Which ‘Heroes’ Star Wants To Bail?

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heroes group image Which Heroes Star Wants To Bail?

It’s no secret that Heroes has been shaky ever since the extremely disappointing season 2. Because of the writers strike, that season was cut down to about half of what was originally intended and as a result it felt rushed and very underwhelming (although not all bad – there were certain things I liked).

And even though season 3 was a vast improvement, it still didn’t measure up to the fantastic first season. They’ve gotten carried away with the time travel thing, in my opinion, and made it overly complicated when it really doesn’t need to be. To be honest I don’t watch out of pure enjoyment as I used, I just tune in to “see what happens,” as they say.

Well news (which is unconfirmed, so please take this with a grain of salt) has come out that a certain unnamed cast member wants their contract to end even before the conclusion of this season, citing part of the reason as a “lack of screen time.”

But who could it be?

The actor is described as:

  • Someone who has been part of the show since the first season.
  • Has more name recognition than most other cast members.
  • Has had a lack of screen time this season.
  • And, most interestingly, is said to be someone who could return even if the character is killed off.

The last item is presumably to cover their butts if the actor leaving backfires on the show. For most other other shows that last clue would easily lead us to who it is, but because of the whole time travel thing with Heroes that piece of info leaves us none the wiser.

To hazard a guess as to who this mystery person is, I think it’s Ali Larter, who used to play Niki/Jessica Sanders but now plays Tracy Strauss. She fits the bill: She has been in the show since the start, has had lack of screen time this season, she certainly has more name recognition than most other cast members and could possibly return as a different character (perhaps another sister to Niki, Jessica and Tracy?) even if the one she plays currently is killed off.

Speaking of which, NBC hasn’t yet decided to if they’re going to allow the unnamed actor to be released from their contract… but presumably as preparation, a death scene has been written for “someone” towards the end of the upcoming “Fugitives” half-season.

As far as other possibilities – I really can’t think who else it could be. Yes, the most obvious choice is Zachary Quinto (due to his burgeoning fame as the new Spock), but it seems to me he’s had a fair share of screen time this season. Then we have Hayden Panettiere (who plays Claire) and Masi Oka (who plays Hiro) are just too important to the show and people like Jack Coleman (who plays Mr Bennett), Greg Grunberg (who plays Matt) and Adrian Pasdar (who plays Nathan) all have had plenty of screen time this season. For me the logical person, again considering this news is true, is Ali Larter.

But who do you think could be the mystery star who wants out of the show?

Heroes “Fugitives” starts February 2nd this year.

Source: SyFyPortal

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  1. My first thought was also Ali Larter. I think they even mentioned in a previous episode that she DOES have another sister (Barbara?). She really has been short changed this season. I guess politician babe isnt as easy to write for as stripper babe.

  2. Hopefully it IS Ali Larter. I always thought she was completely lame in the show, her “power” made no sense, although I did like her son Micah (where the hell has he been in season 3)? Hopefully the firings they made can pick this show back up because the first season (aside from the monsterous final “battle” letdown) had so much potential.

  3. My first thought was Ali as well. The “name recognition” is the key bit I feel.

  4. Everything points to Ali Larter without a doubt. “Villains was a let down would be an understatement” is what I find myself constantly struggling NOT to say. Again Villains has no depth in any of the characters, hopefully that will change…

  5. I don’t think it’s Larter personally, I think the bigger names out of this show are Milo, Hayden and Z.Quinto. In fact, she’s like 7th or 8th on my list of the most talked about characters/actors on the show. Good riddens if she wants out.

    Quinto wasn’t around for half of the first season and I thought he was like the most prominent character in Vol.3 so it doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, he has Trek but he’s a unique looking dude who’s partly type-casted into these strange non-but-sometimes-overly emotional roles as Sylar and Spock and even the dude from season 3 from 24.

    Milo I can kinda see being the character as he was prominent in the first season along with Hayden.

    Hayden I can see being bored of playing the same whiny teenager who’s always complaining about the dad for the stupidest crap.

    My bets are on Hayden or Milo.

  6. I think it will be Ali Larter(hopefully) or Jack Coleman. I don’t know why i think jack, but ali definitely fits the clues. And perhaps once this person is gone, they can work on getting ELLE back on the show. I miss that girl!

  7. how about the actor who plays niki’s son… he only got one scene last season

  8. Maybe it is George Takei. ;)

    She is one of the few I knew before Heroes, so she fits the high profile bit. Not so sure she had less time in Villains though. She’s been freezing people and cosying up to Nathan and then plotting behind people’s backs.

    Have they changed the name for the second half to Vigilantes? I thought it was going to be Fugitives.

  9. Oh crap, steven the git, you’re RIGHT! It IS Fugitives, will change it just now. Damn, well spotted (don’t know where I got Vigilantes from:S:P).

  10. What happened to Micah’s cousin is my question, she was probably the only good new character to be introduced in season 2 and then wasn’t in Vol. 3 at all.

  11. @JMoney,

    I was thinking the same thing the whole way through season 3. Her ability was really cool and I think there was plenty of potential with it and the character. On that – what actually happened to her at the end of season 2? Did she go somewhere? Just shows how underwhelming and forgettable season 2 was.

    Just as another general thought – I really doubt it’s Quinto, even IF he;s going to enjoy success because of his role as Spock. I just don’t think he fits the description of “more name recognition than most cast members”, at least not at the minute (that may change after Star Trek). I just don’t think too many people know him by “name” per se, perhaps his FACE but not his name. I mean Tom Cruise is a household name, so is Brad Pitt and to go less known so is, perhaps, Hayden Panettierre, but not Quinto.

    I REALLY think it’s Larter. Of the main characters in the show she was CERTAINLY one of the most well known NAMES when the show just started.

  12. Vigilantes sounds very cool. Maybe that could be the one after, if they keep going.

    I thought the same thing as well. She had a really cool power and wanted to be a hero, and in New Orleans. She and Micah could have had a very interesting storyline and I’m amazed they were left out. Especially with Micah now being an orphan.

  13. Not Hiro! Hiro cant leave! He cant!!

  14. None of the above:

    I bet it’s Milo – Peter Petrelli. Seriously, what use is he other than a whiney little punk now?

    I hope it’s Ali Larter though. She’s nice to have (actress), but really insignificant(character).

    Second hope: Mohinder. They screwed him around enough. As an actor, I’d be sick of it too…

  15. I really do believe it’s Larter unfortunately. The clues are dead giveaways:

    “Part of the show since first Season.”

    “More name recognition than other cast members.”

    “Lack of screen time.”

    “And, could return even if current their character is killed off.”

    Ali Larter has already been through that with the transfer from Niki/Jessica/Gina to Tracy. And, Barbara still remains, whom we know nothing about. So, it’s got to be her. Too bad though, because I like her and hated that Niki was killed off the series. They could have left her personalities in the story and gave us more stuff on Gina in later Seasons.

    Oh well, anyway…it only makes sense that it’s Larter. Peter is the main character and the most important apparently, Sylar won’t be killed because the show needs a crazed villian, and Claire can really only die under one circumstance. And, as long as she’s living with her adoptive family, I seriously doubt they’ll write her out of the story.

    I can say that I’m kind of getting annoyed by Nathan though. He’s apparently going to return to his Season 1 route in “Fugitives”, and turn against his own kind as well. They’re just really pushing his character to extremities that are getting old, in my opinion. They should really have him make up his mind as to whether he wants to be a hero or not and stick with their decision. Enough is enough! They can’t possibly pull off another “change of heart” like with the Season 1 finale.

    Sorry, I keep rambling, I just have a lot to say about the series’ direction. But, back to my original topic…it’s got to be Ali Larter! It’s too direct towards her character.

  16. This season was a big disappointment. The writer’s strike didn’t effect this season. It was just lame plot twist after lame plot twist. After ep 4 or 5 I couldn’t watch anymore. It was even worse than this season of Prison Break. What they should do is uncancel The 4400.

  17. Going by the conditions that need to be met it can only be Ali Larter.

    She has been there since s1.

    She is most(well 2nd after Hayden) recognised cause she is a hot chick ;)

    Last season it was all about her personal issues finding a cure saving her son etc. This season has been playing 2nd fiddle nobody assistant trying to relearn new powers *boring*.

    Been mentioned that she is a sister of 3.

    It can’t be Hayden because she is on every episode of Heroes bar 2 episodes(I cried both times) just on that note she doesn’t meet the above conditions. Even tho her character Claire is sorta going nowhere(WHERE IS THE UNIFORM DAMN-IT!) and lost her magical “catalyst BS*. The Cheerleader IS STILL THE SHOW! If Hayden was to walk, you might as well just cancel the show now and save everyone the grief(I would certainly stop watching if Hayden left).

    Plus looking at all her other stuff she has done and has signed to do(well since her mid teens), she keeps playing the same sorta role. It would be a bad career move to leave Heroes(unless she wants to concentrate on her singing, but since her album has been delayed 3times now in 2years…).

    Unlike other actors on the show she has been typecasted and it would be a bad career move to leave the show at the moment.

    Who I would like to see go is Peter *USELESS* Petrelli . For someone that has the best powers he is utterly useless when it comes to actually using them. He adds nothing to the show and seems to be going backwards since end of S1. He needs to die!!!!

  18. Larter seems the logical candidate. And with the way the show is tracking she’ll soon have plenty of company.

  19. All’s I got to add is WTF? At the end of Villains(spoiler) they kill the best villain they have! Sylar’s dead, just when I finally cared who he was(he was the guy banging Elle, that’s who) and then they kill her, and he finally makes a definitive decision that he’s gonna be evil(boy did I get tired of him as the “wild card) and they kill him! Gay! Is Ali Larter still on the show? Holy crap, I guess her screen time has dwindled. Yeah, they should def. explain that whole her being cloned and given powers as a child thing next season, and now that Hiro’s powers are gone, maybe Time Travel will stop. After somebody finally points out, hey isn’t that Irish girl still stuck in the future? Then, we figure out who Sylar’s parents are, and what they have to do with the Company. Micah and his cousin unravel the mystery of the various versions of his mother around, which makes them cross paths with the rest of the gang, and they bring down the Company which is behind it all, being overseen by Sylar’s real parents. Peter, now repowered, and Hiro, who can teleport again(perhaps some of the serum remains) help Nathan, the Haitian(who needs a name, damnit!), Parkman, Daphne, and Micah(make him like Forge) take them down. Shazam! Who needs writers with fanboys like me?

  20. I actually found myself wondering where Ali Larter was for most of this season. Although, I always thought she was the weakest link (other than the guy who played her husband). I just could never suspend my disbelief when she was in a scene. It would make sense for it to be her, and I wouldn’t be sad to see her go.

  21. i say just put the show out of its misery…so many characters which used to be great have been ruined.

    It’s definitely Ali Larter…her new character this season was pointless and had little effect on anything.

  22. I haven’t seen villains yet, but…reading all of this stuff does make me think that the show really IS getting crappy and all. Too bad, I liked it!


  23. its clearly ali larter :( best character ever

  24. Totally agree with you!

  25. I would say it’s either Ali Larter or Milo Ventimiglia. They haven’t had too much screen time lately, especially Ali Larter. I would be very disapointed if either of them left the show. I like them both.


    if you search the web for larter articles now, you’ll find one that states she’s staying on the show. her death was the “fakeout” bryan fuller has been hinting at in his recent interviews. Tracy will be able to reform her body. Daphne is truly gone, and according to Fuller, one more death is in the works this season. Since NBC is pressuring heroes to release original cast members, we need to be looking for peter, sylar, angela, nathan, claire, noah, matt, etc., to be exiting soon. Personally, my money’s on Noah, and here’s why.

    Nathan and Sylar have a scene coming up in the finale. It will be their first on screen dialogue with one another. One would think this means Sylar will kill him, but think about it, now that Sylar can “morph” into other people he touches, even if he kills nathan, Pasdar will still be “on the show”, whenever sylar transforms into him, so NBC wouldn’t be getting the budget cut they’re demanding. So no nathan, and no sylar. They’re both safe.

    With Nathan safe from elimination, we have to question what’s been going on in noah’s life this season. He’s losing his wife, his daughter is finally beginning to understand all the hard choices he’s had to make, and he’s redeeming himself A LOT by going behind the hunter’s back to protect the heroes, especially in saving angela and peter in last night’s episode “into asylum”. Meanwhile, Claire’s getting closer to adopted mom Sandra, and bio dad Nathan…Claire’s growing up, and doesn’t need Noah as much as she use to. They’ve been growing apart and growing up all season, all leading up to the finale, where she has to let him go, for real.

    Money’s on Noah, my 2nd guess is Angela, who seems to be seeing her own sacrifice of epic proportions in the near future, but with the new volume coming up named “redemption”, I think she still has way too much to atone for before we can count her out just yet. Same with Mohinder, he can’t die until he makes right everything he’s done.

    Matt’s got a kid to take care of, and Hiro and Ando aren’t strong enough characters to survive without one another.

    Oh, and Hayden’s already released a statement to the press that she’s up for another season, she’s out too.


    1st: Noah
    2nd: Angela
    3rd: Peter (I’d be pissed, but with all Milo has going on in his real life it makes sense, plus, wouldn’t that give Nathan and Angela A LOT to atone for next season!)