‘Homeland’ Season 2, Episode 11 Review – Time To Stop and Think

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Claire Danes in Homeland In Memoriam Homeland Season 2, Episode 11 Review – Time To Stop and Think

For reasons that are probably pretty obvious, Homeland has changed the title of episode 11 to ‘In Memoriam’ – which, though far more generic sounding, was arguably the right choice for more than fear of ruffling a few feathers. The title actually works well, as the episode wound up being a good reminder of the emotional history so many characters have been burdened with since the series began.

While the penultimate episode of season 2 still has to bat cleanup, spending the better part of the first half completing the less-than-great plot elements of last week’s ‘Broken Hearts‘ (but, as mentioned in that review, there are plenty of superb character moments from the actors that can help carry the audience through – it manages to right itself and build to a surprising and welcome emotional climax after the death of Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban). Before that, however, ‘In Memoriam’ still has to wind down from the cliffhanger last week ended with.

That means throwing in a few silly potboiler moments like Carrie (Claire Danes) chasing a shadowy figure through a darkened mill with a pipe, and later being chased by the terrorist (slasher movie style) after he kills the soldier who helps uncover Nazir’s secret nest. Still, it’s balanced out by a few fantastic moments like the botched interrogation of Roya (Zuleikha Robinson), where the former journalist hooks Carrie with an all too familiar story, only to explode with rage and illustrate just how little anyone knows of her true motivations. Then there is Carrie acting against Quinn’s (Rupert Friend) orders on a hunch, only to find out she was right about Nazir still being in the mill.

Damian Lewis in Homeland In Memoriam Homeland Season 2, Episode 11 Review – Time To Stop and Think

What it all builds up to is something far more satisfying than simply the death of the bad guy. Nazir being killed allows Homeland the opportunity to move forward, and it gives the characters a chance to focus on what the show does best – which is illustrate the emotional impact all this searching and killing and lying has on these characters. This is made especially clear by how effective the scenes of the still-sequestered Brody clan are, which are highlighted by the sad, but brutally straightforward outburst from Dana (Morgan Saylor). But much of the Nazir plot was summed up best by Brody’s (Damian Lewis) tearful reaction to the news of Nazir’s demise – which we can only imagine is a bittersweet combination of relief and sorrow, and a whole host of other emotions.

Most importantly, though, the death of Nazir works best in tandem with the death of Walden (Jamey Sheridan). In effect, it delivers Brody from his would-be puppet masters. As the immediate ordeal appears to be winding down, Brody’s given the chance to address how messed up he really is with the one person he should have addressed it with from the get go. Watching Brody and Jessica (Morena Baccarin) come to a quiet end of their marriage, and seeing as they acknowledge it was probably headed there prior to his 8 years in captivity, may be one of the dramatic highlights of season 2. Especially as Brody comes within seconds of revealing his involvement in a terrorist plot, and Jessica cuts him off, telling her soon-to-be ex that it simply isn’t her job to want to know these details any longer. Besides, there’s someone out there who knows everything about Brody, and accepts these things about him, which is why he “must really love her. It’s as heavy and tragic a line as has ever been spoken on the show.

It seems as though Homeland has effectively managed to strip away the characters it no longer has use for, which makes the question of Brody’s survival in the season finale seem all the more intriguing. While the writers haven’t completely closed the door on Jessica, Chris (Jackson Pace), Dana and Mike (Diego Klattenhoff), it’s easy to see the series moving ahead without any of them or even Brody for that matter. Estes (David Harewood) makes it clear to Quinn that the assassination of Brody is still on, but it certainly won’t be that straightforward, will it? It’s an interesting and exciting thought, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Mandy Patinkin in Homeland In Memoriam Homeland Season 2, Episode 11 Review – Time To Stop and Think

Various other items:

  • Saul (Mandy Patinkin) vs. the polygraph tech and Saul vs. Estes (David Harewood) are some the best scenes in the episode. Estes’ plan to get Saul out of the CIA is a cunning maneuver that uses the death of Aileen Morgan (Marin Ireland) in a smart, satisfying way.
  • During the polygraph, Saul’s response to the question of his nickname being “The Bear” is hilarious.
  • Poor Danny Galvez (Hrach Titizian) miraculously comes back from being shot, only to have Carrie briefly believe him to be Nazir’s wheelman.

Homeland will conclude season 2 next Sunday with ‘The Choice’ @10pm on Showtime. Take a look at a preview for the episode below:

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  1. Sails response to ” the bear” was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Lol

  2. I’ve enjoyed this season so much! Can’t wait for next week!

  3. Love Saul. Season coming to an end :(

  4. This episode and the last make it clear that these type of shows are unsustainable without eventually ‘Jumping the shark’. So absolutely stupid! Nazir hangs out by himself (#1 terrorist for America), and grabs a CIA agent, then doesn’t even run??!!?! All to kill a VP he could have killed on the ‘vest’ day of season 1 with a sniper?!?! CIA knows all about him but doesn’t get this, even with all eyes on Brody and the silly cell phone and pacemaker nonsense?!?!? Rosa leaks where he is?!!? Newsflash, you’ll get a big reveal that when Nazir told Brody ‘If this goes well we’ll never see each other again’, that this was his martyrdom, and Brody is atill a bad guy. Totally stupid and unbelievable. Such clever writing all slipping away after episode 5!

    • Totally agreeing!
      Plus the fact that, of course, the tac team leaves only Carry and one guy to find the actual place (ridiculous) and the chase scene after that is totally predictable.
      I’m really sad because Homeland was one of those series where you didn’t had to roll your eyes on the actions and behaviors of the characters. The last two episodes were so poorly executed and I can’t count the number of scene that were out of place for that once upon a time great show.

  5. IMO there’s only 2 questions left for Homeland…
    1. Does Brody HAVE to die?
    2. If he doesn’t where do they go from here that doesn’t feel false?
    I think he has to die. Everything leading up to this point has led Brody down a path that there’s no way that he can lead a normal life or move on from what’s taken place. Even with Carrie. They’re both to damaged to be able to truly move on…
    As for my second question keeping Brody alive bye either having Carrie & Saul get him out of the country or having him and Carrie on the run would change everything this show has been about. And unveiling another conspiracy within the conspiracy would be so far fetched that it would feel false.
    With exception to a couple episodes and a few plot turns I’ve loved the show from the start so I’m hoping that the finale is as thrilling as we’ve come to expect from Homeland. But without some crazy 24 like twist that would ruin everything that’s happened so far…
    End of rant. :)

    • I agree that Brody has to die, which is a shame, but it’s where the story’s going. I’m actually sad that the show is going another season, even though I’m obsessed. Kindof afraid they’re going to jump the shark and they’re going to start discussin Rombaldi manuscripts or something.

      • Doesn’t Damian Lewis have a multi-year contract? I don’t think Brody can be killed off.

        What struck me as odd was how Estes was so combative with Saul. I know he wanted him out earlier but it’s not like Saul has been doing a bad job. In fact, Saul (and Carrie) have been making Estes look good.

  6. Maybe the worst acting scene of both seasons involved Brody, in the safe-house-penthouse, being told Abu Nasir was dead. Pure Damian Lewis character give-up. I see a Tarantino/Scorsese finale w/ all the characters standing in a circle, guns drawn on each other..open fire, boys and girls. This show is dead.

  7. Season 1 was way better imo..some things in this season just feel pushed and alot of things dont feel “real”

  8. I’m gonna guess Brody is still a terrorist..

  9. I predict the death of Quinn and Estes so Brody has a chance to stay in Congress and ultimately become the bad guy again.

  10. They can 1) pull the “the Nazir we killed was a double”, 2) someone else will call Brody claiming that he is Nazir’s superior and the game is still on (we still need to figure out if there is mole in the CIA) or 3) reveal that Brody planned with Nazir for him to be sacrificed so the real terror plan can be put into place.

    • Like 3). Deathbed Danny still my top choice for mole. Estes distant 2nd. Who is really being Deep-Sixed is key to where they plan to go.

      • Virgil is the mole.

      • Based on …?

  11. Abu Nazir was working for CIA, not Al Queda…Veep was the Homeland threat…set Brody up to off VP. Job Done. Now get Brody out of the way before he figures it out. Quin will turn on Estes.

  12. OK. It’s falling apart – or has fallen apart – what a turnaround, and what interest can there be left in this? Unless that was not Nazir who got killed. But the biggest question of the whole show – why didn’t Carrie seek medical attention or why wasn’t she rushed by her own superiors to the hospital? Ridiculous! That woman was hit by a car, was held captive – just look at those wrists, has cuts and bruises all over, and no one bothers to ask her how she’s feeling? C’mon now. Instead, she goes off and captures the bad guy. WOW! Is this Homeland? I think not. Kill off Brody and you kill the premise of the show. I just don’t know, but I’ll be there to find out.

  13. If not to try and deflect suspicion of Danny as mole why his seemingly gratuitous scene and his not seeking medical aid on site? His being a search leader might also explain how they missed finding the hidden room.

  14. Carrie running back into the lions den after getting away from it minutes previous…..nonsensical in every sense!!!! She might be good after her job but turning her into a James Bond character is just not Homeland!! Season 2 started well but this fascination with Carrie is overshadowing everything.

  15. All important search for all important terrorist and they dont use low tech options like sniffing dogs or high tech options like Thermal Imaging.