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5 Movie Happy Endings That Are About to Go Horribly Wrong

It’s pretty much a prerequisite in Hollywood that your movie has to have a happy ending. If the story doesn’t naturally lead to one, well, you force it, often by simply rolling the credits at the right time. As we’ve discussed before, a lot of movies with supposedly “happy” endings actually seem closer to Requiem for a Dream than Babe when you sit down and think about them for any length of time …

Flip Cup with Gisele Bundchen and Matthew McConaughey

Jimmy and Gisele Bundchen team up to face Matthew McConaughey and Higgins in a game of flip cup.

Star Shrek

Ari and Emma Review Movies They’ve Never Seen: Gone With The Wind

As Ari and Emma get increasingly inebriated, they proceed to interweave the plots of movies they’ve never seen, across genres, space, and time.

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Girl of Steel

Girl of Steel is a conceptual fan film based on DC Universe/Comics heroine, Supergirl. We wanted to produce a short story that empowers female role models. The Girl of Steel isn’t just a superhero, but a freedom fighter inherited in all young women.

The Following Infographic

Gummi Bears …ROCKS!

Stereotypes: Gym

Please re-rack your weights after use.

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Time Machine

Mr. Smith is in for a surprise when Jimmy invites him into the time machine. Version 2. See our Facebook fan page at: VoteTimeMachine.com

Little Girls Sing “Let It Go” From Frozen

David Koechner’s Dirty Hobo Character Frightens His Kids

Most of David’s fatherly advice as the hobo involves packing up your things & heading to the railyard.

Video Game Theme Songs – One Minute Mashup #26

I decided to make this a classical guitar rendition because it felt like the right way to do the songs justice. I love games.

Singing Tesla Coils – Inspector Gadget

Highest Grossing Movie Franchises

Design by John Gara.

Pacific Rim Drift Compatible Friendship Necklace

If you want to fight Kaiju inside a Jaeger, you have to be able to connect to your co-pilot. The neural handshake will fail if you aren’t drift compatible. Show someone you love that you’re on the same wavelength with this awesome Pacific Rim drift compatible friendship necklace. The design features the symbol of Gipsy Danger, and if you don’t want to share the controls, you could just wear both halves of the necklace.

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