Elijah Wood & Orlando Bloom’s Roles in ‘The Hobbit’

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the hobbit legolas frodo Elijah Wood & Orlando Blooms Roles in The Hobbit

When news first broke that J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit would be adapted into a two-part film, the initial plan was for the second part to act as a “bridge” movie between The Hobbit and the ever-famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. The bridge film would take us many years after The Hobbit, to events just preceding the beginning of the Lord of the Rings, allowing for special return appearances of characters and talent who wouldn’t otherwise appear in the prequels.

As the script treatments were underway, further news indicated that this may not be the case, despite interviews with cast members such as Viggo Mortensen and Dominic Monaghan who thought it possible and hopeful that they could play Aragorn & Merry once again. Would we ever see the return of our favorite Lord of the Rings characters who were never in The Hobbit novel? The answer we all now know is yes, but how significant are their roles?

We always knew that Sir Ian McKellen was a must to return as the lovable wizard, Gandalf, and that it was equally important for the talented Andy Serkis to also return to play the voice and physicality of the ring-seeking Gollum.

Other returning characters include Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, Elijah Wood as Frodo and Orlando Bloom as Legolas, all three of which are not in Tolkien’s original work on The Hobbit. Hugo Weaving will also return as Lord Elrond and it’s possible that Christopher Lee will play Saruman once more.

For diehard fans, there’s nothing better than seeing cast members return after a decade to replay their iconic roles. It helps keep the The Hobbit authentic and in canon, allowing the series to work as a true Middle-earth pentology, just as Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson described prior to del Toro exiting the director’s chair of the films.

the hobbit movies Elijah Wood & Orlando Blooms Roles in The Hobbit

Knowing that we’ll once again see Frodo and Legoloas on screen, how significant will their roles be?

Heat World, who we are not familiar with and who have no listed sources of information, claim that Orlando Bloom will be earning a hefty paycheck of $1 million for a mere 2 minutes of screen time. If true, his appearance, likely restricted to when we meet his father, Elf King Thranduil (rumored to be played by David Tennant).

As for young Frodo Baggins and his hairy feet, Elijah Wood chatted with IGN yesterday about his return to the project:

“No, we thought we were finished and the character doesn’t even exist in [the book of] The Hobbit, so it was not even a pipe dream to imagine the possibility would be there for me to reprise the role of Frodo. But they’ve come up with something that I think is kind of interesting and I think very fitting that doesn’t necessarily infringe upon the integrity of the original novel. It’s great. I’m really excited… Those films marked a huge, massive experience in my life. It’s been 11 years, basically, since I went to New Zealand, so it’ll be a beautiful reunion and I’m just excited to go back and see everybody again.”

Wood continued, explaining that he believes his role is “minimal” but that he has yet to read any of the script.

It’s not expected that these two characters would have a significant role, as it doesn’t fit into The Hobbit story. Their return, and the return of other potential characters from the trilogy are there as a nod to the fans and even more importantly, as a marketing tool to help familiarize moviegoers to a story that wouldn’t otherwise include faces they recognize.

So, will Aragorn make a cameo appearance as well?

Peter Jackson will direct The Hobbit, with Part 1 hitting theaters on December 19th, 2012 and Part 2 in December 2013.

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Sources: IGN, Heat World (via MovieWeb)

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  1. Bring back Viggo and we got ourselves a movie!

    • yee

    • Aragon was in his 20s,l a child or teenager at that. Viggo couldn’t return, unfortunately, even if we all wanted him too. But maybe we can see Arathorn with little Aragorn. We never know.

  2. Having my doubts about this.

    • Yeah, I totally get why. This is not going to stay true to the book one bit. Honestly, this is the one time that I’m willing to let it go! I want see the cast back together.

    • Same. I think Jackson is trying too hard to tie it to LOTR when you really don’t need to. Lucas tried the same thing, and it didn’t work out.

  3. Once again the thought hits me, why do we need these added characters as a nod to the fans if that’s just what The Hobbit is. A nod to the fans, because they’re actually finishing the series. I guess for me as long as these parts are as they say “minimal” then fine, just doesn’t make much sence to bring in characters that are not in the novel. But what ever. So it is and I cannot stop it.

  4. My guess is that they’re going to be in the second film. Probably leading into the events of FOTR. It’s the only thing that makes sense and doesn’t break up the continuity of the novel. I trust Peter Jackson to make this work.

    • My best guess is that it will be a flashback pic as Frodo reads or is told the story of “There and Back Again” that Bilbo wrote in LOTR. So “The Hobbit” will be a story being told in flashback sequences within the movie, therefore keeping it in the time of LOTR where Frodo exists. It’s a very good idea for keeping “The Hobbit” true to the original story, while having LOTR characters in the film.

      ..Or towards the end of the 2nd film, Bilbo will be introduced to lead into LOTR. I’m sure there will be more information on the topic sooner or later.

      • Ya, I think that’s how they’d do it.

  5. Maybe this is just the nerd of me and maybe I misread this article but I really don’t want to see Frodo in The Hobbit at all. Bilbo was 50 when he set off to Lonely Mountain, and 111 when The Fellowship starts. Now given that Frodo is way younger in the movie than he was in the book, its still simple math that his parents probably weren’t even thinking of him around the time of The Hobbit. The series is kinda dead in terms of marketability, and a movie that links the Hobbit to LotR would just be a sad attempt to milk what little is left.

  6. Great news!

  7. K so I loved the LotRs movies && the cast but… Maybe they should just make the movie according to book. There *isnt* a bridge book. The stories tie together in an amazing way. They r using it as an excuse to make money.

  8. Oh… Just read what they said about flash backs… That is a fabulous idea!! I love it! It would tie in so well with the movie.

  9. Totally unnecessary. Of all directors, I trust Peter Jackson to do the right thing, but this is a slippery slope he’s on.

  10. Why not? They got nothing else going on since.

  11. LotR was far from loyal to the book. Where the heck was Tom Bombadil anyway? Yet all 3 movies were astonishing, more than i ever dreamed them to be.

    I for one, am looking forward to Jackson tying them together.

    And to little Monster: Jackson ain’t Lucas. Jackson has the ability and sensibility to do it right, even teach us all how to do it properly. I’m an original Star Wars fan, and by that I mean saw episode IV in the 70′s and LIVED all things star wars for the majority of the 80′s. I was excited when I heard that prequels were on the way but sort of doubtful, even as a child the story was complete for me. There’s always a backstory, that doesn’t mean we should go there. With Jackson’s Hobbitt I have absolute faith that he cares for the project, and this isn’t a backstory, its the first story. in the end, jackson and lucas? you can’t really compare them. it’s like comparing Nolan and ratner.

    Why didn’t Jackson pitch The Hobbit first to New Line? Why did Jackson go for the granddaddy? Why LotR first anyway? just a thought.

  12. David as Thranduil… can anyone else see the perfection of this choice? Mulled it over and by far for people us weirdies would recognize, Tenant was the top choice. Can’t wait for this!

  13. I really hope they are minimal. If the makers of LOTR wanted to please the fans, then they need to stay true to the book. That’s all a true die hard fan would want. And the whole idea of tying The Hobbit to the other movies in the second part is ludicrous and unnecessary and will probably make a lot of people mad, including myself.

  14. I for one love the books and the movies and am a die hard fan of both the hobbit and LOTR but if they have it where Frodo (and other such characters) appear as main roles I wil be disappointed but I am with Pitt Man I have complete faith Mr.Jackson knows what he’s doing. We all just have to trust him. On the other hand I am overjoyed that there will be a part two linking the hobbit and the trilogy together no one knows what happened in between (for it was never really clarified). And I believe Peter Jackson will do an amazing job on both movies I mean look at how LOTR turned out. Or we could be wrong and the part two might just be (like in LOTR). A continuation of the story where it was left off.

  15. great elijah woods eyeballs are going to be in this I might not bother seeing it now he wrecked any re watching of the trilogy for me

  16. Frodo in this movie was not needed…AT ALL. As if the ending to LOTR was not sappy enough…they bring this guy back. Ugh.

    I actually like Legolas in the LOTR (who didn’t?), but it looks like he’s going to have a very big role in Hobbit 2. Why? Can this film not stand on it’s own? Can characters like Bard and Beorn not have a back story?

    I mean, honestly, in an adventure that centers around Gimli’s family, they have Legolas come back…but not Gimli. Clearly Orlando Bloom was more popular than John Rhys-Davies, and women love him….and in making this decision, you can tell The Hobbit 2 has sold out to Pop Culture.

    It’s to the point where I wonder if Smaug will have baby dragons running around the Lonely Mountain that resemble the dragons from Game of Thrones?

    Is Edward Cullen going to be an Orc too?

  17. People say, well Legolas is an elf and lived a long time….so it makes sense that he’s in these movies.

    ok, well by that logic, Dwarves live a long time too…Balin is the son of Gloin. Gloin was shown in Fellowship of the Ring, yet they didn’t want to muddy the waters by including Gimli in The Hobbit.

    Aragon was from a race of men that were part Elves and he also had very long life. In LOTR he’s over 80 years old. If they wanted, they could have had him make a cameo too in the Hobbit, just like Frodo…who is actually probably the only character who was NOT even alive during the original Hobbit. lol

    But obviously they didn’t want to because it would be silly and take away from the new characters.

    Yet, they screwed the pooch on Frodo and Legolas.

  18. Can’t wait