Two New Images from Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’

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the hobbit movies Two New Images from Peter Jacksons The Hobbit

The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s long-awaited return to Middle-earth, has had Tolkien fans salivating for months. From the director’s behind-the-scenes set video to the continued casting updates (including returns from Legolas and Elrond), every new piece of Hobbit news to hit the web has been met with high praise and excitement.

We shared the first official images from The Hobbit last week, featuring Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen). Given how long it took for The Hobbit to finally get off the ground, it was great to finally see the characters back in action and now we have two more images from the film, again featuring Bilbo and Gandalf.

The image of Bilbo is very similar to the previous release from Entertainment Weekly, but it offers a better look at Martin Freeman’s face which looks just right for the character and similar enough to Ian Holm in Lord of the Rings to bridge the two films, but distinct enough to be memorable in his own right.

Ian McKellan’s new image offers a look into the actor’s seemingly impressive resistance to aging. He must have found the fountain of youth. Yes, I know that Gandalf is supposed to look old, and McKellan certainly fits the bill, but it really seems like he hasn’t aged a day since the first Lord of the Rings film.

The pair of new images come from Empire Magazine and you can see them below:

Gandalf The Hobbit 570x379 Two New Images from Peter Jacksons The Hobbit

The Hobbit Image 570x379 Two New Images from Peter Jacksons The Hobbit

I’m a big fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and was very happy when the director announced that he was returning to direct The Hobbit. Still, part of me will always wonder what the movie might have looked like had MGM’s financial mess and delays not scared off Guillermo del Toro.

Despite the general positivity surrounding this film, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’m wondering how many people out there feel the same way? Do you have any lingering doubts about how The Hobbit will stack up with the familiar Jackson in the director’s chair instead of somebody new?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will arrive in theaters December 14th, 2012. The Hobbit: There and Back Again is set to follow a year later on December 13th, 2013.

Source: Empire

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  1. Looks like Pippin.

  2. Martin Freeman was a brilliant choice for Bilbo. Perfect casting there.

    Guillermo Del Toro – are you joking? Did you see the Hellboy documentaries? He’d have BLEEPED up this movie so bad it’s not even funny. All the man does is change stuff. It worked in Hellboy because Mike Mignola was so relaxed about it. But all he did was constantly jump around like a giddy schoolboy and say “maybe we can change it to this, it’s COOL”. Yeah, no.

    Peter Jackson is the ONLY person who can handle such a well-loved and respected piece of literature.

    • Agreed. Del Toro tries to make the movies his too much, I felt that Jackson did a pretty good interpretation of Middle Earth. Del Toro would have put eyes on the goblins tongues or something just as weird.

    • Guillermo del Toro should be directing The Hobbit. Pan’s Labyrinth was a better film than Lord of the Rings. His version of The Hobbit would have been a masterpiece.

      • Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece too…and a better movie than Pan’s Labyrinth

        • I have to agree with this assessment. Although “Pan’s Labyrinth” is in a class all its own.

  3. While I am enjoying the pictures, these are pretty much the same as the first two that were released. Gandalf is doing the same thing, just inside of Bag End, and the image of Bilbo is almost the exact same thing, he just pivoted towards the camera. I can’t wait to see a better view of the dwarves as well as see what they do with the trolls and goblins. Hopefully they have them talk and aren’t there purely for a fight scene.

  4. I loved del Toro’s Hellboy II and was sad to hear he was leaving The Hobbit. I think he would have brought a more fantastical, fairy tale look and feel to the film. Considering that the book is more of a fairy tale (as opposed to LOTR’s novel style), I think del Toro was an inspired–perhaps too good to be true–directorial choice.

    Jackson brings an established competency and continuity that will comfort nervous fans.

    • Thanks for saying that,saves me a lot of writing :) Agreed !
      This Movie will always be “How would it have been if…” for me.

  5. RE: Jensketch

    Jackson & Co. made changes to LOTR. Some were minimal, some were pretty drastic re-characterizations. Anyone who translates a book to the screen will have to wield the power of addition and subtraction. The question is, would you have trusted Del Toro with that power? I disagree with several of Jackson, Boynes, and Walsh’s basic assumptions about Tolkien’s work and would have enjoyed seeing del Toro’s take.

    • EA – I agree with your reservations about Jackson & Co. At the same time I suspect Jensketch may be right about Del Toro. I wonder what Alfonso Cuaron would have done with The Hobbit. He made some remarkable choices in his previous films and seems to have a better feel for tone.

  6. I am curious to see how Jackson pares down the reams of talking that wasin the books to keep the movie on track and not get bogged down with dialogue. It would be sad if it ends up like kill bill where the best movie is the second and the first is simply a LONG set up.

    • That’s funny because I loved the first Kill Bill, but couldn’t stand part 2.

  7. It’s a better look at Freeman as Bilbo for me, and I approve. Though he does look like he would be related to the Tooks, heh.

    I kinda think I can see some evidence of aging for McKellan (more wrinkles on his eyelids) but he’s certainly aged well. I’ll bet it helps him to feel young going on such adventures making movies in New Zealand.

    • Bilbo was related to the Tooks, his mother was one of the Old Tooks 3 daughters.


    Seeing as how The Lord of The Rings: Return of The King won something like ….ELEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS!!! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

    James Cameron directed Terminator 1 and 2… but not Terminator 3 or Salvation.

  9. AWESOME!!! I hope the second video blog will come out ASAP 😀

  10. Love it !

    More More More!

  11. It’s always awesome when I get to see a world come to life outside myself which I’d only ever seen before in my mind’s eye. But I have to disagree with anyone who claims that Peter Jackson succeeded in capturing the essence of the fictional world Tolkien created. Jackson misinterpreted some basic themes, gratuitously over-sensationalized the dramatic elements, and generally failed to place the story on its proper footing of High Romance. If his Hobbit aims at the same tone, it will be an even more dramatic departure from that book. I agree with another person who commented here on an earlier picture. The Hobbit is a story the tone of which is definitively different from that of The Lord of the Rings. At the same time it is not a particularly simple, short, or uncomplicated story. In this way, I feel Jackson is taking on an even greater challenge, with a greater risk of failure.

  12. I am so excited for this film to be released. I am a lover of all thing Tolkien and he just had a way with telling the story just as Jackson has a successful way of portraying it on film. The Hobbit is all about #win.

  13. This story has more potential for failure than any of the LOTR, it will be a daunting task that I hop P.Jackson prevails through. An ideal move would have been to pair up Peter Jackson and Del Toro for this movie. I can see how the tone for this movie may lean a little more towards Del Toro’s style of work but I agree that Del Toro would’ve probably taken it a little overboard but having Jackson there would’ve kept the right balance. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they pull off the dragon in The Hobbit.

  14. i dont know how many times ihad watched the load of rings. Even now i am in the spell of
    LOAD OF RINGS ,thank u peter jackson