‘Hitman: Agent 47′ Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

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hitman agent 47 movie reboot images Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

Hitman: Agent 47 made a respectable-sized splash at the San Diego Comic-Con last week, and it shouldn’t be too long before the Agent 47 trailer shown to the Hall H crowd (during the 20th Century Fox panel at the ‘Con) makes it way online. In the meantime, we can offer a gallery of images from the video game movie reboot – one that highlights the film’s principal players, in the forms of Rupert Friend (Homeland), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek), and Hannah Ware (Betrayal).

In the film, Friend plays Agent 47 – an “elite and genetically engineered assassin,” who gets his name from the last two digits in a barcode tattooed on the back on his neck. Paul Walker was the original star lined up for the Hitman reboot (after Timothy Olyphant handled the role in the 2007 installment), but Friend took over the title role following Walker’s death last year. Interestingly, Friend was first eyed for Agent 47 prior to Walker signing on, but at the time he wasn’t perceived as being a bankable option – having not yet made a name for himself, playing black ops agent Peter Quinn on Showtime’s award-winning CIA drama/thriller series, Homeland.

Quinto, meanwhile, plays the central antagonist of the Hitman reboot: a cold-blooded and deadly figure, known only as John Smith. Thomas Kretschmann (not pictured below) portrays a second villain in the film, similar to his role as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Lastly, Ware is playing a character named Katia, who is not part of the Hitman video game source material but nonetheless is rumored to be, essentially, the MacGuffin (e.g. the character everyone is chasing after) of the new movie adaptation.


hitman agent 47 rupert friend 1024x680 Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

hitman agent 47 zachary quinto 1024x682 Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

hitman agent 47 friend ware 1024x682 Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

hitman agent 47 quinto ware 1024x681 Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

hitman agent 47 image rupert friend 1024x683 Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

hitman agent 47 1024x681 Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

It was during a press conference for Agent 47 at last week’s Comic-Con where Quinto revealed that Friend – currently busy filming the latest season of Homeland in South Africa – had, in fact, played some of the Hitman video games, as part of his preparation for starring in the cinematic adaptation. Based on the above images alone, that decision looks to have served Friend well; his Agent 47 never wavers in his calm and collected expression, which is a far departure from the twitchy mannerisms Friend relies upon in his portrayal of the deadly, yet emotionally-vulnerable government-backed killer Peter Quinn on Homeland.

Likewise, in general, the main cast of the Hitman reboot looks to bring a certain sense of gravitas and dramatic substance to what will, most likely, be B-movie proceedings. (There appear to be similarities between Agent 47 and the Transporter franchise, just on the surface alone.) Quinto touched on that issue and his approach to working on a video game-inspired movie in general, during his ‘Con appearance; an excerpt from his comments have been included below (you can also read the full transcript).

“The character I play in the movie exists in the world of the video game but in a peripheral way, so for me it wasn’t about playing the video game to understand the character… I feel like my approach is to try and set myself free from the expectation and comparison because alternately if they are reimagining something or adapting something or evolving something beyond the point of its original concept or execution then they’re doing that because they want to take it into a different landscape and so for me I just try to let myself focus on the work that’s ahead of me and what my job is and how I bring something to life…”

agent 47 movie hitman reboot Hitman: Agent 47 Images: Rupert Friend is a Super Assassin

The short version: Quinto is talking about taking a role in a Hitman video game-inspired property as seriously as any other project, be it his part as the younger Spock in the rebooted Star Trek movies or the multiple challenging roles that he has tackled during his time working on American Horror Story. Between Quinto and Friend, that’s two acting hard-hitters, pushing to make Agent 47 a worthwhile reboot (and a quality action movie experience, on its own terms).

That said, it’s not at all a guarantee that this film will end up becoming part of a larger renaissance in the video game movie genre in Hollywood during the years ahead. Indeed, there’s fair reason to remain skeptical, as Agent 47 was directed by first-timer Aleksander Bach and co-penned by Skip Woods, whose other writing credits include the 2007 Hitman movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, and Sabotage – among other action films that critics have traditionally loved to hate. Innocent until proven guilty, though.

Hitman: Agent 47 arrives in U.S. theaters on February 27th, 2015.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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  1. Let me get this straight :
    Hitman released in 2007 gets a reboot right from the start because the first movie was crappy. And then the guy they chose to direct the movie is the very same guy who created such a crappy movie they felt compelled to reboot it ?

    What did Einstein said ? Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result ?

    • You took that quote from Farcry 3. I know ;)

    • First off your thinking farcry 3. Second I just looked up the movie on IMDb. It is not the same director.

  2. Reread, it’s written by the same guy, not directed, big difference.

    However, I get what you’re saying. My only hope is that Zachary Quinto’s acting and tastes are good enough and that this will be at least a decent Redbox option next summer.

  3. And why they cant make him bold!!! With all that fancy special effects equipment.. And the dude is not even close to hitman…

    • Bold? As in what, louder?

    • I’m sure you meant “bald” and yes, I agree, the guy isn’t even properly shaved… And while the first movie was pretty bad, at least Timothy Olyphant can play the bad-ass. This guy looks like he’s aneorexic and/or is suffering from hydrocephalus. I mean, with all of the negativity surrounding Gal Gadot, where are all of the comments about this guy needing to bulk up?? But honestly, it’s not even about that, his shoulders are about as wide as a woman’s, no amount of gym visits can fix that, they simply needed to cast a guy that’s quite a bit more masculine than this little girly man…

        • @steveflem89

          LOL, like a kid who borrowed his daddy’s suit, haha. :-D

        • @steveflem89

          For me, the only thing that didn’t really work with Olyphant was his face. He didn’t really have the right face for the bald look, although I think he might look a bit better now that he’s older. But at least he has the shoulder width and the suit looked properly fitted. This guy’s shoulders are so narrow, it’s not just the looks, narrow shoulders indicate lower testosterone, and for some genetically modified killer, you’d expect him to be maxed out on everything that makes him deadly and strong… So there’s actually a scientific reason why this new actor’s look simply doesn’t work…

  4. This looks pretty good but that Deadpool Test Footage is Fire Damn I hope Fox Greenlight that film…

    • That was amazing. It was great how they used a scene from the leaked script too.

      • I have a feeling that sometime in the near future that they will announce that it is green-lit. They probably showed it to see if it tested well with audiences. From what I have read, it tested very well. I mean, why else would they show off footage from a film that has not been green-lit yet? Also, last time I checked, Ryan Reynolds said he was still 100% committed to the project.

        • It depends. Was awfully fishy that the test footage was quickly removed due to copyright violation.

          The success of last year’s videogame and the amount of cosplayers and Deadpool logos everywhere in the last 2 years certainly helps.

      • I cant find that anywhere???aaarrrgghhh

  5. Rupert Friend:

    a> Should have gone FULL Chrome Dome, that stuble breaks the look of 47.
    b> He Also looks way too emotive to play 47, he should come off as expressionless, that’s 47!
    c> The suit looks okay, but why is he missing the tieclip?

    a> The Silverballers look wrong, I can’t place it, but the just don’t look right. (It’s the Grips.

    Look, the thing about 47 as a character in the games, is he is a blank slate, his personality comes out in his tools, hence the silverballer grips, the sword tieclip etc.

    I won’t be going to see this movie on the big screen. Unless the trailer excites me MORE than the first Trailer for Hitman: Absolution did.

    • You’re complaining about a missing tie clip? Seriously?

      • it ain’t about the missing tie clip.. this guy’s head is way too pointy to go bald! i usually sport long hair, a few years back i broke an arm and couldn’t comb my hair properly, ended up with a huge dread on the back of my head so i had my friends shave my head. thankfully, my skull could support the ‘clean’ look! this Friend fellow cannot!
        to lead a bald character, one need to have the cranium shape to pull it off( Statham, Diesel, Willis) this dude’s head certainly does not! it’s like that silly collar to helmet connection that cap had in avengers, it doesn’t ruin it, but it’s a rotten little distraction that spoils it a little bit! but seeing as this is the main protagonist, that anatomical feature could spoil this outing. Olyphant(spelling?) did a good job in the first, and yet it’s all the same crew on the second, maybe the suits involved should pull up their zippers and figure out where the real flaws lie!

  6. Assassin’s Creed will save the genre.

    • I think Warcraft will save the Genre.

      • Depends how it looks. Warcraft still has that image of lonely nerds in a basement.

  7. Why can’t he be fully bald? Maybe his hair grows too fast, I don’t know. The stills look awesome though. Hannah Ware is a terrific sexy actress! Loved her in Boss.

    • Me too, she was great in Boss.

      I also agree about the stubble, Michael Rosenbaum had makeup to hide his scalp stubble, shame they didn’t do this for Rupert.

  8. The only thing this has to do with Hitman games is the name. Dude himself says he didn’t even bother to play VGs because he doesn’t want to play 47 from video games. So if you’re making a movie about VG character and then that character doesn’t even resemble the guy in any way – why even make it?

  9. I’m probably in a minority here but I liked the 2007 movie quite a bit…

  10. I have to agree, for some reason the stubble on the head bugs me. I cannot believe they ever considered Paul Walker, and they never should’ve chosen Tim Olyphant either. This guy is European, and classy!

    I wish they would stop giving a story and just make it about several assassinations. Or like A-Team where we see him come up with the plan execute it! Segue into the missions/hits with personal scenes or a backstory, but stop making him emotionally involved with someone and make it an action movie, I wanna a suspenseful Hitman thriller!

    • Agreed, even the cliched ‘agency wants to get rid of their own assassin by sending him into a trap’ sounds better than creating a love interest just to make him show emotions… just put Diana in there and be done with it.

  11. Jeez Christ. By the look of those pictures, I’d say i would give him a rating of thug. Out in the open, no silencer, getting arrested.

  12. To not cast either of them is a disservice. This guy does not look like Agent 47.

  13. I love in the second to last pic with him aiming his firearms in two different directions, both of them have their hammers forward. Good luck firing those single-action pistols that way, noob…

  14. they should have gotten Jason Statham instead

  15. Skip Woods? Seriously? How can he still get hired to write movies?

  16. this store just can’t be like agent 47 at all he doesn’t look like a pro silent assassin he dont even wear gloves while his holding his gun he could leave his fingerprints think he touch honestly this movie dont wont be good for not chosen the right actor they chose this actor because his height little bit matches agent 47 height but it and i dont like to let people but honestly this movie wont be as good as the game and even the old hitman movie isnt god as the game and why because the game shows agent 47 as a cold contract assassin who have no feelings i don’t be too happy or too upset he dont his not interested in women he is like dead man and believe me the only actor that can get the job done right is jason statham maybe he is shorter than the game character buthe is the only guy that can make this movie as good as it should be

    • Go eat children
      Go eat, children.

      Punctuation marks save lives…

  17. sorry people about the mistake in the first line what i meant :this actor not this store

  18. I don’t see this guy as 47