Peter Jackson Confirms ‘The Hobbit 3′ For Summer 2014!

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hobbit cinemacon footage Peter Jackson Confirms The Hobbit 3 For Summer 2014!

There’s been buzz about a third Hobbit movie since Comic-Con 2012, where Peter Jackson spoke openly about his desire to expand his two-movie adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien novel into a full-blown trilogy. The filmmaker’s wish has been granted, following recent reports of intensified Hobbit 3 talk.

Jackson is confirming that he’s been given the go-ahead on Hobbit 3 from Warner Bros., which is funding the fantasy project. Initial reports say the movie will be a Summer 2014 release, breaking from the tradition where Jackson’s Middle-earth movies are released during December (and a year apart). That’s assuming The Hobbit: There and Back Again doesn’t change from a December 2013 release.

The genesis for a third Hobbit film stems from the supplementary material Tolkien wrote about the history of Middle-earth, going into far greater detail than either Tolkien’s original Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings book trilogy. The Silmarillion is one of the better-known examples (outside the inner circle of hardcore Tolkien fans, that is), but Jackson revealed that the Tolkien estate holds the film rights to that epic tome, during The Hobbit‘s Comic-Con panel.

Deadline has the scoop on Jackson announcing that Hobbit 3 is on the way, and the site reiterates several discussion points we’ve already raised. The biggest, of course, concerns continued public skepticism about whether the basic Hobbit story foundation can stretch to cover three movies without becoming thin (even with padding, in the form of additional Tolkien narrative material incorporated by Jackson and his writing staff).

Peter Jackson on The Hobbit Peter Jackson Confirms The Hobbit 3 For Summer 2014!

It seems that Jackson and his fellow filmmakers own the rights to 125 pages of the appendices that Tolkien published as the conclusion to the Return of the King novel. There have also been whisperings that Jackson has been drawing inspiration from an unpublished version of The Hobbit written by Tolkien, who fleshed out certain characters and retooled plot points so that the story has stronger ties to the Rings trilogy (note: that’s less official, more rumor at this stage).

Reactions to Hobbit footage shown at CinemaCon and Comic-Con were positive, despite a mixed reception to the native 48 high-frame rate format (teased at the former). Thus, for the time being, there’s little reason to not be excited about an additional Hobbit movie – seeing as Jackson feels it’s a worthwhile endeavor that could even cross into unexplored (and, more importantly, worthwhile) narrative territory.

Here is an official statement from Peter Jackson, on the matter:

It is only at the end of a shoot that you finally get the chance to sit down and have a look at the film you have made. Recently [co-writers Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens] and I did just this when we watched for the first time an early cut of the first [Hobbit] movie – and a large chunk of the second. We were really pleased with the way the story was coming together, in particular, the strength of the characters and the cast who have brought them to life. All of which gave rise to a simple question: do we take this chance to tell more of the tale? And the answer from our perspective as the filmmakers, and as fans, was an unreserved ‘yes.’

We know how much of the story of Bilbo Baggins, the Wizard Gandalf, the Dwarves of Erebor, the rise of the Necromancer, and the Battle of Dol Guldur will remain untold if we do not take this chance. The richness of the story of The Hobbit, as well as some of the related material in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, allows us to tell the full story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the part he played in the sometimes dangerous, but at all times exciting, history of Middle-earth.

[Update: And here are some potential titles for The Hobbit 3 based on domain name registrations.] 

Keep your eye on the Screen Rant main page for more updates on The Hobbit 3 (including, the planned production schedule, cast re-negotiations, additional costs, etc.).


Source: Deadline, Peter Jackson

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  1. Oh man, this really does sound as if they are splitting up the Hobbit (and extra background material) into 3 movies instead of a 2 part Hobbit and a bridge movie.

    My only confusion though is, if indeed this is what they are doing AND the first movie is already close to the polish stage (only 4 months to release) where the HECK are they going to stop the second movie and/or will the 3rd movie end with Bilbo returning home?

    I can see it now, the 3rd movie might as well be titled…..The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

  2. I think it’s funny that the only problem I have with a 3rd film is the release date.
    Watching TLotR is a family tradition now during the week between Christmas and New Years.
    But other than that I am extremely excited that this will happen. Especially if it serves more as a bridge between The Hobbit and TLofR. I know I’ll get called a fanboy for this AGAIN but whatever. I have faith in Jackson when it comes to this series…

  3. Hm… so from what I’ve read, it seems like they’ll be extending the story of ‘The Hobbit’ into three parts now (i.e. not a third “bridge” movie)

    Can’t say I’m pleased with this news, but at the same time I do have faith in Jackson.

    • Don’t worry, the tale of The Hobbit will probably be told within the confines of one, maybe one and a half films while the rest will be tales from Tolkien’s Appendices. A lot important things happened during the time of The Hobbit and I am very, very excited to see them unfold on the big screen. Also, this means more of Gandalf the Grey! I always loved seeing him in Fellowship, so much more than the White.

  4. I would rather any extra material be incorporated into two quality films.
    This strikes me as thinning the herd and the audience may not follow.

  5. I thought that originally the 2nd movie was supposed to be the bridge movie.

    Anyway that’s neither here or there, as I am a massive fan of the LOTR trilogy so the more movies Jackson makes about Middle Earth the better as far as I am concerned.

    I agree with Kevin7 that they should keep the traditional Xmas release date for the 3rd film.

    • I think the idea of having a bridge between The Hobbit and LOTR was back when Del Toro was still attached. That could still be the case for all I know but I haven’t heard about that for a long time. Last I heard, they’ll be filming Appendices footage or they’ll film scenes that were described as happening around that time.

    • Just FYI: the Summer 2014 date comes from Deadline (not Jackson) and I’d honestly be surprised if it does NOT change to December 2014.

  6. This will be a HEXOLOGY of films. Good God almighty! Think if The Samilrillion was filmed too? We would have cinema’s first cohearent ENNEALOGY!


    • If they ever film the Silmarillion it must be filmed in 9-20 movies, IMO.
      The Silmarillion has not so many pages, but the stories in it have such a great scale and are so epic and span about several thousand years, it’s the bible of the Tolkien Middle-Earth.

  7. I just went from excited to see the Hobbit films to disappointment. Why didn’t he split the LOTR’s into more films? That would have made more sense than a 3 part Hobbit series. Even if he does add more material, this simple adventure story won’t hold up well to that amount of stretching.

    • I’m sure Jackson will do the book justice. After all, he wouldn’t have tried so hard for a third film if he weren’t absolutely sure he could pull it off. You can’t tell me that you’re not excited to see The Battle of Five Armies or the defeat of the Necromancer put to film, can you? PJ knows what he’s doing, I doubt he’d let the tale of The Hobbit become lost among the appendices’ stories.

    • Well, LotR was a huge gamble at the time. Jackson convincing them to invest in shooting all 3 before they even knew the first was a success was close to unprecedented. So the Hobbit is now a victim of it’s predecessors success.

      Looking back yes, they should have split LotR into 5-6 movies and told the story much more accurately but they had to have that initial success first. Chicken before the egg and all that.

  8. I think this is great news for fans. I am excited for this!

  9. Super excited about this, but I hope it doesn’t take too big of a toll on P.J.’s health. Looking at him now compared to the picture in the article; he’s put on quite a bit of weight and he just looks exhausted. I wonder how his health is and whether or not he can finish this third film without having any accidents.

  10. What a delightful cash-grab. A breakdown of the three proposed films. [LINK REMOVED]

  11. The Hobbit 3: Tom Bombadil

    • I have heard that PJ is leaving Tom out because there’s not enough time to put him in!? Three movies for The Hobbit and no room for Tom – makes no sense and makes me a bit angry. Tom is the character that everyone loves and misses when he’s left out, and three movies for the tiny book that is The Hobbit leaves no excuse to leave him out!

  12. Wow, seriously poor call this guy and the studio have gone overboard with milking this franchise.
    2 movies was a stretch but this is ridiculous now. I thought better of Peter Jackson than this.
    Honestly, you created one of the best trilogies of all time, won best picture, and made a ton of money….leave the franchise be and move onto new ideas

    • Totally agree. I can understand three movies with LOR because there were three books. But do this to the Hobbit and your stretching it.

  13. this does not feel like a unique part 3 it seems like a reworking and extending of part 1 and part 2. If its the latter then how did WB ever aggre to something like that.

  14. It looks like everybody’s a critic these days. People have no idea how Jackson fleshed the book out but everybody already knows that this is a bad decision. Wow, I wish to have your insight! *sarcasm*

    • If you read the book(s), the you would know stretching The Hobbit into 3 movies is a bit excessive.

      • Not necessarily, when you consider that he is using the additional resource material to bridge the gap between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

    • Sorry but with all due respect,this is a blog website where people are able to freely express their opinions on movies. If you don’t like movie critiques by the average moviegoer than i don’t why your on this site, thats what this site is all about

    • While I agree we don’t know exactly how Jackson is adding the background material to The Hobbit (especially with this new revelation), we do know it’s at the very least drawing heavily on The Quest of Erebor

  15. he has worked so hard to bring us the fantasyworld from tolkien in a congenial way to the big screen. and now he has finished the hobbit,for which i am so anticipated. i say jackson has deserved it to make a third flick. i trust him,so bring it on. tolkiens soul lives in peter jackson.

  16. I think PJ and crew always had this in their back pocket. I think he intentionally left part 2 kind of loose so he might be able to put in a third movie if things looked good. Otherwise, why have the rights to the 125 pages? I guess it all depends on semantics. They are saying third Hobbit movie, but does it mean that this new part 3 will tell the end of the events in the Hobbit book, or are they simply using “Hobbit” as a description of the now trilogy? I guess it all depends on when he slides in Bilbo’s return to the Shire. If it’s at the end of 2, he needs something to keep things going to 3. Oh well, it’s all speculation. I don’t think we’ll know anything until we see part 1. At least then we know where the story ends, and what still has to be told.

  17. “There have also been whisperings that Jackson has been drawing inspiration from an unpublished version of The Hobbit written by Tolkien, who fleshed out certain characters and retooled plot points so that the story has stronger ties to the Rings trilogy (note: that’s less official, more rumor at this stage).”

    This isn’t a rumor, it’s fact. Tolkien’s rewrite didn’t exactly add anything plot-wise (he never got that far), but it did retool the tone of the book, which is more important in this adaptation. Jackson has out-and-out stated that his intention is to capture the spirit of that abandoned publication: a more consistent, multi-volume work.

    Anyway. I’m very excited about this. Them stretching things too thin is a legitimate concern, but any Tolkien fan’s mind should be swimming with possibilities, based on what they know. There’s a ton of story here, more than can even be fit into three movies – the question is, will this late-stage decision affect the creative integrity of the project and retroactively affect the other two films? Until we’re clear on what Jackson is planning, it’s too early to say, so I choose to remain cautiously optimistic. I am a fanboy, after all.

  18. Right now, I have confidence in Jackson. As long as each film can stand on its own merits and feel like its own movie, then I’m OK with this. Hopefully all three movies can be good.

  19. Three movies is a bit much. The hobbit is a children’s tale that Jackson is altering to pander to the LOTR adult fans. What I loved about the Hobbit as a kid was its simplicity. This will be lost I am afraid, but most people will praise him for the supposed genius that he is. Remember, we are talking about a guy who made king kong last for over three hours. He tried to make a story about a horney ape epic in nature and it was ridiculous. The hobbit will no doubt fair better than that, but the man simply does not know how to trim the fat.

  20. I was hoping this was going to come to fruition, this is great news.

  21. A few points if I may. First, it is a given that Hollywood is going to milk this franchise until there is nothing left (probably beyond that point with the inevitable remake). Second, Warner Bros owns the rights to that extra 125 pages of material (white council, necromancer, etc) and it is a fact that they will not let that material go undeveloped. Given these two points, would you rather have PJ work on a movie utilizing this extra material right now while he is immersed in middle earth and all of the actors are available OR would you like the studio to come back in 10 to 15 years and get an unknown director to make it with inevitable casting changes due to availability. I know three films is a stretch, but I would rather have PJ (who has undoubtedly proven that he creates middle earth films well) make it now than someone else try and fail later which may sour the franchise (x-men 3).

    On another note, most of the stuff that is included in the appendices and not told in the book happens during the main Hobbit storyline. If you recall, Gandalf leaves the company shortly after they escape from the Goblins and meet Beorn (that will be interesting to see) to attend the White Council meeting and deal with the Necromancer. Thus, at that point we will have two stories (Hobbit main storyline and the extra material). I doubt that PJ will have to stretch the Hobbit material at all for this third movie farther than what he has already done (beyond the inevitable Battle of the Five Armies expansion, Beorn expansion, etc). Instead he will be interspersing the extra content into the exsisting storyline which will push it into a third movie. I also believe that it is reasonable to expect that there will be some bridging material included in the third movie as well (Gollum tracking Bilbo, being caught by Sauron, “escaping” then being tracked by Aragon etc)

    I hope my ramble makes sense and for the record, I think this is a good move and Jackson will execute it well.

  22. Well at least no one will be bitching about stuff being left out. He’s going to have it all in there and then some.

  23. Bottom line, I think PJ deserves the respect that if he thinks this is a good idea, then it will be. Always gonna be haters, and skeptics. He has devoted years of his life to these stories. WOuld much rather see them do this now than later when people arent available. Go ahead and make it all complete. Im excited.

  24. Obviously the Battle of Five Armies is pretty much glossed over in the book, so there is a lot of expansion possible there. Battles are obviously where you add a lot more time and a lot more detail. Not to the point where it becomes overly minute. For example, we don’t need to see every single bloody troop movement and strategy call.

  25. A movie detailing the rise of the Necromancer would be so, so, so, unabashedly amazing. More of Gandalf’s (extremely ancient) history as well? Good god yes. More of the Dwarves of Erebor? More excuses for the incredible architectural style that Jackson brought to life out of Tolkein’s works?

    I can’t NOT be excited for such prospects. The simple fact that Jackson has already done the impossible – namely, getting a bonefied fantasy movie an Oscar for best picture – made me consider the man one of the best directors in recent memory.

    I can’t imagine any fan of fantasy not being fascinated at the prospect of those fantasic worlds that we’ve only read about coming to life with such grand and epic (in the classical sense of the word, as in a genuine epic story) series of movies.

  26. Those images are outright awesome! Like the look of the costumes!

  27. And yet they couldn’t find a way to include Tom Bombadil in the original films…

  28. With respect, I feel people can’t really say Peter Jackson is milking these films until they have actually seen them. If he does as good of a job to this film as he did to lotr, then I am sure The Hobbit will be a huge hit. so until you’ve seen the films, keep an open mind. Peter Jackson might just surprise you.

  29. i just wish they’d put some tom bombadil in !