Ryan Reynolds Drops Out of ‘Highlander’ Reboot

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Ryan Reynolds MacLeod Highlander Ryan Reynolds Drops Out of Highlander Reboot

There can be only one Highlander, but apparently it won’t be Ryan Reynolds. According to a new report, the actor has dropped out of Summit’s reboot of the franchise.

This is the second piece of bad news for Summit on the troubled production. Earlier this year, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left the film, which likely played a key role in Reynolds’ decision to jump ship.

The Wrap was the first to report the news, noting that the film has been in some stage of development for years (with Justin Lin attached to direct the movie all the way back in 2009). With no director and no lead, producers Neal Moritz and Peter Davis will have to basically start over.

Reynolds is extremely busy at the moment with a number of films in development and two movies coming out later this summer: the comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. with Jeff Bridges and the DreamWorks animated comedy Turbo. Still, it’s a shame that he won’t be taking on the role of Connor MacLeod. (Of course, it’s a bigger shame that we’re not getting a Deadpool movie anytime soon, but I digress.)

highlander1 Ryan Reynolds Drops Out of Highlander Reboot

Highlander is one of those franchises that could make for a solid reboot. Yes, the original is a cult classic and spawned a moderately popular franchise. But it’s not so beloved that a new version would be considered sacrilegious. Plus, maybe this time around they won’t have a Scottish guy playing a 15th-century Spaniard (no disrespect to the great Sean Connery).

On the other hand, with as many delays as Summit has seen so far, you have to wonder how long they’re going to keep working on the production before throwing in the towel.

What do you think? Is a Highlander reboot worth all of Summit’s trouble? Now that Reynolds is out of the film, who would be a good replacement?


Stay tuned for more news about the Highlander Reboot.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. A good decision by Ryan Reynolds, he wasn’t right for the role.

  2. Rob Frappier – I don’t know where you got “15th century Spaniard”. Connery was perfect for the role partly because the character is supposed to be from the “Highlands” of Scotland. Also, his name is Connor MacLeod – which is about as Scottish as William Wallace ( of “Braveheart” fame).

    • OOps – my bad. Connery didn’t play MacLeod…he was Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez.
      Sorry Rob.

      • sorry didn’t see this post before my reply

    • Actually your both wrong, the Sean Connery character wasn’t from the 15th century and his name wasn’t Connor Macleod. His name was Juan Sanchez Villa-lobos Ramirez, he was born Tak-ne in Egypt around 900 bce. He wasnt a spaniard and he was much older than Connor. While I think Sean Connery played a wonderful role, it would be nice to see a person more fitting for the role than a Scot with make up. I think Arnold Vosloo would do a great job.

  3. I thought he would have sucked at playing Conner anyway.I’m not even sure the original should be tampered with anyway.

  4. Irish bad boy Colin Farrell would be a good replacement, and i love highlander series, i think if we if can get right people backing this project, it would be good movie

    • Colin Farrell is a good actor, and I also think he would make a good fit as MacLeod. But every big budget movie he has starred in has bombed; including the recent terrible reboot, Total Recall.

  5. I wouldn’t mind another Scottish person playing a Spanish person. Hearing Sean Connery say, “Pendejo!” is one of the highlights of my existence.

    • You good sir/madam forced an embarrassing snort out of me. Kudos!

  6. i think they should forget it. unless they find someone more fitting to play Connor.

  7. Thank the gods!
    I still vote for Thomas Jane.

    • Yeah, you’re right, Jane could paly a good Conner, besides he looks like Lambert

    • That’s right! Jane would be able to pull it off. He has the resemblance and he is no stranger to fantasy action films either.
      I mean look at the Star Trek reboot. They picked the cast mainly for looking like the original so that cult fans wouldn’t think it’s a desecration.

  8. Ramirez wasn’t Spanish; he was Egyptian.

  9. I think if a reboot is in the making then I would cast Christian Bale as Connor McLeod, or that guy that played the prince elf in hellboy 2, at least he knows how to use a sword, can’t think of his name but he is a real sword user in real life

    • that “guy” is none other than Luke Goss (also played the villain Vampire, Nomak in Blade 2)

      I really like this guy think he would be the perfect choice to play Elirc of Melinbone.

  10. What about John Borrowman? Dougray Scott? Emun Elliot? Johnathon Ryhes Meyers? Eric Bana? or Liam Hemsworth? Any of them would be a good Connor.

  11. Thank God! He was a bad fit for the role. How about Michael Fassbender? Or someone of his caliber…

  12. I guess what we should ask ourselves is if there should there be another version of this film. Studios don’t want to take chances to produce new films so they prefer to reboot them instead. Apart from that, we no longer have an actor with the presence of Mr. Connery. Actors such as Thomas Jane, or Luke Goss would have been perfect for the role but are now much older than Mr. Lambert when he first played the part. Ryan Reynolds would have ruined the film.

  13. I think that Reynolds was a bad idea…I want to see to Dustin Clare as a McLeod!

    • I think he would be great, also will bring a following of Spartacus fans along also.

  14. There are some movies that Hollywood nedds to left untouch: Back to the Future, the goonies and Highlander!

  15. hallelujah theres hope for this yet ryan reynolds was always a horrid choice for connor!!!

  16. Good. Highlander the original was pretty good, and does not need a reboot. Now RR can do Green Lantern 2, since despite what alot of jowl-flappers said, was not all that bad (yes, there was lots of room for improvement, tho, I admit).

  17. ATTN Thomas Jane not only could pull it off,and probably for alot less than ryan baby face, but the guy is almost a dead ringer for Christopher Lambert. watch T janes punisher (2004) not the greatest flick but hes got the chops and the face. -Nuff Said

  18. I’m THRILLED that Ryan Reynolds is no longer attached to star! Get a REAL Highlander like Gerard Butler or Ewan MacGregor! As far as replacing the great Sean Connery how about Antonio Banderas, or better yet Benicio Del Torro or Javier Bardem who was so great in “No Country For Old Men”? Focus more on the adventures of Connor & Ramirez in the past so that the death of Ramirez at the hands of The Kurgen (The WWE’s Triple H would be a natural for this part) will be that much more tragic a loss to the audience & Connor. A remake COULD be great (If they stick with the Queen soundtrack & don’t try to replace it) but I’ll just be happy if it doesn’t completely suck!

  19. “But it’s not so beloved that a new version would be considered sacrilegious.”

    Ah, yes it is.

    And they have tried over and over (and over) to try and capture the magic of the original with sequels and partial reboots, etc but none EVER manage to come close.

    The most famous line, “There can be only one” is a very apt and prophetic phrase when applied to this franchise.

    Hollywood needs to quit looking to others past achievements for direct leeching and instead look elsewhere for ORIGINAL ideas instead.

    • “The most famous line, “There can be only one” is a very apt and prophetic phrase when applied to this franchise.”

      Hear hear! I had no problem with the tv series, but the movie sequels are sooo bad, especially the second one (they’re actually beings from another world).

      “Hollywood needs to quit looking to others past achievements for direct leeching and instead look elsewhere for ORIGINAL ideas instead.”

      Unfortunately, Hollywood has never really been known for being original. They tend to follow trends and what’s popular at the moment. Independent directors/producers tend to be original, and if their movie becomes successful then Hollywood cranks into overdrive trying to reproduce that initial success. Look at Tarantino. When he did Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction all of a sudden Hollywood starts churning out gangster movies.

      Eastwood directs Unforgiven and Hollywood starts cranking out westerns.
      At the moment it’s comic book movies and reboots/reimaginings. I cannot remember who said it, but a director once said, if you’re going to remake a movie, remake something that either wasn’t well known or wasn’t that good to begin with. Why Hollywood thinks so many classic movies need to be updated is beyond me. Is it purely that they loved the original movie so much when they were growing up that they want to share that magical experience with a new generation? If so, let them watch the original. Don’t spoil a great movie with an unnecessary and inferior remake/reboot/reimagining.

      • “la la la la” /puts hands over eyes, ignoring reference to a ‘second’ movie.

        What ever are you talking about???! (Highlander fans have officially shunned this horrible show, denying its existence)

        And I know and completely agree with you about Holly-lame. I guess I keep saying that hoping beyond hope someone in Hollywood will catch a clue. /sigh

  20. For the last time……………Thomas Jane!!!!

  21. I don’t understand why everyone thinks they need someone who looks like Christopher Lambert… I think that kind of defeats the whole purpose of a “reboot.” Why should they hire an American actor to play a Scottish character just because he looks like Lambert?? I know Lambert is like French (although born in America), but what’s done is done, lol. Seriously, I’ve said this several times, Kevin McKidd would fit this role. He’s Scottish, he can act, and he has played the intense warrior type before, just watch Rome and I think you’ll agree…

    • Haven’t you heard? Only the best UK actors play American roles and vice versa

    • I don’t understand why the actor has to be a Scot! They don’t really have distinctive features. Anybody can do the accent.
      As for the resemblance part, it has to do with acceptance in the part of cult fans. This is the formula they used in Star Trek (not to mention Superman and Star Wars) and they’ve done two successful movies already. The formula works even if they’ve turned Spock into an emotional being which breaks tradition.

      • Daniel Craig looks nothing like Sean Connery, yet the new Bond movies are doing fine. I understand why some movie studios feel that they need to cast people who look similar to the originals, but I don’t think it is necessary. As long as they can play the part. And I’m not only saying Kevin McKidd because he’s Scottish, that’s just the icing on the cake. I like Kevin McKidd for the role because he’s a great actor and we already know he can swing a sword from his previous role in Rome… Being Scottish just means he can do the accent without faking it. I know to us we might not be able to tell, but it’ll be nice for it to be able to convince other Scottish people as well. If there’s an option available for the real deal, there’s no reason not to grab it. I can understand if for some odd reason it’s really hard to find a Scottish actor, then I wouldn’t mind if they picked someone who wasn’t, but it isn’t hard, so why the heck not? It’s not like I’m suggesting a terrible actor only for him being Scottish…

  22. Good decision Ryan!

  23. While I think the whole reboot of this is the dumbest thing ever, I thought Reynolds taking the role was the stupidest thing anyone could ever do. talk about a sure fire way to kill a career.

    The original Highlander was a very well done movie. the first part of the movie messed with your mind and any attempt to copy or reboot that will meet with failure as we have now seen that ploy multiple times since.

    a rebooted Highlander will never be as effective as the original was.

    I like Reynolds so I am relived that he came to his senses and got out of the turd that this movie is likely to turn out to be.

  24. Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the lead. Not a Scot, I know, but he would be good.

  25. Sean Connery playing an Egyptian coming from Spain to teach a frenchman in Scotland how to fight is pure (if unintentionally) comedy gold. That being said, Connery did a good job. I like Eric’s suggestion of Antonio Banderas playing Ramirez though.

    Is it just me or does Ryan Reynolds not seem to know what to do with his career ever since Van Wilder? He seems to be trying to make a decent stab at being an action star, but doesn’t seem to be getting it right (maybe too much humour for his own good). I’m glad that he is no longer attached to Highlander. I LOVE the original – not only the premise, but some of the director’s intent going from past to present/vice versa, was truly inspired. Christopher Lambert was a great choice, as his unusual accent made it believable that he had been alive for hundreds of years and travelled the world, picking up regional accents along the way.

    It’d be interesting to see who they get to play The Kurgen this time round. Clancy Brown was menacing and manic, so I hope they get someone who can do something similar with the role, rather than just get a big guy with muscles.

  26. i’m getting sick and tired of reboots. nobody has an original idea for a movie anymore? i wish this trend would end, but the public are sheep and will watch anything hollywood puts out. matt & trey’s episode “You’re getting old” – South Park is spot on.

  27. I agree about Kevin Mckidd as Connor McLeod and I think that Dustin Clare cloud be excellent like Duncan McLeod. Thomas Jane could be Methos…

  28. Jonathan Rhys Meyers could be Richie!

  29. Obviously I´m talking about a remake of the series…