‘Heroes: Villains’ Is Over – What Did You Think?

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villains heroes Heroes: Villains Is Over   What Did You Think?

So it’s finally over – This half season of Heroes has been hotly debated over the past few months… It started off with a bang but then seemed to quickly spiral into confusion and convoluted plots and character motivations. However by the end of the arc it seemed to find its footing again and I thought it came to a pretty satisfying conclusion.

The series will return in February with yet another chapter: Heroes: Fugitives, and it looks like Nathan Petrelli has turned into a major schmuck. I’m hoping they back off of the whole time travel/save the future thing and just deal with the here and now (and that’s what it’s looking like they’re going to do).

So anyway, I thought I’d throw up this post to discuss the Villains arc now that it’s done and to speculate about the upcoming Fugitives plot. I’m assuming anyone commenting here has seen the entire season, so there WILL be spoilers below!

Have at it!

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  1. I have to say that I believe last night’s episode was – hand’s down – the best of the season. This season has had it’s weak points teetering on the ridiculous, but it definitely ended strong. Also, the addition of Michael Dorn (Warf, from Star Trek: TNG, not that anyone here wouldn’t know that) is just awesome. Does anyone else sense that Zachary Quinto may be moving on to other, Pointy-Eared character projects? Or do you think they’ll revive him again?

  2. No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sylar is coming back. if that was not the case, then John glover wouldn’t be coming.

  3. Woah! ummmm, thats a spoiler for next chapter not this chapter. Maybe you should warn us next time :)

  4. I’m just happy that there’s no one left with time travel powers – Hiro lost his powers, Arthur is dead, and it looks like Peter has to reacquire all of his. Time travel just led to repetitive stop-the-future plots and too many plot holes (why not use unlimited do-overs?).

  5. I’d like to note that the last episode basically nullified much of what happened this half and at the end of this season we’ll be in a place no different than when we started.

    The formula is ripped in half (not entirely destroyed), Peter’s/Nathan’s dad is dead, Sylar is evil, Mohinder doesn’t have powers but is working for the wrong agenda, etc. The only difference is Hiro doesn’t have powers and his sidekick (Ando) has become supercharged.

    My problem with Season 3 is my problem with all time-travel plots… their viciously circular and at the end of the day barely anything changes. It’s not too different than a complete waste of time. The next half is obscenely predictable, based on the first episode. Nothing will change at the end of this season, a few characters we don’t care about will get killed off and an interesting leads will be cut short.

    The series is plagued with short-sightedness and an altogether lack of vision.

    In the era of Obama, give me real change… or at least some character development.

  6. I liked where we ended up. The journey sucked but the destination was ok. I was kind of mad Hiro lost his time traveling powers but I have to agree all the time travel can make your head hurt. That’s not to say Daphne and Ando are now a time traveling duo. So don’t count it out.

  7. @Mark
    I think Sylar will be back. I love how they keep NOT finishing the job with killing him. Chop his friggin’ head off and bury it a mile from his body if you don’t want him coming back. 😛

    I didn’t post anything that didn’t appear at the end of the “Villains” finale. :-)

    @Carl Lee
    See my first point regarding Sylar… Why doesn’t someone light a match to the @#$#$%ing formula? Yeesh.


  8. I’m among the few who actually thought season 2 was very good with only a few minor problems. This season however was awful.Time travel can create a lot of problems, but I hate seeing Hiro with out powers. “I Bend time and a space”

    I think they got lost this season and didn’t fully understand what they were doing.

  9. Does anybody else thing that heroes fugitives looks like they completely stole the idea from x-men? Rounding up heroes/mutants not a very original plot line.

  10. @ Vic, actually i was refering to Vin, he gave out a spoilerish kinda thingie. lol

  11. @Supernaturalfan
    The whole show is an X-Men clone. I wonder when we’ll see giant robots killing mutants? :-)

    I enjoyed last night’s episode, and look forward to Fugitives. And having Worf (Michael Dorn) only sweetens the pot.

  12. I think its starting to look like Season 1 Episode “Five Years Later”. Where most of them are consider terrorist and are being hunted down. Ex:(Peter, Hiro)

  13. “The formula is ripped in half (not entirely destroyed), Peter’s/Nathan’s dad is dead, Sylar is evil, Mohinder doesn’t have powers but is working for the wrong agenda, etc. The only difference is Hiro doesn’t have powers and his sidekick (Ando) has become supercharged.”

    The formuala was ripped into, what I counted, 8 or more pieces at the end of the episode.

    Arthur Patrelli is dead and you see the body this time for proof.

    Mohinder was exposed to the formula when it was dumped on the floor. He had a higher dosage than anyone who took the formula. At teh end of the episode he looked in the car window at his reflection and his deformity was gone indicating that he DOES have powers.

    What is to stop Peter from getting Ando’s power AND Daphne’s power so he can time travel on his own?

  14. @Daniel F
    Hiro will eventually get his powers back in Volume 4. The series doesn’t know how to react to someone loosing powers, beyond killing them off or writing them out. And Hiro has such a big fan base they wouldn’t dream of either.

    @Supernaturalfan, @John “Kahless”
    Though Jeph Loeb didn’t write Civil War (it was Mark Millar), he’s been instrumental in what Marvel has done, so there’s no doubt his fingerprints are all over it. The Bryan Fuller article and interview SR posted said Jeph Loeb had things already set in motion before he left.

    But now that he’s not involved, who knows how close they can come to a good story.

    It’s only a matter of time before Nathan is donning the red and yellow suit of armour, screaming “Registration!”

  15. I hate how people say its an Xmen rip off. Xmen has been around for a long time now, its had basically every power you could think of, of course someone is gonna end up “copying” them. Its like that episode of South Park, every single joke has been used on The Simpsons, doesnt mean no one else can use it. Heroes has a way different vibe anyways imo.

  16. So if Hiro has no power, what are they going to do with his charactor?

  17. Give him his power back :)

  18. its gonna be a copy of the second xmen movie. Sylar will have survived the fire out for revenge, but will later join Team Peter to kill Nathan and the other gov’t guys. Then, completely unexpectedly (sarcasm), sylar will betray them, and it will start over again, with only a few characters dead (hopefully including Tracy)

  19. If you really want to get technical, Heroes not only is ripping off heroes, but also ripped of Watchmen alot the first season. i mean think about it, a group of heroes try to stop an disastrous event in new york that actually is planed by the HEROES,,,

    Although i’m not saying that that was bad, because vol 1 was amazing but it wasn’t original,Vol 2 and 3 were pretty bad but they were original. So i think its safe to say that heroes is good at taking old stuff and making them fresh and there’s nothing wrong with that. so i think fugitives might just live up to season 1

  20. *I meant to say that heroes ripping off x men

  21. I think the next season looks like it could be good. im also a bit sick of all the time traveling etc. there changing the game around…from heroes vs heroes to heroes vs the govt.(or maybe everyone) yeah, its kinda x-men’ish, but i think a little change will be good

  22. Hmmm….X-menish you say? Perhaps this could be the start of one of my long-standing dreams that the X-men get a live action TV show? That would rule! Do it in the style of the 90’s cartoon, but translate it to reality like they did with that show Mutant X(I thought that’s what it was at first). That show was pretty cool, but lacked the depth of X-men. It was like if X-men was a soap opera. First six episodes are the origins of Xavier and the First Class, then show the origin of Magneto, and have them battle him for the next three episodes(not all the same fight) finally stopping him, and finishing out season one with an epilogue at the end of the last episode with the new recruits showing up to the mansion, including a large Russian, and African girl with white hair, a German with dandruff all over, and a Canadian with an attitude.

  23. I hope Hiro gets his powers back but they have to limit The teleporting is a strong enough power to have w/o the time travel ability. Even if they just limit them to him only being able to observe like the watcher or something, but not actually interact with people. Something idk but not so much changing of the past in order to change the future. It wasnt as much complicated as it was just stupid.But thats really my only complaint other than that i enjoyed the season a lot especially Peter. Cant wait for fugitives to begin.

  24. I wish this was more like X-men, but it’s not. They pissed the evolution theme away entirely. Now its all formulaic and based on the eclipse…

    So, Speed can be used to go back in time…and forward again?

    I’m not sure I understand how Nathan goes from self-sacrificing hero to whatever he’s supposed to be now.

    Also, I find myself not liking the Ando, Hiro, Daphne and Parkman plot. It feels so campy and amateur relative to the other story threads…and not really useful.

    I’ve given up on the story of the show and how they use the characters and instead am watching more for fun factor and to see what happens. Which sucks because this show had so much potential. I’m excited to see new additions Michael Dorn and John Glover for next season though.

  25. livings124 & Carl Lee pretty much explained exactly what I felt has led to Heroes downfall. I’ll add a few things.

    What keeps Heroes from being an absolute failure is that it still has some interesting characters and can come up with equally intriguing moral situations to stick these characters in. That leads to great cliffhangers.

    Unfortunately in order to get to these great cliffhangers and situations, the writers make the characters turn stupid when it suits the plots by conveniently forgetting or handicapping powers of the more powerful characters (ie Hiro, Sylar, Peter, Arthur) and abusing the time travel and future predictions. The writers simply introduced too many characters and too many powers without fully thinking through their limits. The peeks into the future whether it be paintings, dreams or time travel really handcuffed the writers often leading to underwhelming resolutions to volume long conflicts.

    The end of vol. 3 was a “soft” reset but it was necessary. At least it got rid of all the extra and unnecessary ppl. Although we haven’t gotten rid of all the snags (ie Angela can still dream the future) and Sylar is most likely not dead.

  26. Am I the only one who is kind of mad that they killed off Meridith? The show keeps killing off some of its better characters (DL, Nicki, Elle, and now Meridith)I kind of wish Claire or Peter were gone cause they just annoy me. With Peter trying to destroy the formula but he ends of injecting himself with it in the end and Claire just annoys me with the I got to stop bad guys thing.

    Season 3 was okay but not as great as season 1 and I kind of liked season 2 more. I like how Nathan is sort of becoming evil and hunting them down because it goes back to the future episode they had in season 1. But its kind of like the X-men and how they were hunted by the government, which could mean that they all finally join together and fight back as one team instead of the little groups.

    Sylar is by far the best character but how come they never finish the job when they want to kill him. Cut off his head or something instead of just putting a piece of glass in his skull, which will probably like melt or something because of the fire. I don’t want Sylar to die but they should come up with a new villain and it looks like its going to be Nathan. I’m still pissed he killed Elle though, why couldn’t she just shock like she did the first time he attacked her?

  27. Also Mohinder needs to be killed off somehow. Always working for the bad guys but I never really got what was wrong with everyone having powers. In the future episode this season the world looked alright except the Heroes were being hunted which is Peter’s fault caused he pissed off Nathan for the last time

  28. There are alot of things that I want to say but keep it cool about season 3.. Season 3 was okay but not best.. During season 3 I was looking forward to see Peter get his Girlfriend back, but her Character just disappeared. Oh well, looking forward for season 4.. Man I really was hoping Sylar became a good guy.. Just hope they dont screw up with the plot and make it worst.

  29. Did anyone else think that Mohinder’s mutations were transitory? Was anyone else on the edge of their seat when the vat spilled–thinking that at last Mohinder would emerge as some kind of reptillified man?