Rumor Patrol: ‘The Hobbit 3′ May Get a Different Subtitle

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The Hobbit 3 to be retitled Into the Fire Rumor Patrol: The Hobbit 3 May Get a Different Subtitle

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy has grown a lot from its original inception, expanding the 300 page book first into two movies and then into three, thanks to additional material from The Lord of the Rings‘ appendices. New Line also considered several different subtitles before settling on An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again for the three films.

The subtitle for the upcoming third film in the trilogy is a little odd, since technically speaking Bilbo and the dwarves are already “there” (i.e. at the Lonely Mountain) by the end of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. In fairness, The Hobbit: Back Again isn’t too compelling a movie title, but there are plenty of other options that New Line could have gone for instead.

According to fan-run site The One Ring, the studio may have elected to do just that. A “reliable source” claims that New Line has registered a new title - The Hobbit: Into the Fire. Of course, it’s not unusual for studios to register multiple possible movie titles that are under consideration, but it is unusual for new titles to be registered at this late stage. If The Hobbit: Into the Fire has been registered, then the best explanation would be that New Line has decided to change the subtitle of the final film to something with a bit more spark.

Smaug emerges from his gold in The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Rumor Patrol: The Hobbit 3 May Get a Different Subtitle

As with the other subtitles, Into the Fire is derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s original novel: it’s an excerpt from a chapter title in “The Hobbit”, in which the dwarves, Gandalf and Bilbo escape the goblin caves only to be chased by Wargs up into some trees, which are then set on fire. This scene took place towards the end of the first film in the trilogy, but the phrase “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” is an apt way to describe a lot of Bilbo’s adventures throughout the book.

Another possibility, of course, is that The Hobbit has been stretched out into four films instead of just three, which at this point wouldn’t be too hard to believe. It’s more likely, however, that the title has been registered for a tie-in property or that it’s being considered as a replacement for There and Back Again. There is, after all, likely to be a great deal of fire in the third film, but announcing this title prior to the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug could have been considered a spoiler for that movie’s stopping point. Perhaps The Hobbit: There and Back Again was simply a holding title.

Do you think The Hobbit: Into the Fire is a better title than The Hobbit: There and Back Again? Tell us in the comments which one you think would be a better fit for the final installment in the trilogy.


The Hobbit: There and Back Again is set for release on December 17, 2014.

Source: The One Ring

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  1. No, keep the title “The Hobbit: There and Back Again”.

    • Why not do both and call it There And Back:Into The Fire,The Hobbit.Sound good??Yes?Of course??

  2. i dont think they should change the title but i dont think it should of been called there and back again in the 1st place because technically theyt are already there just like it says in the post…but im gonna be the 1st one to say i wasnt very impressed with the DOS to the unexpected journey, i liked the Two Towers movie the best and i went in thinking DOS would be the best in the trilogy

  3. I highly doubt they will change the name of the last film, and there’s no way they would be able to justify a fourth movie – if the Lord of the Rings was cut down to 3, there’s no reason why Hobbit should get 4 (and this is coming from someone who has always been happy with the Hobbit as a trilogy).

    At the end of the day though, I’m still going to go see it no matter what it’s called, and Peter Jackson knows what he’s doing. But I do like the current title.

  4. Watevr…….. its gonna b a badass…

  5. They could have done it in 2 movies and should have done “The Silmarillion” before

  6. The Battle of the Five Armies or war of the Five Armies sounds catchy to, don’t you think? That should be one of the main events in the film anyway.

    • My thoughts too!

      Or just “The Five Armies”

  7. what about the Dominion of Men? if yoive read the book this story is set between the Dawn of Faerie and the Dominion of Men…i stilldont think they should chaneg it but if they do it needs to be something that connects the story, not just something made up

  8. Might as well change the title. I don’t know that “Into the Fire” really makes sense (from what I recall, most of the “fire” has already happened) but it does have a nice ring to it.

    There is some logic to saving the subtitle “There and Back Again” for an eventual reboot down the road, hopefully one that follows the book more closely and fits the story into a single film.

  9. The Dominion of Men is a period that follows the events of The Lord of the Rings and the Third Age, it has nothing to do with the “Hobbit”. It’s not even mentioned in the book.

  10. yea im aware that its after the lord of th rings, but its still between those two time periods…they could go the route they did for star wars and finish off the Hobbit which is the prequel to LOTR, then turn around in a couple years and make a franchise that is after the LOTR which goes right into the 4th Age that revolves around Aragon

  11. The Hobbit : Battle of the 5 armies
    The Hobbit : we’re moving out of New Zealand

    Which sounds better ?

  12. How about “The Hobbit: Another Movie That Doesn’t Give a Crap About The Titular Hobbit” for some truth in advertising? It doesn’t really matter what they call it; it will still be a 2 and a half hour video game cutscene made for teenage boys. If you’re into that kind of thing: enjoy. If you want something that in any way captures even a modicum of the spirit of Tolkien….keep looking.

  13. you’ve got a point there Riggins02. LOL! :)

  14. i meant to say revolve around Aragons son Eldarion whos mother was Arwen so he is half-elvish and became king after Aragon dies

  15. These movies are making me cringe. I’ve found them increasingly annoying and so little of the heart of the story there. They just seem bleak and violent with little spirit.

    Maybe it’s just me… honestly, though, I could see them milking this to 4 movies. And that’s just obscene.

    • That’s because the movies are a complete and utter cash grab. I can understand wanting to do the movies but they’re stretching for content at this point. I’m curious if Jackson can still do non-LoTR movies at this point.

  16. The Hobbit: mo’ hobbits mo’ money.

  17. The Hobbit: Hobbitz 4 Life

  18. Didn’t you hear? While they initially were goin to expand the short book into 2 parts, and eventually expanded to 3, they have recently decided to stretch it into 4 parts. That’s what the new title is for.

    • Nearly right. They’re actually splitting the final film into 3 parts for a new trilogy.

      • And then Peter Jackson is going to Disney where he’ll turn the new SW trilogy into 3 trilogies!!

  19. Peter Jackson is so far off the rails I don’t even know where he’s going anymore.

  20. The Hobbit: Let’s Squeeze Once More Sucker Out.

    • The Hobbit: Lets Make this Series Longer than it Should Be.

  21. I call shenanigans on people who hate on the Hobbit movies for the same reason I call shenanigans on people who hate on The Walking Dead.

    We get dwarves with axes, colossal red dragons, little people with swords, anthropomorphic insect people, Splash-Mountain-barrel-rides, wizard-Jesus, pointy ears, and giant spiders all in one series of movies — we should be so lucky!

    If you have a problem with the movies not capturing the spiritual undertones and charm of Tolkien’s source material, just chalk that up to how ridiculously awesome Tolkien is, and how unattainable it is to replicate such awesomeness, and just enjoy the movies for what they are – epic fantasy adventure.

    Also, comparisons to the LotR Trilogy are often predicated on what I would consider false premises. To say LotR somehow captures the essence of Tolkien, but the Hobbit series doesn’t (therefore, Jackson lost his way somewhere in between projects), is horrifyingly erroneous.

    LotR (some of my favorite movies, mind you) is just as unsuccessful in capturing the themes of the source material as the Hobbit movies are. The Hobbit, being a much more expounded telling of the source material, simply makes the disparity more obvious.

    I, for one, just enjoy the fact that SOME of Tolkien’s world is being shown to me in a motion picture (you know, like every Marvel movie EVER…How many liberties are taken in those??). It’s fun to see the interpretation and fun to talk about the interpretation, and the interpretation is well-produced entertainment, so just have fun with this stuff and be entertained.

    • Agreed

  22. I thought “There and Back Again” was the connection to Bilbo’s book from the LOTR films. Seeing as how Jackson is really trying to tie it to the story in LOTR, I think that it makes sense to keep the original title.

  23. Of all 3 titles for these movies I like “There and Back Again” the most.

    “Into the Fire” sounds like the title for the beginning or middle chapter of something not for the end but if I had to guess what it may be for I’d go with a video game.

  24. DW guys, There & Back will be the name of the 4th entry to (maybe) close it out.

  25. There and Back Again makes the most sense..but i could see them changing it to
    Battle for Erebor but i guess Into the Fire will work. Lots of rumors and buzz going around about the Battle of Five Armies in this film. It is going to be awesome. My hope for the Battle of Five Armies is that the Dwarf Contingent is larger in the film than it was in the book. After all this is Erebor(Dwarf Kingdom) that is being fought over. I would hope for at least 2000 to 3000 Armored Dwarves and about 500 of those riding Boars. I think Gandalf said something in DOS to Thorin about uniting the Seven Dwarf Armies or something like that. We will see. Can’t wait to see the Eagles and BEORN.

  26. These films are so boring. If they had made one movie that was anywhere near close to the book it would be incredible and the action would have made sense. Instead they stretch it out to make money and fill it with action scenes that are so boring and unbelievable. Its like if they took Raiders of the Lost Ark and stretched it out into three movies and filled in all the scenes where he wasn’t doing action with action, THEN had him deal with the Nazis in those scenes by turning into a cartoon character and doing flips and dodging every bullet while he used his whip to other bullets out of the air. If the original Hobbit story didn’t have enough action already, why stretch it to three movies and then insert additional goofy action? Let me repeat that, if Peter Jackson thought that that the hobbit was too complex to tell in one movie why did he have to insert additional scenes that (not all action) completely messed with the pacing and took away from the central protagonist? Keep your video games out of my movies!

    • Wait — so you don’t think your snarky Raiders example wouldn’t make a badass movie?

      • *would make

  27. “The Hobbit: What Is is What Never Should Be”

  28. Then they’d have to retitle the second one The Hobbit: Out of the Frying Pan

    Or you could call it:

    The Hobbit: 2Smaug2Furious

    The Hobbit: The Third

    Desolation of Smaug 2: Desolate Harder

    The Hobbit: Revelations


    The Hobbit 3: The Desolationing.

    • Live Free or Breathe Smaug

  29. How about, “The Hobbit: We apologize about making this series too long, and we hope y’all forget about our crappy special effects”