Holy BS Internet Rumor, Batman!

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heath ledger joker Holy BS Internet Rumor, Batman!I thought all concerns regarding the preservation of the late Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker for the upcoming Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight were put to bed.

Director Christopher Nolan has said numerous times that he won’t alter a frame of the late actor’s performance because it’s what he would have wanted.

However, rumors have surfaced suggesting that might not be the case.

Supposedly, Warner Brothers recently conducted test-screenings of The Dark Knight, and a certain sequence was met with negative reactions from the audience.

Spoilers ahead, ladies and gentlemen!

According to Cinema Blend:

The scene involves Ledger’s Joker character pretending to be dead and being pictured in a body bag. Apparently the aftershocks of Ledger’s unfortunate death are such that many in the screening reacted rather badly to this moment and now execs are considering excising the scene altogether.

*Sniffs* I smell BS! And thankfully, I’m not the only one.

Our Aussie buddy Clint Morris over at Movie Hole rebutted said rumors stating:

A source close to the “The Dark Knight” told us this morning that the film remains in-tact – and nothing of Ledger’s will be cut from the movie, including the body-bag scene. ‘’I KNOW for a fact that that scene is in the film. I also know that WB has made no such mandate and that Chris [Nolan] is honest when saying that he will not change what was intended with The Joker.”

Oh, but it doesn’t end there, boys and girls.

My buddy Jett (i.e. the big cheese at Batman-On-Film News) heard from his own source questioning the rumor even further:

“I can definitely say that no screening has happened or will happen for a while. The film isn’t close to being finished and they aren’t doing any ‘work-in-progress screenings.‘ Chris has graduated beyond that point of trust with the studio. Any test screenings that happen before the release date will be of the COMPLETED, final film only.”

God knows there’s already enough sensitivity regarding this film after the tragic death of Ledger. But Nolan and Warner Brothers have been beyond classy regarding how to handle all of this.

They’re doing the right thing here, folks.

One more thing; I have a problem with the title of the Cinema Blend article that started all this.

“Joker Scenes Cut From The Dark Knight?”

Talk about deliberately misleading people…

Sources: Cinema Blend, Movie Hole and Batman-On-Film News

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  1. In case anyone wonders how these rumors escape cyberspace and jump into the mainstream:

    This Monday, WLS (Chicago)’s Roe Conn, the popular afternoon drive radio host, discussed seeing a trailer for DK. He was impressed. But he proceeded to talk as if Ledger had keeled over mid-way through filming, and as if they needed to re-shoot a lot of scenes.

    BTW, WLS hosts also purveyed the “Naked lady in Chaney’s sunglassses” rumor.

  2. Yeesh, and people talk about rumors starting online…


  3. I think one point that was overlooked here is that a test audience could possibly screw this film for the rest of us.

    I vote Vic and his staff should be part of that screening test audience.

    You owe me big time if WB calls you Vic,,,,lol

  4. Have to admit I’m worried his death will overshadow the movie – it will become a talking point and fans of his will either claim it as a tribute to him or denounce it for scenes like that.
    Personally I just want to watch the film. His death was tragic but I was far more touched by true movie greats moving on like Heston and Schieder.
    Like 790 (all by the Xev I lay) I hope a proper test audience gets to see this. Not a bunch of over reactors but people who can define decency and professionalism.

  5. Of course I haven’t seen the movie, but here’s what I think will happen: Ledger will immerse himself so deeply into the character and the movie will be so engaging that we may think about Heath’s death for the first few minutes we see him onscreen, but after that we’ll get lost in his performance and the story.


  6. Out of respect for the actor they should leave it in. I think Heath would have wanted that. By all accounts his performance is amazing & to cut anything would be an insult.

    BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

    Thanks, Tommy

  7. I really hope that’s how it goes and I do think it will be ok. I know some will cause a fuss, but if this movie matches the expectations, it will move over it.

  8. Thanks for the LEXX quote Steven.
    Did you ever see the 4th season. 790 falls for Kai…but I’m more into Zev.
    One thing about Batman, when I see these type of films on the bigscreen I don’t think about the actors I forget them. Too me that’s the Joker, (Heath Ledger who). Bale who’s that?
    I’m there to be visually taken to another world.
    After what the Joker prob does to his victims, Ledger or not I’ll prob hope Batman kills him.
    Like Tommy said Heath would have wanted that.

    If they cut anything out what’s the odds that it won’t make it on the dvd and THAT would be an insult to not just the fans but to Ledger and the franchise in general….
    If anything I wouldn’t mind seeing a dedication to Ledger at the END of the credits.

  9. I have seen all the series so yes, I know about the love of the dead man, but I didn’t want to out you. ;)

    Very good point about the characters. These are two of the most recognisable around and I know I won’t have a problem with seeing them as such. I think Bale is a great actor but in this he’s Batman/Bruce Wayne.

  10. Hahaha. Steven. Well I did love Kai but not like that.!
    Wasn’t that last season amazing.
    Yeah when I see Bale in other films I have to forget he plays Batman for it to work for me. That’s why I wish I would just play Batman and nothing else. But like that’s gonna happen.

  11. Lexx could be very up and down over all the series but I thought it finished well and liked Kai’s end. (although I looked away when it happened and am desperate to see it again so I can sit rivetted!)
    Kai was a very cool character. I love that the first time we see him as the Divine Assassin he has his head and arm cut off, and still kills the bloke.

    I’m sure if you played Batman no one would have a problem seeing the character over the actor. ;)

  12. Yea Steven the whole LEXX adventure is really about Kai if you ask me. From the opening scene of his homeworld being destroyed to the last episode where he’s brought back from dead so he can sacrefice himself was just brilliant.
    Everyone should go rent LEXX!
    Just forget that I ruined the end for ya.

  13. Yes, the first thing we see is Kai killing himself in a fight, and then it happens again at the very end. So quite agree it was Kai’s story more than anyone else’s.
    I really liked the first series, with the Divine Shadow empire, but the third one with the two planets, Fire and Water, was very good as well.

  14. Right on Steven. LEXX was one of the best. I have the entire series on dvd (even season 1) and feel pretty lucky.

  15. [rolls eyes]

  16. Don’t get me started on the LEXX. It can get geeky

  17. Well I have to say the Lexx itself was one of the best ships I’ve ever seen in scifi. It lives, it blows up planets, looks like a gigantic bug. Perfect!

    Also loved the music too.

  18. Yea I love that ship that crew everything about that show.

  19. I agree that this is most likely a rumor. However, I dont care if a test audience liked it or not. Yes, his death was unexpected, and every death is tragic. But you don’t deal with it by erasing his parts. Personally, i feel it would be disrespectful to remove him from the film. This was his last work, and I feel it is very appropriate to leave his parts intact.

    And speaking of LEXX, I still haven’t seen it. I really need to so I can join the bandwagon.

  20. Here that Stan!, but the test audience has influence to change the weak studio exec mind. (This could be bad).

    Captian of the Lexx: his name is Stan too. So now you have to rent,buy,download or borrow LEXX. lol. :-)

    Yo Way Yo….

  21. They have the body bag picture at