Will Heroes Be Back For Another Season?

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Heroes Will Heroes Be Back For Another Season?

If you listen everyone’s favorite telepath, Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman on the show), it would seem that Heroes is in for another season. Despite low ratings and rumors of cancellation year after year, Grunberg believes he’s got the evidence to support his statement. What’s this evidence he speaks of?


“We wrapped yesterday and the [final episode] is nowhere near a series finale. It is cliffhanger-y and exciting, but it is nowhere near an end to a series that people are so invested in. It does not tie everything up in a neat bow… I don’t have any doubt that the show will be back.”

Hmmm… Do you want to break the news to him or should I? Just because a season finale has a cliffhanger doesn’t mean that it’s going to be renewed. There are a million shows that were canceled on cliffhangers (Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, for example). Grunberg could have just called up past Heroes writer Bryan Fuller, as Fuller’s resume is full of shows getting canceled on cliffhangers (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me).

Still, that’s not Grunberg’s only proof… He also says that Heroes‘ strong DVD sales and popularity overseas will help propel it into another season.

I love Greg Grunberg, I really do, but he should know that NBC doesn’t care about overseas numbers. Case in point, Baywatch was the number one syndicated show around the world for many, many years after it had been canceled.

Alright, let’s say that Grunberg is correct and Heroes somehow makes it to another season. What would he like to see?

“We will wrap it up properly in the next season and get to 100 episodes.”

Citing Lost and their decision to set an end date:

Lost announced an end [date] and I think that helped both the people working on the show and the people watching it. They see the finish line and I think it gives them something tangible to invest in and be excited about. It’s like it’s a movie and they want to see the end of it. That’s what I hope happens with our show.”

heroes matt parkman Will Heroes Be Back For Another Season?“You WILL give us another season, NBC…”

Fair enough, he’s got a point there. The problem is that I don’t think people are as invested in Heroes as they used to be. I still watch it and think that this season is far better then previous ones, but I wouldn’t exactly say I’m “invested.”

What do you think? Are you still invested in Heroes? Could you sit through another season? Could the pay-off and end-game be worth it?

Catch Heroes Monday’s @9PM on NBC.

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  1. Shows can still be canceled on a cliffhangers! Look at Terminator.

    I havent even watched this new season, after the ridiculous ending to season 3 I just gave up completely. Let Heroes die.

  2. Just send Hiro back to screw the timeline, and you have a nice reboot to the serie.

  3. What else is NBC gonna air, if not another season of Heroes? It’s their second best rated scripted show only behind Law & Order: SVU, which isn’t saying much considering how bad NBC is tanking right now, however; it brings us to the harsh reality that NBC doesn’t really have any other choice but to give Heroes one more season.

    Besides, for NBC, it’s good business. The show still makes a killing internationally and in DVD/iTunes sales, and because it is an NBC production, they make all of the profit off of it.

    They’ll call it the “Final Season!” and turn it into a big event. More than likely it’ll change days and timeslot. I think NBC would be losing money on Heroes if they don’t let it hit 100 episodes and then syndicate the hell out of it.

  4. I like the show. this season has been great. I like the new “villian”. He brings a certain Magneto touch to the show. I also love watching Sylar kicking the heroes butts.

  5. Just the fact that word of mouth is generating a lot of discussion is a good thing. How many shows get cancelled with nary a peep? I love going online and reading posts from the haters, yet they are still watching the show. For me, total disinterest involves changing the channel.

  6. Yep.
    And I have changed the channel For almost 2 seasons now.
    I dont hate the show for what it was,(a great show with a great first season) I hate it for what it has become, a total narrative mess.

  7. This season has been great, though this last 2 hr special didn’t really do it for me it was still a passing grade. I’m interested to see Heroes still go on.

  8. Angel and Buffy, both were forced to a series finale (not neccessarilly cancelled but rather forced to end) and they ended on cliffhangers…so could heroes. The writers and the studio might want to end the show NOW but thats not to say that they want to put the frachise to rest permanently. They may want to make a HEROES movie for example.
    Regardless, I agree that I have lost a lot of interest in the show. It definately has improved thus far this season but I just find myself not caring any more. I dont really care about what stupid little drama is going on with Claire’s life, or about how Mrs Patrelli or Mr. Bennett are always on teh fence of good and evil, or even how Sylar is still alive and STILL the villain after so long. Its been done and the show is just running around in circles. The writers need to make some drastic changes if they intend the show to improve and have a next season. Mainly we need to focus more on fewer characters and we need to kill off several characters. Basically the show needs to reinvent itself and maintain its core in doing so. We need to have Peter Patrelli, Hiro, and Claire on the show. Besides that everyone is expendible. Get rid of that Nikii girl or whoever she is (Ali Larter’s character), get rid of Mrs. Patrelli and take the show into a new direction already

  9. I am def still invested. It did have its ups and downs, but i think people are expecting wayyy wayyyyy too much from a damn tv show.

  10. I’ve enjoyed the improvement on this season as I think they’ve gone back to what made the first season successful, following one major storyline. The seasons following the first I think they tried to inject as many powers as they could which really diluted the series as a whole. While they still have some side stories this season they all really just splinter off the main story. In other seasons they’ve added separate stories just to add other characters (Mya and her “sad disease” power, the girl in New Orleans who could mimic anything she saw, etc.) that never really added anything to the main story. While I’ve enjoyed this season there’s definite room for improvement, I’d stick around for another season to see if they continue the upward trend.

  11. I’m all for one more season as long as they wrap it up with a very climactic inevitable superpowered battle to the death between Peter and Sylar. Wrap up this carnival subplot(interesting but not the best I’ve seen) in the first half and build Peter’s abilities up until the final battle(Ando’s still a Supercharger, right?) Have Hiro heroically sacrifice himself to aid Peter, have Claire give him his reason to fight(they’ve always had excellent chemistry, making them related was a mistake) and kill off HRG to raise the stakes for her. Maybe we can finally find out where the hell Tracy Strauss and her clones(one of thousands of subplots Season 2 tossed in without developing) come from and wrap that up. Then Micah could certainly be tossed into the mix.

  12. Loved the show, still really like the show, mostly just really want to love the show again… GIVE PETE HIS FREAKING POWERS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I thought Buffy ended but yes, Angel was a definite cliffhanger, the heroes surrounded by a bevy of demons. I thnk the actors and crew feel the show wasleft as a cliffhanger, which actually bodes well as we heard that NBC wanted the writers to wrap up everything nice and tidy THIS season. So why didn’t they. Crew said things kept getting added, thus the late finish for Season 4 filming (gotta love Twitter!). Doesn’t sound like an end to me, but then I’m being optimistic.

  14. I like Heroes and I think this season is pretty good. However, if Heroes were not to return next year I don’t think I would be very disappointed. I’m sick of Parkman and I wish HE was the one who was finally killed off. There are very few shows that I enjoy in which my favorite character is the bad guy, but Sylar is one evil SOB. This show would be absolutely NOTHING without him. Would love it if they ended the show with Sylar triumphing over all the Heroes. Now THAT would be an ending that no one will see coming! :P

  15. All I can say is the last I watched of heroes was around the Syler and his dad plot. IMO it felt like it was going in circles and I completely lost interest! I still have the series on my hard drive.

    Heroes IMO is one of the biggest flops in TV. It never lived up to its amazing potential

  16. They should chnage the plot to he more like law and order. Claire Peter and hiro take over the company and hunt down new people with powers. While sylar is in their tail. Just those 4 maybe hr also relegated to a wheel chair because of his last battle with sylar or something runnin the show. But their should be a rotating door of people with powers on the show some get saves and their memories erased or some get Merced by sylar.

  17. @ andy. I agree about sylar, its weird but he is one of my favorite characters…

    “Ive got your power….i dont need to kill, its just something i like to do” LMAO

  18. I think TV production companies should start considering finite TV series.

    Heroes in particular seems like the type of show that could’ve been great if it had been conceived with a set number of episodes.

  19. Just put the show and the cast out of their misery. I would much rather see people on that show doing good things.

  20. Just put the show and the cast out of their misery. I would much rather see these actors doing good things.

  21. If you want to join in the effort to save Heroes, go to Twitter and follow @wendilynnmakeup, to see what we are planning to do to save Heroes for one more season.

  22. Buffy didn't end on a cliffhanger. The Hellmouth caved in on itself. When she is asked what she wants to do next, she has a million possibilities b/c she's not the only slayer any more. She gets to relax. That's an ending.

    Sylar should have died a long time ago.

    And they just need to write better material for Ali Larter. Because she's good. Niki/Jessica was done very well until the writers ran out of ideas. They might as well milk it and bring in the third sister, Barbara.

    Both of Claire's bio-parents are dead. So are Hiro's. So are Micah's, for that matter.

    Side-rant: *Spoiler*
    Wait, so is that the extent of Mohinder's role in this season? Is that how minorities are treated on this show now? First D.L. gets killed off in a flashback, then Monica Dawson just disappears. Micah exists in text-format. Maya packs her bags. Mohinder dies, but then doesn't, but then leaves anyway? They could have used Mohinder. Why kill him off only to send him away again?

    How to make the show less bad again: stop writing off minorities and adding white blonde ladies to the show (except the lady from Battlestar Galactica and Lydia. I like them). Or, if you add a good white blonde lady (like Kristen Bell), don't set her on fire when she had a good Bonnie and Clyde thing going with Sylar. Or, if you add a blonde girl and kill her off (like Daphne), don't bring her back and then kill her off again. I'm just saying. Count the regular minorities in 1st season, and count them now. Now, all we've got are Hiro and Ando, right? Am I missing anyone?

    Looking past hair color, I do like the lady from Law and Order partnering up with Bennet. That works. It's what Bennet needs. And Emma's good. It's a throwback, almost, to Isaac's I-can-only-paint-when-I'm-high … deficiency. Or Niki's I-have-strength-but-only-when-I'm-Jessica. Or what we thought about Peter at first: I-can-only-use-others'-power-when-I'm-around them. Emma can see sounds, but she can't hear them.

    I'm over it. This season's not bad. It definitely needs another season, though, to become great again. I think this season has earned it.

  23. I agree. Parkman should have died from the ridiculous bullet wounds at the end of the first season, but his role in this season is not bad. Actually, his role in the second season wasn't bad either (him with his father). Third season — what the hell? Painting the future? Really?

    And really? Sylar being the end-villain is something no one will see coming? Really?

    Here's how to re-boot the show: Next season, jump to Volume 37. Or, if the show gets cancelled, make a movie, and have that be volume 37. Have a series of different volumes that could encompass alternate realities, just to keep some familiar faces. This would basically write itself.

  24. I don't understand how Peter's form of redemption early in the season was a mass-saving of lives. He didn't kill anyone (did he?). I know what the writers have said about some plotlines were lost forever due to the writer's strike, but wouldn't Peter have benefited from trying to save Caitlin (from season 2)? Give him his powers back, sure, but then what? They won't let him save Caitlin. It could really be like Magus searching for Schala. But instead of that, Hiro tries to save Charlie. Didn't he already try that? I thought he'd learned a lesson, too.

    I don't care if Peter gets his powers back. I don't think he should have ever lost them. Now he IS Rogue, but without her emo drama. He's got his own emo drama now. One that doesn't really make sense.

  25. Heroes at its worst is still better than most television out there. I'm so sick of unimaginative medical dramas and other shows where the big cliffhanger is who's hooking up with who.

  26. i totally agree. Its just a show ppl! it's enjoyable…. i watch it ever week and i love it. heroes does need another season tho. i mean why not?

  27. i totally agree. Its just a show ppl! it's enjoyable…. i watch it ever week and i love it. heroes does need another season tho. i mean why not?

  28. They could always try and end it with a movie. I don't think they have any ideas left though.