‘Hobbit’ Extended Edition & ‘Dark Knight’ Box Set Hitting Stores in 2013

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hobbit1 Hobbit Extended Edition & Dark Knight Box Set Hitting Stores in 2013

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit is turning into something of a never-ending story.┬áThe much-anticipated follow-up to Jackson’s Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy was initially conceived as a two-part production, but was later expanded into its own full-fledged trilogy.

In addition to Bilbo’s discovery of the One Ring and his showdown with the dragon Smaug, the trilogy will feature sequences based on some of author J.R.R.┬áTolkien’s notes. This allows Jackson to include other members of the original Rings cast, including Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and Frodo (Elijah Wood), and more effectively connecting the story of The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that the first film in the new trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, will receive the Extended Edition treatment in a late 2013 home video release – just in time to promote the theatrical release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The news comes from Movies.com, which has posted an extensive listing of the studio’s planned releases for that year. It’s also noteworthy that The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition is set for release in fall 2013, though this is not expected to include the recently rumored director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises.

 Hobbit Extended Edition & Dark Knight Box Set Hitting Stores in 2013

The Hobbit extended edition, however, isn’t much of surprise. Lord of the Rings fans undoubtedly remember that Jackson previously released extended versions of all three of those films, with the footage ranging from flashbacks to the death of a major character. For most moviegoers, though, the films’ three-hour running time is already long enough. So it’s likely that only the hardcore fans will scoop up these releases.

For those Hobbit devotees, however, this is fantastic news, as the extended edition will surely provide a more immersive experience for An Unexpected Journey. Also, if Jackson’s first Hobbit film is getting such a release, expect the other two to follow suit.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters on December 14, 2012, followed by The Desolation of Smaug on December 13, 2013 and There and Back Again on July 18, 2014.

Source: Movies.com

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  1. Sweet. I’ll just pass over the dvd and wait for the extended editions.

  2. Wow, an extended edition? Im surprised since they are already stretching the story into 3 films. I might be in the minority but I kinda wanted a Hobbit film without having to reference so much of the LOTR trilogy. I’ll still buy it cause I’m a hardcore LOTR fan.

  3. Oh my lord I hate Peter Jackson, why for just once can he not just follow the source material without adding extra filler too it which it doesn’t need. J.R.R Tolkien must be rolling in his grave about this madness. We came to see the Tolkien story not the Peter Jackson story. He already pulled this crap with both King Kong & The Lovely Bones well after The Lord of The Rings trilogy. At least I am thankful he’s not another multi project tackler director like Del Toro who has way to much on his hands he can’t get things done half the time.

    • No offence meant here, but you really need to get your facts right. The large majority of the additional content in the Hobbit trilogy (which isn’t in the book) is from The Lord of the Rings Appendices. This is stuff that relates directly to the Hobbit that Tolkien wanted to add. Items that would fill in the gaps and when Gandalf vanishes off somewhere. That in my opinion, is totally in tone with Tolkien, who was very much a story teller and perfectionist as Jackson is.

      I for one am very much looking forward to more first rate story telling in the extended cuts. The films which are the worst are the ones when the directors give in to the studios and cut the films TOO short and destroy them. Jackson is a hero. He tells the studios want he is planning to do agd doesn’t back fond until he gets it.

      • Sorry, predictive text on iPhone. *doesn’t back down (not fond)

      • I wholeheartedly agree with your anticipation, and if Jersey had paid ANY attention to earlier threads, he would already know that Jackson is NOT turning the film(s) into his personal magnum opus, part deux.

      • I am with you guys, here. First of all, the Extended Cuts are something that EVERY major movie franchise should attempt to include. There is just NO market for a trilogy of 4 hour movies in the theaters. But, for those who are big fans or want to explore the “world” created by the movie makers they have the option. The way Peter Jackson creates Middle Earth is just awesome and I am extremely happy about this. I cannot wait until 2015 when I can basically go 24 hours straight of Middle Earth (just in time for the 13th hour of Star Wars (Episode VII) to begin!

        Also, Tolkien wasn’t the type of author to “trim” any of his works. Editing wasn’t his strong suit, and thank God for that. There is more information in which we can all take in. Although some of his later works are a little too much for me sometimes. They just aren’t as much fun, especially when there is such heavy use of his created languages.

        • I hate to tell you this but apparently Christopher Tolkien will probably give the rights to Peter Jackson to make the Silmarillion so apparently they aren’t as hateful of the LOTR movies as you would want us to believe. That was contained in your link that you gave us.

      • Pfft Jersey is right. It’s filler. Don’t care it was included slightly in LOTR. Pj has taken some appendix and elaborated on them greatly, so he made it up in other words. People where really angry when he left stuff out of LOTR but it’s acceptable to add stuff not there in the first place with The Hobbit. This is not LOTR 2, it’s The Hobbit, a cute little adventure tale, what is wrong with it just being that. The Hobbit is not of epic scale, there is no need for it to be, there is no need for the stuff being included. How bout we start doing it with all book adaptions now then, put a time machine in War of The Worlds, or Tarzan on Mars.

    • if you want the Tolkien story PICK UP THE BOOKS!!!! That they way he wanted it anyway. I love Tolkien to death and Jackson is telling the story phenomenally! god forbid he shows any creativity himself…you know what you are the kind of person that would complain no matter what.

  4. We’ll make a Hobbit movie. No… we’ll make two. No, wait… we’ll make three! In 3D! And in 48fps! Anything we can charge a premium for! And then we’ll release them on Blu-ray and DVD. But we’re not gonna release an Extended Cut right away. No Sir. We’re gonna double dip and see whether or not these poor suckers can wait for the Extended Cuts when the theatrical versions are already available.

    The more I hear about it, the more am I inclined to skip the whole trilogy altogether, until the whole extended shabang hits the bargain bin as a complete set. That cash grabbing deal is getting really obnoxious.

    • Do you ever have anything positive to say?

      • Plenty. But let me ask you a question: do you have anything to say about the topic at hand or do you just go around and critize people for having opinions that you don’t like?

        • You’re being negative again. I just asked you a simple question. Where did I critize your opinion by asking a question? And I did not say that I did not like your opinion. To each their own. You’re judging me and you do not even know me.

          • Right of the bat: that’s not true. You read a few comments and think you know me, based on that limited sample. Take my comments about Prometheus, for example. I love that movie and can’t wait to see it again next week, when it’s going to be released on Blu-ray. I think it was the second best movie of 2012, right after The Avengers, and I simply can’t understand why so many people nitpick it to death. It’s not perfect, but far from being the catastrophe that people make it out to be.

            It might be true that there are more negative comments from me on here than positive one, but there is a reason for that. I think just commenting on awesome things how awesome they are is not really interesting or worthwhile. However, critizing things that drive me nuts in the industry and that seriously impair my enjoyment of movies (3D, extreme color grading, cutting down movies for more showings per day or splitting up movies into two parts just to make more money) might be the basis for some interesting discussions.

            These are just a few developments in the industry that really worry me and make me seriously fear about my favourite hobby. I think it is my duty as a film fan to point them out, if I have the chance, instead of just standing idly by, watching things change.

            I’ll promise to be a bit more positive about things, but if issues crop up that I can’t swallow I’ll keep pointing them out. ;)

            • alright now i understand your point :) i like -promotheus,too. but he has failed on the characters from elba to theron,i had expected more deeper and intensive story and characters. but visually the movie is a masterpiece.

            • The reason why they are releasing the extended cut after the DVD is because they have to go back in and add back the scenes they cut. They also have to re-edited those scenes as well as re-record the music/sound. Usually if they do an extended cut they would normally do a behind the scenes as well as cast commentary, director commentary and some form of art team commentary. Also another reason why the extended edition isn’t coming out is because they are still working on the other movies and might save a scene from the first movie they did(which happened on Lord of the Rings-I do not see a reason for this in The Hobbit but never the less it might be a reason.

              The whole 48 fps/ 3D. PJ himself said that given the opportunity he would have shot the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy in 3D. Since the technology was not there yet he decided against it. The whole 3D/48 fps is a “cash grab” but pj himself sees it is a better way to see a movie. Now you can call it a cash grab, yet the movie theater I went to I could see the movie in 3D, 48 fps and 24 fps. I saw all 3 versions…why because I wanted to see it in different perspective. I didn’t mind the 48…it took a while to adjust but after that it was oka. The fighting scenes in 48fps where clearer. 3D …is well 3D I don’t like 3D but I gave a pj a chance. It wasn’t bad and didn’t take away from the experience.

              You also complained about colour grading….80% of lord of the rings was colour graded. Or do you mean extreme you mean like the matrix extreme?

            • Goodness me, I do have to disagree with you about Prometheus, but then again to each his own opinion. Yes Peter Jackson expects a profit out of the films and there is money involved, but look at it from the point of the movie itself, for me even though Tauriel has been added as a new and characters such as Legolas and Saruman who are not in the Hobbit and well, the addition of Radagast. And Azog and maybe the timeline does not almost entirely fit, the Necromancer and the incidents at Dol Guldur, the movie is overall a truly “Unexpected” adventure in itself. I believe, now that I am reading the book again, that the movie does not exactly have to follow the book, otherwise would you see it again once watched? I can assure you that if I saw two different versions: The movie according to every event stated in the books or the one I have just seen, I would watch the film that has just come out. Why would you make a dish, following the recipe word by word? Why not experiment, add a different ingredient which might help the dish to taste better, you don’t always have to follow the recipe by the book. The movie industry is massive and yes, there is profit to be made, but don’t look at it from a money, business point of view. I have in my possession the DVD from An Unexpected Journey and I shall sell it and buy the Extended Edition if I wish, regardless of Peter Jackson’s strategy to upsell the product and I shall do the same with the next two sequels if need be. To all of you, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but look at both sides of the coin.

    • I’m gonna wait for the shortened fanedit version. There’s a good film trying to shine through all the bloat. I loved LOTR – have all three extended versions, and generally love all Peter Jacksons old films, but like George Lucas, no one is saying no to him anymore.
      The endless dinner party – severe shortening, magical plates throwing scene – cut!
      The mountain creatures fight – cut!
      the albino troll – cut!
      the ridiculous chase thru the mountain – cut!
      Radaghast – cut!
      Frodo scene – cut! (tho the opening scene with old Bilbo trasitioning to young I’d keep).
      I’d keep the necromancer stuff and Elrond meeting in there, shorten the three trolls scene and cut down a bit on the endless exposition.

    • I’d just hold off buying them and just get them from Netflix when you want to see them till they release the completely super ultimate Hobbit+LOTR extended collectors edition.

      (I’m only slightly joking here)

  5. I’m not surprised at an extended edition for ‘The Hobbit’ films, that’s par the course for Peter Jackson these days, although I would have thought the fact they had stretched it out to three films would have meant an extended version wouldn’t have been necessary, but we’ll see how it all plays out… but that ‘Ultimate Collector’s Edition’ for the Dark Knight Trilogy is a load of hogwash, why don’t they just hold off on releasing ANY trilogy box set until next year instead of releasing one this year and another next!?

    • I figure your “question” is a rhetorical one, but I’ll answer it anyway. It’s greed. More and more, it seems as if all these double, triple, quadruple, quintuple dips are planned from the get-go.
      I was considering buying the trilogy set until I heard about the ultimate edition set. The trilogy set looks like a repackaging job to me.
      I’ll just get the regular DVD/Blu-ray for TDKR this year and wait to see what that 2013 set is all about.

      • You’re right Hiro, my question was indeed a rhetorical one, and as someone who already owns ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ on DVD, the thought of purchasing them again for the box set didn’t even cross my mind until I read that the box set is a 6-disc affair with the publicity photo showing two discs for ‘…Rises’ whereas the standalone DVD is a single-disc release… will we DVD folk have to shell out for the box set in order to get all the extra features that the standalone Blu-Ray release has, if so, I’ll probably buy the box set, but I’ll certainly not be happy about it, good job the films themselves are worth every penny, regardless of what format they come in!?

      • Long as people keep buying them – why shouldn’t the studios keep making them.

  6. I don’t understand why people are so mad about an extended version. It’s not like they’re forcing you to buy it. At least the have the courtesy of letting you know that there will be an extended edition instead of keeping quiet until most people buy the regular edition and THEN announce an extended cut.

    The long wait sucks, but the timing makes sense business-wise since it’s just before the release of the next film. It’s a business after all, and other studios/film makers have made people double dip in worse ways.

    • I totally agree with you . I’m really happy about this news. i will buy all 3 hobbit extended edition in blu-ray.

    • People have to complain and whine about something. Society now adays a majority of them are crybabies. I for one can not wait for the movie and the extended edition next year.

    • Yeah, when I think about it, at least they’re doing it ahead of time and letting you know as opposed to the usual scheme where they put out a fairly bare-bones version to suck people in, only to announce that there will be a more comprehensive feature and extra-laden “special edtion” coming a few months later. Of course, most people by now are used to this practice, but regardless, it’s still a bit low. I guess after the first extended edition of the TFOTR came out, people (I included) got used to the process. If you really, really wanted to get the TTT or the TROTK DVD as soon as possible, hey, knock yourself, no one’s stopping you. But everyone else knew to hold back and wait for that extended edition. Especially since that TTT:EE came out right around when TROTK was released. Set up for a very nice way to get excited for the next movie.

    • i.e. George Lucas. Also James Cameron. I was/am so upset about how the Avatar home video release was done that it made me not even like the film anymore.

      • Yeah that one is really a bad example of multiple dipping, and they’re still not done yet. Now that they’re finally releasing the 3D version on Blu-Ray, it’s not going to be the extended version. Odds are that they’ll announce that sometime after the sales of the “regular” 3D version have dropped.

      • I believe when Avatar was originally released in a barebones theatrical DVD there WAS the announcement of a soon-to-come extended version; or else I’d have probably bought the theatrical release myself instead, as I did, of waiting for the extended cut.

  7. the quality and quantity of the extras on the extended LOTR trilogy was worth the purchase alone. Its not like for some films were you feel like no thought or effort has been put into providing fan with al the behind the scenes, technical and artistic things that can really add to your enjoyment of the film.

  8. The thing about the extended versions of both the Lord of the Rings movies and King Kong is that they’ve become, to me, the definitive versions of the movies. They’re not simply a director’s cut slapped together with the deleted scenes. It’s almost a new version. New editing, new score composed, etc. At least in the case of LotR and KK I understand PJ’s reasoning behind it. The runtimes on the theatrical version were long enough that he simply couldn’t justify the extra long run times of the extended version. But if given his choice, with no regard for theatrical demands, the extended versions are the ones he would prefer. I’m sure he would say, if he has not already said, that these are the versions he considers to be his actual vision. What he really intended to make. With the case of LotR movies, I can see that. There is so much stuff in the books that they had to cut out, and the EE’s are still as long as they are. We’ll have to wait and see the first Hobbit movie to see if indeed the extended version of it makes sense. It does sound a bit infuriating that he’s leaving out stuff to be included in the later extended version when it already seems that they’re adding a whole lot more. We haven’t heard anything about the run time for the first Hobbit film (As far as I know). If it’s not more 2 hours 45 minutes, then I don’t understand the need to hold back for the EE. If it’s not good enough to put in the theatrical cut then why put it in at all? It also makes people think twice about buying the first Blu-ray of the TH:AUJ. Hell it will make me think twice. I might hold back until all three are released in the eventual box set which would probably come out late 2015 at this rate??

  9. With regard to TDK trilogy set, I’m not really interested. I already both BB and TDK on Blu-ray so I can’t really see the trilogy set adding much. Besides, I don’t have any time anymore to watch a gazillion hours of extras with a family. I’d be hard pressed to make it through the whole movie without a break nowadays anyway.

  10. Love that batman picture!

  11. Now I have to wait till next year to own the Dark Knight trilogy :(
    Aw well, I guess it’s better that they release this info now than revealing it after I bought the standard trilogy set.

  12. I guess no one will believe me but I think Lucas is in charge of WB.

    • Of course, no one will believe you or take you seriously. Why would you even joke about that?

  13. While I could wish that the movie bore more resemblance to the book, one does have to remember that the Hobbit was a childrens story, and that the LOTR came as a response to demands from readers (including adults) for more of the tale. The fact that Jackson has “adulted” up the Hobbit comes across basically as a good job, especially since the introduction of LOTR characters is done via the barely mentioned in the book problem in Dol Guldur, the re-emergence of Sauron. As that was in southern Mirkwood, near the realm of Galadriel, then her appearance makes sense. As for the yet to be seen appearance of Legolas, the placement is right, the time is right and his lack of mention in the Hobbit could be forgiven remembering the nature of the tale.
    So, be a purist if you want, but it’s a job well done (so far).

  14. Extended edition of the Hobbit will be day-one purchase for me!

  15. The extended edition was always going to happen.
    The last movie of the trilogy is actually pulled back to December 2014 which I guess I can live with
    I will definitely be waiting for the extended edition blu ray.
    It adds more to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the LOTR trilogy extended edition.
    To anyone who is giving out about an extended edition all i can say is if you dont want an extended edition then dont buy it but dont try mouth off about a brilliant director

  16. I personally cannot see why people are getting angry about there being 3 films and extended editions. You are angry for there being 3 films but if it was all condensed down into one 3 hour film you would still be angry! I will be buying the extended edition and cannot wait for the rest.

  17. I just LOVE Peter Jackson for being so generous with giving us Extended Editions of his movies. Every film director needs to be as devoted to their fans as he is. I personally decided years ago that if The Hobbit ever got made, I would wait to see if we would be treated to another glorious extended edition experience… and it turned out I was right!

    It’s a shame that other film directors so often tag scenes on as ‘deleted’ on a DVD… but THEN, they’ll put them back in for TV. OOOH, THAT MAKES ME MAD! It makes me feel like I’m an unwilling pawn in a sadistic corporate conspiracy, whose goal is to keep me from seeing a movie straight through. I own about 9 films that I had to tape-record, just because it had new and extended scenes! I don’t care what most people say, I don’t WANT to watch a bunch of stupid crap intros where the filmmakers BS about why they cut out a particular scene. Usually, by the time they finish, the intro turns out to be LONGER THAN THE DELETED SCENE!

    I highly commend Peter Jackson for daring to make movies the right way, and I’m POSITIVE that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition will be a huge hit. BRING IT ON, PETER!

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  19. the only thing that want to know is if there’s gonna be 1 extended edition or 2 (extended and special extended)

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