‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ Trailer: The Final Battle

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Warner Bros. gave a big sendoff to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (as we’d hoped the studio would). That presentation in Hall H included cast and crew members who have been involved with all five of the previously-released Middle-earth film installments – which, like The Battle of the Five Armies, were directed by Peter Jackson. Above, you can watch the official teaser trailer for the Hobbit trilogy finale, as was shown to the Hall H crowd during the film’s Comic-Con panel.

This Hobbit preview, as is to be expected from a teaser, is foremost a promise that there are big things on the horizon. Here, we get the calm before the storm as well as glimpses at the final epic battle depicted in Jackson’s Middle-earth – one that could rival and/or exceed the Battle at Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers and battles from Return of the King, in terms of the sheer size and scope.

Beyond that, there’s a fair amount of imagery and story/character material featured here that’s worthing taking note of. That includes Bilbo’s (Martin Freeman) commentary on the significance of these events to his life, Smaug the Terrible (dragon) – again voiced and mo-capped by Benedict Cumberbatch – laying waste to Laketown, and the familiar characters seen on the battlefield – some of who shall be okay (seeing how they return in the Lord of the Rings trilogy decades later), while others will end up… well, not doing okay, when the dust clears.


hobbit battle five armies trailer2 690x1024 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer: The Final Battle

Generally speaking, The Battle of the Five Armies looks to offer a mix of spectacle and poignance that’s more on the level with the fighting and war melodrama in Lord of the Rings - rather than the grand, but often goofy, adventuring that persisted throughout the first two Hobbit films. There should also be more paying off previously-established story threads in this installment, rather than introducing new tangents a la the first two Hobbit flicks.

As such, it seems Battle of the Five Armies may prove able to smoothly bridge together Jackson’s J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy movie trilogies – and thus, better serve the larger over-arching story being told. Besides having dubbed Battle of the Five Armies his “favorite” of the Hobbit trilogy, Jackson has also said the film will be the “most emotional [and] most tense.” We shall find out soon enough if the majority of fans share his feelings about this last journey.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies opens in U.S. theaters on December 17th, 2014.

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  1. Wow!

  2. These movies blow.

    • So does your mom. Heard she’s pretty good at it.

      • ha, i chuckled a bit at that

      • what?

  3. This may be the last trip to Middle Earth.. I sure hope that its a good one

  4. oh my god.

  5. All shall fade – Same recording as ROTK to boot. But sadly it will not be another 11 Oscars. I’ll watch it but it’s like eating fake crab versus real crab.

  6. Again too much CGI…Vigo was right.

    • You can put that on a t-shirt!

    • And it looks so much more obvious in 2-D. I noticed how borderline awful Godzilla and Apes’ CGI looked after viewing them on YouTube.

      This trailer doesn’t do it for me but I’m sure that WB is just holding out the good bits for when we get closer to the release date. Also, is this no longer a two parter?

      • After you viewed them on youtube? Did you actually go to see them in theatre where it is meant to be seen or did you just watch a bunch of clips on your little phone or laptop -__-

        • I went to see both in IMAX / 3-D. I was one of the pro-Zilla people here on SR when others have it flack for “5 minutes of Godzilla”, among other complaints they had. I also enjoyed Apes…

          Still, if I hadn’t seen the films in 3-D, the visuals would have been too distracting. That shot of Caesar running/leaping onto Koba at the end looks computerized like a mothe******r, even with mo cap. Something about the background poorly blending in with the foreground.

          No point in us riffing if we both enjoyed the films. My point is more so that I would only watch these movies in 3-D.

          • Well i don’t know about you but the worst cgi this year so far for me at least was seeing Galvatron transform in age of extinction. That you movie you could easily tell the cgi artist took a day off during work.

            • Seeing the commercials for that one and TMNT had me cringing. 2-D does nothing for them, but to be honest, they got pretty lazy near the end of T4. It started looking poor even WITH the glasses on.

      • How can you be even remotely interested in this and not know it became a trilogy back in July 2012? Also, definetely agreed on CGI, ruined the movies for me.

  7. I am going to see it in hopes that I like it. I want to like every movie I go to see. But I doubt I will enjoy this. I am not a fan of the Lord of the Rings Prequel Trilogy thus far (it hasn’t earned the title of “The Hobbit” in my opinion). That being said, I hope that Jackson proves me wrong with this one. The Lord of the RIngs Trilogy didn’t exactly follow the book page for page, but they were fantastic movies and people who have and haven’t read the books agree on that (or at least a lot of people do). For me, The Lord of the Rings Prequel Trilogy deviates so far from the books, it might as well be in the same category as the Percy Jackson adaptations (those movies didn’t follow the books at all). And I realize that book adaptations aren’t meant to follow the books. I write movies (for fun) and while I’m not a fantastic screenwriter or anything, I do understand that your job is to make a good movie. But that’s just it, I don’t think the liberties that Jackson has made for The Lord of the Rings Prequel Trilogy adds anything to the story. Again, hopefully he proves me wrong with this one.

    • Why not just wait for reviews so you don’t accidentally support a disappointing movie? Most don’t contain spoilers.

      • I work at a movie theater, I don’t have to pay to see it. I also like seeing things through to the end, saw the other two, I want to see this one. I want to know how he ends it. You know?

  8. I’m going to see it, but I get steadily more and more depressed as this franchise goes on. Especially since he did The Hobbit last. It makes it that much less likely we’ll get a reboot.

    This needs to be done on TV a la Game of Thrones.

  9. I watched the second because i thought they were going to kill a Dragon. They said “**** you, oh and thanks for the money lol” Now i don’t give a s*** and will watch it from internet. I mean seriously whats there to watch after they’ll kill a dragon(unless he is going down in extremely lame way), some gnomes in a castle fighting armies of different species for the gold, for the whole movie?

    • Smaug will go down in a very big way and there is a tremendous amount of drama and story that takes place afterwards. Read the book! Also, I don’t know where you get gnomes from. There are elves, men (humans), dwarves, orcs (possibly goblins), and wargs (large wolf-like creatures).

      • The 5 armies comes from Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Eagles.

        • Actually, in the book it is implied that the armies are Men, Elves, and Dwarves against the Orcs and Wargs. In the book Wargs were more intelligent and independent of the orcs. They existed as two separate groups that allied with each other for raids on men in the Vales of Anduin and for the Battle of Five Armies. Eagles cames in a bit later, as well as Beorn. In the films that could change.

      • “gnome
        (in folklore) one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men, that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures”

        It really is not important whether i called them gnomes or dwarves, because of that plot won’t change.

        And Big_Boss sort of confirmed that it will be about war for gold after they killed a dragon. The scene i wanted to see in the second movie.

        • Actually, it is important whether or not you call them dwarves. Tolkien used the word “gnome” for the elves in his earlier versions of his stories written in the 1910s and 20s. (See the earlier History of Middle-earth volumes.) And yes, a driving motive for the characters towards the end of the story is the possession of the gold. But it gets a bit more complicated than that. For example, the orcs enter the scene for other reasons that will have much broader implications and results for the history of Middle-earth (especially in the film). Before that Bilbo also gets very involved between opposing parties, but I don’t want to spoil it all for you. Wait for the film or better yet, read the book(s)! :-)

          • Wow you’re quite knowledgeable. Tolkienist i presume. You know i’ll probably watch a movie, have a few free tickets on any movie anyway.

        • I don’t quite get your argument. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but on one hand you complain about not getting the death of Smaug in film 2 and on the other you complain about getting too much of a battle over gold. If they beat Smaug in Desolation, wouldn’t that make film 3 even more about a battle over gold than it’s already going to be?

    • That’s pretty much how it went in the story they adapting. I can only assume Smaug is going to take up the first act of the movie, roughly 40 mins hopefully. and Then another 40 mins them gearing up for war and rescuing Gandalf and another 40 mins war scens followed by a 40 min ending.

  10. Unfortunately Jackson has gone full Lucas with these films, everybody knows you never go full Lucas.

    • It won’t quite be full Lucas until he adds in poorly CGI’ed kissy-face singing aardvark aliens for the anniversary Blu-ray in 2040.

  11. The problem wasn`t turning The Hobbit into three movies. That`s perfectly fine because i really loved the idea they had to include additional information about all things that were happening at the same time of the book`s story. What we got instead was bad makeup, too much CGI (it`s amazing in itself, but by having so much it feels fake and annoying), bad acting on some bits, cliche after cliche of ruined story bits, poor emotional resonance and ultimately, a pointless shallow romance that makes no sense and doesn`t remotely exist in the books. That`s why The Hobbit doesn`t get Oscar nominations nowhere near those that LOTR did.

  12. I am looking forward to it. I know it will not be a purist’s dream. I am anticipating some serious carnage. I acknowledge that CGI has its limitations. But I am going to go in with an open mind and high hopes… and a packet of tissues.

  13. Amd finally, the finale. ;)

  14. WWWOOOW This will be an epic final chapter to The Hobbit Trilogy, There’s no way Peter Jackson could’ve messed this up.

  15. I hope the explain the relationship between Galadriel and Gandalf.
    I read somewhere there’s a long legal battle between Tolkien Estate and WB. so we may not get ‘Silmallrion’ for another decade.

    • All I know is that Galadriel wanted Gandalf to be the head of the Council, but he refused. They most likely knew each other in Valinor. Saruman was a jerk for many reasons and the above is just one.

    • Well, ummmmm…. If he turned the Hobbit into three movies…. He is going to turn the silmallrion into about 50 movies. LOL That book is long, and very complicated.

  16. “The Defining Chapter”? *sigh*

    Aside from Smaug still being alive, everything that I cared about in the book has already happened. Granted, this is a different story…but they are really trying hard to sell this trilogy.

  17. I may be in the minority, but I feel that Thorin’s character is super lame. Not to mention, I think Richard Armitage is the totally WRONG actor for that part. Everything feels so forced to me. I believed Viggo was a reluctant King. I believed in his conviction to his comrades. I feel like Thorin is portrayed as a total d!ck for the most part, which is not like the book, which I’ve read thoroughly. Although all dwarves inherit a bit of arrogance, his always comes off as selfish arrogance, no matter how much he speaks about his “people”. That’s not good acting. I’m a fan of most of the other casting, but not him.

    • Thorin’s death will be memorable. Also will have a lasting impact on Bilbo. Just like in the books

      • WTF?!? Do you know anything about Spoiler etiquette???? Prick.

        • Spoiler etiquette? Are you kidding?? This story has been part of the public consciousness since 1937!!! Read the damn book. What you’ll see in the theaters is NOT The Hobbit.

          • The age of the book is irrelevant and whether people have read it or not. The story is hardly public consciousness as well. This is the comment section about a trailer for a movie that hasn’t been released yet.

            • you must’ve really identified with tom, bert, and william.

            • @sabre7
              Like Jan Jarrell said, the book have been published since 1937. Waaay before you and I were born. It’s hardly a secret at this point. Millions of people already know how the Hobbit trilogy will end. You need to lighten up mate

              • Don’t tell me to lighten up because you know you’re in the wrong.

      • I completely agree with Sabre. This is a forum about the upcoming movie. Mr. Obvious’ *spoiler* was really prickish. Thanks for being a jackass, jerk!
        It’s been a long time and I had forgotten about what you insensitively, and foolishly revealed…..

        • Well boo mucking whooooooo. If you haven’t read any of the books, and only rely on these movies for LOTR and the Hobbit. Then, you are clearly missing out. These movies are so far from the books its not even funny. In fact, I would call this fan fare before I would call this the LOTR trilogy, or the Hobbit (singular,) no reason for 3 movies. Just trying to milk the money from it. They totally ruined the ending to the true LOTR trilogy, and have added on and left out so much stuff from LOTR and the Hobbit. It’s hard to know where to begin. Not saying they are bad movies. Seriously though… Showing Saruman died as a result of falling from Orthanc (I believe), and not that he took over the Shire after his loss of said Orthanc…. Is a total failure in my book. Just 1 example. Another is…. Where the F is Tom Bombadill????? SERIOUSLY WHERE IS HE JACKSON????

    • Agree, armitage’s portrayal feels too contemporary where viggo felt very classical and believable. In fact I find all the dwarf’s acting kinda distracting and irritating, I’m still not getting into their characters much and its been 6 of 9 hours… I enjoy the films mostly

      • Amen, I think the only ones I relate to are Kili and Fili, mostly because they show the most heart and have a human side. And the old one who makes a point to back up Baggins saying “his name…is Bilbo”. Otherwise, the Dwarves are getting into the cheesier side of comic relief much like Gimli did in the final ROTK movie. I loved Gimli otherwise, but they really gave him all lame lines and contrived audience “haha” stuff. The troll king falling on top of them in the one seen underground and also the barrels down the river was SO over the top. Took away the epic realism Peter was known for in the originals.

  18. Awe yes….We’ll finally get to see what actually happens in the Battle of Five Armies….since Tolkien so generously decided not to tell you a damn thing about it because five pages in Bilbo is knocked out.

  19. Feels like “butter scraped over too much toast”.

  20. I for one and looking forward to how the White Council takes on the Necromancer at Dol Guldar. The prequels have always been about this aspect to me since it happens at the same time that the Company is heading to Erebor. The Lost Tales only mnetioned this part too.

  21. FanBoys & Trolls are never satisfied, except by the sounds of their own voices. Or in this case the typing of their own thoughts. Too much CGI, not enough CGI, Too Long, Not long enough. Go find a window and jump, you D bags! Peter and Weta have done us a great service bringing us back to this world. The team damn near put 20 years of their lives into all 6 films. Respect it! Save the complaining for when you look in the mirror.

    • People have varying opinions mate. You didn’t know that. And like you they express them.

      Imagine a world where everyone thought the same.

      And no one owes it to any movie to like it or spare criticism because of the hard work that goes in. Fact is The Hobbit has been a let down for reasons that should have been obvious.

      Irony is yours comes of as the most blatant troll post here.

    • They put 6 years into fanfare…. I will $%^@* about this all I want. They are good movies for sure… Without CGI they wouldn’t even be possible in my opinion. Sounds like you have an attitude problem bud. Might want to look into some “relaxing” drugs to solve that issue, alcohol excluded.

  22. Varying constructive opinions are the ones I respect. A lot of folks on here give that. My comment was for the ones that don’t.

  23. Most seem to have the same opinion. They dislike the first two Hobbit movies so much yet for some inexplicable reason they will watch the third. Maybe they feel like they wasted their time watching the first two if they don’t sacrifice another 3 hours on the third. Or maybe they are so bored they have nothing better to do. That’s my excuse for writing THIS post. I am that bored. lol The movies may not be perfect, but I have never seen a book based movie that was. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them. Simple. If its so important to you, go make the movies yourself. As Noch777 said, constructive opinions are interesting. Nobody cares about your whining and b*tching. Oops! I meant your opinion. Get a life.!

    • Chester, it’s exactly the same as Transformers. People b**** and moan about Michael Bay and his destruction of their childhoods every time a Transformers movie comes out, yet flock in droves to see the new one…… which smashed at the Box Office.

    • I think people who complain about this movie, are the people who had the highest expectations for it…and it’s hard to blame them, because I do believe these movies are total let downs. But, It does get annoying when someone continues to bang the same drum over and over again, just like it also gets annoying to hear people who like the movie drone on about other people who didn’t…as if they make you like it any less?

      My point, You sound a lot like the people you are addressing this comment to.

    • I can think of one VERY good movie that was EXACTLY like the book….. Casino. Maybe you just haven’t seen enough movies.

  24. oh man nyc trailor another one.. i am gonna crazzy to watch this movie full..
    i seen another 2 serials also many time.. come on realese it hurry.

  25. and one more suggesion please dont end this serial make this more and more.

  26. If the Eagles actually Speak in this one like they’re suppose to, I’ll be Happy.