‘Twilight’ Scriber To Pen ‘Highlander’ Remake

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Remakes, reboots, and re-anything are plentiful in the movie business nowadays and the Highlander franchise has been due to get a cinematic face-lift, so to speak, since 2008. Fast Five director Justin Lin has been attached for well over a year, but seemingly little progress has been made on the project.

Now comes news that Summit Entertainment is recruiting Melissa Rosenberg (The Twilight Saga) to give her spin on the mystical tale of Scottish immortals whose “There can be only one” philosophy simply would not gel with the idea of a reboot. Welcome to Hollywood folks.

The original Highlander hit theaters in 1986 and wove a fantastical web about a 16th Century Scotsman named Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), a semi-immortal being who learns that he must do battle against other members of his race who desire the incredible power granted to the last one of their kind. It was a cult hit that spawned several sequels (most of which are considered sub-par by fans), as well as a live-action and animated television series.

Like most other franchises that kicked off during the 80s, the Highlander series had its heyday and has since settled into the realm of nostalgia, at least for most cinemaphiles. But as last year’s Karate Kid proved, there’s money to be made in revisiting a title that’s more than two decades old now – and in that remake’s defense, it also demonstrated that the results aren’t always so terrible as one might fear.

the karate kid review Twilight Scriber To Pen Highlander Remake

Obviously the bigger concern right now is not so much who’s in the dirctor’s chair, but that Rosenberg will be the writing talent reworking MacLeod’s tale of bloodshed and violence. There are, of course, only slight parallels between Twilight and Highlander – since both deal with an, essentially, immortal being who romances a regular human; however, there’s room enough to be concerned for fans who aren’t already decrying the idea of the remake/reboot as blasphemy.

In Rosenberg’s defense, she is restrained by Stephenie Meyer’s source material and has primarily stuck to translating it onscreen with near slavish loyalty. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Twilight franchise does mix character drama with action and F/X, which are all key components of Highlander. Jokes about MacLeod sparkling in the sun write themselves, but as Heat Vision has pointed out, Rosenberg was adept at mixing dark violence with personal relationships in her pre-Twilight days, when she worked as a writer and executive producer on Showtime’s Dexter.

On the other hand, Rosenberg’s writing resume includes stints on The O.C., Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Ally McBeal, and Step Up, so it’d be a stretch to say she’s exceptionally well versed in the bloody battle genre.

Highlander remake in the works Twilight Scriber To Pen Highlander Remake

Expect development on the Highlander remake to start moving faster, now that Summit has recruited a higher-profile screenwriter like Rosenberg to take a stab at the script. Depending on how well her draft is received, the project could end up reaching theaters by 2012 – just in time for the apocalypse, right?

Feel free to share your thoughts about the Highlander reboot in the comments section below.

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  1. Tbh, I don’t think the first was all that great. It’s good, but I don’t put it on a pedastool like many do. And the sequels have gotten worse and worse with each entry. A remake or reboot just seems logical to me

    • The first film is a classic! But all the others are pants.

  2. Ok, I’m having a whip round here to pay to have this woman removed.

  3. This does not need to happen in my opinion. The original needs to stand as it is. If you want Highlander to be seen again just re-release it. The idea of Rosenberg touching this script makes me uneasy. I may be totally wrong and blown away when it releases, but for now I say, Leave a good thing alone.

  4. Do I have to say it??….”There can be only ONE!” 1986.

    • Someone had to say it!

  5. DSB is right, the first film was a classic, the second so-so the rest all went to the toilet. Remake/Re-boot..hmmm… maybe..maybe not. Melissa Rosenberg penning the script, definitely not.

  6. Can we just go ahead and remake CRITTERS, BAND OF THE HAND, THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER and ICE PIRATES already?

    I love HIGHLANDER. For it’s time (and budget) it was a gritty movie with alot of heart. It has to be R rated and Im not sure they’d go that route. but Connor vs the Kurgan would be great to see updated. think about it… Antonio Baderes as RAMIREZ,Christian Bale as Connor McCloud and the Kurgan? Gerrard Butler? Got my figers crossed that they do it right.

    • That’s not going to happen with the Twilight director.

      It will be young 20-somethings and it will be very emo.

      • Not director. Screenwriter. And also was the exec producer and one of the writers for “Dexter.” Read the article.

        • I appreciate your enlightening and forum friendly post. GFY*

          *Good For You

      • “Emo” isn’t the word I have in my head… but i’ll be politically correct and go with what you said..

  7. why , why , why , Jeez this has bad written all over it , this will become a huge drama and they will key in on the whole bs romance side of things instead of focusing on the Prize. I will say this the First movie is a classic and for peeps like monster im sure it feels dated , but its tsill a great movie to watch and I think it has survived well, I agree that the rest of the movies have mostly been crap. the Tv show was very well done and very much enjoyable, watch it on syfy late nate all the time.

  8. Great. Now We’ll have to deal with SPARKLY Highlanders I don’t THINK so. Get someone else or leave this franchise alone.

  9. Ok, there is possibly a way this could work. BUT, it would have to be a reboot rather than a remake, something akin to what Star Trek did, incorporate the original characters (Gotta get Lambert involved in this!) but update it slightly.
    Maybe a decent writer could make this work.

    • You mean like Star Trek did, incorporate original characters in and then destroy 90% of the core lore of the series with bad writing and dialogue.

      • I think he means the same way Abrams’ STAR TREK was revived a dead franchise like HIGHLANDER.

        • I was being sarcastic, since I for one hated the new Star Trek and the way they butchered the cannon of the series.

          • really how did they butcher cannon when it is an alternate time line .

        • Yes Little Monster, that’s exactly what I meant.

  10. Ya know…. I realize “sparkly Highlander” is the easy joke, but she wrote the Twilight movies based on the books – which had sparkly vampires. 8)

    Not saying I think she’s a great choice, but she has written for the TV show Dexter, right?


    • Were those episodes sparkly?

      Sorry… couldn’t resist.

      LOL – Next time on Sparkly Dexter…

    • I was just about to write out a comment exactly like this. Thanks for reading my mind Vic!

  11. After two bad sequels (the first sequel, The Quicking, is okay, not great or good but okay, it was really weird and I’m comma splicing) I am up for a reboot but I’d prefer to have Duncan in on this or create a new Macleod clan member and have Duncan be his mentor.

    They killed off Connor in Endgame so I say let the man be. Bring in Duncan and let’s just pretend that The Source never took place. In the words of Tom Ludlow, “We say what happened and it how it happened”

  12. I have to agree with most here, and I may sound misogynistic, but a woman writing the Highlander Reboot is going to be a big failure. I have been an avid reader and movie goer for over 35 years and I can count on my hand the number of women who have written an action series effectively. Most come off as limp as the Twilight movies.

  13. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. I really think that a Highlander Reboot is a good idea. It is a great concept that I don’t feel was ever fully realized. The first movie is a classic, but it definitely has its issues.

    Fix some of the story issues. Make it the first in a series of movies. Not the last two immortals, that way you don’t destroy or ignore the established continuity every time you decide to make a sequel, like the old sequels did. Come in with a plan, and an updated version of the story, and I think this could be solid.

    It would be hard to beat Clancy Brown as the Kurgan, though.

    • Jason Momoa as the Kurgan….

  14. There can only be one that is shirtless and sparkle like meeeeee!

  15. They’ll end up dancing after each kill instead of all the cool bangs, booms and light!

  16. if they are going to do it then reboot the whole thing and start over, i agree with most though in saying after the first movie and the actual series , everything else should be retcon.they went sideways with the story by making it a bunch of soliders from another planet exiled to earth to fight to the finish, Until there is Only ONE

  17. Hmm. Then I will expect incomplete sentences that express incomplete thoughts and cookie-cutter sentiment without any indication of true understanding of feeling in the most trite language imaginable. Surely, with such expectations, I won’t be too disappointed. :/

    Thanks, Hollywood, for lowering the bar even further than the word reboot would natually imply on it’s own.

  18. The first Highlander is a classic, and for me the only way to do this is to have a series of movies (maybe a trilogy) with the last movie being the final fight for the prize. The whole alien thing was crap; make it some type of curse on each creed of humans. I’m not sure about this Twilight writer but she was a writer for Dexter, so that’s promising.

  19. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg

    They are going to fey-ify Highlander

    too bad

  20. this will not end well……

  21. I hope that it’s rated R, and has Thomas Jane as MacLeod

    • This is blasphemy but Yes that would be awesome! But no why mess with a great movie. They would probably want to redo the soundtrack too. so NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  22. As much as I enjoy the original film, I would not be against a reboot to this series. There is SO much that can be done to make a reboot into an awesome film, as long as the emphasis is on the STORY and not dazzling effects. THAT is why I am leary of this choice. Having the person who wrote the Twilight films does not inspire confidence in me. Like one person said, she was confined by the crappy source material, but the movies were crap for a reason.

  23. Watching the screenwriter from Twilight redo the Highlander series is like watching a dirty old man with a pirate hook violate your niece. No she doesn’t belong to you, but you have certain affection for her and she should be effed with by someone who won’t treat her right.

  24. And we keep using “The Kung Foo Kid” (thats all that movie was about so please stop using the word karate) as an example of a good reboot why exactly? Will smiths kid CANNOT act period. Move on to something that wasn’t terrible.

    • AGREED

  25. I agree..Thomas Jane for Mcleod!

  26. no no no no .. dear god … please… no

  27. OMH is NOTHING sacred? Highlander was lightning in a bottle and the numerous sequels proved that they just couldn’t recapture the magic of the original (although the TV series wasn’t bad). Between Chris Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown as a GREAT villain, they made a cast that cannot be duplicated.

    And the screenplay being done by the same person that did the horrible cheeseball Twilight movies? This thing is set up for fail even before it begins.

    • The tv show had its moments.

  28. This is pure crap. Plain and simple.

  29. When will this torture end? Enough is enough!!!!!