The Hobbit Updates: Bridge Film & Bilbo Baggins

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the hobbit banner1 The Hobbit Updates: Bridge Film & Bilbo Baggins

Today we have a pair of updates for the eagerly anticipated additions to the Middle Earth film franchise: The Hobbit (parts 1 and 2). Guillermo del Toro spoke this week about casting the lead character, Bilbo Baggins and about the hot topic of the “bridge” film that would tie this movies into Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It appears that MTV has a strong relationship with Guillermo del Toro as they seemingly talk with him every week or two about his upcoming projects. Some key news items that broke this way over the months include back in January where Dominic Monaghan and Viggo Mortensen spoke about The Hobbit films and both showed interest in making returns to the franchise if there were some opportunity to do so. Dominic also went as far as to say that the filmmakers want them back and that it’s a strong possibility.

Months later, Jackson and del Toro confirmed that The Hobbit would be spread over two separate films and that when it’s all said and done, you could sit down and watch all the films together as a well-flowing pentology. They were working out the script with the team and things were looking good.

Fast forward to now and we have two new updates from the last two days. The first is that del Toro is very close to announcing who will be playing the lead in the movies. Awesome, right? Back at the Sundance film festival in January, he had revealed there were four candidates at that time and now he has apparently narrowed that down to just one and we can expect the announcement soon.

Some rumors online for the role include James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor. I think either would work and I like the idea of McAvoy as a hobbit.

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In addition to knowing they’ve made their selection for Bilbo Baggins, yesterday MTV also reported that del Toro is not going to be directing a “bridge film” that would tie The Hobbit movies into the LOTR trilogy. In the interview, del Toro said:

“I’m doing only two movies because I felt that that was the best way to service the book… I’m not saying the other notion was not discussed. We discussed it a large degree. But I felt that for me, the two films were the way to go.”

This isn’t very surprising as there was nothing confirmed on a movie of that sort happening anyway. We only knew for sure that there would be two Hobbit movies.

Pending the success of these films and the interest of the key actors of the LOTR trilogy, I wonder if it is still plausible for them to make another film? The two main issues are that they’d be making an entirely original story that may or may not work well with the established storylines (especially since most characters didn’t meet until The Fellowship of the Ring) and 2) the actors and filmmakers may be too busy to work on it.

Guillermo del Toro has nearly a decade’s worth of projects in planning and Jackson similarly busy for the long term while also intimately involved across several mediums of entertainment.

Following that, the writer/director hinted at where the first film will end in terms of the novel:

“When you read the book, there is only one place to break it really… And everybody knows it. It’s been discussed in forums and there’s a lot of people that are right. That’s where it’s going to break. So it’s very simple.”

Who do you think might be cast as Bilbo and where do you think the first film will conclude?

The first of The Hobbit films is due out in December, 2011 and the second in December, 2012.

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  1. Either one is a great choice but I would prefer ewan for the role. And I love the idea of splitting up the films and making them work with the trilogy.

  2. I throw my hat in the ring for McAvoy to get the role. I like Ewan McGregor but he just doesn’t seem like a good fit to, McAvoy does. I still can’t believe he didn’t get the role of Scotty in the new Star Trek.

  3. Even though either of them would probably work for the role I have trouble making a choice. Ian Holm who played Bilbo and the LOTR movies was just too perfect for Bilbo!

  4. I like both actors and think either would be the Bruce’s choice to play a role in the Hobbit films. As for there being no bridge material in these films that is also fine by me. There is a lot of material in the Tolkien universe that can be adapted for future movies so not seeing LOTR(Except for Gandalf) characters return would not necesarily be a bad thing.I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE SMAUG ON THE BIG SCREEN !!! Peeking out of one eye waiting to suprise his visitors.

  5. My first choice for splitting the film was after Biblo’s barrel ride. However, thats probably to far into the movie. My second choice and would be after they are rescued by the eagles. They will be ending it after a dramatic scene in which (if I remember right) they were being chased by wolfs.

  6. I heard the break wouldbe after the end of chapter 19.

  7. @Gary Haven’t read it in a long time, what was happening at end of chapter 19.

  8. I’d still rather see someone like Martin Freeman for Bilbo. He should really look like Mr Average.

    Maybe they’ll break it after Bilbo has the Ring and they have gotten through the mountains.

  9. I also was thinking about Martin Freeman. He looks a lot like a young Ian Holm.

    Although I definitely wouldn’t mind Ewan McGregor in the role.

  10. McAvoy would be almost perfect if they can’t get Ian Holm back. It’s already been discussed that the “obvious” place to end the first film is with the slaying of smaug. He just didn’t say that because he knows some people haven’t read it. I admit it has been a good 5 years since I read it. Can’t wait for this one its gonna be stellar!

  11. I’d rather McAvoy than Mcgregor. He seems to fit the role much better. Altohugh I don’t remember the book enough to know where they’re gonna split it (read it 5-6 years ago at least). Anyone?

  12. Definitely Death of Smaug…

  13. Don’t believe much happens after the slaying of Smaug. I personally Thought it would be around when Bilbo meets Gollum. But that may be too early.

    Martin Freeman is a good shout; as are the two mentioned in the article. but for the longest time I thought that it would be Norman Reedus but he’s starting to look too rough around the edges!

  14. I’d also prefer McAvoy. Of course I might be biased, because I don’t want a reminder of the Star Wars movies.

  15. Smaug’s death does occur pretty late but there’s also a substantial conflict/battle that logically occurs in the aftermath. I don’t think that alone would be enough for the 2nd film alone so I’m assuming they’ll be adding some stuff that may subtly tie into LOTR.

  16. Read on internet interview with Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson that Death of Smaug and the Four Armies was the break between the two films. They both had mentioned that the second film would have elements from other Tolkien novels and inspired writing would complete the bridge film.

  17. @ Adrian. I read that too. I am actually as pleased as punch that elements from the ‘Middle Earthverse’ might creep into the Hobbit.

    After all, there is more in “Heaven and Middle Earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy” (apologies to Hamlet) and I think that although I am a huge fan of the books, I am also painfully aware that certain events have had to be left out for the sake of a linear narrative. Tolkein’s books are full of interesting embellishments, and historical narratives, as well as lovely tales like that of Tom Bombadil that never saw the light of day in the films! The fact that they aren’t there in no way detracted from the films for me.

    This selective editing of course, leaves a door open for other wonderful imaginings to appear!

    Perhaps in the 50 intervening years between The adventures of Bilbo, and the adventures of Frodo, we might become privy to some of the stories that happened to Aragorn in Rivendell with his mother, and the fate of the Dunedein? All of this appears in the Lord of The Rings.

    I know that this may upset Tolkein purists, but we should all remember, the films most definitely are not the books!