Ryan Reynolds Drops Out of ‘Highlander’ Reboot

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Ryan Reynolds MacLeod Highlander Ryan Reynolds Drops Out of Highlander Reboot

There can be only one Highlander, but apparently it won’t be Ryan Reynolds. According to a new report, the actor has dropped out of Summit’s reboot of the franchise.

This is the second piece of bad news for Summit on the troubled production. Earlier this year, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left the film, which likely played a key role in Reynolds’ decision to jump ship.

The Wrap was the first to report the news, noting that the film has been in some stage of development for years (with Justin Lin attached to direct the movie all the way back in 2009). With no director and no lead, producers Neal Moritz and Peter Davis will have to basically start over.

Reynolds is extremely busy at the moment with a number of films in development and two movies coming out later this summer: the comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. with Jeff Bridges and the DreamWorks animated comedy Turbo. Still, it’s a shame that he won’t be taking on the role of Connor MacLeod. (Of course, it’s a bigger shame that we’re not getting a Deadpool movie anytime soon, but I digress.)

highlander1 Ryan Reynolds Drops Out of Highlander Reboot

Highlander is one of those franchises that could make for a solid reboot. Yes, the original is a cult classic and spawned a moderately popular franchise. But it’s not so beloved that a new version would be considered sacrilegious. Plus, maybe this time around they won’t have a Scottish guy playing a 15th-century Spaniard (no disrespect to the great Sean Connery).

On the other hand, with as many delays as Summit has seen so far, you have to wonder how long they’re going to keep working on the production before throwing in the towel.

What do you think? Is a Highlander reboot worth all of Summit’s trouble? Now that Reynolds is out of the film, who would be a good replacement?


Stay tuned for more news about the Highlander Reboot.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Good… now more time for Deadpool.

    • Exactly!

  2. I like Reynolds. I don’t know that he would have been good in this role, but he definitely has chops (see: Buried). I just hope whoever they get can do a decent Scottish accent lol.

  3. Peter Dinklage for the new Connor MaCleod

  4. Yes! There is a god

    • I assume you hated the original movie too then.

      • @Dazz

        Uh, probably quite the opposite, that’s why he’s happy that someone who is completely wrong for the role is no longer doing it. I thought that was a terrible idea as well. Why don’t they get Kevin McKidd already???

        • Awesome idea! Kevin McKidd has the looks and hey what do you know he is SCOTTISH! I am of Scottish Heritage and I was running through my mind what authentic actors could play in the new role.

          • @Kelly

            And as the icing on the cake, Kevin McKidd can actually act! :-)

  5. It’s a shame because Ryan’s an amazing actor but I guess this project should be put on the shelf for a long time now.

  6. So I guess that frees him up to to be Green Lantern again. Thanks I guess?

  7. Ryan is the worst actor and the biggest franchise killer there is! This is the best news anyone could have hoped for if they want to see this movie do well.

    • Please explain? Green Lantern was far from his fault.

      • Agreed. The Green Lantern movie is what happens when you take a DC character and try to apply the light’n funny ‘Marvel formula’ to it. It doesn’t work. I want RR back as Green Lantern, but he needs a redemption movie before a JL movie is greenlit.

  8. I’m glad. I like him,but I just don’t think he fits the role.

  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Now if only it would transfer to a better studio than Summit.

  11. Kevin McKidd anyone???

    • Y Kevin Mckidd. Hes a good character actor. I actually like him, think he always performs well. But I don’t see him as a leading man to be honest. Not sure if he can carry his own movie. And I’m sure a studio funding this will say the same thing.

  12. Good, he didn’t fit the part. They should get the guy who plays rob stark, He’d be perfect. He’s young , looks the part, and has the accent already.

  13. The tagline should be “There will be only one,” because sequels to Highlander never make sense.

      • You’re definitely a fan, you’ve given it some thought. I have to say they really do need to rethink the whole story and straighten out the mythology of it. After all this time since the first movie was made, it would be a shame if they hadn’t, relying on the same business plan. Make a self-contained single story and then worry about how you continue only if it makes money. I think that’s pretty much what they did with the first series. Of course that means a core team will have to be found willing to commit to such a plan. Perhaps one of the reasons this is having such trouble getting off the ground…

        • But who determined this was destined to be a one off, Logan and Glitz? ;) Widen sold it while still a film student. At that moment who can say what he intended? He wrote it for a grade but apparently selling it was was for the purpose of making some quick cash! It was further refined and changed before coming to the screen by others not him. So it could be argued that its been underdeveloped since it was bought, especially since its been popular enough for sequels and a series to come out of the original idea, despite the flaws.

          I do think I get your point. Artistic integrity, continuity, a defined and limited purpose, it’s like those things are dirty words in Hollywood anymore.

          Well its not like they took a widely read original comic series and butchered it. I think my point is still valid though, if they’re going to do this then why not think it through? If like you imply they should leave it alone, well its pointless to talk about it further. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they shelved it or that some retroactive film historian somewhere determined it was always suppose to be a one off…

          • Well I think who determined it should be a stand alone movie would be those who originally made it. They told the story and wrapped it up all nice and neatly by the end with no real loose strings. That’s also part of the reason why the sequels were so poor, because there wasn’t anything to explore so they had to make stupid things up just to add on.

            The series was the only decent thing to come afterwards but that was because they didn’t try to add onto the original.

  14. How bout Daniel Craig lol

  15. James Purefoy would be a good choice. Just please, not Channing Tatum! LOL

    • I think James would fill Connor’s shoes just fine. If you’ve seen Rome than you know that he can play the warrior type and he’s a good actor on top of that. He’s one of the best choices that I’ve seen bandied about.

      • @Linda

        I actually have a different Rome actor in mind, Kevin McKidd, the guy who played Lucius Vorenus. And he’s actually Scottish to boot. :-)

      • @Linda

        Oh, and if you were a fan of Rome, watch that movie John Carter. It had 4 actors from Rome in it, lol. It was like a Rome reunion. It had Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Caesar’s main slave/helper, and Atia, although Atia was one of the aliens, so it was just her voice, lol.

    • @cranium

      James Purefoy is an amazing actor, but I still think Kevin McKidd would fill this role better.

  16. Why not cast Thomas Jane?

  17. The issues this movie and the Crow remake are having should be sign to just leave these projects alone.

  18. how is that bad news. nothing against Ryan Reynolds I like him a lot but he was not right for this role. I do hope they start it up again with another actor. Highlander is one of my favorite movies and tv shows ever, and would love to see it on the big screen again. he’s to old for the role now but Henry Ian Cusick would of made a great Conner MacCloud and not just because he’s Scottish.

  19. What this movie needs is a new studio, a new director, A new Actor in the lead role, definitely not Ryan, I was never in support of him playing lead . ..
    Maybe “Legendary Pictures” can take this up or something!

  20. Get Michael Fassbender for the role, maybe. He’d do excellently I’m sure.

    Or yeah, Gerard Butler.

    I don’t mind the Daniel Craig idea ideally, except that I think he’s getting too old for it, so it’s not ideal. though I’m a huge Craig fan.

    Or, how about *gasp* an unknown??

  21. Phew!!!

    Highlander is one of those movies that I saw late at night on tv when I was really young, I adored it immediately, everything about it is wonderful, especially the soundtrack!

    Nobody cared that Connerys character was supposed to be Spanish, he was also supposed to be Irish and Russian and many other nationalities in many other movies, its Connery he can do what he wants!

    Sometimes lightening is caught in a bottle, it’s a kind of magic, it can’t be replicated or remade or rebooted, just look at the inferior movies in the franchise, tried and failed!

    There can be only one!

  22. Leave the Connor McCleod Series alone. Lets start a new chapter.

  23. When Jesus returns he will play connor. You kno its true

  24. Shame, Reynolds and Christopher Lambert look quite alike…it’s the big forhead!

  25. How about “luke evans” for the role or. Not remaking it and actually doing something original. Reboots are becoming annoying, isn’t there anymore originality in the movie industry.

  26. Praise jesus!

  27. Just A thought but didn’t Connery say his charter was Egyptian?