrie> How on earth did you swing this with Estes?
          Saul> I haven’t. Not yet, anyway.
          C> Well, what makes you think he’ll play ball?
          S> Because you deserve it. Plus he owes me.

          In my opinion, Saul knew in advance that Estes will not “be there” soon, and thus offered Carrie the position.

          • He also knows how to fool the polygraph, somebody gave the razor to the prisoner in season 1, plus coincidentally Aileen dies similarly.
          • Regarding Quinn’s job, Dar Adal mentions at the bar to Saul that probably the agency don’t trust him, as it seems to be something on Saul’s past implied.
          • And he doesn’t look very much surprised about the explosion. It’s not his “detached-old-experienced-guy-who-has-seen-everything” attitude. It’s more like that was something he was expecting to happen.
          • Many et ceteras.

          I don’t know. Just throwing my thoughts out there.

          Cheers, and thanks for a great conversation about this series.


  14. Had my suspicions about Saul from the beginning. Not sure if they are real or not. I remember in season one Saul failed the lie detector test about whether he gave Brody’s old guard that razor blade. He immediately ran out of the room after that question and came back the next day when he knew what questions to expect. Seems a little bit fishy to me, but I could be reaching.

    • You’re not reaching. I caught that, too.

      • remains unexplained, possibly he didn’t want to see the guy suffer any longer, possibly he felt he had missed something

  15. “while Carrie balances a new threat with an almost extra-curricular pursuit to exonerate the man she loves might be an interesting continuation of the Brody/Carrie story.”

    Exonerate??? Her romance with Brody and thinking he’s somehow innocent is proof that she’s full blown crazy and needs to be removed as an agent. Brody does not deserve to be exonerated. This is the guy that snapped a dude’s neck just because he wouldn’t stay quiet while he was on the phone with his wife. Brody is as guilty as anyone, and freeing him of that guilt (murdering his so-called friend, aiding terrorists and being a terrorist himself) would say something so bad about American justice that I cannot put it into words.

    Goodbye Homeland. Season 1 was nice.

    • I think you missed the whole point on why Brody became a so-called terrorist. Oh, and he didn’t snap the guy’s neck; just knocked him out a certain way that you grab the person’s neck.

  16. Like I said in the other article comments section, I think Estes willingly sacrificed himself to try and pin something on Brody.

  17. Obviously, Finn did it — he’s the worst driver of them all.

  18. I do not remember EVER seeing Brody dispose of the “defective” suicide vest he wore during the first attempt… Could that be what we’re missing here? I have no idea if that carried enough explosives to cause so much damage, but then again, it’s a TV show…

    • I thought the same thing!! WTH did he do with it? Throw it in the recylce bin? That thing would have activated those metal detectors big time. It did when he walked into the building but everyone was activating the detectors so he wasn’t singled out. And it would do the same thing when he walked out.

    • Lizzie: Reading your post again – when he went into the bathroom, he fixed the vest so it would activate. It was activated when he went back into the room….then his daughter called. And he changed his mind. That is when, I believe, he was done with any terrorist activities. And yes it carried enough explosives to kill everyone in the room, including himself.

  19. My family recently changed cable providers after a lifetime with the same one. The intro package came with HBO/Showtime/Cinemax etc and I am never letting it go. I guess that means somebody is doing there job. As we had never had any of these channels, we really did not know which shows were good, so when Homeland won so many awards, we started watching it and found it quite addicting. My first thought was, how could the writers keep telling us what a good agent Carrie is when she is more unpredictable than a 2 year old, takes off running into traffic with “grown ups” running behind her shouting/ cars screeching? There was no real basis to say she had an “instinct” about Nazir, she was simply reacting to info given to her by the prisoner in the pilot and just kept trying to make it fit. I was ok during season one, though. I let it drop and enjoyed the show. I loved the pace and excitement. I was so disappointed in the second season though. All of this love affair over a weekend fling in a cabin? There wasn’t even any real emotion.

    • I agree with you about Carrie. In Season 2, Ep. 1, when she ran off into that apartment, I was shocked! She put EVERYONE’s life in danger by doing something so stupid. I understand she has an illness but in all actuality, she would never be an agent in the field in real life. And, definitely agree about her obsession with Nazir. She never really had tangible evidence about him, at least the show never showed us this evidence. As far as her’s and Brody’s weekend in the cabin in Season 2, there was always an attraction between the two of them, which started in Season 1. Both are tortured souls who found each other. Who knows what will happen in Season 3. The Brody character may not even come back, which IMO would ruin the show.

      Re the cable. When I first got my cable, I absolutely wanted a DVR but I had to get a HD movie package so I chose Starz/Encore because it was the cheapest. But a month ago, my cable company dangled an offer in front of me with HBO and Showtime – HBO 3 months free and Showtime half off for a year. So I took it and can cancel anytime; there is no time limit. The customer service guy even told me once I watch Homeland and some of the shows on HBO, I can cancel. Now I really like both channels and am going to cancel Startz/Encore – which I NEVER watch.

  20. Just one more thing; Saul knows there’s something fishy (besides the two hundred corpses), as he’s seen the suicide tape before… why would al qaida recycle a second hand video for such a great attack? Of course there’s some truth in the rant about the drone strike, but Saul will know it wouldn’t make sense. And Al Qaida knows that the CIA knows… interesting…

    I never understood how and Saul and Brody beat that polygraph test in season one… but I’m sure that Saul isn’t the villan; he’s Jewish, and it would create too much of an audience outrage to have an elder Jewish terrorist blowing up Americans…. (although no one would mind Danny Galvez, a muslim, doing that, its all fiction, yeah…)

    Sometimes I think its a big game which Carrie plays… maybe together with Brody… or that Brody has an evil twin…

  21. Hello all! Im writing from Spain. Just a couple of questions in case Ive missed something.
    1. Why the CIA never asked Brody where the vest was? Supossedly its full of C4.
    2. Why nobody linked the “alert” Nazir got while in Beirut with Brody, after Brody telling the truth. Brody was at the CIA office with Estes and Walden while they were in Beirut, so Estes could have thought at some point Brody was the one who sent the alert to Nazir.
    This post is very interesting. I dont know what will I do until September 29th. Thanks!!!

    • I can only answer your second question with any certainty. Yes, the CIA and joint chiefs saw Nazir look at a cell phone – which could have been a warning but I think they attributed it to have been information of some other kind which caused Nazir to move away at the second the sniper was about to shoot. And yes, I’m also really looking forward to season 3.

  22. Just finally watched “The Choice” on DVD, and for the most part agree with the review here. I thought Season 1 was technically better, but personally I fond Season 2 more watchable. Anyway, I agree that he show has given itself options moving forward, hopefully to combine he best of both the first two seasons while getting rid of some of what did not work as well.

    I’m glad to be losing Abu Nazir (himself at least) and the Waldens. I do hope that Morgan Saylor as Dana continues to be part of the show – she is terrific. Finally, I just never bought the chemistry between Carrie and Brody, so I consider it a positive that they won’t be having as many “together” scenes. Carrie and Saul, that is chemistry (of another kind).

  23. any of you ex navy notice that saul flew onto a battleship but dumped Nazir off a carrier?

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