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sylar season 1 finale Heroes Season One FinaleSo Season 1 of Heroes is finally over and it pains me to say this, but I didn’t love the finale. I just thought it was “OK.”

Especially following on the heels of the previous episode, which was amazing, the final episode titled How to Stop an Exploding Man just seemed a bit anti-climactic to me. Maybe it was because there was such a huge sense of anticipation and excitement leading into it, that the episode could not meet expectations.

The episode opened with a little bit of a rewind, showing us the critical moments from the previous week’s episode: DL being shot, and then killing Linderman, Mohinder and Bennet facing each other down over the possible killing of Molly along with an overview going back quite a way over the entire season. The episode starts off strong with Peter discovering he’s acquired yet another new power, Hiro finally accepting his destiny and illusion-chick getting her butt kicked. We also meet the man that Peter was caring for at the beginning of the season and discover that he is also a part of the conspiracy to let New York City be devasted by a nuclear explosion.

There are many good character moments during the episode, but towards the last 15 minutes or so I’m not sure what happened… sure, there were still cool moments, like when Sylar stopped the bullets and sent them flying back at Parkman and Niki knocking the wind out of Sylar, yet something that I can’t put my finger on left me feeling kind of empty at the end of the episode. For one thing I didn’t like the massive fate/coincidence factor that brought ALL the remaining super-powered characters to that one location at the critical moment. And then we have Peter trying to defeat Sylar by repeatedly punching him in the face… Did anyone else think that was kind of a silly way to defeat the deadly threat that Syler represented? Beat him up?

Also, Molly being the only one that can stop Sylar was way overstated. So she was able to find him on a map… big deal. Everyone else ended up finding him without her help at the end of the episode.

And then there’s Hiro… don’t get me wrong, Hiro is by FAR my favorite character on the show, but in view of previous encounters between Sylar and the others, how in the heck was Hiro able to stab Sylar? I mean minutes before, while distracted, Sylar was able to stop bullets fired from a gun, and now he can’t stop a little Asian guy running at him and yelling from 10 feet away??? Hiro didn’t even use his time shifting ability and he is able to stab Sylar like this. I’ve watched the scene a few times and there was no indication of Hiro freezing time.

Right there the episode lost me.

I did like the self-sacrifice that was required to save the city and the fact that we finally find out why saving the cheerleader saves the world.

Overall though, for me, not as satisfying an ending to what has been an incredible season.


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  1. It breaks my heart to say it, but that finale was awful. The build up for a Peter Sylar showdown was all for nothing. The tease a few episodes back was way better. And whats with all the heroes being shot, but ok? And what about that crazy Peter dream sequence? WTF!? And like you said, the Hiro part was also dumb. He got in the stab somehow, and then got trapped in feudal Japan. WHAT!?

    This finale was the equivalent of going for a slam dunk with one second on the clock to win the game, and the slipping out of bounds before you even jumped.

  2. Yeah, it was a bit of a letdown. This was the first episode where there was an imbalance in the new questions posed/old questions answered ratio.

    I can see why Peter was overloaded at the end, but only after giving it more thought than I usually have to (perhaps because there wasn’t enough time left in the episode to explain it, I’m thinking).

    Also, wasn’t this supposed to be a 2 hour finale? What happened? It seemed like the editing and pacing was off, where in most episodes it was tight and had flow. I could have sworn, and indeed I was expecting a second hour of the show, what with all the questions still hanging around at the 45 min. mark.

    And I was upset by the inconsistency in Sylar’s reaction time as well. Might have worked if Hiro made himself appear at a distance to distract Sylar, then reappear beside him and do the deed. Would have fit in better with the way he was able to out-quick him earlier in the episode. That I could have believed, but not a running charge right after he stopped four bullets fired without warning.

    Overall, I still enjoyed it, but not as much as I should have. I really, really liked the farewell between Ando and Hiro. Very touching. And the confrontation between Claire, her grandmother, and Nathan. At least the show kept up its quality on that front, if not the logic front.

    I still give props for the creators for even endeavoring to make a plot so complex make sense for so long, even if they stumbled at the one yard line.

    Still looking forward to next season, with Hiro in feudal Japan. (I’m guessing Kensei IS Hiro’s dad, and his ability gives him extraordinary long life and or health – the eyes behind that helmet and mask looked too much like Sulu to be coincidence!)

    And if they are going to focus more on the earlier generations of heroes next season, maybe we’ll be able to understand the scene between Peter and Clarence better.

  3. Yeah, it was a bit of a let-down. I was actually going to use the “dating a hot chick, finally get to third base and it’s disappointing” analogy, but I try to keep the site fairly family-friendly. :-)


  4. There WERE some great character moments in the episode, and as I said, any scene with Hiro in it is really enjoyable. I’ll have to re-watch the episode to see what you’re talking about in regards to Takei.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I *hated* that Sylar survived and skulked away.


  5. I kind of figured that Sylar would find a way to survive. True to the nature of the comics, the biggest villains always get caught, and always escape the gallows, so to speak :).

    The one thing that disappointed me about Sylar is that the whole season he kept making you want to see him get the smackdown he so righteously was begging for, and he gets a few punches and a parking meter to the gut before we even get to the impalement we all knew was coming.

    I can’t shake the feeling that some executive made the creators fit a two hour finale into one hour. Given the networks track record, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did.

  6. Just want to add, that I thought it was really cool that Hiro got to use his “Ya TA!” (“I did it!”) as a mirror to the first time we hear him say it when he first teleports to NYC.

    Still gave me goosebumps despite the illogic of his successful attack.

  7. I don’t know if two hours would have made a difference considering how they resolved the season.

    I’m still looking forward to next year, though. :-)


  8. I admit I found the episode at best “not up to snuff”, but I still thought it was great. It leaves all the new questions open so you anticipate the new story line.
    The biggest issue I had besides the Hiro rush was that Peter keeps gaining new abilities (although he may not KNOW what he has/can do, nevermind the fact that he should be WAY more powerful than Sylar), the very first ability that he has, the first that he pre-cogs, is the ability to fly (gained from Nathan). Why didn’t he fly himself to the atmosphere instead of letting his brother Nathan sacrafice himself? Now after YEARS of reading comics, I can see several different story lines where BOTH of the brothers could have survived (although there is no doubt that Peter would have).
    As for the Peter/Sylar/Hiro face off: Sylar just got beat with a parking meter and face pounded by Peter, I think that warrants a little more than just a ‘distraction’ to allow Hiro to skewer him. A HUGE headache and being out of breath would hinder MY mental abilities for a second too, IMHO.
    I’m wondering though if/when Sylar returns if he’ll have all of his abilities. Remember the ‘rewinding’ in his eyes…

    All in all, I’d give the finale an 8.5 out of 10, with most of all the other episodes a 9+. Still by far an awesome show and I’m very excited to see it hang around for at least a few seasons.

    Next season, I’d like to see Hiro bouncing around in time even though I think he’s pretty well got his power mastered, and MAYBE we find out the previous generations powers. I think we’ve already established the fact that if you have powers, then your parents have power and so will your children. IE, Linderman’s ability to heal. we know he and Mrs. Pitrelli (Clair’s grandmother) were in league before, what is her power (besides being a mega-witch)? Which also raises the questions that she was in league with Charles Deveaux (Simone’s dying father), what was his power, (if he had one, then Simone had/has one too….)and why didn’t Linderman heal him?

    Very exciting stuff.

  9. Alcadyzaar,

    I think I can answer a couple of your questions:

    I think Peter could only use 1 power at a time, and he was stuck on radiation, so no flying.

    As for Mrs Petrelli’s power, I think that is where Peter gets his “dream skill.” Aside from the enigmatic dream in the finale, he had the dream that he was the bomb, the dream about Nathan’s accident, and a dream in the pilot that he could fly. My guess is he got this skill from mama.

    Nice call on Sylars “rewinding.” That would certainly make him a more manageable threat.

  10. Didn’t Charles say in an early episode that he had a dream where he was flying? And I think Peter had his flying dream while in the presence of Charles. I think the pre-cog ability comes from him.

    Speaking of whom, I think Charles was part of the faction that separated themselves from Linderman, at least based on his disagreement with Angela Petrelli in the rooftop scene and his whole thing about Linderman betting on the “wrong brother”, Peter’s heart being more important than Nathan’s strength, etc.

    I liked that there was the theme of “weakness as a strength” throughout the series and especially the finale. We saw it in the Nikki/Jessica storyline and the Peter/Nathan storyline

  11. Oh, and the same theme is present in the “Heroes without powers” like Bennett, Mohinder, and Ando.

  12. Yea, A few things bug me about the end of this…

    First, If I am Nathan Petrelli and my boss has the power to heal, I’d darn well made sure he shook Peter’s hand…

    Secondly, If Peter does somehow survive blowing up, he’s been in contact with Hiro finally. So…? Heck, he’s been in full contact with Sylar a couple of times. I wonder if that’s what caused his overload; leeching from someone who had multiple powers. Twice at that…

    There was a build up to the Peter/Sylar fight where they had said the final fight would top the fight in Mohinder’s apartment. It certainly did not!

    I wonder, if Sylar allowed Hiro to stab him knowing he might survive. Almost as penance for stabbing his mother.

    Seeing the Jessica/Nikki convergence and Claire jumping out the window brought back some of the early season “whoa, damn” factor that I used to feel everytime something would develop.

    Everytime I finish watching a full season of a show, I always look back and wonder how many episodes LESS could they have told the same story in. I’d have to say they could have shortened this season 3-4 episodes (with rearranging of certain events) and told a more solid consistent story. Whatever happened to the “internet woman” anyway?

    So, as for the final episode… I guess my analogy is like I watching a long fuse burn down on a stick of dynamite and when the spark reaches the detonator, nothing.

  13. One more thought….

    Molly referred to Sylar as “the boogie man”, but said there was ONE person she wouldn’t locate becasue “he can see her”.

    Some sort of ultimate evil? I got the eerie feeling that she was talking about Nathan. Doth I forsee brother vs. brother, good vs. evil in the future?

    Anyone’s thoughts on who this “one person” is?

  14. I doubt it’s Nathan, considering in all likelyhood he is dead (and his only known ability was flying, not having to do with finding or seeing anyone with his mind). It would be a great detriment to the story if he ended up surviving anyway, as it would negate the meaning of his sacrifice.

    I’m guessing Molly is referring to someone we haven’t seen yet.

  15. or maybe its the pre cog dreamin mama of Peter and Nathan that can see her. she has been a tricky witch all season and maybe that’ll pop up later. love the pointt made earlier about her might being the one Peter got his dreamin powers from. I wanna see Bennet more, that is one SOLID dude!!! IMHO he is one of the best guys in the show. Reminds me of a heroic Peter Gyrich from the X-Men comics.

  16. Faliklunj-
    You are obviously not a father.

    And just what is this hilarious number? Let me take a guess. 69? Who would count the number of times a single word is used in about 1000 minutes of a show.

  17. Never mind the stupid ending. Why did Claire’s father keep reminding everyone to ‘look after his little girl’ when she is very obviously invincible?
    Also, for a real laugh riot, count how many times the word ‘need’ is used throughout the series. Hilarious!

  18. Not sure I know what you’re talking about with the “need” comment…

    As to Claire’s dad, I’m with Alcadyzaar. Just because she can regenerate doesn’t mean she couldn’t be locked up, experimented on, etc.


  19. right on vic. and remember, the date rappist DID kill her, but the lady at the morgue revived her by pulling out the branch. that shows she can die if noone is there to assist her. when Bennet mind screwed that kid I knew that this guy was on the right side, just alittle more hard core then most heroes

  20. all i have to say it that i was oh so very disappointed that we got hosed out of a second Peter versus Sylar battle. i mean seriously, five years in the future, we miss them fighting so we can see hiro convince himself to go back in time and kill Sylar. now, we see Sylar and Peter trade a few little punches. Also, Nikki has super-strength, last time i checked, should Sylar not have been thrown, oh i don’t know, a few dozen feet after being hit with a parking meter? then there’s the fact that Peter would have absorbed Nikki’s super-strength.
    Sylar’s telekinesis could compensate for the lack of super-strength, but then, Peter has TK too. It should have been the battle to end all battles. just think about something like Superman versus General Zod, only modernized and way cooler. even with the lame Hiro stab (and what looked like half a dozen pints of blood on the ground before Sylar skulked away. Last time i checked, even superhuman freaks like Sylar can’t survive with more than half their blood on the ground.

  21. Steve, yeah… after such a great season it was a bit of a letdown for a finale.


  22. I personally hated the Season finale.

    But the biggest issue i had with it (next to the hiro Problem already adressed here, and that he learned swordfighting in an hour, also he had several chances to kill syler) was the self sacrifice.
    1st: why do all have such a big Problem Shooting Peter? HE CANT DIE. it just knocks him unconcious.
    2nd: why did Nathan fly with him into the sky, Peter CAN FLY HIMSELF!!!!
    3rd. he can also bend space so there is another way to get away.
    4th: how did clair know where to find Peter?
    5th: how did syler get the ability to become invisible? he never killed the invisible guy.

  23. I agree with everything above but also, why did Nathan have to fly Peter up when Peter has Nathans ability to fly? He couldve just flown himself and then survived with Claire’s power.