‘Heroes’ TV Movie Won’t Be Happening

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heroes bad Heroes TV Movie Wont Be Happening

As Summer 2010 kicked off, we brought the news that NBC was working with Heroes creator Tim Kring on a way to provide closure for the cancelled superhero drama series.

At the time it was speculated that the closure would come in the form of a Heroes TV movie, which would send our favorite (and not so favorite) super-powered friend in the proper way; however, according to EW, the plans for the Heroes TV movie have been scrapped, and the season four finale will be the official ending to the saga.

Well, maybe not the official end – EW reminds us that back in May, Kring (who is now moving on to develop interactive content for Nokia) hinted that the Heroes universe was a place that had always been wide-open for exploration through many different media forms – be it TV, Web series, comic books or even the interactive mobile phone content that the show was perpetually advertising in later seasons.

So, could we possibly see Heroes wrap its story up on a page or computer screen rather than on TV? Well, let’s put it this way: if NBC feels there is money to be made in doing so, you can bet your sweet bippy that we’ll see Heroes again in some form – be it the characters we know or (possibly) even a whole new saga about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities. It’s really not that farfetched a possibility when you think about it.

heroes cast season one Heroes TV Movie Wont Be Happening

By now I feel like the majority of the 16 million+ viewers who started out watching Heroes season 1 each week are glad that the show has been cancelled. I also don’t think that many (ex-)fans are too bent out of shape at the news that this TV movie isn’t going to manifest; from season 2 on, Heroes continually promised to reinvent and revitalize itself, only to once again disappoint us with lackluster stories, timid decisions about casting (remember how they originally planned to rotate characters each season and no one was safe from being killed off?) and more shark-jumping than an Australian water festival. The notion that a Heroes TV movie would provide satisfying closure to the series seems like a band-aid on a gaping wound at this point.

How do you guys feel about hearing that Heroes is likely done for good?

Source: EW

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  1. The writers strike killed this show

  2. You know what? Heroes was facepalmingly silly sometimes. But I loved it anyway. I adored (most of) the characters, and the way they ended “Redemption” was trite, and like many moments over the series, they deserved better.

  3. I have been watching Heroes from the beginning. when season 2 came i was getting kinda dissapointed because it was just about Clare and that guy that made the show boring… but at season 3, it all turned back and was fun again. after season 3 i was really exited about season 4, and after season 4 i was so happy about the ending because it was so cool! so i looked forward to season 5. in the meanwhile i started watching Flash Forward and liked shat show a lot. after that i saw that Flash Forward was cancelled and was really dissapointed by that, then i discovered that heroes season 5 was cancelled.. i mean… come on… i know if you start season 5, you will get atleast 9 mill viewers! i hope to see the end of the story line one day. and imo, these series are the best ever made. i dont understand how two and a half men got more views…. anyway. that my oppinion ;) take care now.

    • i agree with u

  4. I think you can chalk this series failure to the writers strike it killed the second season and it never recovered its fan base. I hate everyone involved in the strike you killed so many excellent shows.

  5. Definitely a disappointment to me. overall i really liked the concept of the show and despite what many people said, i thought it was better that kring kept a base cast and changed little roles throughout the show. i think getting to know characters in more depth is what makes a show great. for me tho this show took a turn when they took away peters powers. many things didnt go the way i expected through the seasons, which is alright because you dont want the show to be predictable. but the base idea was that peter and sylar would be the 2 ultimate ones above all others and i was hoping for an epic battle in the series finale. they drifted away from that, fiddled with sylars and peters characters too much, and in my opinion killed the show.

  6. I really love this heroes,just to see it cancelled when it started becoming interesting.

  7. I’m pissed this is BS if u ask me … I watched every episode to find out the series is cancelled . I think that and ending would be great versus leavin true fans hanging :(

  8. I just watched this series via netflix and was totally addicted. I did all four seasons in two months! I thought they did amazing job on cast, characters and keeping you on the edge of your seat. I had no idea they ended the series this way and I really think they need to consider the TV movie. I feel like there is more to the story and not satisfied with the series. I waited four seasons for Sylar to be the Hero and just as it happens they end it with Claire showing everyone her power? NOT COOL!

    • I watched all 4 seasons in 1 week! I loved it & would really like some closure.

  9. I was really enjoying the seasons. There may have been some things lacking, but for the most part, it still kept me wanting to watch more. I am really upset that it was cancelled and never really came to a good conclusion. It did have such potential. I enjoyed most of the characters. They should really think of starting it again.

  10. They should bring it back I have seen every episode and loved it. They maybe could have the same idea of re-writing history like in the new star trek film or take an individual character and branch off with a separate series with occasional guest appearances and plot concepts created based on the action and choices made by the characters not in the show (A sort of characters in the show cleaning up the mess created by the characters not in the show thought about carefully and the multitude of powers available can create a very in depth gripping “whats going to happen next?” whole new impressive series. Just needs investment producers should ask public to donate £1 a million views do it that sounds like a good starting budget to me :o).

  11. I just finished watching the series on Netflix. I enjoyed it very much. Like most television, there were episodes that made me think why did they bother? Overall, very enjoyable. My thought is that whenNBC gets there hands on something that’s not a comedy, they do not try to make sure it gets all it deserves.

  12. big heroes fan, stuck with it until the end. i thought the ending was appropriate. Claire showing off her power was a call back to the first episode, including the lines used. and sylar having started down the path of redemption with peter as his mentor (someone who won’t betray him like everyone else) Noah finally has no choice but to move on with his life and let claire fight her own battles. All the characters were resolved in some way. and i mean i like the “not knowing” of what happened after claire showed the world that “specials” were amongst them. and the episode title “brave new world” kind of led one to believe everything had lead up to this one moment and nothing would be the same.

  13. ‘Alphas’ is such a rip off of Heroes and their cast and script writers are inferior by comparison

    Why aren’t the same people complaining about ‘Alphas’ – probably because its super cheap to make!

  14. With Zachary Quinto in Star Trek and other movies, and Hayden Panettiere on the hit Nashville, such a TV movies wrapping up anything is DEAD and GONE. Now a reboot is possible…

  15. we need a heroes movie

    • we need a heroes movie..
      it was the best show..
      im a big fan..

  16. This show is one of my 4 fav shows of all time including 24, lost and prison break i will never be happy until they give heroes the proper ending it deserves i believe if a show lasts longer then one season it needs a proper ending or whats the point in watching it.

  17. The thing that killed the show was the fact ppl were d/ling it off the net wasnt getting alot of viewers on tv but at the point of cancellation one of the most dled things on the internet.

  18. enjoyed immensely. netflix, 4 seasons, 2 months.
    bring on 5!

  19. Bring it back please

  20. To this day, I challenge anyone to watch the 1st season of heroes and tell me it wasn’t the best season of ANY show ever!! They made a huge mistake having the 1st season have so many episodes, they could have cut that season into 2 and had 5 seasons total but nonetheless, I miss the show so much and watched it all again on Netflix and even got my brother hooked on it I thought Peter and Nathan’s father, Arthur was a very intriguing character and was quite surprised how quickly they killed him off. But my favorite ending off all time was when Hiro put Adam in the coffin to end season 2, wow, great thinking, Adam thought he was invincible, LOL

  21. Would be fantastic if they brought the show back – it has a great underlying story.

  22. Just heard that MSN is interested in reviving Heroes with NEW actors and cameos by some of the origional cast members. Check out http://tvline.com/2013/04/17/heroes-relaunch-msn-xbox/?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=spoilerscastingsscoopsalert for details.

  23. Bring Back Heroes !!!!!!!!!

  24. Please I beg you bring back HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. im a so depressed with the way heroes ended i love that show and i would love for there to be a proper ending to put the viewers that still watch it minds to rest they should not leave it the way they have as it is not a good ending for heroes

  26. I am so mad that they cancelled the show on a huge cliff-hanger. I just finished watching the show and I loved it (my mom showed me the show and I instantly fell in love with it). I hope that I am able to find an uploaded ending on the internet.