‘Heroes’ TV Movie Won’t Be Happening

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heroes bad Heroes TV Movie Wont Be Happening

As Summer 2010 kicked off, we brought the news that NBC was working with Heroes creator Tim Kring on a way to provide closure for the cancelled superhero drama series.

At the time it was speculated that the closure would come in the form of a Heroes TV movie, which would send our favorite (and not so favorite) super-powered friend in the proper way; however, according to EW, the plans for the Heroes TV movie have been scrapped, and the season four finale will be the official ending to the saga.

Well, maybe not the official end – EW reminds us that back in May, Kring (who is now moving on to develop interactive content for Nokia) hinted that the Heroes universe was a place that had always been wide-open for exploration through many different media forms – be it TV, Web series, comic books or even the interactive mobile phone content that the show was perpetually advertising in later seasons.

So, could we possibly see Heroes wrap its story up on a page or computer screen rather than on TV? Well, let’s put it this way: if NBC feels there is money to be made in doing so, you can bet your sweet bippy that we’ll see Heroes again in some form – be it the characters we know or (possibly) even a whole new saga about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities. It’s really not that farfetched a possibility when you think about it.

heroes cast season one Heroes TV Movie Wont Be Happening

By now I feel like the majority of the 16 million+ viewers who started out watching Heroes season 1 each week are glad that the show has been cancelled. I also don’t think that many (ex-)fans are too bent out of shape at the news that this TV movie isn’t going to manifest; from season 2 on, Heroes continually promised to reinvent and revitalize itself, only to once again disappoint us with lackluster stories, timid decisions about casting (remember how they originally planned to rotate characters each season and no one was safe from being killed off?) and more shark-jumping than an Australian water festival. The notion that a Heroes TV movie would provide satisfying closure to the series seems like a band-aid on a gaping wound at this point.

How do you guys feel about hearing that Heroes is likely done for good?

Source: EW

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  1. Well I have to say I am kinda disappointed. I saw all 4 seasons of heroes and I honestly I really liked all of them and have grown attached to the characters. I’m really surprised they would just end the series with the cliffhanger than Season 5 would have been, which really got me pumped for this fall’s heroes. A sad day in my book.

  2. Good riddance.

  3. I watched season 1, 2 and tried 3, and that was it. I didn’t even know there was a planned movie at all.

  4. I feel the same way. Season One was excellent but Season 2 and 3 were the last ones I watched. The pacing was slow in the second season and with the promise of villians, I thought the third season would be better but it was as slow and plodding as the first. I liked the idea of a rotating cast. Had they went that route, the show would still be on this season.

  5. Pretty Pissed. Just makes me less likely to get involved in NBC series at all.

  6. loved every episode this sucks>>

  7. At one point I wanted them to wrap it up but I think they would just let me down

  8. Honestly… I just have nothing to say anymore… sad to see a series that could have been so much more get reduced to the rubble it was at the end. The final scene of the last season was acceptable, but only if it ends there, however the overall composition of the last scene with other characters’ reactions were disjointed and, for lack of a more colorful word, stupid.

    Guess I had something to say after all.

  9. I am so dissapointed. Season 1 was amazing, season 2 was less so, season 3 was a little thinly spread in terms of character and story, season 4 started really strong and fizzled a little.
    Yes, another season would have been a stretch but a maximum 2 hour TV movie would have been perfect because the season 4 ending was not satisfactory at all.
    I really hope they at least wrap it up with web-comics.

  10. Instead of a direct-to-dvd movie I bet we will see a direct-to-web movie in the future. Think about it. Youtube or Hulu charging 2-3 dollars to watch it ad-free online. After 2-3 weeks the price goes down with advertisements in it. Surely it could profit a few million, recoup it’s budget and pay the distributor.

    Honestly, there were no “satisfying endings” to ANY of the seasons. I don’t think Kring and Co. could have given the whole-series a satisfying ending with one tv movie. I bet that is why NBC nixed the movie idea and that’s why I’m not shedding any tears over it.

    I did like the series too.

  11. No Hereos, no lost, no TSCC, no etc etc etc. Wow we have shows like No ordinary family, will that show even make it 10 episodes. Don’t be so quick to kick the Hereos can, because with the exception on V, Caprica (it’s done after they finish season 1). Fringe, Stargate Universe, how long will that show last ? Before u know it, all we wil have is American Idiot, maybe for 2 more seasons, thank god,(good bye) Desperate Housewives and reality shows.

    • Fringe is awesome. I’m also a big fan of Bones.

      I liked this series and really thought that the 4th season got back to be on par with the viewing pleasures of the 1st season. The ending was crappy and I really really wanted them to have some form of closure to the series. I don’t really understand NBC’s decision on this, seems like they continuously make bad decision after bad decision….

      • i love V, SGU, Fringe, and currently Haven lol Smallville too but its long running so it doesnt really count

        • Haven is great. did you catch the Doppleganger episode the past friday with the “Paul Sheldon” reference?

          • i saw that episode but who is paul sheldon? lol

            • think of Stephen Kings novel, Misery…

              • i looked it up and yeah i saw the movie…..i’ll listen for it next time i watch it but i havent seen it in awhile lol

  12. I actually think that they way they ended season 4 was a perfect ending to the series. Going public with their abilities, uncertain about what the future holds.

    I don’t want to know what happens after that, because what I choose to imagine is going to be better than they tripe they can come up with.

  13. Good riddance INDEED

    The most frustrating and disappointing show in a long time for me. Season 1 was pretty damn good and provided a TON of potential for the future. What followed was a complete mess.

  14. Reboot!

    • YES!! Reboot indeed!

  15. I remember watching season one and thinking “Wow this show is amazing. This could end up being my favorite show on TV. ” Then season 2 came It was awful. Season three’s first half was also horrible, but the second half picked it up a little bit and left me with a little hope that the show would be watchable. Season 4 was once again a let down. I only watched the first 6 episodes of season 5 and quit the show. I was tired of being let down time and time again. To me Season one of heroes was amazing television. After that it became another show.

    • there is no season 5 lol

  16. Well, I did shed some tears- but they don’t count because they were tears from me laughing so hard at the crash and burn of this show.

  17. Strangely enough, I never lost patience with Heroes and was quite happy to gowith the flow of the story, as mixed as it was. But like with most shows, I lost interest in it the minute I knew it was canceled and have only watched a handful of season 4 episodes

  18. It seems that all these big cast shows with multiple storyline’s are failing.
    If the stories are somehow connected it’s fine and can work, like it was in season one of hero’s. But towards the end it was like watching 5 separate stories that had hardly anything to do with each other.

    I am satisfied with just the first season. I can barely remember the ramblings of the other season’s.

  19. A movie would most likely have turned out bad anyways, considering I never even got around to watching the last season finish.
    That said it SHOULD be revived in some form or other. It’s always had more potential then a lot of material on TV.

  20. Season one was great.

    They should have ended it there.

  21. NBC sucks.

  22. I dont know why all my favourite shows are being cancelled… first Jake 2.0 then Kyle XY and now Heroes. I loved this show… t’was a nice concept.

  23. Damn, this sucks!!
    No what I still love this show.

  24. That’s a tough one. It did end well with the revelation of everyone’s powers to be honest. And season 4 was definitely weak. But I think the die hard fans would like to have seen it sent off with a two hour movie. It should boil down to whether or not someone has developed a truly great story. It’d be awful to send the show off with a crappy two hour movie.

  25. i honestly loved every episode but it couldnt have gone longer anyway cuz claire is immortal but hayden is not lol

  26. crap. the script-writers obviously did Heroes in…

  27. I’m surprised they have canceled it. I’m sure it would have got a lot of ratings even though the show was canceled. I think they’ll wait a while until everyone forgets why its gone then come back with a film.

  28. While the show’s quality decreased every season it was still entertaining. More entertaining than 90% of other programming on television currently. Now NBC can make room for more single season flops, reality shows that aren’t reality, Cop/Lawyer/Doctor dramas, and stupid gimmicky game shows that outlast their welcome.

  29. I loved Season 1. Season 2 became very predictable. Season 3 became a total mess. I gave up haldway through season 3, they exhausted their good will with me.

    Too many forgotten characters. Too many time travel paradoxes that were not resolved. Too many alternate timelines. Lazy writing.

    they also played way too much with the Mohinder character. He was supposed to be the touchstone for the audience since he too had no super powers. like Hiro’s sidekick, they were both meant to be an umbilical cord for the audience. As soon as they gave Mohinder abilities and made him twisted, it lost its allure for me.

    Bringing back the political family’s father from the dead was cliche enough.

    Not shedding a tear about this. Kring had a great series and he crapped on it by not sticking to his guns and having a rotating cast.