‘The Hobbit’ Brand New Cast Images: A Closer Look at Bilbo’s Companions

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Bringing a dozen characters from one of fantasy literature’s most beloved tales to life is not a task for the easily intimidated. With The Hobbit – now a trilogy – Peter Jackson and his effects team will not only be introducing a larger cross-section of the Dwarven communities of Middle-Earth, they’ll also need to make each one distinct from the next. From over two dozen recently released images, it looks like they’re on the right track.

Those fans who don’t wish to know which areas of Middle-earth are going to be appearing in the first of three Hobbit films may want to avoid the images, though the only real spoiler is the fact that dwarves and Bag End means one heck of a party. The new production stills accompany closer looks at each of the cast (those who were overlooked in the previous gallery, anyway), so now’s the time to get acquainted.

Fans have just recently laid their eyes on the type of truly disgusting creature design in store for the Goblin King, and the characters on the side of good are in for plenty of prosthetics as well. From Dwalin’s runic tattoos to the axe head buried in Bifur’s skull, each detail Tolkien attributed to the rag-tag group of short-statured heroes looks to be captured as only Peter Jackson’s team could.

The collection of dwarves that will be making up the traveling company alongside Bilbo Baggins are yet to be introduced to audiences worldwide, but their personalities are already becoming clear. From the new batch of images, it seems that Bilbo’s compatriots will be having plenty of fun (and ale) at Bag End and Rivendell, but on at least a few occassions, will be proving how lethal they can be with a blade or hammer.

Have a look at the set photos and new character stills, courtesy of TheOneRing.net, now:

An additional image has also been revealed which some are claiming spoils the entire plot of the film. For those who have read the original book, taking a look at the panorama won’t give anything new away. But for those trying to avoid any spoilers for the first of the trilogy – or an idea of where the first film’s story will end – best to just pass this one by.

The Hobbit Plot Wallpaper 570x106 The Hobbit Brand New Cast Images: A Closer Look at Bilbos Companions

There may have been some Lord of the Rings fans who felt that a cast made up entirely of dwarves was a hard sell, since the idea of a dozen versions of Gimli in a single scene is…overwhelming, to say the least. But these images give testament to just how much time is being put into bringing each one a unique personality (particular credit to Jed Brophy’s Nori) and style befitting new additions to Jackson’s LotR universe.

There’s no shortage of talent contained within the respective makeup and prosthetics, and even in still images it’s easy to see which of the dwarves will be the source of laughs, and which we hope to never meet in a dark alley. And we thought Gimli seemed tough.

Which of the dwarves stand out to you Tolkien fans? Will these warriors prove to be more deadly with a bow than the wispy Elves of Mirkwood? Or are you most excited to see familiar faces from the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in theaters on December 14th, 2012.


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Source: TheOneRing.net



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  1. Love how each gets their own distinct look. This should be amazing.

    • Don’t know why, but from LOTR, i just imagined all the dwarfs looking like Gimli haha probably because all the elves more or less looked like Legolas, besides from Elrond :P I like how some of the dwarfs actually look like quite the dashing heroes, for no other reason but it just makes a change. And i guess we need some Aragon-like dwarfs to play that kinda role in the film. Need to read the book really, my Dad read it to me when I was a tot.

  2. The only criticism I have so far with anything is Thorin and his beard (or lack off). For the king/leader of dwarves to not have an impressive beard seems really really off.

    I understand why they did it (trying ot make him “attractive”) but I really don’t like it.

    Will it make it so I don’t enjoy the movie as much though? Hell no lol

    • I just got done reading the book, and I don’t recall anywhere in it where a minutely detailed, all-encompassing, and completely thorough description is given for the race of dwarves, so although I’ve heard your complaint from others as well, and on occasion, I have thought the same myself, I really don’t know if there is really any foundation for it. If humans have such a wide variety of looks, shapes, and sizes, why not dwarves?

      • Durin’s folk (which were most of the dwarves seen in LotR and TH) are also called “long beards”

        Also from Tolkien Wiki “Dwarves grew thick, luxuriant beards in which they took great pride, and often forked or braided them and tucked them into their belts.”

        • A singular descriptor concerning their beards, applied generally to the race of dwarves, but were there no “rebels”, who thwarted the prevailing fad and shaved regularly?! :)

          • King’s aren’t typically rebels

            • Nor are they commoners, like everyone else…

              • Your point makes no sense… you are arguing just to argue.

                • Not arguing, just pointing out that not everyone, human or dwarf, looks the same, so there is really nothing wrong or inconsistent with a few of the dwarves looking different than the rest.

                  • but the DO look different from each other already. They can still be unique looking and STILL have a Dwarf look about them (and still stay true to the source material).

                    Giving Thorin a proper long beard, some grey hair and a few wrinkles would have done nothing to detract from his distinguished look.

        • Sorry…fair SKINNED, not haired. :)

    • I get a good laugh from screenranters every day. Today is no exception.

  3. Like how Gloin looks like Gimli (or is that the other way around?) Like father, like son!

    • Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  4. I’m still nervous about The Hobbit. Considering the source material and taking the first trailer into account The Hobbit might turn out to be much sillier and childish than The Lord of the Rings. If that should reall be the case I will be sorely disappointed.

    • Well it is more lighthearted in tone than the more epic Lord of the Rings trilogy… You have to remember this is a prequel to the events leading up to the struggle to overcome the Dark Lord and the one ring…

      • Actually no, Peter Jackson said in a interview, a interview at comic-con to be more accurate, said that the tone overall was going to be the same as the LOTR trilogy. He wanted to the feel/tone of the LOTR films to be consistent with the Hobbit movies. Even though there is going to be a lot more humor in the Hobbit films, the tone was going to stay the same like LOTR.

        Just thought i let you know :]

        • As an additional FYI……Tolkien was said to have regretted how he portrayed the Dwarves in The Hobbit (hence why they were changed for the LotR). He at one time even thought about rewriting The Hobbit to make them less inept and bumbling but that never happened.

          So I think Jackson kind of took Tolkien’s desire to heart and made them more serious in his adaption of The Hobbit.

          • Then lets hope that it’s true. I can’t take another beloved series of movies that comes back after many years and that is then ruined by humor of the Jar Jar Binks variety.

            • Well I’m pretty darn sure the Dwalin from the book was NOT a bald, tattooed, giant war hammer wielding bad-ass so…. ;)

            • Don’t worry Winchester. From the trailer I see they have taken a children’s book and made it more in line with LOTR. It will be fantastic.

    • Of course it will not be as dark and foreboding at The Lord of the Rings, but it will certainly not be a movie for preschoolers, either. It may have been written for a younger crowd in Tolkien’s day, but it is still quite ominous, as Bilbo and the dwarves are confonted with their possible deaths on multiple occasions, and the book concludes with a large war against the goblins. People who describe it as a “children’s book” do it a disservice. It is not a work of Dr. Seuss. I fail to see how anyone could not pick up on the ominous tones in the trailer.

    • There is nothing childish about…


      Goblins/Goblin King
      Mirkwood Elves
      Pissed off Thorin
      A bunch of pissed off Dwarves
      More Goblins
      The Deaths at the end of the book

      Just because a cartoon made it kind of childish doesn’t mean it is.

  5. Bit odd how the yellow pages guy is in it.

    • If that poster is suggesting where the first film will end then that’s going to suck. I thought the fist film was going to be the hobbit. Then they we’re going to make a second film that would connect the hobbit to lotr film. Now it’s basically the hobbit split into three films, the last will have 20 minuts of movie to bridge the hobbit to Lotr. I read somewhere the the war of five army’s will be in the third film. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll love these movies no matter what, it’s just that I was looking forward to one whole movie being made strictly not of the books.

  6. Who the heck are those two dashing Humans in the group???!

    • And there was much lament when the players of Thorin and Kili arrived to play the weekly Dungeons and Dragons game with their Comeliness stats, for the gaming shop was now closed and no more copies of Unearthed Arcana were to be had.

    • Hahaha. There you go again, Mongoose. Every single discussion about The Hobbit, feel free to register your discontent with the way some of the dwarves look. I read your expanded explanation above. Too bad that, in the movies, different races don’t contain clones of a prototype.

      • And by the way Mongoose, don’t want to make it sound like I totally disagree with you. The fact that a few of the dwarves look less like the others and more like humans just does not bother me as much, nor will it interfere with my enjoyment of the movie, as I hope it does not yours…

      • Actually there have been numerous Hobbit articles posted in the last couple months and I have not said word one about the “Human” issue. I even posted comments in those articles so it’s not as if I didn’t have the chance BUT how can I not comment on this article considering it focuses specifically on them? I can only practice so much personal restraint ;)

        and I’m not asking for clones. Jackson could have made both characters unique and “Dwarfy” if he had wanted to. You can’t tell me his design team did 11 variations and just ran out of ideas?! No, these two were specifically and deliberately altered for nothing more than marketing. That reason, in and of itself, I find offensive considering Jackson is supposedly striving to stay as “true” to the source material as possible (which these two prove is a false statement)

        Will it interfere with my enjoyment of the movie? Yeah it will a bit but not enough to not go and see it. I will be seated with the rest of the fans and just roll my eyes occasionally when either have a stand out spot.

    • I have to say, from the trailer and previous images I wasn’t so hung up/upset about how the dwarfs look and the actors they got to play each dwarf (although, I can fully understand why some people such as yourself would be upset about how overly “good looking” they are), but after looking at these pictures, even I can admit that some of them look way too “pretty” to be believable – Kili and Fili being the prime examples (they don’t even look like dwarfs in those pics IMO)

      Anyway, as we’ve come to learn, pictures aren’t always a reliable way of knowing how characters will look in a film, and since I had no problem with the way they looked in the trailer, I’m gonna reserve my judgement till I see the movie…

      • I can actually see a bit of “Dwarfiness” in Fili and he does at least have the right hair color a beard and not just some stubble. If Kili had been given just that amount of detail I (as many others) would have been ok with him.

        And as I said above, they could have easily made Thorin better match his description with some grey hair a few wrinkles and a long beard (with maybe a grey streak in it). Doing so would have taken little away from his “leading man” appearance while at least keeping in the spirit of the character.

  7. this looks awesome.. I like what they did to the dwarves.. All of them have their own distinct look and character . I can wait for this! Jackson, can you please show us a proper theatrical trailer ?

  8. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!