Highlander Remake Story & Script Still in The Works

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Highlander Remake Highlander Remake Story & Script Still in The Works

There can only be one! The Highlander franchise tagline couldn’t have been more wrong.

After a series of films featuring  Christopher Lambert as the immortal Connor MacLeod a successful Highlander TV series starring Adrian Paul was launched, with Paul playing another member of the Clan MacLeod. Eventually, both immortals met for the film Highlander: Endgame and that was the end of the main franchise until Summit Entertainment announced a reboot in 2008, with Justin Lin (Fast Five) signing on to direct back in 2009, with Neil Moritz producing.

Although Lin is busy planning Terminator 5 with Arnold Schwarzenegger attached, as well as the obligatory¬†Fast & Furious 6 movie, he’s still on board with Highlander and the script is being worked on.

Next week will mark the three-year anniversary to when we first reported about the Highlander remake and the latest news on the subject comes from an MTV interview last week with Justin Lin where the growing-in-demand director explains that he’s working with Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway on the script and that he wants to ensure the story is exactly where he wants it before proceeding, assuming his busy schedule allows for it.

“I’ve been working with ['Iron Man' writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway] on the script. That’s one where Summit has been really good [about letting it develop], and for me, it’s about making sure that we can take it to the place where I feel comfortable and great about making it. I feel like I have a very good studio and team and we’re working on it.”

“I have different projects at different stages. You work on so many projects all at once, and at some point, you have to make the call. I feel like right now, ‘Highlander’ is in pretty good shape, but I still have to see all the other things come together for us to go make it.”

The last we heard in Highlander was that Summit was bringing in Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight) to pen the reboot’s screenplay so it’s interesting to hear Lin refer to the previous writers. At the same time, it sounds like Lin is rather willing to drop this project in favor of his others so it’s unclear where the project really stands at this point.

On the casting front, Lin and the studio will need a younger growing star to headline the franchise relaunch and it’s a safe assumption that those who didn’t make the cut for Thor or the Conan the Barbarian remake will be lining up to audition.

Sean Connery played the key supporting role in the original Highlander so don’t be surprised if Lin brings in a veteran A-list actor in a similar mentor role for the remake to help make the film more bankable for Summit.

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Source: MTV

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  1. cool

  2. Please get Thomas Jane to play him! It would be so awesome he has a very keen like resemblance to Chris Lambert. And they should get Chris Lambert to play the mentor that would be EPIC!

    RPG Hill

    • You know that is a good idea.

    • That sounds like an awesome idea, that would just be so cool. That is coming form someone who used to watch not only the series but also the all of the movies growing up. lol

  3. Pass. The Originals are fine. Try writing something New and Original or is stealing older successful movies and plots what passes for talent in Hollywood these days?

  4. The old one is okay. It doesn’t hold up very well. The series, however, is amazingly great and I’ve been a huge fan of the entire universe since the first movie. The series really sets the solid notions of the universe aright, though – the movies are all over the place and sort of bad.

    I’d like to see them take it from a different direction instead of just retelling Connor McLeod’s story all over again. Tell a parallel story, perhaps, or go on from a different starting point. Using the same story as the 80s version would be a little weak.

  5. I’m sorry but the original was lightning in a bottle. They have tried time and time again with sequels upon sequels to recapture the magic of the original and have failed at nearly every turn. The only thing that ever came close was the TV series but then that is a different beast from big budget movies.

    The epic line from the show is a self fulfilling prophecy……“there can only be one”. It’s been made so quit trying to remake/reboot it because it will never surpass the original.

    • IMO, the original is very overrated. Good movie, but by no means a “classic”, and don’t even get me started on how horrible the sequels are. An updated version is fine by me. Nobody is forcing you to see it anyways.

        • To each their own. I thought it was good, but not “classic”. I do agree about the sequels. I hate it when good movies get crap sequels.

          • If you think they can successfully reboot the story all the more power to you but they have been at it for TWENTY FIVE freakin’ years. I highly doubt one more attempt is going to succeed where so many others have failed.

            There was just something about the way the original cast, script and director came together that made it work and it can never be duplicated.

  6. I’d like to see the create a new Macleod immortal clansman who is about 300 years old making him the youngest of the Macleods and bring back Duncan to mentor him after all of Duncan’s tragedies

  7. I agree with the consensus, the original was a wonderfully creative idea, well written and acted. It does look its age now, but so what? It qualifies as a fantasy classic. There is no need to rehash the same story except for the sake of making more money. I, for one, will not waste my money.

    And when will you guys get it? The tag line is “There can BE only ONE.” NOT, “there can only BE ONE”. I know the difference is pedantic, but the first sounds vaguely archaic and interesting. The second just sounds like a cartoon copy-cat.

    • haha, I did that didn’t I. I know the line and don’t have a clue what my fingers were thinking when I typed that.

      /searches in vain for the edit button.

  8. Heck if they remake Highlander, they might as well cast WWE’s Kane as The Kurgan. Which I wouldn’t mind at all actually.

    • that actually… might work. he does present a type of cromagnum superbeast look.

  9. Rob, the article is incorrect about one thing. The last Hiighlander film in the series is not Endgame, though it is the last to receive a theatrical release. A fifth film came out in 2007 called Highlander The Source. It was abysmal. It featured Paul as his character from the TV series. It was released directly to video in Europe and eventually released in the states as a SyFy original movie! Yeah, it was that bad!

    Needless to say. If they do end up rebooting it, they can only go up from here.

    • The Source wasn’t really the last either. Highlander: The Reunion was created after it. It was a short video, but it more than made up for the horror that was the Source.

  10. Just from what I’ve read here Lin seems like he wants to at least re-energize this story to franchise level. It’s dropped so far over the years I kind of thought it was gone for my good. Perhaps this team can retell it in a way to make it better. They’ve came this far I just hope when they’re ready to shoot they’ve really got something…

  11. The first one was not bad, but Christopher Lambert sure has a fat forehead!

  12. besides the other half the reason the original movie made an impression was Queen’s music. There’s no music that could make that impact.

  13. The first one was a “classic”. Most fans dont cant Endgame because it made no sense with the rest of the movies or the crappy movie after it with adriane paul.

    • meant dont count Endgame.

  14. The first two original films are amazing, but past that was pretty bad. I would really enjoy seeing a modern age Highlander, will probably come out much better than the original.

    • You surely don’t mean HL2: The Quickening? That was seen by many fans as the worst of the movies until The Source came out.

      • HL2 is still the worst. For the Source you could just ignore the acting and plot and enjoy the fact that Methos was wearing leather.

  15. I think Tron successfully proves that reboots can work, and a killer sound track helps too. Loved the orignal (especially because of that Queen sound track) and felt sullied by everything that came after. However, there is plenty of scope to re-imagine the concept and take Highlander in a new direction, one that allows for a franchise, unlike previous stand alone film, and the mess that followed.

  16. “There can be only one!” and there should have been only one movie. The plot constructs and logic employed in the movie made sense only as a one off.

    The original was great. The rest of the movies were flaming feces filled bags left at the movie public’s doorstep after the door bell was rung.

    The TV series was OK, but did not pack the wallop of the original movie.

    I have never hoped so much for a project to go into turnaround.

    • Tron: Legacy wasn’t a reboot. Tron: Legacy was a sequel. What they’re talking about doing here is a retcon. And Tron: Legacy may have not been a blockbuster like they wanted, but it was by no means a failure at the box office.

  17. Why didn’t Toyota get Christopher Lambert to do Toyota Highlander commercials with a Queen soundtrack? That would have been a great homage.

  18. They’re not even close to done with the script. They were not happy with what the Twilight writer turned it, so they went back to Marcum and Holloway’s old draft from ’09 or so as the new starting point.

  19. The TV series certainly did pack the wallop of the original movie…I enjoy the original movie, but the series itself is awesome…the best part of the franchise, I think. At least until the travesty that was the season 5 finale and all of season 6. Yuck. I’ve seen Endgame a couple times but I won’t go near The Source. Again, Yuck. I hope the reboot is decent, but I’m not holding my breath.

  20. I really want a Highlander Reboot! But I loved the first one anyway! great as a stand alone but the others didnt quite cut it for me.

    Gotta have queen at least “who wants to live forever”

    And I say something like Liam Neeson to play the sean connery Role!

  21. I’m not planning to go see the Highlander remake. I love the first 3 films ( Highlander 2 in its renegade version of course). But even though they’ve got the great Justin Lin on board, I bet the franchise will be ruined before it’s reborn, ruined even more than Adrian Paul did to the original. My choice though for the new Connor MacCleod would have been David Tennant. After watching him in that sword fight in the Christmas Invasion episode of Doctor Who and the zigorax from a distance looking like the Kurgan with his bone helmet on, I just immediately thought ”Highlander!”, David is a real scot too, unlike Lambert.

  22. I agree. I will NOT see a Highlander remake. Even with the cheesy sound effects, camera angles, and even some bad acting, you cannot improve on the Highlander series. Highlander 2 had a horrible story (Planet Zeist? Really?). Highlander 3 had Mario Van Peebles as a wannabe Kurgan, but at least they dumped the planet Zeist garbage and stuck to good ol’ planet earth. The 4th one was also a disappointment. Also, the one who penned the Twilight movies, which were horrible enough (thankfully the Rifftrax crew made the Twilight films watchable and enjoyable) is going to be writing the new Highlander? Sigh… why attempt to improve on something that is already a classic? Leave it alone!

  23. I hope this film gets dropped it just further shows that these Hollywood jerks have no imagination so will just find something to “remake”. All the highlander stuff that has been done has been good so there’s no need to remake and ruin another great thing. LAME. Not going to see it if it gets made.

  24. I hope this goes the same way as the Red Dawn remake….. a non starter that costs them money so they never think to do this again.

  25. they should have duncan, be the mentor he was good at in the tv shows

  26. The original was the best and should have been written to accomodate sequals, but it wasn’t. They sucked almost entirly. I don’t even want to talk about Highlander 2. Three would have been great except that Van peebles was laughable as a badguy and wasn’t even Japanese. His Kurgan impression all the way through it was a joke as well. I also don’t want to discuss teh whatsisname bad guy from Endgame as that was a tiresome repeat conglomerate of the Series badguys and he sucked. Wasn’t scary or even worthy as a character. I’m good for a remake with the same kind of story, but larger scope. Throughout music by one band would give that original touch.

  27. You know what would be really sad? If the Highlander remake was a hit. Then there’d be a bunch of ‘fans’ running around who had no idea about the originals.

  28. Kids never good enough for a real Highlander role.

  29. Jude Law as McCloud, Javier Bardem as Ramirez, and Leiv Schrieber as the Kurgan! And Rosario Dawson as the love interest!